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  1. Once again not a dull moment in episodes 3 & 4 for me. Some of the things we learn are that Gong Myung and Sera knew each other when they were kids, his dad is the Chairman of the party whom Sera’s boyfriend works for and Sera’s dad and Gong Myung’s estranged dad are acquainted as show in yesterday’s episodes. Sera’s campaign wasn’t really getting much traction until the issue of the council approving a distribution center near the school became the focus. Fortunately, the very matter that got Sera fired is the same matter that brought her public recognition because she stood up in the meeting to object to the building of a distribution center near the school. As usual, politics are dirty and now there’s a scandal that Sera got hired at her last job through connections, which is true. She was going to resign but thankfully Gong Myung showed up and told her not to quit by ripping up her resignation speech. I guess he’s especially annoyed with his estranged father because the father used the death of his younger brother to gain sympathy from the public because of his screwup in approving the building of the distribution center. Gong Myung was rightfully upset about this so maybe now he’ll try to help Sera succeed. Sera should dump that boyfriend of hers. The guy treats her like a nuisance. She deserves better and I hope she realizes it soon.
  2. @Ldy Gmerm, I completely agree with your prediction about Min Joo. I just finished watching the subbed episode and she actually told Mr. Boo that she’ll stay married to Baek Doo if the father gives her a branch of the noodle shop in her name. Meanwhile she doesn’t know that Gye Ok caught both her and the chef in their lies. Now Gye Ok is pondering all that she saw and even asked SA about the chef. SA already informed Gye Ok that chances are very high that his father will give the chef the secret to the soup room and Gye Ok responded if Mr. Boo trust the chef to that extent. I believe that before that can happen, Gye Ok will probably tell Mr. Boo what she knows after observing more of the chef’s and Min Joo’s actions. I hope they give themselves away so that Gye Ok feels comfortable enough to believe they’re up to no good and can therefore warn Mr. Boo. I see in the preview that Min Joo already telling the chef again about a branch and the soup room. May she never get her hands on a branch and all her schemes come to naught. Mr. Boo offered her land in her name and she straight up refused it and said she wanted more. As to Baek Doo, the second brother and wife seem to like the mistress from all appearances. I believe SA and Han Ra won’t object to her either. Ae Ri said the mistress seems nice and she’s never seen such a happy expression on Baek Doo’s face. She said seeing it makes her want to cry. When I heard that train of thought, I wondered if it’s foreshadowing that the mistress will eventually become a part of their family. Min Joo should stop overplaying her hand.
  3. Yes, It’s on Viki. I read the synopsis yesterday and I’m very interested in the story. Seems a good one. When I checked this morning the first two episodes are already subbed on Viki.
  4. @Mocharel, I hope he catches on and put Min Joo in her place. I watched the end of today’s episode again and I’m wondering if Min Joo is asking for Buruna Noodle shop. She mentioned the noodle shop and Mr. Boo had an expression on his face that said, “What? How dare you?” Of course I can also be dead wrong.
  5. @Mocharel, you’re exactly right about Min Joo. I have to believe there’s a reason why Gye Ok saw Min Joo and the chef acting too close in the episode today. Perhaps she will tell Mr. Boo eventually and I hope Mr. Boo will use it to curb Min Joo’s greed. As to the cheating husband, it seems like he has repeatedly cheated on her. It makes sense for them to get divorced. Maybe his mistress would be a better match for him. She treats him like a man so maybe he won’t cheat on her. Who knows with cheaters though.
  6. @Mocharel, right now I’m ignoring the stepsister because she already cut ties with Gye Ok. She can dig herself into a hole for all I care. What I’m concentrating on now is Min Joo. It looks like in today’s episode it ended with Min Joo saying something disturbing to Mr. Boo. It’s either she’s being extra greedy or demanding something. I’m waiting for the subbed episode later.
