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  1. I confess I find it ridiculous that Wuyi didn’t think to confirm her pregnancy at her doctor’s ASAP. The home pregnancy test shouldn’t suffice. Now it will embarrassing for her if it’s a false alarm. I’m looking forward to episode 24 tomorrow.
  2. To me PMY’s character is especially radiantly in love in this. The smiling expressions on her face when she looks at Ryan sometimes seem like it’s the first time I’ve seen those expressions from her. Yet I’ve seen her in other equally enjoyable romances. I’m really enjoying her, Ryan and all the supporting characters. Even Cindy has grown on me.
  3. @themarchioness, I saw next week’s episodes for Viki. I have one burning question.
  4. @themarchioness, the show is indeed a gem. I enjoyed the scene you mentioned with the blind date. The suspense must have been suffocating Yan Mo so he had to go back up to the second floor to find out what was happening. It’s amusing to me because one moment he acts like he doesn’t want to know or maybe acts like he doesn’t care but he couldn’t help himself after seeing QY with the guy. There are so many small moments that pack a punch. Another favorite of mines is mom sneaking into QY’s room when she’s sleeping and packs her suitcase even after openly disapproving QY’s decision to quit her job to move to Beijing to pursue Yan Mo. And the scene afterwards is priceless when mom is crying over missing QY and dad absentmindedly pulls out his liquor. That scene went perfectly from tears to laughter. One moment I’m all tears and then the next the bottle of liquor had me laughing so hard.
  5. I haven’t finished episode 14 yet but did anybody manage to keep a dry eye throughout episodes 13 and 14? They were very good episodes but they were a sob-fest for me. Whether it’s the scene when QY opened her parents’ bank book and was hit with the impact of the reality of their financial situation or when GC gave QY his bank book for her to use his hard earned money, or when WY calmly, amiably and sadly confronted GC about his lack of feelings for her or when QY treated YM so terribly (she should have at least been honest about her father’s accident) or when YM was ignoring her but couldn’t quite do it but turned around and gave her his umbrella or when mom was hungrily eating QY’s leftovers and so many more including when QY first warmed up to stepdad. This show is very enjoyable to me in the right ways. By the way, the siblings are heartbreakers to WY and YM. I hope they will do better in the future.
  6. @themarchioness, it is true that it takes courage to stand up against a crowd. I think the situation in episode 12 is fostered by parents and the school where parents no longer raise their children with the right manners and attitude and the school no longer corrects this type of behavior. I’m not old but in my high school class that type of behavior would not be tolerated. People also would not sit by and watch bullying even if there was room for it. Also, it’s a great credit to watch less financially fit students do extremely well in their studies and it was something that was lauded by teachers at my school to see those kids excel in spite of the challenges they might face in terms of school supplies etc. QY is timid and I get that she would watch this silently but the classroom was full of students who also sat by and watched this. That’s why I’m glad the teacher said what he did. Somebody needed to throw light on that awful situation. @kokodus, I also had to wear uniforms and certain socks and shoes. No jewelry was allowed. The school was very strict. And quite frankly, I could never relate to bullying at schools because from kindergarten to high school our teachers were allowed to punish us physically or non-physically. That kind of behavior would be severely punished and then the parents would still do more punishment at home.
  7. I finally finished the last two episodes and boy was I disappointed with everyone who stood by and watched that arrogant worthless classmate ridicule and make a mockery of that father’s earnest profession. It was an awful awful scene to see a hardworking man bring a box of full of noodle lunches to a classroom and not only was his labor wasted, he was disrespected, derided and uncompensated by these morons. To me the only person I could respect in this scene was the teacher who basically called out the loser for being a loser. Everybody else disappointed me. For me this was the most profound scene of that episode followed by QY’s talk with her dad.
  8. @themarchioness, thank you for confirming I didn’t miss any scenes. I did wonder if it’s the method of the storytelling or if I really forgot some scenes. I remembered WY left QY after they exited the bookstore and ran off to follow her ex-boyfriend when she saw him across the street apparently meeting up with another girl. That’s the last I saw of that storyline until the flashback in the episode yesterday. Oh, so the stepdad didn’t exist in the novel? I’m glad they added him because the mom and him are interesting. It’s so funny to me to watch stepdad and the siblings whispering about who ticked off mom this time. They’re hilarious. @jadore1, so true about the two moms. QY’s mom didn’t hesitate to tell the awful husband how she intends to sell the house to pay for QY’s surgery. And she also left him to protect her kids. I’m also glad that step dad is a true father to them.
