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  1. Finally, I'm back here after a long silence because no one came here during the waiting season So happy to see you guys back. Working nonstop on my thesis during the gap from season 1 to season 2 and finally Season 2 is here and I will get my thesis defence this month too. Hoping that everbody is safe out there and healthy. I was thinking to skip season 2 until all eisode aired becuse I can't stand waiting. But I think I will take time for it because already used to waiting for J-Dorama once a week. Hahahhaa Theory authors, fanartist, etc, lease come forwar
  2. I guess I read they will start filming this Jan 20th after whole script reading last Jan 7th. It such a bad situation there, moreover they do medical drama which needs more preparation due the Covid depiction in the drama I guess. I wished for the fastest air time possible but their health is more important. And I need to wait until May at least. Please keep the update coming guys!
  3. Glad I can comeback here to see more people watching Hosplay and patiently waiting for season 2 to air. We hope for the fastest date possible and best for all cast and crew because Covid-19 really spreading fast there, so many entertainers contracted. Come across our @Eunoiax sharing this so I guess I want to answer too for fun 1. Why you decided to see HP? I'm ShinLee fans since Reply 1997. So I followed and watched all their works, no matter who will staring in it. I love this healthy love-hate relationship with ShinLee Duo 2. Favorite character Do Jaehak. Very
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