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  1. I actually rushed here to verify if its true. I didnt see the news on soompi nor kdramapal. If i remember correctly, Zettai Kareshi already had a korean drama just recently which stars Yeo Jin Goo. I would have love to see/watch Yoo In Na again and i personally read this manga before. Anyways, its a prank . But i sincerely hope that we get to see Yoo In Na in two drama this year.
  2. She was in a coffee commercial before with hyun bin and shin min ah. Hyun bin called her just coffee. So i guess thats why. I havent heard any news from IG regarding her birthday surprise.
  3. An event for her birthday is a good idea. We are called JustCoffee right? I mean her fandom is justcoffee?
  4. I dont think Wedding Bible was released, though. There are news about premiere date after the lead actor died, but up to now, there's still none. And i doubt that we can request it since it wasn't really shown??
  5. I saw it earlier on IG. Which drama is So Won shooting? Wow. She's so grown now. I read about this too. Its such a shame that such issues affect the artists works. They put so much effort on it for it to just be cancelled. Such a shame. I know its too early for bad news and I actually feel worst for posting it here first but... I just hope this wont come true https://www.koreaboo.com/news/snowdrop-fan-union-gallery-drama-cancel-protest/
  6. From what i remember, wedding bible was cancelled because there was an issue between s.korea and china back then. I think almost all korean actors promoting in china back then got affected. Correct me if im wrong guys. But this is all i remember regarding that issue.
  7. Ow. I subsrcibed to YG channel. So i guess i subscribed to the wrong channel. Its YG stage right? Gotta find that now and subscribe. So I can watch Yoo In Na. But one thing I like about Soop though, is that they show not just their actors BTS of drama shoots, pictorials and advertisement. They have their own content too. Its more like a vlog that feautures their artists. And their Eng sub is on point nowadays. I sometimes feel like YG isnt taking care of Yoo In Na alot. Lead actors of Joseon Exorcists posted apologies regarding the issue witb the drama. I also heard somewhe
  8. I wish YG uploads content with Yoo In Na from time to time. Soop Management have Soopoiler in Youtube which shows vlog-like content of their artists. Soop handles Nam Ji Hyun (my other favorite k-actress). I checked YG entertainment in YT but i dont think they uploaded anything recently. Or ildoes YG have a specific channel for their actors?
  9. Agree.. I personally ship Derek and Ah Reum in The Spies Who Loved Me. And since the story revolved more on Ji Hoon and Ah Reum, i feel that my ship didnt get much romantic screen time. I also hope that Lim Juhwan and Yoo In Na could work again in another drama. On a side note, I guess its just me but I am really pissed off with other IG users using #yooinna but posting other actors. I mean, I follow #yooinna to see Yoo In Na. But my feed is full of #yooinna with either kim go eun or BTS's V pictures. Its not that I hate/dislike Kim Go Eun or V, its just t
  10. I actually just finished it last night!! The solo scenes of YIN were mostly done in the dark because she was in a dark place (I mean she was going through bad/hard/sad).But her group shots were not entirely dark. I think they wanted to convey the fact that she was 'ok' outside, but deep down shes not. I mean, YIN said in an interview that Hyo Young was introverted. I love the movie and how it manages to show the connection between the casts. But there was too little YIN (for me anyways). Then again, the movie casts 9 actors so i guess that its inevitable that they get little scree
  11. I totally agree. I just finished rewatching Heroes, and i noticed how beautiful she looks as she ages.. i think the right term would be aging beautifully.. I mean she was beautiful even back then but look at her now. She's way more prettier now. (i personally believed that the other Heroes members were wary of her in the beginning as they feel that she was being favored just because she was pretty)
  12. Good morning Chinggus!! I rewatched the busking episode of Funding Together. Is it greedy of me to wish that YIN debuts as a singer? Or if its too much, she could sing an OST for her drama.. Her singing voice is really angelic.. I hope MBCentertainment adds eng sub to Phone Cleansing.
  13. Ow.. is this you? I think I already spammed on your IG Post. But i would like to add more These are the names that i wrote in IG: Song Seung Hoon Jeon Ji Hoon Zo In Sung Lee Jun Hyuk Jang Hyuk Kim Jae Wook Lee Jin Wook Kang Ha Neul And these are the names that I would add: Lee Soo Hyuk - i think their visual alone would be awesome Jang Ki Yong - even though he is younger than YIN, his chemistry with her in his cameo in TYH is great too. Its a pity it was only a cameo. Im Jo Hwan - In TSWLM, i'm team Derek ever since episode
  14. I remember that Queen In Hyun's Man was well received when it aired in the PH. It even had the highest rating for that time slot back then. I do understand that she feels lacking, so she tends to accept roles that she thinks she could nail. I guess it stems from her idol training days. I remember her saying that she couldnt learn the dance steps and thats why she couldnt debut. I wish she'd get the opportunity to sing a song for her Snowdrop. She can sing well, even Yoo Huiyeol complimented her singing skills when they practiced busking in Funding Together.
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