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  1. Hi Mineunnies, haven't been here for a long time, but i do update myself looking through twitter about uri couple just saw this bucket hat post today.. why isit called a LOVE PATCH? Is that a brand? Have a nice day everyone
  2. Umm sorry to burst your bubble but to be more realistic, considering we know how much he protects his privacy, it is unlikely the car is his hence they didn't blur it out the brand nor the car plate..as we have seen in his previous videos, he usually don't even show the brand, model of his own car much less show you his carplate number. Most things you see that are his private stuffs more likely to be blurred out. There are many varieties show that they use car sponsorship as a way for the brand to market their car...
  3. Agree with @Heretorant, it could be the mood setup for the scene doesnt mean every single detail will be shown in the final cut appearing in the drama. However we should be delighted that they were this comfortable w each other, their body language says it all. No need for others to say they are unprofessional or not, thesw were obviously filmed in broad day light in the public..what is there to accuse?
  4. wow i din know seung gi and min ho are close friends im also a fan of seunggi hope to see their collaboration soon. I was hoping ggone do a drama or movie w him too sorry minho.
  5. Hi all Today is last day to vote for those interested to join https://www.kpopmap.com/what-is-your-favorite-drama-web-drama-of-2020-vote/ There's also a #WeLoveMinEun Twitter party going on..
  6. I know they are furious..there's like a riot going on there but i think people need to calm down, they have right to ask where is kge but it's not nice to comment speculations and insults at the co..bh just posted next year stars schedule and it includes kge. We don't know why she isn't in the video. Fans saying all these nasty thing on her agency isn't gonna make it pleasant for her. I hope they delete their comments. Also why should we drag mym name in..even if they couple they can keep work and pvt matter separate.
  7. What is happening over at bhent ig..everyone questioning where is ggone in their new year greeting video... She is not featured, hmm..what's going on?
  8. Me too..i was like whats with the 3 front pics like some sort of distraction haha.. Just post a new years eve wefie you two
  9. I think that sbs voting thing is a sham..they already line up the brahms couple to attend the show..and also lmh..so why would they launch voting to last till 30 Dec? They already knew who they wanted as winners Sbs oh sbs..
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