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  1. Uhm, don’t think we need a person to sacrifice any more do we? The first chaos god refused to be sacrificed. So Shang Gu is then being created to take the tribulation. She kinda did but got interrupted by BJ. BJ is then took her place. It doesn’t said that it is a keep coming back kinda thing? also found this clip on YouTube, kinda like how BJ and ZY have gone to our world for a play xD Https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4E4PyrBaj0Y
  2. Like I said he’s ok :p I don’t find him handsome lol, maybe he’s second to BJ hence their competitiveness
  3. Need more bts from ALP! Or MV lol! I need something to fix my craving! I’m actually rewatching the legends because I want more Xu Kai lawl, tempting to watch his modern drama but on the fence for that one
  4. Uhm, it seems DongHua does know them well. So he could be anyone love these cute moments they have together, how they chased her, how thoughtful he is, letting her know his thoughts and desires but don’t keep repeating it because it would burden her. Oh yup, he got my approval, and he started to steal her heart, she’s smiling constantly now every time she hears all these sweet things he said lol! That dude is smooth … silently…. Smooth… deadly kind
  5. demon rarely look old. I don’t think I see any demon with white hair, apart from that white hair lady who went white due to broken hearted lol. Also (I could be totally wrong), but the hair colour could also because he has much stronger power. In term of age, he’s much younger than Zi Han because zihan belonged to the ancient world, he isn’t, because if he is, he would be dead along with other gods, remember only 3 was alive. (Also check out the other dude, who was also assisted TQ in the battle, he got 2 line of white hair but not a full lock of white lawl). if he was about the sa
  6. Nah, I’m guessing he’s one of those kids (that studied with BJ) that said I’ll train hard to become a god like master. Because he’s been at the bamboo house study, so he knew both BJ and SG
  7. So it’s quite different from the book, how they met again and how they entered the demon realm, however, not too bad. I think it want to fast forward the events more (in the book, they traveled with each other for like 2.5 months, would be boring as hell on screen lol, and by foot lawl), as well as showing QM’s inner thoughts, even though I would love it more if they didn’t make Feng Ran so rigid, in the book, she’s more devious and cheeky than the current one lol. Almost like she switched her personality with QM lol. QM seems to be more proper in the 12 chapters I read, and perhaps a bit more
  8. Is it brilliant? Probably not. Does it make me happy? Extremely lol. Idk why but I was smiling at them like stupid need more episodes!!!! Also I found it extremely funny when I saw the princess got hit by thunder, remind me of a burn chicken
  9. Nothing ZY can do really. And as much as BJ opposed it, he knew he couldn’t really. He would find a way to kill himself to take her place if he can. So In the end, the 3 of them will always chose the world above their happiness. I think ZY is just very sad, he saw one by one, his brother, sisters, all the gods he love and know die. And nothing he can do about it but playing along with fate. As a matter of fact, these high gods are so sad lol. I do love how in the end, all of them sacrificed.
  10. Reading the novel right now. I know it’s not related but the common high deity, Dong Hua is really throwing me off at anytime I waiting for something related to 10 miles pop out lawl! in the novel, it stressed twice how ordinary Shang Gu/hou chi looks lol. I’m glad and the novel started off quite nice! im like reading spoiler lol! Basically the beginning of the novel is after the current event, and it’s kinda lovely. Totally recommended!
  11. uhm, I can see what you mean by the wigs, at the back, it’s beautiful hair. But the top is a bit too bulky, and maybe too super shiny lol. The ornament also are not complementing their look. But the costumes are gorgeous, I keep staring at them lol. ZDY isn’t pleasing to the eyes to some, I can understand that, as that was my thought when I first saw her in palace the movie, but man, how she blew me away with her performance in that is just and then after that, the movie with Sandra Ma. Again, just naturally she stole the whole show away for me. Maybe while waiting do w
  12. Yup, so sad. Everyone’s acting were so good, I was kinda crying lol (tears just escapes me for some reasons lawl >_>). I love ZDY’s acting, it really makes you feel the sadness. Can’t wait for more episodes. And hold on to your tissue box, it’s not stopping now lol.
  13. Yup, I’m up to 12, too. And the plot is thickened! And I love how BJ does all these things and she found out about them quickly, but she got matured now to teach him how it feels to be her, at the short end of the stick. That turn away she did made my heart skip a beat just like BJ, the feeling of utter happiness just to be rejected! gimme more episodes!!!!
  14. Sooo it’s not the best xianxia out there but ZDY captured the young girl falls first love so well that it makes me smile lol. Would I love it more lovey dovey ? Possibly, but then coming out from second couple in miss the dragon, it’s natural lol. I love Xu Kai, but maybe again SL withdrawal from miss the dragon (terrible drama but wonderful SL lawl!), I was hoping to see more of Deng Wei’s portrayal for BY. Though BY and XQX’s coldness aren’t really alike lol, so totally fine, XK, you just keep going the way you are is fine so far, I’ve enjoyed the series. Watching 7ep
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