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  1. I am so happy for you! I can feel your excitement through your posts. Did you wave hi to him? Wow, only 3 of you there? So lucky!
  2. Hansu “shines brightly” because he is the epitome of a rich and powerful man who has privilege. I believe if the author delved deeper into his story, we may have seen another side to him that struggled? We know he didn’t have it easy as a child until he met and gained the favor of the yakuza leader, his father in law, but the writer only briefly mentioned it. Maybe we might actually get to see his story play out in the show (I’m hoping) but in the book, we only meet the older Hansu who seems to have come out of it all with the mindset of survival of the fittest. No doubt he was never violent t
  3. That’s true, I can understand what you mean. In terms of importance, I think each character holds their own value and purpose to the story, which pretty much is about life and struggles. And I think that’s why Pachinko was so popular, because it is so relatable. Each character represents a different struggle/issue in society and you can very much change the setting and it’ll still be relevant. The story is specifically about Koreans and their struggles in Japan but we face the same issues in the United States and all over the world as well. At the center of the story, we have Sunja who represe
  4. Actually, I wanted to correct this, Mozasu and Solomon are bigger characters than Hansu. While Hansu’s presence is never really forgotten throughout the story, we don’t know his story from his point of view. On the other hand, part 2 and 3 of the book focuses heavily on Mozasu and then Solomon. Of course Noa too but there has been no casting news of Noa. There’s a reason why lmh auditioned for Hansu and not the other characters though. Let’s wait and see
  5. He looks so hot right?! I am with you 100%! Major respect for him AND can I just say, I am so proud he was chosen through auditioning. It means he deserved the role. Not saying I ever doubted him but just a nice slap in the face to those who did Also, I can’t get over this: “If a prince on a white horse is my representative image, I should go to the end as an emperor on a white horse. I reached the peak and the image. I thought the image was over with The King, and then I was thinking about change.” I am so excited to see what the future holds!
  6. I played back the video several times because it was too fast for my eyes to catch what was going on. Indeed, it appears like they were holding hands inside kge’s pocket. But it could also be her hand was in his pocket and his was in hers. Honestly, knetz make a big deal out of everything so I’m not surprised. If they were holding hands, it’s not unprofessional, just getting ready for when they call action. He says he has a month left until he flies to Canada but I have no idea when that video was filmed so maybe it’s less than a month lol.
  7. Of course I’ll be looking forward to this because of my girl KGE! Can’t wait!
  8. Ditto. I am no longer active in this forum but your comment got me... straight to the heart (or head, whatevs, haha). Everyday I look for crumbs and squeal when I see even just a tiny bit. Still hanging on to this ship, but boy oh boy am I jealous of the other ship. We have the whole 2021 ahead though- Fighting! Cheer up chingus. They’ve been waiting longer than we have and now, they finally received good news. It’ll be our turn eventually, I am confident. I know what MinEun has is special And congratulations to our neighbor ship.
  9. Ok, so does our queen usually delete her stories before 24 hours is up? She deleted all the stories she posted about last night’s award shows. suspicious much?
  10. Personally, I’ve always been against the idea of them getting exposed through dispatch because like you, I’d rather they announce it themselves. I want them to have privacy and date without anyone watching or judging their relationship. But again, if dispatch exposes them, who am I to complain? I’ll be celebrating! We all know SBS robbed them of best couple and KGE of best actress! 2021, better things!
  11. Yes, this is reminiscent of SBS drama awards 2012. I know he wants, more than anything, for all of his costars to share the win. It’s a shame TKEM wasn’t as appreciated as it should be considering it’s huge success internationally but we already knew sbs didn’t deserve them. 2021, moving on to better things! Pachinko fighting! Yumi’s Cell fighting!
  12. Right? Just get married already, you two! I love how it’s simply a screenshot and a bunch of emojis. She didn’t write anything, unlike the rest that she posted. It feels like, “I can’t help myself but I don’t want to make it too obvious.” Or “don’t mind me, I’m simply congratulating a coworker.” But we know they’re a lot closer than just costars. They’re close friends that even hang out together so why does it seem she’s trying to hide that they’re close? Or am I just delusional? I tend to be
  13. Hello chingus, just wanted to come on and say all is fine. Sbs cannot take away all of his accomplishments in 14 years of acting. If they want to pay acknowledgement to his talent, great! If not, LMH will go on to do bigger and better things in his career anyway. And a message to LMH, you continue to make me proud
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