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  2. So in an interview about The Swordsman, all JH did was talk about the godfather?! Jane17827 translated the following bit- jane17827 ⠀ <Jang Hyuk’s thoughts on Michael>(I named the title)⠀JH : From the point of view of the person who creates the foundation of a family business and the person who has to inherit it and make it again, I think there is a difference in the movie. Wouldn’t Michael have had compulsion to keep up with the family business as he had no choice but to take over later? Also I think there must have been tension that he has to do it well, so the complicated part was son’s. Wouldn’t the changes with the times have made Michael feel lonely? https://www.instagram.com/p/CFWRO7BpMVW/
  3. Noted. Sorry if you think i generalized FILIPINOS. But i agree they are only a FEW of them.
  4. WooHoo another trope - love triangle LoL. Now Ji Min will have motivation to win over Eun Soo as David is making it clear he wants her as well. May the best guy win, although y'all know it's going to be Ji Min regardless. Woo Joo and Eun Soo may be in trouble as her identity is exposed. The MIL will stop at nothing to make both mom and child suffer urgh! Se Mi just can't keep her mouth shut LoL she told the chairwoman more than enough information. At least Eun Soo has Mr. Yoon and Min Ji as her allies. Eun Soo has a pretty snazzy wardrobe for an elementary arts teacher ahahah.
  5. A BTS photo for episode 16: I’m surprised that there was a body double for the guy in leopard-print shirt.
  6. @Lmangla True! I really enjoyed my conversations with the members here. People are soooo perceptive. I miss half of the clues and have to go back and rewatch the scenes to fill in the gaps. I love K-drama villains! Innocent Defender, Doctor Prisoner and The Last Empress have some really good villains. The kind you love to hate. Hats off to the actors who played their roles sooo well that we loved to hate them. P.S. This is digressing from the topic but I loved what you wrote in Lie After Lie forum....that was sooo beautiful! I think I need to update my repertoire. I have watched two daily dramas. 'My Golden Life' which was good but had to skip at times because it dragged. And 'I had a Lover' which was the most frustrating drama ever! I went through a roller coaster pf emotions, not all very pleasant. I wanted to shake those characters so badly! Kindly suggest some good daily dramas. Like @shamrockmom suggested, nothing beats coming home after a long day at work and watching some feel good kdramas. Good looking people, beautiful costumes, locations, music and great stories.
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  8. I haven't read recent comments or watched the latest episode because the ick factor of them seeming to go toward a love line with his mommy is making me hurl lol. I know I may be silly but yuck. I peeked at one comment and I got the impression that issue will be scraped so I'm gonna steel myself and give it a go. But if it continues with the flirty crap I'm quitting this show.
  9. How about this video. Can you understand a little? I'm trying to translate the video title. Is the title correct? "Song Seung-heon will rise in the second half of 2020" It seems that it's about SSH. The woman asked the fortune teller about SSH and his new drama Dinner Mate. I heard the woman also mentioned the names of DM cast members such as SJH, LJH and SNE. Thank you
  10. Thank you to my mentor Why is the number so low again btw? 352
  11. great summary of the FOE polls @partyon 350
  12. Am I the only one who likes the glamed up version of Semi? I think the bold make up really enhances her features. But then everyone in S.Korean dramas are soooo good looking! Men are exceptionally handsome, oh and those washboard abs always work on the female audience. Yes, I am kind of shallow. And the women are gorgeous! Exquisitely beautiful! And in this drama even the supporting cast is too good looking! Good looking people everywhere! Too distracting! I think I will spend the week thinking about the hug (David hugging ES) that is surely going to ruffle Mr. Cool as Cucumber Mr Kang's feathers a little. Haven't watched the episode yet. Saving it for a little later.
  13. I don't like any comedy or family dramas but if they star in any family/comedy I will totally watch it
  14. Flower of Evil poll is up! There is a lot you can achieve on a Sunday morning with the power of coffee! @larus Nice coffee! 348
  15. New stills are out for tomorrow's episode. Joon Young looking so uncomfortable but can I hope that despite Professor Yoo being a... well not so nice guy... he might be able to help him? Source: HeraldPop
  16. I'm looking forward to this drama and the plot is just so intriguing. I hope they can pull it off.
  17. In the end I voted for Baek Hee Sung being a creep because I wouldn't want to date him. Hotness doesn't hide the fact he is a crazy serial killer. Plus I just need to remember that blond wig and I'm out. I also voted for Kim Moo Jin and Hae Soo part ways. I don't know I think they're carrying too much past emotional baggage with them. But I voted for a happy ending for Do Hyun Soo and Cha Ji Won.
  18. Tough choice then.... Do you value hotness or creepiness more? I've seen many discussions about Baek Hee Sung being considered hot, so thought it would be fun to include it as a question.
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