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  1. Thank you for update @strwbrry I hope there will be video promotion soon! She looks soooooo fineee with different vibes! My most favorite one is the one with headset And I hope she update again... Do you anyone know that Bigwang already started filming? Is it in Jeju not Busan?
  2. Finally she updated! I miss her........ a lot..... And now she is into leather made? She is sooooo talented.. Uri amazing yeojaa....
  3. I'm agree with that. I think Bigwang to her is important thus she won't commit until it's really started and it is actually a very good news from RSR Ig story! But I think she can start to consider new project now, knowing it will take perhaps 3 months, right for filming a movie? I'm not sure but the schedule is already firm so expecting that she now can confirm something.. Hope everything going well for Bigwang! They all filming safely, editing going smooth, and promotion and premiere will be such a bomb!! Hwaiting-haseyo!
  4. Awww... true! The behind the scene is one of the enjoyable scenes in the dramaworld surely will miss them a lot! And WTH is the ending! dramaworld is fun to watch, and personally I like it! Perhaps a bit biased but the feeling is different when you watched normal Kdrama.. The ending just! Could we go to Lifetime office? And commented once in Liv's IG. After that we don't know other function that she know in IG.. LOL! Oh perhaps IG live she once used when she went to Venice? Hahaha...yeah, true.. We don't know what she will do next.. I think she will alway
  5. She perhaps in the middle of audition in Hollywood or in the mountain for camping without network or she lost her IG account I love Jiwon and Sam They resemblance a lot. I hope Jiwon can have more roles as a mother.. I can't wait for tomorrow! But quite sad since I don't have anything to be waiting for weekend Hopefully Jiwon's cast news will be floated up real quick and Bigwang behind the scene we can see more........
  6. Ommo!! Dramaworld again shocked us with a minute of Kim Hang Ah! Now I'm expecting for other Jiwon's drama to be appear again as Cameo.. She is a premium guest, not only her as a guest but her dramas also come as a guest.. LOL! I'm still a bit off for SBS because of TTWNIL disaster But true, valid reason! If we can have great drama from SBS then Jiwon can bag another one that will be complete! And put her name as the only actor/actress to get Daesang over 3 major national TV.. That would be super awesome!!
  7. School Series is great! from there comes out a lot of great and popular actors Speaking of School 2, I want Jiwon to appear again once in KBS drama series. Last time is from Hwang Jin Yi.. What I understand KBS is better national TV than others in ters of quality and also when they give the awards. It's still Wednesday.... Why it takes so long to Friday... I want to meet Ji Won ASAP...
  8. It's definitely her art. I also wondering where she put this painting? Seems it is not her home or her office?? She always have meaning in her arts and in her ig caption she is full of code but then she tends to forget when her fans asked for explanation. LOL! Agree! I hope she finally can gain more confidence, she still shy I guess.. I even more excited to face Friday these current weeks, knowing we will meet Detective Jiwon!! Hooray to duo Claire-Jiwon so far! @strwbrry It's already on page 1494, are we still manifesting for casting drama news
  9. Omo ~~~ This pictures already make me smile! She is a ray of sunshine Thank you, Haetnim for the laughs and smiles! I love their friendship! I think she has more works together right? Life is Beautiful drama and Babo movie I recalled. I hope we can see another footage of Jiwon invite her friends to the exhibition.
  10. Hahahaha.. I guess because it's been said it is from 1988? She can be anything just in one drama hahahaha... Singer and detective already unfolded. Nice song with Henry! Love it a lot! I hope that we can have behind the scene recording just like You and I with YKS.. Or MV together with Henry.. :* I cannot wait another episode of Dramaworld, it becomes more interesting. But tbh "Love Undercover 1988" is more exciting to see. :p
  11. Hahaha true, I think because we come from low expectation so turns out it is enjoyable so far. But what I know that Jiwon will always take character which is interesting to see and different from other roles. Baek Ji Won is one cannot be missed Please.... I'm begging for new drama casting news... You are missed, Mam... THAT"S LIT!! Yasshh! I'm already ready for 2022 knowing that it will be premiered next year
  12. Let me post the HD one I LOVE HER AND HER CHUBBY PAW CHEEKS! I cannot wait to meet Detective Baek Ji Won.. I think dramaworld still have a lot things to unfold and so far I'm curious about next episode. Let's see how it goes, one week to meet Detective Baek Ji Won is soooooo looooongggg.... But waiting her new drama casting takes forever.. LOL!
  13. Yes, agree. Just, sometimes those people and even media playing with the news. I'm okay if criticism come from expert but we need to educate the other who just rude to respect. We are not asking for appreciation, at least they can just ignore if they don't like. She still a baby overtime chubby paw cheeks, I want to eat those!
  14. Finally Haewadal works their job we need more for BTS. I miss Jiwon vlog now, and the Engsub is long missed. Fully agreed! I don't why people, they don't understand about art and they don't know about the reason why she painted a lot this days easily judge even give the harsh comment. I would say that they had trouble with them-selves so they put it to others. If it comes to the art critics well, what can we do right? They know the fundamental. But still for me art is really subjective, we cannot said it is good or bad, it is easy or difficult. Jiwon, please conti
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