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  1. I wish I can buy the K2 and Ziozia. I love the Spring Collection. I think if all of us stay at Korea, our place are full with Seo Jun's stuffs. From head to toes. We will spend a lot. Well, please show me the Hermes Outfit. Please. It is too long to wait.
  2. @serenilmauve I am thinking about his wardrobe and his Nike collection now. Especially his shoes.The celebrities in my country usually will show off all their collection but for Seo Jun's case it will be mystery for us. Lol. And I love the latest K2 collection. Gosh.. I always love him in blue and I feel like I wanna buy it. @ivanovie25 I start drinking Ice Americano too because of Seo Jun. Lol.
  3. So when can we know about the photoshoots? Even the Hermes outfit is still a mystery for us and it is more than a month already. Btw somehow Simba's eyes are different from others for me. For me Simba's eyes like stars. Twinkle. Or maybe it is because of his Dad, our Seo Jun. Lol.
  4. Finally our Seo Jun updated his IG after a month and he looked so cool and of course handsome with extra Chanel ring. I scream seeing his update. Oh my.. I cant stop laughing seeing the Yumi's sketch and how they teased her. They are really like siblings. Nuna and her naughty brothers. Lol. It is funny to see how they pushed Yumi to give the gifts. @Anjalifairy We know about the ratings already, right? But I still hope it will be higher for next. Ah, btw, his kitchen is so nice. It is neat and beautiful for me. So happy seeing his family. His parents are really great.
  5. @Jeomju1216 When we can see Seo Jun does the fun interview again? @Anjalifairy @serenilmauve @Macy_sun Waiting for new episode of Youn's Stay but at the same time I dont want it over soon as I know we dont know when we will see him again. Suddenly I feel so empty without seeing him now.
  6. @Jeomju1216 Thks for the video. It is my first time watching it. Now I know how he created our VP LYJ. It makes me missing him more and more and I need to see him in drama. Really curious how he will bring out Hongdae in Dream later. @Anjalifairy Ahh.. It is very exclusive then. Let's try again. Who knows one of us can be the member. @serenilmauve I am currently watching IC again. Actually between YK2, YS and IC. Lol.
  7. @Anjalifairy I think we need to be member of Park's Office now. Lol. How to apply for it? I thought the fans will share the letter for us. Just really miss him a lot. I need him to comeback now.
  8. Happy Chinese New Year to my dearest Jeomju who celebrate it. Wishing all of us & Seo Jun good health, happiness and prosperity in this year. @ivanovie25 I wanna have the Touch n Go. Lol. And I can watch many times the wedding of LYJ and Miso. The most romantic wedding for me especially with the "Beautiful in White" song.
  9. @serenilmauve @Anjalifairy @ivanovie25 Then it is really goodbye with Montblanc. I really wish he gets new contract for luxury brand. Please give us surprise then. As for Ziozia, are they always have long contract with their models? 4-5 years? Then they will find new model after that? If yes, please stay for 1 more year for overseas photoshoots. I really love their overseas shooting. I think now the renewal contract is Ziozia, Bibigo, KB Kookmin Card, right? I dont know about K2. It is one year also or they renew it.
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