  7. Tomorrow’s preview @Mocharel, welcome! Ga On is indeed someone I initially liked but not so much anymore. @RobinM must have seen through her since the beginning because I thought was she an okay at first but @RobinM said she was a brat. I totally agree she’s one now. Yes, Han Ra is improving and I hope Gye Ok firmly get him on her side. I love what she wrote to him to encourage him. She also isn’t highly educated so she knew exactly how to encourage him.
  8. @UnniSarah, the second son’s marriage is on fire. I noticed it when they were driving to work one day and decided to stop by a hotel. It’s good that they seem to get along well even when they bicker. As to the nephew, honestly I have tuned out when he’s doing his rap so I have no idea how he raps. The mother sure is invested in him though. That’s probably why she promptly cut ties with GO and encouraged her mother to do the same. She feels GO will suffer because she’s alone. Well, no matter what, GO has SA, Soo Min and Bo Mi. In today’s episode I hope GO realizes that Min Joo and the chef are into each other. Min Joo is so busy trying to interfere with GO so it would be nice if the tables were turned on her.
  9. @UnniSarah, regarding if the step family can survive without GO, well, I don’t know. I think it would be good for them to struggle for their own living. They will either develop gratitude towards GO after they realized how hard she worked to support them or they’ll become more resentful towards her for no longer supporting them. I don’t think they realized the restaurant is GO’s and not Soo Min’s, right? In any case, I guess they will live off the nephew since it’s predicted he’ll be a success.
  10. DH was the first to fall in love. However, I noticed that ever since she found out HK’s identity as the doctor she used to bicker with, it was like she threw up a wall. Remember after HK found out who she was and went to reveal himself to her and make his feelings clear, DH didn’t accept him right away. It seems to me that she’s never completely let down that wall. I think she loves HK. The way she behaves when she’s with him or thinking of him demonstrates this even if she herself is unaware. I believe her invisible wall has been coming down as she spent more time with HK but now with JH’s interference, she’s probably an emotional mess. Honestly, I would love to see HK confront DH about their relationship. He’s been treading so carefully and he’s been patient, but it’s probably time to shake things up. DH might not have realized how bothered, worried or upset HK is about her entanglement with JH. Speaking openly and sincerely will help her to understand his feelings and also help her to realize any failure on her part in their relationship. For instance, how is she not bothered that she lied to him about the break in? Somehow that feels huge to me.
  11. @UnniSarah, I did love the OTP in Love Til the End. My complaint was the villain girl and Emily. I can’t remember the villainess name. I didn’t watch episode 52 yet. I thought GO would be falling all over herself to atone with her step family so I didn’t feel like watching it. However, now that you said they cut off GO, that’s the best news I have heard. In this way GO don’t have to fund their laziness. GO knows she spoilt them by allowing them to rely on her so I hope she won’t continue this practice by supporting them secretly through her friend, Soo Min. I really hope that this is it for GO. Once she gets together will SA she will have a new family any way.
  12. False. Next person sit most of the day at work.
  13. I didn’t experience a dull moment in the first episode. Goo Sera would definitely drive me nuts just like she drives Seo Gong Myung nuts with her numerous complaints about issues in the neighborhood. However, precisely because she’s observant about public safety and serving her neighborhood and town, it would be interesting to see her run for district representative. I find this gal likable even with her flaws and all which people definitely can find annoying. Our male lead Seo Gong Myung is kind of odd. I can’t believe he actually wouldn’t serve a customer because it was a minute before his lunch break was up. My question is why sit visibly in the customer service area if he didn’t want to serve anyone before his lunch break is up. I’m looking forward to knowing more about who he is as a person but so far I’m also entertained by him. I usually don’t watch shows about politics but so far I liked episode 1.
  14. @RobinM @heartslined I don’t waste my time anymore on daily drama that turn me off. I dropped Shady Mom early on. The only daily shows I watched through the end were: Love til the End The King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang Ugly Alert This show is my fourth daily so far in progress. I put Mom is Having An Affair on hold. I can’t stand watching the evil stepmom orchestrate murder and other crimes. It’s too much to sit through.
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