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  2. its not going to happen, history says none of my ships will ever sale… All I want is one passionate AF kiss and then the separate… am tired of their nonsense … @Whisper2 Hé is not confused about what he wants or feels, yeah she might get jealous and finally act, but to me and him he needs his crew even the ones that get him angry… @yookitube I feel she chooses to work there and why can't she, why should she give up a good job at a good company?? We could say there are other companies around but why most she leave the current one, chairman might be chairman but he isn't the only boss… How is how what these two feel for her fault why is she to take fool respon3that they won't let her go and keep following… since high school she hasn't shown interest in and the other she just met after 7 years… But she is still the conning woman keeping them on leeches?? What has she taken from them, what has she gained from them that could constitute her playing them like fiddles…?? If not sympathy was she to stop her life and strive for survival and sit back and wait for him outside for two years??... Has she not offered after all these years her experience to him and he said no?? @Whisper2 I sometimes which she could do all she is being held responsible for… but honestly I gravitate to people who have less on their side because having one person is better than none .. @greenwatch08 SRY confidence shows that he knows she likes him too… And that scene about how he never asked her out also validated that… But honestly these two are just playing the if I had known game… I feel he is willing to get help from anyone except SA… I could argue ego ,but the show is trying too hard to make him papa Theresa
  3. Would you be so kind to share where the intimate scenes should have been and what kind?
  4. I definitely agree with the enemy this time being an improvement because last season's still didn't make any sense whatsoever, last guy's actions didn't match up with his issues. Yeah hot lawyer guy really dislikes YiZhou for more than just being born into a wealthy family, he legitimately believes he doesn't deserve his position at the company. I do want more on the board director who is helping him, why does he want YiZhou out that bad? Wen Li being monotone all the time will be missed, although I'm curious to see where they go with his new story line. I'm glad him & Jia Fei are still ending up together. I also preferred the s1 friendship dynamic more because of those reasons, Chu Yan was more so that bridge between both YiZhou & XiaLin. I wonder if he's going to come to some sort of appreciation for Yi Zhou this time around? I just don't want Chu Yan to be a whiny second lead who doesn't know how to let go. I kinda miss Yi Zhou having an actual friend, now he's not truly close with anyone except Wen Li (but does this really count?). Xia Lin's manager just feels dumb tbh lol She's too gullible for me and she made a deal with the lawyer way too quickly to keep things away from Xia Lin even though she doesn't even know this man. He went out of his way to follow Xia Lin to work & pestered them to have a drink with him, there's no reason she should trust anything he says.
  5. DH can sulk all day when he feels jealous but look at what he did here. He just wanted to see FJ's jealousy and possessiveness. Lucky for him that FJ doesn't sulk for long and can easily forgive him.
  6. I felt like too much time was spent on mortal realm. Which consists of too much Jiheng. Which is annoying. I need more of dongfeng happy time. Was expecting 60eps actually.
  7. @Whisper2, that scene was when I sank with my nonexistent ship… To Me that was SA again showing her feelings for SRY, because it’s always said she doesn't like him or show it, maybe not to him always but to us at every point…. Her advising YS, to me showed her steps to let go of SRY… @Broaddaylight writers are writing themselves into a corner, to me she ins’t developing but changing and I can argue not for the good… Saying am sorry when you don't see why you are sorry or why you should be sorry is not really sorry… I would prefer they let her realise that her way of thinking is wrong not "IDGAF, but love of my life does so let me pretend to“ Making her change about SRY, and not really about her seeing how what she says or does to those around her is hurtful really was a disservice to her… Because it comes across as am still this horrible person, but for SRY let me curb my enthusiasm… they are doing a disservice to her by making it all about him ...
  8. During the PiFan awards they were behaving in a way any gentleman behaves with a respectful lady.Did they ever thought that one day SYJ would be clinging to him like a Koala Bear..,playing lots of pranks.I m amazed to see how far these two have come forward .It was definitely fate.
  9. Now that you mentioned it, I remember more.. 1. After FJ wake up after they returned from Aranya's Dream. 2. In the blue sea where they were supposed to watch thousand bird's Phoenix salute. Hmmm Would we dare to raise our hopes up for some steamy scenes?
