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  2. For sure it was before his marriage. Stepmom is angry at ungrateful Pi Young because she supposedly is the one who allowed their marriage to happen. Maybe she started having feelings for him since he got married because his attention and devotion definitely was divided between stepmom and wife. Someone not happy about this. Btw, I noticed that we’re shown many times Pi Young has been refusing hubs wanting to have some sexy time with her. So many times she pushed him away with some excuses. Could that be what made him turn to the vixen? Nonetheless, he is still a habitual liar that ke
  3. It's a common Freudian concept that some sons will love their mothers in an incestuous way. They get nursed as infants and don't want to share their mother with the dad. That's how 40's husband feels for his step mum. But it usually goes away. What I have not heard of is when it's in the reverse order. The step mum having those feelings for the son. When? when he was 7? Daughters do grow up to marry men who resemble their fathers. But I don't think that it is of incestuous way. They love and admire their dads. I suppose it happens when the dad is abusive to the mom too
  4. SuperM proved their love for SHINee while watching their latest music video for the very first time! On February 27, SuperM shared a fun reaction video for SHINee’s new “Don’t Call Me” music video, which they released earlier this week as part of their long-awaited first comeback in two and a half years. In the […] The post Watch: SuperM Turns Into SHINee’s Biggest Fans While Reacting To Their “Don’t Call Me” MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. For ep.11, the showcasing of the affairs is a bit milder, I'd say. Still in 10 months ago and still too much of the 40s cheating couple, but at least not as cringey. Poor Sa Pi Young... she's really got her hands full with a viper and a vixen hounding her husband. You guessed it, step-MIL is the viper, Ami is the vixen. I still can't believe how poisonous the step-MIL is and I can only wonder since when has she been cursing death on her husband. Vixen Ami, urgh, I cannot decide who is worse between these two. Can only pray that my husband will never meet a person like her. Disgusting.
  6. Is the ML’s mum autistic like her son is? That’s the impression I get. She doesn’t seem to have it all together up there.
  7. How long was that DHDJ fight with all these races/wars until he united them all? Was high god Zhe Yan one of his generals? When reading PB book, I came across reference to 6 universes and also it is referred in this PB extra chapter 1, What are the 6 universes referred by TQ? The chats in this forum are so informative and insightful. Thank you everyone. I do like them all. They are so good. I actually would like to buy the full drama, I hope at some points they will release all 60 episodes.
  8. @Lmangla the if she was smart girl she will be like , hey Wait not personally their dad , the daughters want to marry someone similar to their dads , I think What you feeling is a RickRoll'D
  9. Anyone else love to watch the BTS of the Eternal Love of the Dream? I like the ones with the Eng subs. https://youtu.be/7UL74kztZ3I Also does anyone keep a list of really good fan vids of the series or cross overs? ? This one is a great one showing off exactly how much of amazing fighter Dong Hua is. there is also a cool cross over one that has FengJui/Aryana facing off against the Night Immortal from Ashes of Love. (need to find that link again)
  10. dating conversation... so maybe future girlfriend: so tell me about your ex? what was she like? who was your first love? maybe future boyfriend: my stepmom was my first love option 1: smart girl (no longer future girlfriend): ooh, I just had a phone message. emergency at home. bye! option 2: stupid girl (future girlfriend): hmmm, that's interesting.... seriously, why would anyone date such a guy?
  11. Apart from Duel, I have watched all. Shin Se Kyung is beautiful too, but in this one, those 3 ladies stole the show for me, especially Han Ye Ri as Cheok Sa Gwang. But Shin Se Kyung looks good too My posts are always safe to view, wherever you are 404
  12. EXO's "Ko Ko Bop" Becomes Their 3rd MV To Hit 300 Million Views #KoKoBop300M
  13. @CarolynH, I very much agree with you - And when the time comes, he should think about who he wants to work with, the emotional journey of the script, physical challenges, or humor when he considers a script. I'm sure he may also want viewers to see him in a specific light – whether that means sticking to roles he is typically cast in or changing it up in an unexpected way. I wonder if LMH acts spontaneously once in a while and without a script; a good/great actor is doing this so, everything is made up on the spot. @Thong Thin, I was told that this is one of the Richmond hotels
  14. I love that he looked so happy, playful and relax during his last trip. Being in the beautiful mountain area may be very good.
  15. Part 2 of the CF and Ms. SYJ is still laughing hard.... even while looking at a blank screen lol. Thanks to her we are getting to see HB's delectable dimples more and more often. Have I seen 2 happier people in a phone ad? Never have I rewatched a phone ad. The things Binjin make me do lol. I can imagine SYJ showing ahjussi HB all kinds of funny fandom things on her phone and having a good laugh about it together. Perfect caption! I'm optimistic that we'll get another joint CF sometime in the future now that we know they are open to the idea. Though of cours
  16. Not sure what is the qualification for YR to be just bad and OHR pure evil. YR was evil. She though nothing of killing people. both YR and OHR did evil things out of greed. YR wanted to get out of “poverty” and OHR lusted after a man who had his eye on her friend. Both know nothing of loyalty, honesty, love etc. at least so far OHR is not over acting. YR was funny in the sense that her over acting was like a bad comedy.
  17. relaxing, watching, and gaming :wow2:

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  19. True, the next person watches k-drama
  20. Need to lighten the mood. Whoever this is has mad editing skills. Absolutely hilarious from beginning to end.
  21. ohh - let's put a good and proper picture not just our thirsty versions - I was just kidding the thread was going without thirst so I had to do it for everyone's benefit
  22. Same. I'm so tired of seeing parents crying, fighting and falling out on the floor. The biggest cliffhanger has been OYH singing for SJ? Oh big deal. Meanwhile by this time in the first season, we had switched dead bodies, an autopsy, a fake cremation, SR locked up in the hospital vowing revenge, husband attempting to kill her fake daughter. Hopefully this heats up soon!
  23. That's what it seems for now. All they did today was find food, but in the next episode they are going to contend with -20 degrees Celsius at night, so maybe that will present a challange... The episode was super cute, and JH was charming, funny and sweet, but yes- for now, Real men was harder. Maybe JH's friend was worried about him doing this show as in Real men everything was under the strict observation of the military personal, so it was relatively safe. Here, it's unpredictable, and so is JH
  24. @shimshimae Oh do we really want one of those two photos being displayed as the main photo for every newcomer to see? Maybe? Yes? Definitely? Why did you have to make me thirsty again. I was doing so well until now. I have to admit the second BW one is my most favourite of all his photoshoots. There’s just so much perfection in that photo.
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