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  1. I’m not sure why you always have to bring up shippers. No one talks about shipping here except you. You constantly bring up shippers and other actors in lmh’s thread. Seems like you think you know what’s best for lmh more than he does for himself. Sorry, we’re just one fan out of many and he knows where he wants to be next. I’ll let him navigate his life however he wants, INCLUDING who he wants to be with and which project he wants to sign on to. Were you even paying attention to what we were talking about? FYI, we were talking about Pachinko season 2. If he has to film
  2. Depends on which movie we’re talking about but even 3-4 months and just for 2 hours of a movie? Pachinko took how many months to film 8 episodes? Conclusion, it took less time to film than a movie. And why does it even matter anyway? They will take as long as they need to complete the show. It’s inevitable. psj is already a recognized actor. Stop comparing him and lmh. Whatever he does has nothing to do with lmh.
  3. Yes, he can totally be apart of a korean drama that’s critically acclaimed but for now, he chose Pachinko. The matter of the fact is, if he’s tied down to Pachinko, he probably can’t film anything else yet. Hmmm... but Minari is an American film about a korean family and it did very well and even got recognition in the korean industry. The korean actress in Minari is pretty hot right now, both worldwide and in Korea. Koreans couldn’t be more proud of her. Just because Pachinko is American produced does not mean Koreans will shun it.
  4. We don’t know if it will be successful but we can hope it will be. I’d rather not spend my energy thinking about it failing. Why not use that energy to hope the best for it? It may have taken them 6 months to film 8 episodes but that means it’s probably quality work. Keep in mind, movies take longer to film than dramas and movies are only 2 hours long.
  5. I’m confused, what’s all this fuzz about not wanting season 2? We haven’t even seen season 1 yet so why are we so upset if he’s part of season 2? Why do I feel like we’ve already casted Pachinko to the side? Half of you seem to dislike it already. I have a feeling things will be different if it turns out to be a huge success. I don’t mind him being part of season 2. If this show becomes a hit, the more he’s part of it, the better. I’ve also said this before but Pachinko is a highly acclaimed novel and I have hopes the show will be the same. It’s about time lmh acts in something p
  6. I almost expected this after seeing videos of them wrap up season 1. I wonder if lmh will be part of season 2. If there are 3 seasons, lmh may be able to portray hansu up until the second season. I believe Sunja said Hansu remains as though he hasn’t aged. I think with some facial hair, he can look older and still play the part for part 2. I also did some research on Apple TV plus original content and most, if not all, of their shows are multiple seasons. It doesn’t make sense to allocate so much money towards one project in hopes it’ll be successful then end it in one seaso
  7. I’m not one to let people splash water on me but I’ll let him splash water all over me any day.
  8. @syntyche I can watch your gif all day! How can a grown man be such a kid at heart. I honestly find him so much more sexy because he’s already sexy but it’s these moments that make him so unpretentious and cool because he’s not trying to give us a perfect version of himself at all. This is what I have always loved about his personality. He’s not afraid to run around and fall and laugh at himself.
  9. THIS is my new favorite thing he’s ever done! I’m glad he enjoyed his stay so much!
  10. I can spot lmh from a mile away and that guy was most certainly not him. The way he walks and carries himself isn’t lmh. The girl also doesn’t walk like kge. It’s not that but the idea that they could possibly be at the same place which makes my shipping heart happy. It’s all just a hopeful possibility Hmmm... I don’t see why her choosing goblin and not TKEM would be a surprise to anyone at all. Goblin was a huge success. Lmh chose a scene from TKEM but perhaps TKEM is special to him because it marks a second chapter to his career: the first in his 30s. All I know is, no
  11. That’s true, it’s probably a special event that led many people to Busan at the same time. But Veniel is likely with Demi, since the two posted stories of the same bridge from the same angle.
  12. V is in Busan too. She posted stories walking by this bridge that queen and king posed next to during filming last year. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6vVxdVB8Dj/?igshid=i8yrju37cgtp https://www.instagram.com/p/B_9whtyjYKS/?igshid=4v0hygpcvggw Definitely in Busan. Sorry, this may be a stupid question but I forgot, who is V to kge? Her friend? Her staff + friend? It looks like they’re all enjoying time in Busan right now, whether together or not. Not sure if our girl is there though. She may be busy filming. Edit: just read ot
  13. I met lmh through City Hunter but fell in love with him in Faith and started following him since then. Everyone talks about there being that one moment. For me, that moment was when daejang entered riding on a horse in the rain . He captured me forever. Regarding female lead, I’m with you. I don’t particularly care about whether she matches him visually. If she’s good at acting, I am all for it.
  14. I like park min young but they used to date-ish so the chances are slim I wouldn’t mind a drama that doesn’t have a female lead either. But truthfully speaking, I wouldn’t mind anything at this point. Just give us something, anything! Lol.
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