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  1. I do get a lot of insights from ROY, too. All of our speculations are true if we will base it with what we have seen in ROY, below are some reasons why we may not hear any "dating" news A . Media's silence- could mean 2 things. (1) The artists/agencies have very good relationship with media, thus, they are respecting their privacy (maybe some money involved, too) (2) They are afraid to invade the privacy of the artists due to the lawsuit warning sent out by both agencies B. Dating is indeed considered a scandal in SK. It can either result to losing fans, endorse
  2. @masunni you just need appletv plus subscription then you can watch it even on smart TV. Same with you - im fervently hoping that the couple at least attends the sbs award. #1 bec TKEM is LMH's and KGE's comeback drama. #2 after all the success of TKEM, LMH/KGE fans deserve to cap off the year with SBS awards with them in it. Hollywood production does have holiday break so lets hope they do take a break during the xmas season.
  3. UNTACH BEHIND THE SCENES Do not forget to use VPN and set South Korea. I use SOLO VPN - No disconnection issues so far
  4. We have the best fandom showering our lovely couple with love and gifts weekly! I hope they do feel the love we have for them, individually and together! Fighting! Road to 10M views for Untact! Currently, it is already at 2M views. You can download SOLO VPN ( no ads and interruption) to stream it seamlessly through the Official Samsung Korea Youtube Channel!
  5. to those who want to send letters to our Royal Couple, please check out the twitter of RCL for more info.
  6. This kdrama is soo cute. RARA is so funny and innocent. I am excited to know what is the back story of the Doctor. He seemed to know Rara even before the wedding. I wonder if he also likes her?
  7. Soha Minoz posted another 2 TKEM videos today. This time these are the beheading scene and episode 10 (sad) kiss scene.
  8. Or could be May 5? because remember 1st couple post was MAY 8 ( SUNSET PHOTO) May the 5th be with you! What day is it? It's OCTOBER 5TH... ( inspired by Mean girls haha)
  9. @AquariusMY hands down RECORD OF YOUTH! soo cute, enough kilig, and light! I'm soo hooked! This is the kind of series that you have a big smile and warm heart after each episode. Even the bickering moms are lovable lol (The 2nd male lead reminds me of LMH's possible celebrity life though --- i think thats how his celeb life is like ) It also gives insights about how K Entertainment works. Thus, going back to lmh kge (lol) it is very impossible that they do not know they are being shipped heavily by international fans ; and that the agencies' silence means a lot.
  10. Yup exactly. the bed scene is a preview of ep 9. After dancing in the rain, it will show the bed scene ( the Did is already implied) what we saw in ep 8 was " after the DID" -------- EDIT EDIT EDIT I saw the stills in the next page. So after looking at it, there seems to be a strong tension between the two. So based on this, This scene is BEFORE the DID! ( when i say "tension" i dont mean fight or anything negative. It is a strong desire to be with the one they love. Therefore........ ) Let's see on Monday.
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