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  1. I don't know. I just took info from the last article posted above. They wrote Kim Hong sun is "the creator behind the show", whatever that means. Hearing he also directed Black makes me hopeful again So I guess we need to know who is going to be the writer of the show. In the article posted by Prettysup it's said "The writing will fall to two writers, Go Young-jae (Runway Cop) and Han Gi-hyun (Feathers in the Wind). Speaking of Go Young-jae, she’s also the writer behind the as yet unreleased drama, Love Like a Person." "Runway cop" is a comedy and actually looks hilarious! I'm even more hopeful...
  2. Looking at the list of shows from OCN, I've only seen Voice, The guest and Black. Of those three, the only show that I liked was Black. Besides having a great plot, that show was actually funny and had a little bit of romance there, but now I see that the creator behind the show is the PD of Voice and The Guest, which is disappointing to me. If you look at both those shows, they have essentially the same story structure, no humor and no romance... oh, well... and Considering Kim Jae Wook appeared in both shows, should we expect him to join the cast soon? So if the three are going to chase the serial killer, we have one character missing... I guess the third will be related to a victim or a victim him/her-self.
  3. Why do the cops need to have something "super" about them? In Voice it was the super human hearing (which proved to be completely useless in the show), and here it's photogenic memory... why can't it be just a very good, savvy cop? That's interesting enough... I mean, in Deep Rooted Tree the girl having photogenic memory was central to the story, so I wonder if in this new show it also has a special purpose, maybe something like in Psych?
  4. I actually hoped that Jang Hyuk would be inspired by seeing real detectives and their work methods in Urban Cop. I kinda want him to play the type of detective that the team leader was- smart, calm and very intense. The kind of leader that inspires his men. I think that kind of a cop would be very interesting to see from JH
  5. hmm... i hope this not another Voice and it doesn't have its formula of- introducing the issue/mystery in the first episode, solving it in the last two episodes, and dragging it out in all the episodes in the middle while the protagonists act like bumbling idiots... I hope this show is more about character development and has a love story in it
  6. Well, he did say that he makes it a mission of his to support actors that are his juniors... I wish that some of the interviews they did together for "Thorn/Innocent thing" were translated to English. Can't say that it was my favorite movie of his, but his insights about his roles are always interesting. I also would love to know about her experience working with him. In the behind the scenes she seemed very cheerful.
  7. I'm surprised that he said that because in "Friends in Croatia" there is a moment that he actually burst out laughing in a very similar laughter, but maybe it's rare and only when he is with friends, because with them he was also less soft spoken.
  8. His insights about acting are fascinating. I don't think I've ever heard an actor say things like that. His approach is so different and deep. Loved also to hear how he treats taking funny roles so seriously. It's interesting that he didn't know that "Fated to love you" was so loved. Now that I've actually seen Chuno, as impressed as I was with his performance, I'm not sure I even liked that show, partly because of the other characters and partly because DG's arch wasn't complete like in FTLY or Beautiful mind. The equivalent would have been if Lee Gunn was still in love with Se Ra by the end of FTLY. A horrible thought...
  9. That's a great idea! I actually once read a book about a nobleman (duke) that had a stroke, and as a result he had to relearn how to speak and do other basic things (like tie his shoe laces) while fighting to prove that he can still function and be the head of his family. It was a great romantic story too. It could be great to see JH challenged in that way.
  10. Romantic love story would be great! I don't why, maybe it's the white shirt or the slightly wind blown hair, but his looks makes me think about the country. Maybe a character who doesn't live in the city, maybe has a farm? And that made me think about horses! Jang Hyuk already did a show about one passion of his- boxing (talk about bad endings...), so why not make a show about another passion of his- horse riding?!
  11. I have to say- I'm looking at JH's new look, and I find it very exciting! I know that it's meant for his current show that he is filming, but I can see numerous modern characters that he can play with that look. And that brings to mind the question (I guess it's not the first time that it was asked)- what character or story would you like to see him play next?
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