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  1. You’ll all be surprised that my fave is Faith, LOL! After that, the King, then City Hunter (just loved the action scenes) and LOTBS. Still can’t get over the match interview! He was just stunning. I’m wondering about his reference to three-stripe slippers. Sorry if I missed a discussion about it. Is he referring to a specific earlier role or is it a more general description of playing an ordinary or poor person?
  2. @nina_mitrokhina, Welcome back! FYI, I sent you a PM about having two accounts, having gotten in trouble myself for the same.
  3. I chose The King as the best drama but also checked it as disappointing. I loved the complex puzzle of the drama, Woo Do Hwan’s performance was a complete and delightful surprise, and of course LMH was just stunning, both in his looks and performance. I didn’t care for the pairing (don’t hate me) and was disappointed with the first few episodes and the ending. So it was quite a mixed bag for me, although all in all, I thought it was a terrific story.
  4. At the SBS awards show we may be seeing his hairstyle in Pachinko, a slightly slicked-back look.
  5. This gif is from Episode 19, when he wants a tired Eun-soo to rest her head on his shoulder, a turnabout from when she invited an exhausted Choi Young to rest on her shoulder in Ep. 7. Would that we all could rest our head on that glorious shoulder! Wishing all Faithlings a better new year!
  6. Yes, thank you, thank you so much! I'm just curious. Did his co-stars win anything? And does anyone know who the other nominees in that category were, or did they only announce the winner? Wishing everyone on this thread a better new year! I live in Mexico, so I'll also wish you, ¡Próspero Año Nuevo!
  7. @CarolynH has just put up a poll of favorite scenes in Faith on the Lee Min Ho thread. Please vote your faves! Wishing all Faithlings safe and happy holidays!
  8. One of my favorite videos of CY from Faith. It’s titled, “Heavy Sword.” https://vimeo.com/52352496
  9. @nina_mitrokhina 5misnina, Thank you for the great photos of Faith sites and your other comments!
  10. I've taken some parts of the script in the first half of Episode 23 that were omitted from the televised series and added them to the recap/adaptation of Faith. If interested, here's the link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25290487/chapters/61675939 I love this gif of CY in all his long-haired glory, on his way with Eun-soo to Gangwha Island.
  11. Three years, but I’m such a fan of Lee Min Ho and Faith that I keep rewatching a lot! It also could be that I’m just no good at this!
  12. Oh goody, now I know a whole two of them! I'm just not watching enough kdrama! Or maybe it's the dementia...
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