  10. @Whisper2 here's the funny thing jco is a good company, good business sense, for once it’s not the company doing sh*tty things but, just the chairman and chiarson doing things in their private lives… For once it’s a good company with good investors, for once the company does not solely belong to the villain, but still how dare she work there??? Someone was asked if they Would say no to and they said yes… And all I could thing was "that's because you can afford to" Am from a 3rd world country, civil war, corruption, world superpowers in control (they want the minerals) and horrible governance, and these same ppwers come in pretending they care ask me if I won't take their help… they sell the weapons to both sides, send in their tropes in the name of "Support", and then send in the UN in the name of peace, have refugee bursaries blah blah blah… I see it, I know it and I live it, but ask me if I would ever say no to the help… SA's one is even better… What I love about SRY, is his ability to live and let live… They entire world might judge her but he tells her live your life, you worked hard for it… And SA's faith in him… People might refuse to see it, but these are two people who know each other, she had told him “you don't say things you don't mean" and her strong believe that he will succeed amazes, even without her help… I find that faith in him amazing… And I think it’s that faith that makes her believe just the way he keeps all his promises he will always like her… But then am not sure because she goes out of her way to pint to YS SRY 101… Sexual harassment is the name, but depending on where you stand, it doesn't matter that it's an invasion, that it's someone lap, that it's a boss’s lap, the power dynamics don't matter… It's about the fact that she likes him, how he feels doesn't matter, it’s about the future, in the future they will get together, so why should it matter after all it can only be wrong if it was a male employee getting into the space of a colleague in such a way… But am interested in why she cried… @tok-soompi, I am lazy but it seems this is the one topic I can type forever about… I have never seen him fighting chairman, or the bar about him being rich for SA if that was so then he should have put that 1.9 bw to better use… ie getting the girl… people share things with others, this argument says with every friend he gets close to and shares with, he automatically does not know how he feels… We could argue that his way of loving is not ideal, but that his love is fickle I disagree… It’s been many years, he has grown seen the world and am guessing knows what love is… I could say he has never giving himself the chance to be open to more love, but that does not mean his love for her is just a mere crush… This man can still function and live life apart from her while still knowing he loves her that takes a lot and more than just a teenage crush… @serenilmauvve, I Could argue that every scene I face value on this sure is wash rinse repeat, YS and taking down the employees one by one, SRY always shouting my people, the throw down with chairman, but instead I will like to disagree with the statement the scenes between them is repetitive, nope its informative, they might not be doing some earth moving background music scene, but with every scene we find out something new about these two, why they fight too hard to keep hold of this love that, is everything but good for them… Unlike how everyone kept saying "crush" we finally know why he likes her, why he has kept on liking her till today… that almost kiss itself showed him and us yes, she can't always keep her feelings in control and drunk people never lie [sometimes], I can't go through Every scène but I love that their moment focuses on them and their dynamic, her believe in him and his believe in himself and his love for her… Because to me at every turn, everyone seem to want to tell me how SRY isn't really in love, but then with Every scène we are showed he knows what he wants what he is doing, and what he wants to achieve, making the love of his life unemployed is just the cherry on top… Might not be the love of his life in future but that is what she is now… Or the like of his life…
  11. I think it is pretty established by now that he cannot feel much - he cannot empathise with other people's emotion. However, he must have had a truly heart of stone not to be moved by hearing her - so I am imagining that it was during scene that he started to feel for her - fall for her slightly??? She was so brave - I think if I were in her shoes - when she turned on the lights in the chamber with the corpses and saw it - I would just sit in a corner with my eyes closed screaming at the top of my voice. And that is why she was so hurt by him using her - she fully believed he cannot move or see. I would have been furious, too.
  12. OmG!!! Episode 11 REVELATION TIME TIME what does this mean???? Friend or Family ??? Is she Wolf Tribe or Lang??? @angelangie Help me here please Episode 11 Time of scene 10:30 Why would she say that I hate you a Wolf people??? Aren’t they her people??? HE ALMOST CONFESSED
  13. False, although I want to be able to go with my boys one day. Next person - goes on a trip at least 2x a year.
  14. Well, if you, in the most developed and advanced country in the world, are afraid, then what I am to say, living in one of those countries that your president so succinctly described as a country "having a lot of issues with indoor plumbing" if you catch my meaning - the actual word he used is frowned upon in this forum, I am told .
  15. Not sure if this has been posted here but am sure no harm in seeing it again? [Ratings] "Forest" Ranks 1st Among Wednesday - Thursday Dramas With a 5% "Forest" ranked No.1 among Wednesday - Thursday dramas, with a rating of about 5%. According to Nielsen Korea, episodes 17 and 18 of the KBS 2TV drama "Forest" recorded nationwide ratings of 5.2% and 5.8% respectively. The figure is up from the previously recorder 4.1% measured on the 20th, which is influenced by the TV Chosun entertainment show "Mr. Trot". With the ratings in the 5% range, it's clear that the Wednesday - Thursday drama market is currently in a slump. MBC's "True Story" and SBS's "Because Lee Dong-wook Wants to Talk", which air at the same time, rated 5.2%, 5.6% and 2%, 2.3% respectively. MBC drama "The Game: Towards Zero", which aired at 9PM KST, recorded ratings of 2.6% and 3.8%, while tvN's "Money Game" rated 2.2%. Source : /www.newsen.com/news
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