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  1. So glad to see JH as part of this project. We have seen that JH's acting and style is maybe better suited for international audiences than the Korean audience. One thing I hope they will put an emphasis on is the addition of English subs to promotional material they release for movies and shows. This was my main complaint when it came to the promotion of The Swordsman. Another peeve of mine is the fact that they didn't release the footage of the international press conference they held...
  2. He was He's maybe not physically affectionate, but he cares so deeply about people- it seems like JH has been there for the manager for years, ever since Robbers. He even said that JH encouraged him to love Oh Dae Hwan the same way that he loved LDH... That's exactly what I was thinking! They seemed to have such a good chemistry, on and off screen. I would love to see them work together again, maybe on something a bit more fun- portraying friends in a comedy?
  3. The subs for yesterday's episode are out After seeing the the clip with the subs, I'm now more excited about River's grave- the movie looks like fun, with a great cast and director. Also- the director encourages adlibbing- which is great for JH! That means he can give his own flavor to the role. Also- more stories about JH's kindness and how he tends to take care of people around him... JH helped the manager while they were doing Chuno, which explains the warm hug from the manager. JH is such a sweetheart! Of course, a sweetheart that every now and again will practice h
  4. JH didn't see who it was that hugged him at first, so the manger couldn't know he wouldn't get hit. Look at JH's arms... But look at the vid- he did remove the manager's hands , and then turned to him and started joking It's always amazing to me how people feel the urge to touch JH- you just posted the clip from the travel show of one of the guys grabbing JH's hand and dragging him to the bus as JH was wandering off , or in Bar life, when one of the guys wiped JH's mouth He makes people want to cuddle and take care of him...
  5. Actually I noticed that in the first time I saw the clip. Normally when people are hugged like that and they are accepting of the hug, they smile and lean back a bit. How many times did we see these kind of hugs in Kdramas? That is why JH's reaction was very jarring to me. Luckily the manager was unaware of JH's reaction, Meaning- he didn't end up getting punched in the groin!
  6. But did you guys notice JH's initial reaction to the hug? It was very subtle as he immediately controlled himself, but notice that immediately after he was hugged his arms jerked back and his hands went down- It looks like he very nearly punched the guy in the groin! Even I know- you should never grab a martial artist from behind! but JH managed to stop himself, clenched his hands and then removed the manager's hands from him. As long as the manager's hands were on him, JH didn't smile nor did he lean back into the hug. Only after the hands were removed, did JH start to joke. This actually sh
  7. Jane translated what JH said while they were waiting for the food- JH wants to do a melo! I mean he always says that, but now he added that his face is now more suitable for a melo. I actually agree- he's so much more handsome these days. To me at least The translation: "Since he would go for melo dramas from now on, better not mention Jeetkeundo, said Jang Hyuk “ He is a romantic guy”And also he stated that his face has changed into a melo as he gets aged.⠀ Always super pleasant to see his witty and funny side" Considering his favorite songs, now we know he
  8. It's amazing how varied JH's experience and talent is. I remember thinking in the last episode of Yacht Expedition during the singing "competition", that JH was kinda dismissed by the guys. He comes across as so shy and humble, that people don't realize that some things that they haven't learned yet, JH has already forgotten...
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