  9. @DontEatMyKimchi, I think QY is a considerate and strong person. Her brother pretty much realize these qualities in her because he told YM this when he recounted their past with the trash biological father. I really like her character because although she’s not the smartest cookie, she has “common sense” which I find too many people lack nowadays. Her mother said this too when she said that when they were younger while the brother would ask for expensive toys, her daughter never did because she recognized their family’s financial challenges. At such a young age she already knew not to burden her parents about things that might bring more hardship. @themarchioness, I was really impressed with YM’s mom as well. Not only was she friendly with QY, she respected her son’s opinion and advised him wisely. Actually I appreciate so many of these characters. When the step dad said that he wanted to escort QY down the aisle during her wedding or when he said if her husband ever mistreated her he would bring her back home to live, I was really touched by his sincere affection for QY. I think it was effective writing to have the two dads in the same episode to demonstrate the difference between the two. For me, step dad continues to shine as a character. I keep thinking I missed certain scenes. I don’t remember at all the flashback where GC hugs WY while she was crying in front of her ex-boyfriend in his classroom. Which episode had that scene?
  10. ITA. I just binged-watched all six episodes tonight and I am simply captivated by the characters, story and writing. At first it felt a little disorienting because the story kept switching between the present and the past plus the characters have those scenes where its like someone is interviewing them. However, once I got passed that, I was fully onboard with the unfolding story. I really appreciate that there is genuine comedy in this drama. Nowadays what passes for comedy usually leaves me scratching my head. This drama has classic comedy to me. Case in point, when they tried to steal the principal’s dentures and accidentally stole his stamp instead. They had me laughing so much. Such bunglers. On the opposite spectrum, I was practically crying when QY changed her uniform and joined WY on the stage while the principal publicly ridiculed them. That was such a touching scene to me because WY was up there shaking and on the verge of tears while the principal made a spectacle of her. That action on QY’s part was such a touching display of friendship and reconciliation. There are so many things I enjoyed about what was shown so far including the relationship between QY and her brother, YM and his uncle, QY’s parents (I like that her mom is different and hold grudges against her kids while dad is the peacemaker and also ends up in hot water himself). YM’s mom seems like fun. I guess that means her dad and YM’s grandfather is the chief of police. WY and her mom has issues so I guess we will know more soon. I like that the kids don’t go too far though. They still respect their parents and the parents aren’t that bad even with their flaws. I’m really looking forward to more including the romantic plots.
  11. I’m watching it. I still don’t know why he did that and when she asked recently he was about to say something but then she said forget it. I really like them as a couple and I hope if any issues arise for them they’ll overcome them this time around.
  12. ITA. I love all the relationships here. No matter how much JS got rejected by SM, she sincerely cares for his well being. I was really moved by her reaction and pain when she learned about what SM has been through. However, I am no less moved by all the pain JI has been through because she was ostracized where ever she went when people found out about her father. LA did waver when he found out the truth but he eventually overcame this stumbling block and came through for JI. As to our single mom and DB, I also enjoy watching their interactions misunderstandings and all. I like that she’s slowly warming up to DB despite his sometimes thoughtless attempts. JI’s aunt and the senior officer cracks me up but I also enjoy their storyline though he’s definitely gross at times. It was a nice solemn moment when he seemed forlorn and was seriously craving home cooked food and she suddenly appeared with home cooked dinner. SM and LA’s relationship too is nice to watch. I hope after all the darkness is passed they can gain some normalcy in their lives.
  13. @Lmangla, indeed I felt sad and amused when MY’s ex was justifying himself to her for his cheating. I also felt those two emotions when MY confessed her occupation to JK. Actually, his reaction made me laugh out loud even though it was pretty sad that she felt compelled to hide it from him. He was obviously shocked when he told her she could have confessed when they were dating or even during the preparations for their marriage. His father and sister also, in a comical way, seem dissatisfied with a cop as a daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. I guess MY’s mom will get her turn if and when she finds out her son-in-law is a conman.
  14. @Lmangla, that ex-boyfriend is something else. I couldn’t believe how easily he turned himself into the victim by using her job as a cop against her. I’m not sure about my feelings on this drama yet (I usually don’t like con artist stories) but so far I do really like the OTP and the other characters I have seen so far so I’m willing to continue on. Also, with the new twist of his identity paraded in the media, I suppose his con profession would take some hit because his face is exposed. However, I suppose running for politics can be a con job too. Heh Certainly the brave citizen role only happened by coincidence and kept getting reinforced through more coincidences. It’s like he’s conning the public through these coincidences. lol
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