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  1. @AgentQuake Now we know why the TS rumour is ..even if it sounds ridiculous it is possible...some ppl are just so free to create such ridiculous story and especially if to hurt others, that is so sad...
  2. Out of curiosity and boredom..i took a peek at the rumoured IG and Whoever started this rumour better find a more convincing story and female lead... . .. ...
  3. Oh my what happened here.. The reason i visited today was because i saw lmh short shorts and exposed thigh and i thought i would come here and congratulate @AgentQuake for the buffet that she was served by LMH .. oh well
  4. Don't feel bad..he intentionally want to tease fans w those photos..with 19mil fans there's bound to be 1 fan in each neighbourhood who could have spotted the location without any road signs.. And he was not in his own neighbourhood.. So why is he walking in someone else backyard haha
  5. Looks like someone found his location https://www.instagram.com/p/CEsOQd-qBMa/?igshid=ao5qfxuhkdrp
  6. Ok ok im not confused now..im happy thanks to jiw stylist..he's just showing sad face because kge not there to watch the sea and the sunset w him instead he was w the guys Naughty LMH
  7. Umm why is his eyes red..? Is he crying? Or pretend to cry? Cant see the smile you gals mentioned? And posting it on IG? Weird..i can't decipher this I need another clue LMH ..
  8. Umm whois LMO ..lee min OH? Why is he sulking on his 3rd pic? Work day no fun? wanna get back to someone asap But if it was work day with that someone then it'd be different expression i think..
  9. But i cannot w his hat..he usually uses the one that doesnt show the logo (all black) or usually takes a shot of him in his hat not showing us the logo..but i like this new(i presumed) hat of his Isit new anyone seen him w it before?
  10. There was no map of her place as nobody really knows where kge lives sorry..this have been brought up before .. I did share a map but it was of IU and YINs place which is not far fr LMH.. And frankly celebs might own more than 1 house i would reckon so we really don't know if some of them live at their reported house or not.. Like @markovingian markov said we should just leave it as it is.. just be happy they even shared a glimpse of their private life w us fans.
  11. I was just thinking to myself today that LMH it is about time you post something for us shippers cause we are missing mineun lowkey sharing some crumbs..u know like videos of him going somewhere late nights or before sunrise, somewhere quiet, or in the car..signs of how celebs in korea usually dates haha And because i just finished watching Faith in 3 days lol I tried to watch IOKNTBO but i dropped it at ep3..so i decided to watch Faith again and no i still do not like the fantasy part because the ending was a lil meh nor the pairing just because the age gap is too wide and i could finished watching it just because of lmh Hmm love the new Hat
  12. LoL Although his pic is quite blur..but it is definitely not a chanel watch...especially if u say J12 for men. It comes w ceramic black not metal straps..they have ceramic white for women range. And apparently the shoes and pants are presents from chinese fans https://www.instagram.com/p/CDpkImwgVdk/?igshid=195fzcufa0lob
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