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  1. I guess I read they will start filming this Jan 20th after whole script reading last Jan 7th. It such a bad situation there, moreover they do medical drama which needs more preparation due the Covid depiction in the drama I guess. I wished for the fastest air time possible but their health is more important. And I need to wait until May at least. Please keep the update coming guys!
  2. Glad I can comeback here to see more people watching Hosplay and patiently waiting for season 2 to air. We hope for the fastest date possible and best for all cast and crew because Covid-19 really spreading fast there, so many entertainers contracted. Come across our @Eunoiax sharing this so I guess I want to answer too for fun 1. Why you decided to see HP? I'm ShinLee fans since Reply 1997. So I followed and watched all their works, no matter who will staring in it. I love this healthy love-hate relationship with ShinLee Duo 2. Favorite character Do Jaehak. Very
  3. 1. Since Stray Kids' Bangchan wasn't my oppa, then skip. Ahahhaaa. I don't really have my all-the-time favorite oppa in particular since it always changed. But currently adoring Kim Daemyung (Yeah~ I'm Hosplay Gomgom couple trash) and Sato Takeru (Still can't move on from KoiTsudu). I'm being greedy over these 2 lately. Greedy to make them the endgame with their respective co-star. Pardon my delulu RickRoll'D 2. I love abs in private, I just can't declare it since I was too shy 3. Yes. I'm from SEA I'm having so much fun talking with you guys since I'm stuck at
  4. Hello dear! Where can I find the questionare anyway? I will gladly answer it @sadthe1st Helluuuuw~ 486
  5. @larus is that why everytime people posting there always be these numbers? Hahahhaa. I'm lurking for a while and I think I started to understand the game. Lemme take a look more and join the game too Is it like this? 492
  6. @sadthe1st Since I'm new here, I don't really know between the two. Hahahaa. To the default I was Sub team. But still not understand the games. Ehehehee. Still learning from you guys @mirmz Hello, I'm new on this thread! Been a while since the last time I'm on Soompi forum. Nice to meet you, dear. @Min2206 Hello too there^^
  7. @sadthe1st @mirmz @Thong Thin Good morning beautiful soul! May your day went all nice and happy
  8. I think if they are stuck with 1 episode 1 week filming, it might be possible around middle January or early February airing. It's only 12 episode tho next season. Tight schedule indeed
  9. Season 2 will be start fimling around November or the beginning of December. YYS and KDM said recently so we can expect the next season airing around January. I miss them too
  10. Same here, I also think it's unpractical but I just followed the fandom instead. Hahahaha. I don't watch many K-Drama or movie this year instead watching western series like Dark or western movie. I don't know why am I so lazy to watch it. I watch Hospital Playlist and Secret Forest 2 because I know how good the story was. Oh! I watched Kingdom early this year too. Guess only that 3 K-Drama this year
  11. Get to this discussion topic just because I'm looking for particular shipping forum for TakeMone and individual forum for Sato Takeru or Kamishiraishi Mone but found nothing instead this discussions talking about the drama. Maybe I will get to come here often since it's kinda free topic and also I can talk with many people from other topic forum. Eheheee. Thanks @larus for welcoming me. First time watching KoiTsudu Idk why I feel the story kinda fast paced since I'm getting used to K-Drama with some kind of time dragging. But it never feel like forced story. I also find even some J
  12. Currently just found this drama too and I'm so hooked up so much. I need more TakeMone dosage I'm not really fans of J-Dorama but this dorama feels kinda different somehow, I just love how Kairi and Nanase actually complement each other flaws. Still having that fairy storyline, usual J-Dorama, but KoiTsudu is just light rom-com dorama. It even surpass my expectation. Guess you can watch this dorama if you need kind some tease for your romantic cells. Sato Takeru and Kamishiraishi Mone really good together. My delulu wants them ended up in real life too. Uwuuuu~ and sinc
  13. Addition, Chu Minha's Dad run guesthouse in Gangwon-do as well. Seokhyung once wanted to bring his mom to a hotspring in Gangwon-do too. Gangwon-do might do something with Lacking 5 even Seokhyung-Minha relationship
  14. Maybe we can still get to see Ahn Chihong by the beginning of Season 2 for enclosure. It's just weird if he just gone without reason. Well somehow Writer Lee loves to left the story untold. Ikr. He is the reason why Ikjun finally dare to move
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