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  2. Yeah. For six months he will be on the screen in a romantic comedy family drama. He will appear in two different genre in the same time. I want to say that I lost a bet on another thread. I was so sure that Sun Woo will show his abs in the first episode!
  3. God, this is the best video I've seen of the WWWSK press con ever. They say that couples (long time ones) often mirror each other and these two just fit exactly into that @twoparkcouple I envy those who have seen them together, but I do hope that whoever sees them together won't take photos of them -- or if they do, I hope they won't make money out of it or post it on their own SNS to gain attention. Anyway, if K-fans talk about PPC in that manner, does this mean that a lot of them (most esp fans of PMY and PSJ individually) have generally accepted the fact that PPC is real? Are they considered as an open secret by K-fans?
  4. cr: as tagged I had hoped we would see photos of LMH going to or returning from the script reading. I didn't think we would see any photos of the script reading itself; I suspect everything will be kept under wraps until a month before with teasers of the King. I'm surprised that LMH can leave his home with one bodyguard. It looks like he is wearing a mask, but, for me, it would make him stand out more. I'd wonder, who is that wearing a mask and stare more, thinking that it is a celebrity or someone with some sort of notoriety.
  5. Sung Hoon will learn how to become MAMAMOO’s Hwasa on “I Live Alone”! On September 21, the MBC variety program released a preview of next week’s episode. In the clip, Sung Hoon enrolls at “Hwasa’s school” and receives private dance lessons from the idol at MAMAMOO’s agency RBW. The two stars begin their lesson by enjoying a feast […] The post Watch: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Teaches Sung Hoon How To Dance In “I Live Alone” Preview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. Still not sure if she really is. But that Chief who told her to go to Lisbon, I think, is someone who used to be with her in NIS. Remember that "M" who called Haeri, when he met that Chief, he was telling him how it isn't so bad to be in Psychology Intelligence Dept or something, so I'm guessing he probably was demoted to that position. That last interview video scene of Haeri, the voice of the person interviewing her is that same Chief, imo. She might be doing it more as a favor. Btw, nice to see you here too . I think we can all assume that the copilot is indeed an accomplice since it seemed he was directly talking to that Jerome guy. The question now is, whether he too survived or did a suicide by going down with the plane. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` I feel for CDG. His actions are not always right but very much understandable. Looking from his flashback of when he took his nephew out from the orphanage, he seemed to be like this person who has no direction in life, its hard enough for him to survive by himself so taking another mouth to feed is already a burden for him. But then eventually, he made Hoon his responsibility, prolly his life. He was even willing to give up his stunt job in fear of losing his life and leaving Hoon alone. That "My mom abandoned me, will you abandon me too, Uncle? If you're going to, then do it now" and "Family is people living under the same roof" hit me so hard. CDG might not have the most loving family to say that. They became each other's family. And so losing him like that is more than just heartbreaking (and for some reason I can't help but tear up as I write this ). That is why him going to great lengths just to prove that Hoon's and the others' death is an act of terrorism is to be expected. But I agree with some of you that he should be mindful of his actions esp. that they're in a foreign land, you never know what can happen if you don't act rationally. At this point, he's driven more of his emotions than his brain. Hope we can see more of a calm and rational CDG in the coming eps . I might wanna borrow that sniper gun DG has from ep 1's intro and do the honor of shooting that useless and heartless president . Really hate politicians like him as it's not too far from reality. There's lots of guys like him in this world that just makes me...ugh! Looks like Ep 3 is more action packed~! Cannot wait already !
  7. Are you talking about Kim Tae Hoon? Yeah.... I will be pleased if his character won`t die in the end of the drama. I will pray to Kdramagod to give him a romantic drama as lead someday. For Kim Jae wook worked. 566
  8. look back late last year. some of us had doubt if ppc were still together and even thought that ppc already broke up. but!! when we were anxious about ppc, ppc showed up together in Cosmo awards and sweetly talked, whispered and smiled together. moreover, even after returning to Korea, ppc had a dinner with wwwsk team in the restaurant near ppc houses. so all doubts about ppc were erased at that time. I think...If the dating rumor that ppc have been dating before wwwsk is true, ppc's relationships are stable enough now. and these days, there are ppc sightings being spread among k-fans.(but it has not been confirmed yet so i can't say what the ppc sighting is) Trust ppc.
  9. I know I'm out of post here, just to say that the handsome actor who plays Sun woo will also be playing the lead male in the drama that starts on September 28, title: LOVE is Beautiful life is wonderful. We have for our eyes/ A future great actor: handsome male and good acting
  10. Hong Jong Hyun delivered a heart-warming testimony at the end of the KBS drama Mother of Mine. “Thank you to all the actors, staff, directors, and writers who started together in the winter and have been around for almost four seasons. This was the first time I had a long drama, so I was very clumsy and had a difficult time, and each time people around me helped me and led me to the end safely. ” “There were a lot of dramas that I worked with my peers, and this drama was where many teachers appeared, so I learned more and was warm. And most of all, I would like to say my best thanks to the viewers who loved 'the most beautiful daughter in the world' from the beginning to the end. http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/view.php?key=20190921001301477
  11. I do like this trailer more. it has the essence of their love and destiny together . thanks for sharing
  12. Okay...I ugly cried...SO WHAT...Don't judge me because that ugly wedding dress had me in tears.... No, I cried for the family...despite this drama's faults...this was beautifully done...Now for tomorrow, if we we can see Na Hye being dragged out by her hair 1996 "Jerry Springer" style for nostalgic purposes, this drama will end with a cherry on top!
  13. Hmmm I don't know... after 2 episodes the biggest thing I get out of this is the level of rashness CDG is showing is starting to annoy me. Like chill calm down a little? I know he suffered a big loss, but the amount of screaming and insisting everyone is part of the plane crash got a little much. That said, it is quite scary to see the level of infiltration from copilot to airport staff, and how easily the bad guys seem to be able to track everybody? And still no sign of Shin Sung Rok
  14. Suzy has shared a special video for her new song with Babylon! On September 21, Suzy’s agency Management SOOP released a new video for Babylon’s latest track “Out of Breath,” which features the singer-turned-actress. “Out of Breath” references Suzy’s 2017 ballad “Pretend” both musically and in terms of its lyrics, and the newly released clip […] The post Watch: Suzy Is Casually Stunning As She Records For Babylon’s “Out Of Breath” In New Special MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  16. I think individually wwwsk could be an opportunity for them to get to know more and close to each other beside being in the casts full of talented actors and actresses. (why not,right?) Of course, choosing the right project was the priority. They are truly professional. After spending so much time together, day and night filming, even had dinners and buying food for teams many time...That shown how close they are...and hardly to stay apart So now....can PPC truly stay apart ? You just cant be away from someone you feel comfortable with.
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  18. I think it was a good thing that the writer gives us time to let Sun ja go. After so many episodes, I came to accept her passing.
  19. was busy looking at the chef to see whether he is going to attack her right there and seduce her into an affair. maybe some kitchen romance will be next. , there will be some fish cooking most likely when he kisses her. ..
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