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  1. OH! I wondered what that ball was attached to... That's actually a neat trick. Our gyms are closed, and I want to continue with the boxing... I wonder if they sell that tapball here... Edit: oh, and Ahn Jung Hwan is the former football player that JH met on that travel show to the Grand Canyon... Oh, I liked that guy and he seem to really come to like JH... I would like to see them together again...
  2. The problem is that the uglifying is done, most probably, by JH himself. I don't think that any production, except maybe WOL, wanted JH to be less attractive. I think in most cases it was JH himself, that in order to make his character more authentic or more ordinary looking so that his looks won't distract from the plot, that decided on an "uglier" look. If that is the case, what can anyone do? It's clear JH has his own vision and will, and it's difficult to sway him... I guess you are saying that if in BM JH had a more attractive look, the show would have been a success. By sheer coincidence, I just finished going over the Soompi thread of BM (I like doing that, it's like time travel ), and I think it's safe to conclude that the situation there was more complicated. First, the production itself had trouble from the start. At least two actors were offered the lead role and rejected it, and also, it seems like the production people had many demands of KBS from the get go (some posters suggested that KBS cut the episode numbers to pay them back for the way the production started). The trouble the production was having was well known publicly and may have turned the viewers off from even trying to watch. Secondly, and this might coincide with what you said about a beautiful FL lead, in the beginning of the show even those that watched had problems with Park So-Dam. Many said that there is a chance that the fact she is not beautiful, but more cute, and also wasn't very famous at the time to the home viewer, as she did more movies, contributed to the low ratings. To my surprise, no one watching the show ever commented on JH's looks in saying that his hair cut made him less attractive. On the contrary, all the comments, on Soompi and those that were posted on other threads and were posted on Soompi, raved about JH's looks. All of them! Of course, it's possible that those that found his look there less attractive, decided not to watch at all, which might explain why I didn't see a less positive comment about his looks. If I try to explain the low ratings of BM, we need to remember that the ratings started very low, meaning it wasn't that people started to watch and then dropped off. It looks like people were turned off from the get go. So I think we can point to the trouble the production had in the beginning, and the promotion campaign. As you guys constantly say, the Korean viewers love simple cutesy romance, but the promotion centered on the psychological aspects of LYO's condition. To me it was fascinating, but I guess for the Korean viewer it was a turn off. The promotion vids didn't indicate anything about the beautiful romance. The only thing indicating on it was the poster. I think those were the mistakes the production did that caused the low ratings. I don't know much about the show you are describing, but it sounds like the romance is the center of the show, and that makes it different. I personally don't think they should have hired a prettier actress than PSD. I think her casting was inspired. To me she was perfect casting. I loved every aspect of the show, except maybe the side stories that had nothing to do with LYO. To me- BM is still one of the best Kdramas I've ever seen, and I wish JH will work again with its writer. The only thing that should have been changed was the promotion. I actually learned interesting things about the filming of BM, it wasn't as I thought it was...
  3. I don't remember this kiss as being bad... the problem here is that she was supposed to act as if she didn't feel him going for a kiss, even though he touched her first. Also, the need to wait for all the lights to come on while they remain frozen... Also it being the annoying open eyed kiss but I don't remember them not touching... I thought the kisses in Midas and Tazza were much worse... So boring...
  4. Apparently, Woo Do-Hwan is enlisting today, and this IG was posted that is really nice, quoting him about the impact that JH had on him... but since I can't embed it, here's the caption: "Hwan joined the Army's 15th Infantry Division's boot camp located in Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province. ( If I have not mistaken Hyuk went for military service in GangwonDo before )An interview during the divine fury period⏬⏬⏬Hwan said, "When I was 19 years old, I started acting after watching 'Chuno' drama," adding, "I never acted and I didn't know what acting was, but I felt a lot as a viewer when I watched 'Chuno.' "I wanted to be an actor and be a person who can have a good influence on people," he said."Jang Hyuk has no choice but to be a role model," he said. "I memorized all the lines of 'Chuno.' I watched 'Chuno' on PMP every day on my way from Anyang to the academy in Nonhyeon-dong," he added.Hwan said, "I really wanted to meet Jang Hyuk one day, but I met him on JTBC's 'My Country' that is being filmed this time," and added, "I told him what I had kept in my heart for nine years." I started acting because of you. I was so happy that sunbae said thank you," he said with a smile.Repost from @/woodohwan2017 Hwan also mentioned that Chuno is his most memorable drama of his life in an interview before." Woo Do-Hwan always seems to have words of praise for JH, and it's kinda interesting because in the BTS footage of MC, he seemed really calm and cool around JH. The actor that played Hwi seemed more awe-struck
  5. Exactly! I was just thinking- I know that between actors there is a lot of envy. JH doesn't seem to be part of that, he just does his job, and seem to be glad to support everyone around him. But I wonder about other actors- can they maintain their envy, as JH is also a brilliant actor, once they meet him? I noticed TvN now realized the gold mine they have in JH's quirky self, and they seem to be pushing his little funny moments from the show- him forgetting Busan dialect and the hot late incident
  6. I've never seen Thai dramas. Sounds... not good You mean actually fly? Like Superman?! Yeah, that story didn't sound very attractive to me... I admit I have seen her only in Hello, monster, besides FTLY, and I wasn't impressed with her in that show... In FTLY I loved her, but I never tried watching her in anything else