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  1. Kim Jae Wook will be a sexy villian! Haa I’m so excited for this drama and how kyo will portray the FL.
  2. Most important to me, Kyo seems to be happy and content nowadays and that’s enough.
  3. I think the letters were important to her during that part of her life but it doesn’t mean the letters dictate her whole life. She met DS and found someone and something which she values greatly too and it doesn’t mean those letters weren’t important to her. While she relied on those letters in the past, she found someone she cherish even more to share her future with. She stopped relying on an imaginative first love and decided to share her life with someone else in real life. I don’t really think it’s an unbelievable aspect of life.
  4. This! I can see the appeal and attraction of JP, I like the actor and I liked the character. I teared during his scene with Grandma. BUT I really cannot see the spark with DM nor mutual attraction. Right from the start it was one-sided, so I was baffled there were so many Team Jidal. He’s many things but it was obvious he wasn’t the man in DM’s heart. And luckily in this final episode we were able to see JP move on and accept DM’s choice respectfully. He’ll find someone who adores him wholeheartedly and he’ll always have grandma.
  5. Let’s not forget DS remembered JP telling DM his favourite banchan in the elevator, then asking his mother if they have it and wanting to pack some home for JP, even before JP gave him the big hint. Action speaks louder than words sometimes.
  6. I love Dalmi’s reply to why she loves Dosan, that’s there is no particular reason, because he is who he is. It’s so realistic, that’s how people fall in love in real life isn’t it. There need not be a list of reasons to justify why you love someone. And credits to Jipyeong too, that was a big move from him. May time heal his broken heart and he can find someone who reciprocrate his feelings. Overall a satisfying episode.
  7. I didn’t continue watching after Rang gave up his life cos I just couldn’t continue. Who is to determine Rang’s happiness and life is less worthy compared to Yeon and Jia’s love and happiness. I agree that Jia should move on and carry Yeon’s memory and his hope for her to live a long happy life. Afterall he died knowing all the consequences. Just respect his last wishes. Bringing him back at the expense of Rang is just wrong.
  8. I find the ending such a disappointment. Why does a happy Rang, with his own family now, has to die so that Jia can be happily reunited with Yeon. I just cannot feel happy for them fully knowing that. Such an irony.
  9. I hope next ep trailer is just misleading us because at this point if JP still interfers in DM and DS’s relationship then it will really be annoying. Let JP retain some dignity, recognise that DM’s big love is DS and let go graciously already. DM also needs to make it clear to JP that he is no more than a family friend. Hope they focus more on taking down Morning Group and not drag the love triangle.
  10. DS didn’t contact DM because of what DM said to make him go to SF. He was heartbroken and was going to give up on her. But seeing her Tarzen demo video, he reacted and joined the boys to go back to Korea for holiday. Once he heard about the ransomware he immediately went to help her and even dropped his mom mid-journey. When the boys decided to stay in Korea, he was going back to DM (to retrieve his jacket but stopped by JP). So I wouldn’t say he doesn’t act on his feelings and seize the chance. JP on the other hand is like what Young Sil described, he kept hesitating or hold himself
  11. It’s clear as day that Dalmi’s heart never left Dosan. From the beginning, the one she loves is him. Hope they don’t drag out the angst for too long.
  12. My view is that because to her, the letters now probably didn’t feel real to her after she knew it to be an idea from her grandma. Whereas now she has already developed real feelings for DS but she was hurt and confused whether his actions and feelings for her was real or not. Hence the priority for her now is to sort out her relationship with DS first. I liked JP but why did he have to be so harsh with DS. Showing a little bias here, no offence to JP fans.
  13. I wish DS and DM to overcome this and continue to be happy together growing Samsan Tech. And for JP to come to terms and also be happy. Too much sadness in this episode. Episode 10 please be good.
  14. The ending credits hinted that DM’s feelings for JP were more of gratitude and nostalgia. The letters helped her got through a difficult time in her life and it’s something she’ll always carry in her heart. On the other hand, her feelings towards DS is partly uncertain, how she felt like he’s a different person, she’s still getting to know him but he made her heart flutter, that’s exactly the feeling of falling in love, you’re not fully certain but there is a strong pull towards that’s person. I’m firmly on team DS, although I like JP too and hope he finds his happiness too.
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