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  1. Yeah saw it too one with Lee Jong-gi her partner in Lawless Lawyer. I hope our Hyunji couple will have a picture together too! I hope the Nov 28 day will give us a lot of sightings of them together. LEAK PICS: She's wearing a white long sleeve pearled gown that makes me think it's a wedding gown LOL!
  2. @denira2104 hello! Yeah crossing my fingers and toes they would. But I heard even if they will not win in the AAA both of them would attend the said event. The question is, will the one taking videos get a good view of them for us? LOL! I hope he/she is also a HyunJi shipper. I am also hoping both with be each others dates.
  3. Hi everyone here! Another nice couple to be shipped I am from BinJin and HyunJi I also love WonJoon and now I can't help liking also Juzy anybody that is pleasing t the eyes I love to ship. LOL! Anyway, would like to ask if the kiss was really taken on Suzy's birthday October 10? If that is the case then this is really a priceless gift from one of the best kissers of Kdramas.
  4. Apparently the AAA's Most Popular Actor/Actress are already taken. Wonder if this is true but I read this somewhere: After 1 month of opening the voting gate for Asia’s Most Popular Male / Actress award, the results finally came. Accordingly, actress Song Ji Hyo excelled over Son Ye Jin and Kim Go Eun to win this award. Meanwhile, in the Most Popular Actor category, male idol Park Jin Young (GOT7) has surpassed many names such as Ong Seungwoo, Lee Min Ho. I am just wondering how come these two are that popular? I don't know the Actress hehe. The Actress I do not know
  5. @Babybear Yeah saw this on IG too and read that this was taken July of 2014. It kinda look KSH with the neck profile LOL! I don't know if this is a scene from a kdrama or a movie but this is definitely SYJ in a wedding gown.
  6. Keep the thread moving. Thanks for the updates y'all! I am waiting and counting the days to November 25 LOL!
  7. News said she was sick from a certain kind of skin disease so her Mother has to take care of her. Her Mom left a suicide note saying she cannot leave her daughter alone or send her alone meaning die alone or something like that. Maybe Ji Sun killed herself first and then her Mom also joined her after. I don't understand why they committed suicide if the reason is the skin disease, but then maybe ending her life (Ji Sun) will also end her suffering. As they say a comedian's life is the saddest. Behind every smile is a deep sadness. Many celebrities (including our HyunJi) mourn and were shocked
  8. Rest in peace Park Ji Sun. I will always remember your bubbly interview with our HyunJi couple and Oh Jung-se. May you and your Mom rest in peace even if you took your lives. So sad. I may never understand why people take their lives but maybe we have different reasons. Hoping they find peace. I myself battles my depression but I've learned how to deal with it. It's OK Not To Be Ok became my mantra. I'll just think there are others who have the most heaviest burden they're dealing with their lives day by day but they are still surviving. They are surviving the worst so I think nobody has the r
  9. This is on my opinion, maybe GM just ignored it since A> it's insignificant. Headline of article when translated to English means "Calligraphy Dress Figure That Kim Soo-Hyun Fell In Love With" I don't know what the first 3 words meant literally because it was just translated by Google. B> There might be a grain of truth with the falling in love with whom LOL! So for now my take on this is I'll just be happy and take it as the latter. Hahaha!
  10. Not the same day I guess but I hope this happened LOL! https://www.instagram.com/p/CGoFijApXou/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  11. @Paula2019 welcome back! Me too! Looking forward to AAA (Asia Artist Awards) . I hope both of them will win an award together so I could see what's the progress on their "relationship" since KSH is so transparent LOL! @szne09good thing if the OSEN article was taken down GM might have intimidated them and I like what you said makes me think also of the same thing LOL!
  12. OSEN using Yea Ji to their own advantage. Waiting for GM to sue them. From seoyeajiofficial__ Spread the word. Protect Yea Ji at all cost ❤ Take down all the videos of Yea Ji Unnie on BuilFilm Red Carper that was posted earlier. Let's help @goldmedalist_official to protect Yea Ji by doing this. Thank You So Much. I'm glad that Yea Ji unnie is in a good Agency who knows how to protect their artists. info from @k.dramas_ .. help us spread the word yeyes. Thank You So Much
  13. @denira2104 I second the notion. I love how they phrase it and referring to her as KSH's rumored GF LOL! Hoping for a confirmation soon! BTW Yeye's are asking us to download an app for voting for the popularity award for the AAA she comes second now and it's a tie with her and So Ye Jin. I did not vote since I love both so whoever will win is OK with me.
  14. The word "BRIDE" also stuck to me. I thought I am just seeing things until you also point it out. I have to read it again because I thought my delulu mind is playing LOL!
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