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  1. I read the manhwa a few weekends ago and I couldn’t understand why they would make a drama out of such a cliche story. I actually had this in my “plan to watch” list not knowing the story. I promptly took it off after reading the story because despite the fact that I do like the actors and some of their past drama shows, I just don’t see why anyone would make this story into a drama unless they are going to change the storyline but then what would be the point.
  2. @H0ney, I love Masumi and Maya’s romance too. It really is the best I have read including Mr. Purple Rose persona. It was the only manga that made me want to learn Japanese. I bought books to self study and then crashed and burned at Kanji and their many readings. The hiragana and katakana were easy peasy. In any case, at least a wonderful Italian fan created a website with volume summaries as a resource for English readers because the manga is officially published in Italy.
  3. @H0ney, I have read Glass Mask manga through volume 37 in English. The rest of volumes I had were in the Japanese raw through 48. It’s such a shame that the mangaka won’t finish the story. I really enjoyed the story although it did get very dramatic at times. I’m just glad that the OTP development in volume 47 was a solid move forward and now all that’s left is the selection of crimson goddess and Masumi’s resolution regarding his wacko fiancée. @Sleepy Owl, I watch Fire Force and actually enjoyed it after a second attempt. I also watched Dr. Stone which was quite interesting espec
  4. This. I’m always intrigued by villains who don’t look like villains. It’s kind of like how some Japanese anime show that the best assassins are people who look gentle, normal, and doesn’t give off any murderous aura. They could walk right up to the target and assassinate him because the target is completely at ease with the assassin. With Namgoong Min’s portrayal in Girl Who Sees Scents and even Remember, he had this insidious way about him in the former and in the latter, he was just as much of a psycho. Due to his portrayal of these two roles, I had a hard time afterwards seeing hi
  5. Right now this cross-dresser annoys me. I don’t sympathize with people who don’t take responsibility for their children. Even if he’s on the run, at least tell Ahri who he is and tell her his intention to work to earn to support his child. Nothing gets my goat more than irresponsible parents. When he was looking proud about how Dae Ro grow up to be a young man, it was confirmed that he really did abandon him. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt but I keep thinking of foreigners who go to countries like these and work off the books to earn a living. After he recovered from his illness, c
  6. I just had to comment on this because there is a Disney Cartoon here in the US call Phineas and Ferb where the main villain, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, says he’s an evil scientist not a “mad” scientist because he doesn’t want to blow up the world. He said villains who want to blow up the world are mad, as in crazy. He instead wants to rule the world. I enjoy reading the comments on this drama. I am contemplating watching it though I can’t seem to find it on legal streaming sites.
  7. I’m glad I gave this show a chance. I’m enjoying it now. I like the twist with Kim Jae Wook. I didn’t even begin to imagine that he had such a past. It certainly added more depth to his character. That lousy politician has it coming. To think he did such a horrible thing to Kim Jae Wook’s family. The man himself is despicable anyway with his supercilious “treat people like dirt” attitude. I’m glad we also learned more about Lee Jeong Hwan. I get the impression that after he received the scholarship from GK it was necessary to work for the organization. He worked hard and remained a t
  8. Byeori was bullied by a group of girls after she left the convenience store. She started to cry and defend herself and the girls pushed her down. Her cheek was scratched. Joong Han happened upon the scene and cried out to scold the group of girls to get them to back off. When he went to help the child who was lying on the ground he came face to face with Byeori. That’s where the show ended. Hae Shim took Ahri today to look for a studio apartment. She said she has some savings and she plan to give it to Ahri to get a place ASAP. That’s the answer to Ahri and Byeori moving. Y
  9. Yes, we already got some reasons why she left him. Ahri told her father yesterday that he never complimented her mother. He never cooked for them like he cooks for their current family. Hae Shim also looked in Ahri’s photo album and saw that Joong Han was missing from the photo albums. When Hae Shim asked him why he got defensive and said he was always working. And he even let it slip that his wife took his money and give to another man. also either during his conversation with Ahri or Hae Shim, he mentioned that the ex-wife left him for another man. So yes, some things are slowly em
  10. It’s good that you’re not a petty person. I think most people are petty. They probably won’t admit it but it’s true. I see and hear it in my work place, in my family, among my friends and generally, in humanity. I think Joong Han is acting very flawed as most humans do who see only their pain and who hold grudges against others for hurting them. Yes, even adults and parents lash out at those who hurt them. Quite frankly, in these circumstances I don’t find Joong Han’s point of view and behavior uncommon. I don’t like how angry he gets even when Hae Shim brings up the issue but that’s mainly be
  11. @lysanderayumi, as far as I remember, Joong Han referred to his circumstances when he said he’s not foolish to raise another man’s child. Please look at the context. He wasn’t making a general statement. Context is very important in interpreting his meaning. Regarding SK, through their shows I do realize that divorced parents and single mothers are discriminated against. I don’t think it was only the case in SK though. Even in the West those things used to be frowned upon. It’s just that things changed long time ago in the West so that single parents and divorced parents are more acc
  12. Indeed you might not like SK’s value of blood ties but it’s their culture. I find them rather harsh about several things but I acknowledge that cultures think differently on family matters. Who am I to tell them that blood isn’t important when most people of all cultures indeed value their biological family? In the West people are simply more open to adoption because of our compassion, moral teachings and/or our desire to do good or feel good about ourselves. Regarding Joong Han, I don’t disagree with his refusal to raise his ex-wife’s child. It’s his right. Even here in the West I be
  13. @lysanderayumi, why wouldn’t Joong Han raise Bora? Bora’s mother is raising Ahri. I don’t get your point at all. Both parents brought a kid to the marriage. Hae Shim acts like a mom to Ahri and Joong Han acts like a dad to Bora. In fact, right now Joong Han takes care of Bora and Hae Shim is looking out for Ahri. With Byeori it’s entirely different. She is not Hae Shim’s child and she is not a Joong Han’s child. Neither of them are obligated towards Byeori. As far as Joong Han treating Bora better, it might be the case but that’s probably because she’s his wife’s child. He
  14. @arcchidus, thanks for the information. I’m watching the raw episodes somewhere else so I can only guess at times what’s happening. I already watched up to episode 34. The last two episodes should be released tomorrow I'm assuming.
  15. @Nodame, I also think SJ’s actions are inexcusable. It’s clear more than ever now that she has changed her mind again and refuse to let go of CW. At the fashion show she was upset that CW was helped by JW and became determined not to let go of CW. It makes me wonder who will reveal the truth? Jae Hee? I also wondered if NR will reveal the truth but I don’t know if he would if he fails in wooing CW. I hope he gives up his ambition of marrying CW for money and instead choose to use his own talent to earn his place in society. I previously had a thought that maybe he will hook up with J
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