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  1. Grace also translates clips from the show. Here's her account- https://www.instagram.com/jshgrace/ I have to say, the more I see of these clips, the more I understand that I don't understand Korean culture, especially concerning their obsession with age when it comes to friendship. I don't understand their age restrictions when it come to friendships, how it's considered unusual, I guess, for older men to have younger men friends. Also, this culture of clubs of friends, that they institutionalize their different circle of friends- so strange to me. Also, I don't
  2. I thought she asked about the cooking show. He did, I'm only worried that JH actually means it this time. His next movie being an action movie encourages me, while in his new show we really don't know anything about his character- as usual the description of the show is so vague. I really really hope it's more of an action show than court intrigue... Looks like JH attended his painter friend's art exhibit. This is the friend that painted Bang won's fans, right? https://www.instagram.com/p/CQWCV7cNgfj/
  3. As funny as JH's obsession with melo is, it's actually worrying to me that he says that he doesn't want to do action any more. The thing is that The Swordsman is actually the first movie that brought JH to the attention of the action and martial arts genre fans. The smart thing would be to do exactly what he's doing now- another action movie. I understand him wanting to tone down the action movie only if we think about all the injuries he incurred, but he can tone it down and maybe use stuntmen more to avoid that...
  4. episode 11. Translated by grace- This is interesting- I have been wondering why JH won't speak English at all! They are actually asking him about it. Clearly it's the way English was taught in Korea in the past. Son Hyun-joo seems to share JH's sentiments about English... Also- love JH and Son Hyun-joo's friendship! So much kinder... https://www.instagram.com/p/CQTmf1cH072/ The same clip, a bit more info, translated by Jane- https://www.instagram.com/p/CQToYh_FVte/
  5. This was translated by grace- CTH is still trying to tease him about doing an erotic movie (has CTH ever done sex scenes?), and JH as usual treats his joke seriously, talking about "Passion melo"- I guess that's also a genre? But the movie he's giving as an example, Love affair, has nothing erotic or passionate about it. I actually thought it was quite bland... JH is so old fashioned! But maybe it's that he's talking more about passionate emotions rather than acts... I happen to not like so called "erotic" Korean movies- I guess that Empire of Lust and Innocent thing will fit that genre. I fin
  6. An article about JH's photos for Westwood- nothing new really... Westwood X Jang Hyuk, 'Dark masculine beauty and powerful charm' ... It is said that Jang Hyuk added an impact with a confident dynamic pose and intense eyes in every cut, and showed a relaxed appearance leading the atmosphere throughout the filming, which aroused the admiration of the field staff. A Westwood official said, "In this pictorial, Jang Hyuk's unique healthy energy and strong masculine beauty are deeply embedded. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=h
  7. As usual JH works his contacts- looks like two champions from the Won Boxing gym will appear in JH's new movie- I couldn't translate this blog for some reason, but it seems that what is being shown in the video and pics is the two boxers starting their work with the stunt team- https://blog.naver.com/baeksw100/222396751445
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