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  1. **Woah thank you for posting so many of hot global abs Knocked me off blissfully hahaha My first time viewing abs from turky, india, mexico Well good to know that it’s the abs which has no barrier nationally and culturally. haha But it’s Chris Hemsworth’s flab. Who cannot resist swooning for him? ** I goggled ‘flab’ and found a few interesting things (Q) Is Flabs a Scrabble word? (A) FLABS is a valid scrabble word. 1word.ws › flabs (Q) How do you get rid of flab? (A) Fat-burning Workout: Pump Up the Car
  2. @partyon Wow happy to see CJH in two spots whahaha Thank you Btw I want you to know I bookmarked the abs thread. I will check it out tomorrow. At the moment my eyes are bit blurry from digging in all those abs you posted here.
  3. cute Mongsil real_jinhyuk https://www.instagram.com/p/CJn03tMAmS_/ ((old IG of mongsil 8/24)) https://www.instagram.com/p/CERB2gUAVhZ/ cr to DC
  4. Liking such a persistent oppa Thanks to the writernim for creating such hilarious scenes for CJH So what we are seeing is not the action of queen (in-BH) but the fantasy of BH (in-queen). It shows how the tendency of a male mind works; uncontrollably illogical. whaha No sane mind (that means us women) would fantasize about a queen behaving like that, right?!! haha Yup CJH is 100% Korean male. It means he still smokes lol There is an old video clip( I forgot what it was for, cf or?? ) which shows him smoking. When DC members saw it, they were up in arms against
  5. Thank you @Min2206 and everybody Yes let’s make a new year of awe and wonder. And let’s pray our Oppa-s will give us a deliriously delicious drama ( wonder how big a prayer we need to make it come true ahahaha) @partyon That picture you posted gave me deep nostalgia. It was from my CJH crush going on the second year (I still had a fangirling tunnel vision). What a time it was then.. sigh so long ago The photo was from CJH’s Daniel, FTLY. He signed for getting a drama CF, just like he did with Heirs. At the time, before his MS, he was busy working on a
  6. **choijinhyuk_officialfancafe sent support lunchbox to the set of CJH's Japan online FM: for CJH : https://www.instagram.com/p/CJYgbnpp8v_/ for staff : https://www.instagram.com/p/CJYf9OWJL7R/ Yes I’m grateful she likes my Oppa but we know there are oppa and Oppa. haha A true heart goes with Oppa. You know that right?!! haha Yes fan’s heart is silly but what can we do about it.. just follow the heart lol haha
  7. whaha so that’s how ‘Zoppa’ came about .. popping from Zombie Oppa lol It’s a shame CJH doesn’t know about this nickname, Zoppa. CJH’s zombie is so hilarious. I never thought that I would like the words ‘undead-zombie’. lol I was disappointed ZD didn’t do well in Korea. Maybe the ZD team didn’t target the right audience. For this kind of drama they should aim at a younger audience with younger/flower supporting cast. hehe I liked ZD supporting members but it took awhile for me to warm to their presence on the screen. PS When I first saw ‘the guy in whit
  8. @partyon @Min2206 I couldn’t stop laughing at his expression. What a jump from undead zombie to soul swapped douchebag chef. Yes let’s light a prayer candle… I want to see him choose a mind-blowing sweet melodrama next. Bong-Hwan ahhhh cr to DC mooo yuuung ** I found out what CJH sang in FM. YT has the singer’s video with a translated lyric. Very poetic but his singing style isn’t easy to like. But it seems the singer has a lot of followers so he must be good in Korea. CJH always picks difficult songs to sing. For
  9. @partyon @Min2206 Our ‘forehead oppa’ CJH had the online FM today. There are some photos of the event. Hopefully soon we will get to see it in YT. ** @partyon that cute dog, hodu(walnut) is from Zombie haha Wow CJH will make a quick appearance again in MQ. His voice-soul has hung around much longer than I expected. So I checked the original drama (go princess go) and the novel, and was a bit surprised with its underlying theme (gender identity, ie bisexuality and homosexuality and transgender…) And the original drama has 3 different endings. Well it wi
  10. cr to DC White Christmas Cartoon Song [The Drifters] cr to uploader Michael Bublé - White Christmas [Official Animated Video]
  11. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone https://twitter.com/realjinhyukMM/status/1342325943486976000 ((from ZD)) https://twitter.com/realjinhyukMM/status/1342472355415609344
  12. @willenette Yes happy ZD got an award There is a video about the ZD team ceremony but it’s not available to overseas viewers yet. Hopefully soon it will be on YT. ** The TV award season is here. Because of covid the awards ceremony is virtual with only the host and the presenter in the main award hall. ‘Zombie Detective’ received Best Challenge Award for the 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards. PS the most memorable line in this article caught my attention: “Hwang Bo-ra with laughter saying, ‘Are we going to have Season 2?’” just kidding or a hint?? ((trans))
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