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  1. Exactly! We need to act not just as a director, but a writer too... I'm baffled by what's going on here. Again, especially considering the middle of the episode that was a whole lot of nothing... Oh, I didn't mean I'm gonna stop watching the show. JH is too good here! As you said, I'm just going to stick to the JH scenes, what I would call "JH's show" within this show... I know I may not be objective- but I think the show runners made a mistake making these characters the only main ones. It doesn't make sense, especially since in every confrontation with YBW, they lose! I think the show feels so badly edited because the show runners are fighting to decrease YBW presence, which leads to major plot points to be lost. YBW should have been named as one of the leads, and that would have made the show more balanced...
  2. I'm watching ep 6, and the characters in the show continue to explain nothing. we have no idea who was the child YBW was with, nor do we see any women in the compound- Didn't they hire a woman to play his wife? All they had to do was flash text on screen telling us where we are, and for YBW to make a short comment about the child. Instead we get nothing. This episode stressed even more the strange omission of the scenes showing YBW protecting his step mother on the road. Twice it was mentioned in the episode as though it was very important as it proved YBW loyalty, but for some reason we didn't get to even see it?! Also, they tell us that the girl almost killed YBW, yet we have no idea why! so that the show omits, but, on the other hand, the show does have time to give us almost 30 minutes of nothing in the middle of the episode- we see mainly high jinks with Hwi's band of idiots, an unlikely fight scene- Hwi fending off a group of thirty men with a bow and arrow (!) and, of course, the whole love triangle... all, to me, were boring to the extreme . Maybe my problem is that I really don't care about any of the leads- Hwi is whiny and bland, the girl is arrogant and not very nice, and Nam Seon acts like a spoiled brat that has tantrums... It feels like JH is in a completely different show... I think I'll just return to watching only "JH's show"...
  3. Oh, yeah! You are right. I didn't that other picture... It looks like indeed he was injured. You think it's related to the red mark on his eye brow? I noticed something in the links provided by Prettysup showing the demographics of the show- The audience is mostly female and relatively older- mostly in their 30s and 40s. This fact in addition to the jump in the ratings since JH's part became more significant in the show are not difficult to interpret... This shows the advantage of live filming- if the show runners were smart, seeing these numbers JH's part probably would have gotten even bigger... but this was mostly pre-taped, so I wonder if the remaining episodes filmed now will be affected by this... ‘My Country’ ep 6 top Knetz comments (google translated):https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=609&aid=0000190330https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=468&aid=0000578907
  4. I think he always had that in his eye- I think you can see it in this picture too- I also wanted to comment about that! you clearly see the hair at the back of his neck and his side burn hair completely wet ... I guess the makeup people were working extra hard, wiping the sweat off of him I guess it's the amounts of layers he was wearing. Poor guy, he must have been so hot! Especially in those scenes he was riding and shooting..
  5. I agree that Hwi's hair being in his face is probably the make up people's fault, and I guess him being young make him lack the confidence to tell them to change it. But they are not responsible for all of his performance. I'm hoping being around JH will help him... I thought I was the only one who didn't like the actress in WOL. She was the main reason I didn't watch the show till the end! Yeah, the girl in My country is nothing like her...
  6. I agree- the show is doing a really bad job explaining what is a happening. At first I thought that is was because I was watching only JH's clips until episode 5, but it's clear everyone's confused... The girl asking him if he remembers something, is again the show breaking the rule of "show, don't tell!". Instead of showing us those events, we are being told about them. That's such bad story telling... I swear- this production is so lucky to have JH! He's so impressive, that no one is asking any questions about the logic of what's happening- like for instance- why was YBW riding so fast to see his father in the beginning of ep 5?! There was no emergency, and he ended up standing around for 4 hrs (!) waiting to meet his dad. So why gallop all the way, I mean beside the obvious reason of having JH look cool on the horse?
  7. I'm not surprised by these comments... I was watching JH's clips and my first thought was "Ok, now this is cruel!". What he is doing on screen is indescribable! He is in a whole different level than the rest of the cast, older or young. Everyone's doing their job to a varying degree of competence, playing their characters. But that's exactly what they are doing- "Playing", while JH brought YBW alive! Instead of being one note, he's a freaking symphony! And this is why I thought it was cruel to the rest of the cast they don't seem to even know where to begin to match him... It's "chuno" all over again... And you also see how his decision to master riding is paying off in this show. He's so comfortable on the horse, he looks like an actual seasoned warrior! The guy playing Hwi, he said he was a fan of Chuno. If so he should've known- it's not about delivering lines- it's about the attitude and the eyes... How can he even act, when his hair is constantly on his face hiding his eyes! He's fading in front of my eyes... As to the girl- I don't know why she gets so much criticism- she's not that bad.
  8. yes that what I also saw... But I think you are right- something will happen between them. Don't know what, but something...
  9. I knew it! I wonder what "favorable relationship" means considering that she is in love with Hwi... Bang Won is probably not a gentleman when it comes to things like these... Do you have the link to the relationship map?
  10. Where do you see it? In the character map? I was suspecting that there was a reason for their frequent conversations, in each of which she seemed to have stood up to him and he seemed impressed... If I remember correctly, initially, when the character map was released it had a brown line connecting them, but then that map was changed and the line disappeared...
  11. Two things- The fact that he spoke so much about his hair in the fan meeting in Japan, something that I think baffled most people listening, since it was such an odd subject. But then we see YBW and I noticed that most of the time he doesn't have the same wigs that most of the other characters have. Most of the time it's clearly only his natural hair in a tight bun. It's only when his hair is down that we see a wig. I haven't seen that many historical shows besides those of JH but I'm pretty sure that's unusual... So it wasn't very hard to make the connection. I saw an interview with JH in which he said that usually before he starts a show, he sits with the director and they discuss JH's "demands". In Chuno- one of those demands was control over his fight scenes, and here, I'm guessing, one of them was avoiding as much as possible the use wigs.
  12. You're probably right, but from what I read Hwi is not a very impressive or heroic character as of yet. I can't say anything about him myself cause the only full episode that I've seen was ep 5, and even there he wasn't too impressive. He seems to allow himself to be manipulated all the time. He definitely is a good guy, but also heartbreaking- in almost all the pictures I've seen him he seems to have tears in his eyes and he seems to be constantly in pain, almost like a tragic hero. One comment I read on the Soompi forum even said he needs to stop being weak and be used by others. Maybe it will be YBW that will teach him not only how to use a bow, but also how to be more cunning... I think I will hold on to my hope that JH's role will be significant And I will explain why- for one, JH's role is already much more significant than the role in WOL, as some here have already said. I'm quite sure he took this role again because he wanted to portray YBW the way he envisions him, or else he wouldn't have taken the role. He very clearly has a measure of control over his character (for sure over his hair ), so I can't imagine he would allow the writers to degrade YBW too much. I can't be sure- but I'm hopeful...
  13. well, YBW history is quite know, right? I hope the writters will not try to change history... With that in mind, we know he wins at the end, so that should comfort us (maybe not his enemies ) . We are constantly being told that he is cunning, so I do hope that they will finally start to show it to us, Money Flower style, as you said. What I hope will not happen is that they will give the credit to his victory to Hwi since he is the lead. I'm slightly worried that this will be the case considering what YBW said in the opening of the show in ep 1- "We can only win this fight with Hwi". This has me concerned...
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