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  1. @Syntyche, Thanks for sharing your insight and touching song lyrics; they are another tribute to how spot-on this movie was in it’s details. And I love the pix you post. Thanks!
  2. I ordered a dvd of GB but since I live in Mexico, it usually takes awhile to be delivered (if ever). But guess what arrived just today?! Woo-hoo! Just in time for our group watch, and finally I could see it on a bigger screen than my iPad! It’s his best acting in a difficult and REALLY different role, where’s he’s both a loyal good and very bad guy. I liked your comment about focusing on the art and acting, @CallieP, and it’s a well-made film with beautiful cinematography and much attention to detail, especially noticeable in Blu-ray. Not to mention our gorgeous anti-hero. No matter that they downplayed his looks; it’s just impossible to hide that face! It was hard for me to see much of the art in it the first or second time through because I was so blown away by the extreme violence. But this time was different. And I just loved his performance, well worth the awards he received. I read one review awhile ago that said all he did was look mildly annoyed. REALLY???!!! I guess the haters aren’t limited to wacko fans. Anyway, I admire him him very much; he has guts and great talent to have taken this on when could have just lounged around on his rom-com and action-hero laurels!
  3. Some my favorite scenes. Thanks!
  4. @CarolynH, I appreciate the info on how age is calculated in Korea. Yes, I was tickled to find a Minoz Mexico on Facebook. I like the caps too. Thanks in advance for updating this thread! @Kris Silva City Hunter is my second favorite look of his, you and I just switch them around. I like the longer hair and action sequences in both series. Re: The King, Is it confirmed that he´s only playing one role but travels to the other parallel world? This could be a delightful fantasy drama to watch.
  5. I´ve seen some banners on Facebook from various countries that are part a joint thing. I live in Mexico and there´s a small Minoz Mexico project in the works to deliver school supplies to a children´s home that I´m contributing to for his B-day. BTW, if he was born in 1987, wouldn´t that make this year his 32nd birthday? I agree with Kris Silva, he was too thin in LOTBS. In one of his fan meet interviews he said it was hard for him to lose weight for that role; I think he overachieved! My favorite look of his was as Choi Young in Faith. Just stunningly gorgeous.
  6. Do we know yet in what Korean era the king will be? I´d love to see LMH in longer hair again, similar to Faith.
  7. Yay! LMH must like a fantasy element in his series, this will be his third ( after Faith and LOTBS). I hope he plays both parts! The prevalence of fantasy (time travel, unusual powers, ghosts, etc.) is one of the reasons I like K-drama so much. While waiting for our guy I´ll have to content myself with the Arthdal Chronicles...
  8. What is the song? just curious! Currently watching the series for the umteenth time. I’ve realized that, while I like LMH in other roles, I’m really more of a “LMH as Choi Young in Faith” fan. It’s a wonderful role played very well. Someone posted an excerpt from the end of Ep 7 on Facebook where there’s no dialog. He goes through several strong emotions from rage to resignation using those wonderfully expressive eyes. It will be interesting to see what he does next after leaving his alternative military service.
  9. Thanks for your post, Carolyn H; good ideas. Looking forward to our rewatch of GB, although that’s likely to be short! Another favorite idea: Favorite scene from any of his shows.
  10. I would love for him to do another action drama like Faith or City Hunter. But will eagerly watch whatever he decides to do!
  11. Oh duh! Thanks! I liked that look too, but I never thought of it as unshaven. Actually, I like just about any look of LMH, and I´m looking forward to seeing him a bit older.
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