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  1. Uhm, I’m only up to ep5, and I’m not that thrilled with the action scenes. It’s kinda stock standard, admittedly in high quality. But in a sense of excitements, zero! The only one I appreciate was the kick in ep1 fight scenes between the evil lady (Jessica) and the dad. The drama overall feels so slow and in a sense boring :/ the worst offend so far for this series is how on ep1 action sequence, they took the music from the flame daughter and use it there lol. And it was totally not fitted for the action sequence at all. i possibly come back to this after princess silver is finished or watching when I’m waiting for that series. 3 eps in of that series feels a lot better than 5eps of this series, way way too many flashbacks, not just of ep1, but of every other characters (main and supports), I do not need 10 different things throw at my face in 5eps lol. It’s not even about it’s being hard to follow, but rather, I feel like the story telling is everywhere! And give me the feeling of exhausted when I just try out this series. If the first 5 eps has so much flashback, and side characters, whats that say about the rest of the series. I would much prefer if they have done a compelling first 3-5 eps, then do support character and their flashbacks. also, the fight scenes are a bit lack of blood? I know 5eps isn’t a lot, but I hardly see blood in those fight scenes lol. Someone said maybe because it has been censored but not even on the male lead’s little dagger? The production quality is good, but it moves so slow >_< and the female lead is like so useless and virtually has zero impact in the first 5 eps! Also the chemistry of the two leads, like I enjoyed their scenes, but at the same time, I don’t feel much between them :/ maybe it just how slow they deliver their line or how slow they walk, but it just feels bland in a way. and the main problem I have so far with this drama is the zooming in of the clenching fist, the twitching of the eyes, the blinking, etc. it likes they can’t act so we need to emphasise how they feel by these little movements that the audiences might miss -.-
  2. I actually missed the heart necklace bit, but after seeing a few comment and this video, it makes thing clearer, and is actually a clever way to overcome the censorship, and still able to have the lovebird fight each other to showcase their acting
  3. Love how Bai Lu just run across the rocks at the end of the video, she’s such an active and playful girl
  4. @xienrue @DontEatMyKimchi Totally agree with you guys. I think they couldn’t elaborate more on your point 3 and 4, @xienrue is because the writer didn’t have enough time to write a detailed in between scenes. As a matter of fact, I felt that each of the scenes/main events we have in the last 3-4ep were like key screens, that needs other scenes to flesh out the storyline. Again, boil down to time and budget. I agree that the cgi on that battle scene you mentioned were the best, @DontEatMyKimchi I was surprised too, and think the CGI of this drama was far better than a lot of other cdrama out there. I know the quality degrade afterward, but all drama has bad cgi, so taking that as standard, that one scene make this drama trump the rest, if that makes any sense lol! i love the legend because of Bai Lu’s acting during the torture scene. That one scene made me her fan (even though I already charmed by her in untouchable lovers, admittedly I skipped a lot of her storyline because I didn’t want to hate her since I watched that drama for the main CP, which didn’t turn out well at all). I’m glad I watch the legend, as you both stated the chemistry is best I’ve seen for the young generation. Possibly pass TMOPB for me lol (mark is so good at acting and make the chemistry believable, YM, could be because of her character, but in a lot of her series, you feel the chemistry when she’s like the passive receiver of the kiss lol). I too will be looking forward to their military school drama sad thing is Bai lu said it’s less romantic than this one, but it seems they will have a happy ending all in all, I love the legend for its unique story, its characters, and the lead actors, and all those romantic scenes they have together. And I will be reading any fanfic you guys can link/provide but please in English :p
  5. Ya :p it’s just me being wishful lol. They never get the synopsis correctly either lol. Really sad....
  6. Hopefully they allow to edit it themselves then maybe we have the best version lol! here is the video for our CP, I found it really cute (whether they are dating irl or not, it’s still cute and adorable ) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VYc8sCWMSfg
  7. My initial guess was the bedscene supposed to be after fighting LMX, so yea, I agree that the bedscene was meant to be after that. Since the bedscene needs MQ to lose consciousness and they had to be in a tight/stressed situation, for the passion to come out on top lol. However, correct me if I’m wrong but judging from the clothes and the hairstyle that ZY has, the bedscene’s clothes and hairstyle is that from the sealing of the sword before LMX fight. After LMX fight, ZY is back to her combat hairstyle. So the bedscene is after the sealing of the wan lun sword and before LMX fight? I’m putting the sequence together based on her hair and clothes lol. (Bedscene can be after sealing wan lun or LMX fight and still fit, however I think the drama direction was after the sealing of wan lun). Just want to add to point 6. the sword might be sealed away, but MQ called it back, redo his pack with the sword to borrow its strength to hit LMX one hit and give ZY the advantage she needs. But in doing so, he lets the seal out again, hence why it can then murder ppl in the library at point 8. in any case, I feel like we are missing 1 bedscene! The one after LMX fight lol! Insert the playful picture of her holding lu he sword against his neck in bed
  8. Thanks! Yea, more dramatic when two lovebirds have to fight one another. And tbqh, they could make it so that QQX stay alive and appears after she stabs him, in time to seal himself in the ice n sacrifice himself for MQ, and transcends as a result of a good deed lol. Sigh.... lol! Anyway, with a proper editing, this series can still be quite good... now let hope some mad fans re-edit the whole thing lol! You are not the only one scratching head when watching that scene lol. I was like uh? Then they vanished to bed scene n I’m like Erh -.-? Fishy... so fishy lol
  9. (Couldn’t log on using fb because soompi is having an url redirecting problem -.-?) Yup, that’s the order I came up as well. I would prefer the original open ending tbqh. While it’s not a solid happy ending, but the sword and his voice practically confirm his comeback. However such sequences of event will lead to 1 - MQ did die, 2 - he was able to resurrect and China is being an@l about resurrection, and that’s why we have the mess we had censorship literally throw this series under the bus, and while it’s true that the writer could have written a much better go around it, they didn’t have the time and money to, so they went with the original novel events/ideas of dramatising the 2 lovebirds has to kill each other (? Did she stab him in the novel? Or just like let’s put ourselves in spellbound sleep for 10yrs n vola?) i just feel the HE ending with the kids is such a bad April fool joke.... just period... if they have changed their clothes, I might be ok, but I know they just reused one of the earlier footage and voiceover it (I don’t even think what they said match their mouth movements), hence bad taste in my mouth watching it This is how I felt watching the last few mins of 56: sigh, such a beautiful series, to get this sort of treatment... no wonder we keep getting the rehearsed old boring plotline about a poor girl with a struggle prince or remake of Louis cha to dead or the legend of the white snake, or the legend of the butterfly lovers, or journey to the west and the red dream -.- oh yea, return pearl princess and meteor garden >_> kill me now! on the positive note, Bai Lu nailed the scene where she learnt that by taking the lu he sword, MQ has warranted himself a death sentence, and it broke her heart, I cried during that scene (lol, dk why but it was touchy, just a bit teary ). And I love how he said it was his choice, and he has no regret, just like her When they went back to the sword cave, and he regretted the day she passed away, while she reassured him that she has none, because without that day, they won’t have today. A lot of what they do/experience are mirror of each other, and they even highlighted in the flashbacks. Kudos to those two! And I will forever love this series for these two lovebirds (in dramaland) :p
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