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  1. uhm, agree to disagree here, I don’t think either man is important at all lol. Nor is Leiyan, like literally if you cut those 3 out, the story is almost unaffected lol. Like their important can be reduced to about 30mins in total and spread out through the whole drama. spoiler for these new episodes: tldr: the new episodes has virtually no interaction between our main couples, so don’t need to rush them through lol
  2. Nice to see someone who loves layered character yea, that’s why I also love MingYi as well. I agree with everything you said. And not going to bother further because the other team is just going to be “agree to disagree” and proceed to call MingYi by various names, and love their bland MLs :p
  3. Haha yea. I was watching white hair princess, and Jing Chao won me over in that series, that’s why I’m keen on this series lol. No offend to Tiffany’s fans but she has always just been ok for me, something about the chemistry between her and her costar just isn’t there for me. She’s pretty though I have to admit, so when the plot is decent, her drama isn’t bad to watch. and yes, for a sickly person, MingYi is not only tower over everyone else but also more muscled every time he stands up, I’m like it’s his gene, he was born buffed! Big bones and what’s not! He’s still a sickly person
  4. Garrrrrrr! The dramalist comment section is making my blood boil! The fan girls are displaying their age is of 10!
  5. Lol, thanks. Yes, one of those up to imagination. It seems reasonable, a woman of her power needs the support of a strong governor, and if being with him gives her that support, then it’s great! Plus when her husband die, he was only 35something, so she was still quite young xD and it’s understandable why there is no official record as these sort of things are better open secret than officially on the face of everyone. I do wish they show how she falls in love with her husband (you gotta especially when you don’t know how long you will be together for), and how she’s more matured u
  6. Just watch 20 and 21, gosh MingYi’s scenes with YanYan are just too cute. Too bad there ain’t going to be scenes where she’s falling in love with him because the fans will be up roaring lol. Must be pure of heart and love 1 man only >_> let’s not trying to love our husbands and daydream of our first love because that’s how human works xD
  7. Is it really? Wiki page of her is very limited. So in Chinese history book, she was betrothed to Han Derang? And later? Did she marry him like the drama? Wow! Glad to meet you! Not sure if many see that POV as you and I! I read comment on YouTube, and they are so nasty toward MingYi. Even in the drama, MingYi has said his health is deteriorating, and he needs to put his country in a hand of a capable someone. Passing it to any of the princes or next in line will cause chaos, but passing it down to his bloodline is more stable. Plus YanYan is truly brilliant in her political views, and Mi
  8. @Wuzetian can’t remember, I read a few drama news, plus random YouTube here and there.
  9. Hahaha, that’s a bonus then if Leon is your type. Idm his look though I know quite a number of people just don’t want to try this out based on the fact they didn’t like his look which is a pity. I can’t wait for 26 xD his scenes with bailu pulls my heartstrings and I can’t wait for those kisses xD if only they dare enough to show more kissing during(/leading to) the bed scene
  10. I’m watching this series for MingYi lol. His character is like the most fleshed out in term of emotional acting so far. Shawn’s character is too good and lack of conflicts/emotions so it’s pretty boring so far, same with Tiffany’s YanYan. Their chemistry is a bit lacking, too. But then I don’t think I’ve seen much of Tiffany’s series so I don’t know if this normal. I’ve seen weiyoung, but we all know the chemistry is off the chart there because her husband was truly in love with her and shine it on the screen xD idm Tiffany but it’s true that due to the pregnancy, her reactions/mov
  11. XD I’m here for Bailu, too I have enjoyed this series so far, the chemistry is quite good. Is it as good as Xukai and Leo? No, but then Bailu is very good, she’s making every guy desirable Leon isn’t the most handsome guy out there but he looks decent, and his scenes with her does pull my heartstrings and in the end of the day, that’s all it matters I kinda regretted starting this too early, now I’m on 24 and have to wait Arsenal military is actually a good series to watch, while there is no kissing scenes, their scenes together are so cute, and Xukai is excellent as t
  12. I think it’s back to his characters, as much as he’s quite sure himself, he has always unable to say it out loud the words: I love you, or I like you. Hence the letter. Also it’s the start of a relationship, saying straight out I love you might make the girl run (remember he didn’t know she has read the letter), he also doesn’t know for sure she feels the same. And that’s why JJ was the one who says I love you, in a way, she understands him, and assure him she feels the same way. And that’s why it was so emotional, it was a confirmation that his feelings are being returned.
  13. I’m kinda on a different boat to everyone, I love LIS, and rewatched it a lot while it was airing but it’s now being put aside and I’m watching Jiu Liu Overlord lol. And yes, mainly FF to Bailu’s scenes I think part of me don’t want to rewatch too much LIS or I’ll get hung up on it hard lawl! I tried not to think of Bailu and Leo’s chemistry or I won’t be able to watch any drama lol! I think Bailu and Leon’s chemistry ain’t bad, is it amazing level like Bailu and Leo? Definitely not, but it’s passable for the series xD Leon doesn’t have the look, but Bailu managed to sell the rela
  14. lol, I love Lucky’s first love, but I also basically FF the second lead couples xD I also love the kisses in here
  15. not a disappointing moments in these last 6eps! I love every bit of their interactions, very realistic and is with the current mindset of young people. I’m happy I found this drama and get to enjoy it all with you guys. last and not least, LYX and BL looks so happy in the registered wedding photo! It’s almost like it’s real for them xD (I know I know :p just saying, i don’t think I see such genuine happiness in wedding photos in drama as well as these xD). Here to wish both leads all the luck in the world (also that’s one gorgeous ring xD)
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