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  1. Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook as either Sunny and Grim Reaper of Goblin or Oh Yeon Seo/Oh Jin Shim and Kwon Jung Rok of Touch Your Heart
  2. Me too, I wanna know what LDW wrote on the second note. YIN was kinda giggly in that BTS. She even took photos while LDW was writing.
  3. https://youtu.be/RUkBjzwT4LY Guys. Watched this. You wont regret. Credits to Pichi Shipper and uploader Adeliaa Hana
  4. Sorry. Its my 1st time watching LDW interact with LDH, so I cant help but compare.
  5. Lee Dae Hee seems more touchy when compared to YIN. Thankfully, she's happily committed to Se7en whose real name is Dong Wook too. So thats that. I guess after dating Ji Hyun Woo, YIN became more reserved. I remember reading that she said from in an interview that while filming QIHM, she felt that JHW was attracted to her. Despite that, she wanted to have a professional atmosphere at work, so she didn't entertain it. YIN might've wanted to separate work from relationship. I guess thats why she was more timid in the BTS compared to LDH. Luckily, our boy LDW, always craved for YIN's attention and thats why we were given heart fluttering interactions. I do hope they end up together.
  6. I died at the PD being the 3rd wheel. Seriously though, who can deny their chemistry?
  7. True. Remember the kiss scene on episode 8? The NG where the PD shouted(?) something?? I felt like they (the staff) are intruding on a real life couple. Like when you see a couple smooching in the park? That BTS proves that even the staff can't deny their electrifying chemistry.
  8. Me after reading all your posts. Honestly, I am not much of a shipper that is before these two. They have such an amazing chemistry, plus they look great together that my heart can't stop shipping them. I've harbored my shipper heart before but now I'm so happy because e of thread. I get to converse and exchange opinions with like minded individuals. Hopefully, we can hear their wedding announcements soon.
  9. Me too. I do hope that they are dating privately and intimately just like So Ji Sub. I cant remember hearing SJS dating rumors, except for shipper posts. And look at him now, hes been dating for years and now hes getting married. I hope our pichi couple does too. Side note: i read older posts asking for real life couple term. Pichi and Ointment is nice but they're both based on drama. Someone suggested LeeYoo. I think there are a lot of Lee's and Yoo's, so i dont quite agree with LeeYoo. I saw a tag on IG that says 'onLee Yoo'. But again, thats too vague for me. I was thinking Ttalgi. Since YIN said she wanted to be called Ttalgi. What does LDW prefer? Or what's his favorite fruit?
  10. Found these photos on IG while browsing. Its the TYH wrap up party as you can verify from the cake and the banner behind. So the wrap up party really happened. But as the uploader mentioned, no one post photos of YIN and LDW together.
  11. Episode 8. One of the proxy panelists, Wen Kai (China) is an avid fan of Yoo In Na. He said the Chinese community became enamored with her for her role in My Love From The Star.
  12. Also, i found this interesting bit on IG. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx62rVqpGQg/
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