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  1. Just finished watched the first episode of this drama because friend recommended me this. I guess my friend is not overreacted when she says that this drama is having such an amazing story line. I can tell from the very first episode this will gonna be a mess. Still shocked from the first episode ending, leaving me jaw dropped, wanting to see more
  2. It's been a while and I came here again to drop this masterpiece. Because I still love this couple and drama so much. Enjoy!
  3. Anf my heart goes uwu at Seoyeon and Sun progress. The kiss also, it's quite shocked
  4. Finally I can back to Soompi forum for new interesting drama. I personally loved this season more than LE and LE2, but I see it coming. This season feels too heavy than LE and LE2, the angst is coming already. But I enjoyed the drama so well now. And also I feel bad for Sooji's death here, she's such a bright character in LE2ㅠㅠ
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