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  1. It is but I guess she was misunderstood. From what I read before the guy is super jealous he doesn't want Ye Ji to have skinship and was so controlling, so Ye Ji just gave him a dose of his medicine. That was just misunderstood and the Korean media just blew it out of proportion. I hope Gold Medalist will now use their lawyer to give justice to this.
  2. Yeah, I hope everything will get back to normal. I was one of the affected since I was retrenched since last year. But you know, everything happens for a reason and I am slowly picking up.
  3. @UPSGirl My first ship already confirmed (BinJin) what a way to start the new year! And then there's still 4 LOL! In no particular order: HyunJi (Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji), WonJoon (Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won), JuZy (Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy Bae) lastly Bbyu couple (Sung Jae and Joy)
  4. @ryanallright Yeah my first ship already confirmed thanks to the yearly announcement of Dispatch. Hoping this second ship (HyunJi) will go on board and so are my other 2 ships (Dodal and SungJoy) LOL! Happy New Year everybody! @szne09 Another ship to soon confirm. I remember this was also how Ye Jin did to a cake given to Hyun Bin she was also the one who thank the fans who gave it to him. And look at what they are now. Hoping this ship will also confirm soon!
  5. So the cat is finally out in the bag. My first ship confirmed have 3 other more to also confirm LOL! I know everybody is happy and this is just a start. Happy New Year to all!
  6. @szne09 Me too! Anyway, just saw in insatagram a naver cafe posted by one of SYJ's fans. Ye Ji posted a flower given to a fan of KSH so it means it's KSH's question is why is is Ye Ji posting it and thanking the fan for KSH? LOL! I don't know how to post it here.
  7. @szne09 Aw so it's only a streaming party then? Tsk! Tsk! LOL! I thought it's a party...PARTY. Me hoping I could still get a glimpse of them.
  8. TVN will hold a party on the 27th. Hoping they'll air it, hoping BinJin will attend and we could also see them.
  9. I just love that all the Celebrities that I stan belongs to the Kdramas from TVN and now they will hold a party on the 27th. Hoping they'll air it, these celebrities will attend and we could also see them. 1. Crash Landing On You 2. It's OK Not To Be OK 3. Start-Up
  10. I just love that all Celebrities that I stan belongs to the Kdramas from TVN and now they will hold a party on the 27th. Hoping they'll air it, these celebrities will attend and we could also see them. 1. Start-Up 2. It's OK Not To Be OK 3. Crash Landing On You
  11. @Penelope Bennett Flores isn't it funny how big the space is yet NJH really wants to be closer to Suzy? LOL! If that is not attraction then I don't know what that is. @UPSGirl like they said here, we should not worry too much. I myself believe that there is a reason why these two met or happens to be doing a drama NOW. Being a hopeless romantic myself, I believe in such things as whatever you do if it happens it really will, come hell or high water. The universe has a way of making two people meet no matter what the time, the distance or the circumstances may be. Imagine these tw
  12. Because there are no DoDal sightings or whatsoever, I am back at watching WGM (We Got Married) Bbyu couple because they remind me of NamZy. And I was taken aback by this episode when Sungjae ask Joy about his charm and Joy said "There's no reason in liking someone. I just like how he is" Flashback: Dosan: why do you like me? im not your first love, i didnt write those letters, I fooled you. Dalmi: its because its you. You're the reason. Seriously, it's true love love when you really can't pin point what you like on the other person because you just love h
  13. @UPSGirl Agreed! Because his type seems to be someone who falls hard and very LOYAL. I hope he will enlist early so after that they could rekindle whatever needs to be rekindle. I just hope it's not back to LSK. I'd be sad if ever. Just watched his video about 5 things that he like in Youtube and one of it is listening to the song entitled WAITING by Yi Sung Yol for 3 years now and I know he broke up with LSK for 3 years now also. Anyway, here's the ENGLISH translation of the said song: I feel like I'm going crazy, the wait is still difficult for me
  14. To keep the thread moving.... NEW SHIPPERS... Hey NETFLIX I hope you can read this. Please make an original Kdrama starring Sungjae and Joy. Pretty please!!!!! After Sungjae's discharge hehe...
  15. Hearing Red Velvet's song FUTURE made me go back to this thread. As if the song was written for the Bbyu couple. It's an OST of the Top 10 Kdrama also now in Netflix which is Start-Up. Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy Bae reminds me also of Yook Sungjae and Joy on their BTS in Start-Up. Again, just because I heard RV's FUTURE, I am now reminiscing Bbyu couple. I miss them. Read the lyrics of Future in English. "Future (미래)" (from "Start-Up" soundtrack) In a mysterious place from my dreams I think I saw a happy me Even though I looked nervous for tomorrow I can't easily let
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