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  1. Happy anniversary to our MinEun thread! It's been a year but we are still growing in number and our couple is getting louder! Our couple's career are both at its peak and seem to be very happy! As for me, glad to form new friendships from around the world and have refreshed my Korean language skills ( rusty from University), can barely converse! Lol It took me a few months before I can move on from TKEM and start a new drama... but one thing stays the same - my love for RCLs and Uri Couple - LMH KGE - and th royal TKEM squad. Hope everyone is
  2. You can write 민호 씨, 이번해 두 영화를 만들어요! 제발! (Minho ssi, make 2 movies this year! Please! Or for drama: 민호 씨, 이번해 두 드라마를 만들어요! 제발! Please is 제발 (Jebal!)
  3. She usually tags who she's dining or her friends would tag her... none this time. Also, lmh said he wants to east bossam in one of his instagram comments.
  4. Pyeha does look stunning! Ladies, do you actually use the Season's Greetings kit ( calendar, notebook, etc) or do you just keep as part of collection? It's my first time to buy this (and I regret not getting the MINOZ kit as I was too impatient with the site then) It's so well made and I actually want to use the notebook but thinking twice bec it's also a collectible.
  5. Usually the gifts have greeting cards : From International Fans of LMH and KGE, From Mineuns xxx Country etc etc. Some are bolder with their obvious messages. And yes, agree with some, they share info. So far, Kge has posted 3 MINEUN fan gifts on her IG ( cake for her bday, Christmas tree on IG story from us Royal Court Ladies, and the sunflower nuts from Weibo fans) hmmmmm..... For RCL, it usually indicates that it is from Intl Fans of LMH and KGE in the card. You can check out the IG account Hihihihi ... . on another note
  6. Hello ladies! LSG will be a perfect partner for LMH! It will surely be hilarious! I've seen LSG once in his travel show -- and OMG - I was rolling in laughter during the wee hours. They are both smart, witty , funny! It will be a riot! Without covid, it would be great to see LMH x LSG in a travel series like Twogether! Just not sure if LMH is as adventurous as LSG. What a collab would that be! LMH is sooooooo adorable in his latest vid - so humble, down to earth, and very passionate with his craft. Love what he said to Seunggi about your craft reflecting your personality.
  7. @gutterland hi dear! What made you say that odds are high that KGE won't attend? Aren't they required and bound by a contract? What/who is your source? thank you And here goes this scene, never fails to give me goosebumps no matter how many times I've seen it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJc3yy8pHk9/?igshid=1oi7n5r7j0qtn Regarding TKEM not getting best drama, I just watched 2019 sbsda last night. They have a "Hallyu Content Award" which honors kdrama that become successful worldwide. Hope TKEM bags it.:) last year Vagabond won it https://www.in
  8. Pachinko has scenes in Busan and Japan ( osaka, Yokohama). No scenes at all in either Canada or US. But the younger generation Baek studied and worked in New York. In the book, Hansu does not have a scene in Canada or US. But In the casting, they mentioned a lady named Naomi who works in New York ( this character is not in the book). Maybe the adaptation will deviate a bit and perhaps focus on modern day life of the youngest generation of Baek brothers
  9. Hi! Some pachinko cast posted a countdown on IG stories, while LMH's bodyguard posted about last day of filming and that he's grateful they finished safe. Most pachinko staff have went home to the US, too ( shared via IGS) And yes to NO confirmation but obvious crumbs! Wishing SBS Awards will give us that. Can't wait! Don't forget to vote for SBS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS LOVELY LADIES!
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