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  1. Just imagine Yong Shik every time DongBaek makes his heart flutter and you’ll know how I feel about this drama. It is refreshing, heart fluttering and thrilling, and I’m all for it! It’s such a delight to watch and the only drama currently airing that has me waiting. I’ve been following along and loving it week after week but today’s kiss really made me feel the need to delurk and express my love for this show. I really couldn’t help but grin and squeal. Weren’t they just too adorable?
  2. @Angelica Claudia omo, I’m laughing so hard watching the elevator video. The odds were definitely in favor of the fans. They got an extra good few more minutes to stare at him. His reaction was hilarious and adorable @Sorary @dazzylin I’m on the same boat, I’ve never been noona to any actors I loved before. This is a first and I feel the urge to call him oppa . I find YJG so attractive, I almost feel it’s wrong because I’m older lol.
  3. Hahaha because of his mask and sunglasses, I couldn’t help but notice his adam’s apple hehehe I reckon it would cause too much chaos if all of them came out together. They probably planned to separate when exiting.
  4. Ok, I can’t with them and their matching necklaces! If that’s not the cutest thing then I don’t know what is! Why do they have to make it so hard to move on from them? Also, YJG is so damn cute! I cannot with him in that TMI interview. Isn’t it wonderful that the fortune teller predicted him to have great successes this year and he indeed made two major hits?
  5. Hello , I’m new to this thread but a long time supporter of this man. I can’t believe he took the train to busan . I wonder how people reacted on the train.
  6. Please let it be Netflix! I love how it’s presubbed so I can watch it right away when it comes out! And it usually goes live one hour after the actual airing time in Korea so no long wait time at all. I’m not too sure how it works though. I don’t follow up with too many dramas but the ones i’ve watched so far on Netflix are TVN dramas. Do they invest in other network dramas as well? I love Viki too but I’m impatient and can’t wait for it to be fully subbed. I refresh the screen all day long to see when a drama is 100% subbed lol. I’d make my bet one or the other will be snatching it though. And really, i’ll just be ecstatic to have a place where I can watch it.
  7. His acting is no joke! I just hope he meets us again with a good script and a female lead whose acting is also worthy. I can’t think of many actresses who are his age that i’d like to see him opposite of but there are plenty of older actresses I’d love to see him act with. Mark my words, this young man is the next big thing! He’s young and still has so many great years ahead of him.
  8. You’re not alone on feeling that way towards season 2. The drama ended beautifully so let it be. I also think it would be difficult to write another story as compelling as this one. HDL is special because it showed us a secret world that’s new to dramaland. We’ve already explored the world so this concept can be overdone if there’s a continuation. Sometimes a drama needs to end to make it good. As for YJG as CS, I cannot imagine anyone else playing the role. He has a boyish yet manly charm that fits perfectly with the character. I must say it’s difficult to shine next to a character as deep and as wonderfully constructed as MW but I somehow walked away craving more YJG. He definitely left a deep impression on me even though we never knew much of CS’s story and his sole purpose in the HDL was to be placed there for MW’s story to move along. I believe YJG did as much as he can with the role he was given. Anyone who really wants to test his acting though should give the crowned clown a go because he was absolutely brilliant and his performance was nothing short of phenomenal!
  9. I understand their love was never meant to last and they always knew separation was at the end of their journey but is it more painful to hold on to sweet memories or to regret not having done them? The latter is more painful to me. When someone leaves this world, I believe we never regret having shared wonderful times with them. We do, however, regret the things we could have done or said but never had the chance or courage to. Perhaps this is why I can’t come to accept their lack of skinship. They didn’t take advantage of the time they had left because they were afraid of falling deeper. It’s cowardly and I don’t believe it’s realistic. In reality, separation is at the end of the road for all relationships but if we lived the way ManChan did, we’ll waste our lives away being too afraid of getting hurt. I understand their situation is different because they knew the end was near but I still can’t help but feel they allowed the ending to control them. I guess this is also why I can’t let go of the drama, their love is too sad. It still feels like it’s trapped in a bottle and I wish they were able to release it. Or like some of you may say, the line should have been crossed. The problem is not that they didn’t love each other, the problem is that they loved each other so much but could not show it. And just like one would regret not having shown their love enough to the one who left, I feel regretful for ManChan. *edit* I realize it’s not the lack of skinship but more so that it seems they were always holding back when it comes to showing their love for each other.
  10. Hi, long time lurker here coming out to express her frustration. I’ve decided I cannot just pass by and leave no traces . I just can’t help but wonder why CS has to suffer. Knowing that he lives the rest of his life without her is just too heart breaking. I must admit I’ve been ignoring every sign this drama has hinted towards the ending because I felt it was only right that after all the suffering, MW would be granted a happy life with CS. I fooled myself into believing the Hong Sistsers were only teasing with all the recurring “letting go” messages and they’d never not allow these two to have a sad ending. I sat back at all those mellow scenes and rolled my eyes. And now i regret it because I could have loved the drama more had I known their end was really approaching. I hate it when dramas focus so much on one conflict only to dismiss it easily in the end as though it shouldn’t have been a big problem to begin with. So I’m glad HDL didn’t do that. My only regret is that instead of feeling their pain of losing one another, I kept thinking to myself, “they’ll end up so there’s no need to be sad.” I could have let it sink in and allowed myself to immerse in their story. I guess I never crossed that line with them. I’ll have to go back and rewatch this drama to appreciate it on a deeper level. The ending definitely makes me sad but it makes the drama a more beautiful and remeberable one. My heart will ache for this couple for years to come.
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