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  1. ** CJH posted this IG. I can see why this digitalized fake childhood image is trendy in Korea now. He looks amazingly cute and adorable. 崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group 8 hrs · 【2019.05.26★崔振赫 Instagram 更新】 【2019.05.26★Choi Jin Hyuk Instagram Update】 Reposted from @real_jinhyuk - 나는 왜 별차이가 없는거같지?ㅎㅎ #애기진혁 #그나저나 #한국팬미팅 #벌써 #다음주토요일 #기대됩니다 我為什麼覺得沒有什麼差別呢?he he #小孩振赫 無論如何 韓國粉絲見面會 已經 下星期六 期待 How come I don’t see any difference? he he #littlejinhyuk #anyway #Koreafanmeeting #already #nextsaturday #lookforwardto https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx6u5b8ArrS/… *中文翻譯: "崔振赫香港飯團" 轉載時請註明 *Translated by "CJHHKFG" Please give full credit if reposting. 崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group 7 hrs · 【2019.05.26★崔振赫韓國粉絲見面會相關資訊更新】 【2019.05.26★Choi Jin Hyuk Korea Fan Meeting News】 ★ 2019 崔振赫粉絲見面會 The Real Time★ #崔振赫 粉絲見面 D-6 各位想想也覺得幸福呀~ 星期六見啊! . Reposted from @makestar.co - #최진혁 팬미팅 D-6 여러분 생각만 해도 행복해요~ 토요일에 봐요! . #ChoiJinhyuk fan meeting D-6 Only a thought of you makes me happy~ See you on Saturday! . https://bit.ly/2EG9NXp ** CJH sent a meal- truck to Yoon Hyun-min., though it isn’t clear what project YHM is working on now. They worked together in Tunnel. YHM is supposedly dating Baek Jin-hee (whom CJH also worked with in PP just before his MS)
  2. Whaha yes k-bachelor, but no salacious skinships & no booze haha JHssi looks good in a suit. This diehard fan had a quick chat with CJH.
  3. Heo Dong-won is casted to play Yang Cheol-gi, Song Yoo-yong (Son Hyun-joo)’s man. https://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1VJ87TVI1Z
  4. ((**the shooting team is working hard)) boohwang89 Shooting journal The last day on the construction site, we put extra effort in shooting. Not only the last day but every location site for this project was from the place like 5 story building without elevator, construction site and narrow winding streets… HA…
  5. CJH on the way to Japan FM(5/18) #최진혁 #ChoiJinhyuk #출국 최진혁(ChoiJinhyuk), "분위기로 올킬" [공항] cr to DC
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