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  1. IU is best known as a singer but she’s also an actress. She’s great! I loved her in Hotel Del Luna! I heard she was also amazing in My Mister but I have not watched. @Nikaa94 Brace yourself for a 100 episode family drama with 20 characters and IU as they female lead
  2. Well, if we’re following the same pattern then the writer must be one of the two: 1) writer of Brilliant Heritage (currently airing hit drama) 2) writer Lee Woo Jung of the Reply series and Hospital Playlist Why? Because this song is an OST used in Brilliant Heritage and Reply 1988. There! I decoded lmh’s message! Well, I guess I should give credit where it is due because I got all this information from the shipper’s thread lol.
  3. The version he posted is a cover from the one and only IU! How many of us wanted his next collaboration to be with her?
  4. @Nikaa94 What if lmh’s new post is telling about his next costar? I think I just figured it out! My very wishful thinking!
  5. What if...... the vid is edit in mirror????? What if... I tell you they drive on the right side of the rode but the driver sits on the left side? Lol. I’ve been to South Korea before, they drive exactly like in the US. Lmh was sitting on the driver’s side I believe. p.s. check korean dramas to confirm
  6. After all the credit you’ve given me as co-capt, I really didn’t want to do this but I just have to. Plot twist: lmh and IU are the actual ship. KES knew this all along hence the reference to IU in TKEM. Goodbye y’all.
  7. It looks to me like the car is parked. They’re watching the rain together hehehe. Exactly! I’m fully expecting people from Weibo to do a full analysis on the side mirror lol.
  8. They are in the car together and no one can convince me otherwise! Driving to the middle of nowhere to look at raindrops and listening to love songs is so romantic.
  9. Heretorant was So active here until a couple days ago I think she has stuff to do and may also want to take a break you know it takes a lot of energy to be Minoz Hello I’m on vacation but I’m constantly checking to see if there are any news. Still none. I’ve been a long long time minoz I was active during Faith, Heirs and LOTBS but under a different username each time lol. @mademoisellesia knows how loyal I am to lmh . I’m here to stay and not leaving even if I get kicked out
  10. I’ve been away for a few days because of vacation, I’m not quite back yet but looks like this thread has been as dark as the new soompi layout. *sigh* C’mon guys, let’s dance like these two cuties! They cute! MinEun cute! We all cute! See y’all in a few days! By the time I get back, this thread better be bright and same goes for soompi’s layout!
  11. Ditto. I may seem like a passionate shipper but I will never approach our couple directly. I know my boundaries too, y’all . Heck, I’m living a double life and will rather not reveal myself lol. I simply give their posts a “like” and stare at it for another 24-48 hours I actually never comment lol.
  12. Welcome to the ship. Rule #1: The captain of our ship is lmh. Rule #2: Mentioning other ships is never crossing the line as long as it doesn’t cross soompi lines . As you can or cannot see, we are in the middle of launching a ship, aka kgexJHI, to attack our own. It looks like some may really have an interest in jumping but it’s all good, we are too confident in our ship to feel any threat. Rule #3: when in doubt, refer to rule #1 Now that you understand how this ship works, let’s move on, shall we? My feet are tied to the anchor of this ship and there’s no way I can leave, neither do I have desires to leave. This is my first time shipping any couple and will be my last time. I see something special between these two that I have not seen before. They are perfectly matched in personalities, values and views in life. This is all great but the initial starter is attractiveness towards each other and well, as we have all observed from their interactions bts, they are attracted to each other like magnets. I support them because I see something that can last. My gut is telling me they will live a happy life together. So to answer your question, no, I will not jump ships in a few months or years. The only way out is to sink the ship and I will go down with it. But trust in the captain, this ship is sailing for life.
  13. I’m paying attention but I’m still not getting it. I’m not a liberal arts student. Where can I vote? I want the GJP badge!