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  1. Yup he made a goal but about kicking the ball upward, it’s more unexplainable behavior(whywhy) by our forever Zoppa I guess lol He seems to be having a good time in the show. I’m glad he is giving us some entertainment while waiting for his next drama. It seems to indicate CJH has an interview with this Japanese magazine ‘Korean Wave Pia’ (https://book.pia.co.jp/book/b584251.html ) IG says; https://www.instagram.com/p/CQA1hG3t60O/ "I am so happy to see you accept the magazine interview There is another good drama in preparation Really great,
  2. @agenth Thank you for posting tumblr workout-gifs Well CJH saw he had a perfect side kick partner, adorable Young Jae so he wisely stepped aside and let YJ soar lol whahaha I like what this person says in tumblr "#b.a.p#youngjae#choi jin hyuk #that was so funny i actually cried#i never knew i needed this pair in my life #mom's diary#my ugly duckling#** https://bap-ftw.tumblr.com/post/653440597038891008/actual-footage-of-me-youngjae-in-the-gym
  3. I like this duo, CJH & Yoo Young-jae. They created interesting chemistry. I hope they will continuously appear together. Also there was a team game (sit-up workout) at the end which gave me a good laugh. I think I’m ready to see more of him with YYJ clip from the preview
  4. Thank you dear I didn’t know JHssi made more episodes for “My Ugly Duckling” It looks like he will appear next weekend too I wonder how long he will appear in the show…hummm Watch: Choi Jin Hyuk Becomes B.A.P’s Youngjae’s Personal Trainer On “My Ugly Duckling” TV/Film Jun 6, 2021 by S. Nam B.A.P’s Youngjae was put to the test by Choi Jin Hyuk on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling”! On the June 6 broadcast of “My Ugly Duckling,” Ch
  5. @Min2206 So true about his inability to fake things about himself Gosh it’s good thing he’s so handsome right?!! haha His expression in the pictures showed how happy he was knowing his team was winning. I’m sure he felt frustrated with a soccer game. When it comes to sports he is all in. He doesn’t like hopping around the edge. He played soccer before but it’s obvious this time his injured knee prevented him from playing much. When he was in Running Man for Heirs’ promotion (2013 before his knee injury) he was such an eager participant. @MaybeOneDay I lik
  6. Thank you for stopping by and clarifying the line. I don’t watch any variety shows. For some (especially like My Little Old Boy) it’s not easy to grasp their humor. Yeah I feel too that CJH’s appearance in the show will be around few eps. I don’t think he has the right personality for hanging around this kind of show. Maybe he should stay in drama land. Haha Btw I never thought ‘clumsy and handsome’ sound so charming but it does now. haha cr to DC
  7. @partyon Wow what a hilariously funny list you have here Yup I have spent endless hours watching kdramas like one possessed. Now I know what got me hooked onto kdramas lol whahaha Maybe it’s time for me to reevaluate my brain?? hehe thanks
  8. @partyon I like to think that the person(hancinama) who wrote it must like our Tunnel(2017). So much that when the season-2 Tunnel was appeared, what else but Tunnel(2017) right?? haha If I ever want to see Season-2 from CJH’s dramas, it would be Zombie. What a character No one can create a character like that. My Old Little Boy(from Viki translation) YYJ: Do you want to try it? CJH: You eat . I don't like to be fed by a guy CJH: It's embarrassing No it's embarrassing! (Ah no!) YYJ: To be honest It's been a while since
  9. @Min2206 @MaybeOneDay https://www.hancinema.net/new-drama-tunnel--2022-151488.html Okayokay I feel like Hancinama possibly made a mistake saying a drama, “Tunnel “(2017) instead a movie, Tunnel (2016 film) - Wikipedia. I found only two articles( Jan 2020 & Nov 2020) which mentioned very briefly about maybe/possible Tunnel Season2. I checked out two actors (Ha Jung-woo & Bae Doona) and they seem like movie stars. Besides if there is going to be Tunnel(2017)Season2, media should mention CJH’s name but there is none. The drama(Tunnel)
  10. I watched CJH’s part of ‘My Little Old Boy’ (the second part, about 40 mins) Unfortunately no subs yet. Here are the preview & a clip(5/23) and another preview for the coming week(5/30) ((They have eng-auto trans)) It shows CJH and Yoo Young-jae are doing car camping. CJH and YYJ are very entertaining. MLOB preview(5/23) clip (5/23) MLOB preview(5/30)
  11. @Min2206 Yes it looks like mega intestines lol Yup it only happens at bachelor barbeques, intestines & kimchi & soju **It talks about ‘car-camping’ but I’m not clear whether the two are actually car-camping. That car doesn’t look big enough to accommodate two men?? Maybe CJH camps alone?? **It’s hard to translate a variety show, especially the preview. Tried my best My Little Old Boy Preview(5/23) translation 001) enhance the mood for car-camping (004) CJH: "(??)" (007) YJ: "enliven the mood" (009) Youngjae's swee
  12. @partyon Sorry late response About his return to ‘my little old boy’(5/23 S) actually I wasn’t thrilled to read it. I guess I wasn’t ready to see more of him moping around his apartment. Lol Thankfully the preview shows him doing a typical convention reality show, like outdoor barbequing with a friend/company(?), B.A.P. singer Yoo Young-jae (He was in ‘Mr Queen’) It looks like he touched up his hair this time. haha PS CJH said in in Naver Now ‘Night Studio’ that he was looking into this one drama at the moment. I wonder whether he will be back with a new dram
  13. Surprise JHssi will appear again in ‘my little old boy’(5/23 S) He said he had a recording for the show before he came. Gosh I was relieved knowing he only had one episode but now there are more of him huhuuu CJH explained to KJJ in ‘Night Studio’ why he decided to show his private side. I know he got a good rating for the first appearance so I have to assume people liked what they saw of him in a different setting!! I’m glad KJJ is very smooth and natural. He did good by helping CJH loosened himself up. CJH confessed he was a bit tense coming to the show
  14. Okay I found CJH will appear in Naver Now “Night Studio”(5/12 wed 11pm KST) It seems he appears in the show because his friend, a singer Kim Jae-joong is going to be a substitute host (as show’s host takes off on vacation for one week). No info about what CJH will do in the show. Naver NOW: is a streaming service that allows you to enjoy various contents live 24 hours a day. In the early days, it was enjoyed with zero rating (data cost free), but the data free service ended due to the expiration of contracts with telecommunications companies on January 31, 2021. PS
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