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  1. @Anjalifairy It will be very helpful if you can give us the templates so we can just follow it. Otherwise all of us cannot do it for sure. I dont understand hangul at all. Only know Seo Jun's name. @serenilmauve I want the Midnight Runners 2 as well but it seems impossible. Btw I really hope Seo Jun stays healthy and safe. He is skinny for Conpia and he has to bring back his muscles again for Dream and Marvel. Miss and love this guy so much.
  2. Oh my.. I really need to do my work but instead I come here. Lol. How to handle his sexiness? Seo Jun x wet hair x white shirts x sexy body x smiles? Melted.
  3. I wonder whether the magazines always come out with 2 covers now as I notice Seo Jun always come out with 2-3 covers for us to choose? (Only W Korea is so strange as both are the same. Lol). Time to buy the W Korea now. @Anjalifairy I will inform you to teach me later. Lol. And I forget about the fan meeting of Condition. We can watch it right? Too busy with Marvel and forget about this fan meeting.
  4. You make me laugh so hard till everybody watch me and ask me what's goin on. I think I need to work but I cannot do it. @Anjalifairy How to join then? It is really easy?
  5. @serenilmauve @ivanovie25 It is new foodtruck? So have 5th and if it is new one then we have 6th food/coffee truck for Seo Jun. I think I will calculate what he gets from now on. @Jeomju1216 His lips.. I keep staring it. Lol.
  6. Seo Jun makes our immune system increase a lot today. All of us cannot stop smiling I believe. Hahahahaha. I need all the world know how great our Seo Jun is and of course how sexy he is.
  7. @serenilmauve Today all of us are typing so fast. I have to edit many times. Lol. And I just notice we have 71 posts already. Today is the real chaos. @sueeila Truly a blessing and hopefully we can get the official confirmation soon.
  8. Me too. I will enjoy it much and much. @Jeomju1216 Oh my.. What a view. Now everybody wants him in MCU and drama. Lol. Then when we can get it all? 2022? Gosh.
  9. Guys so how long the "no comment" of Awesome will turn to be "comment"? Lol. Btw about Seo Jun's photos, can we make the list and give the likes to choose? @Jeomju1216 I keep telling myself to calm down but at the end I always come back here. Lol. What a surprise news but not confirmation news. @serenilmauve Ahh..It is hot topics because of hottie Seo Jun. Hahhaah.
  10. I dont dare to think about his role before the confirmation. Lol. Btw guys, it is my first experience to have roller coaster feelings waiting the confirmation from actor.
  11. How to work today? Lol. I will really RickRoll'D off with the media if it is not true again. Lol. Can they really give happy news to us? Dont give us so high expectation. We have to wait his confirmation for Project K and now MCU. But how Seo Jun can do all? So many questions we need Awesome to answer. @Anjalifairy Finally you can make it. Congrats and so happy. Please remember to share it in our private line. Lol. @ivanovie25 Is it about The Devine Fury blog that we need to know how Seo Jun pretend to keep calm? It is correct?
  12. Well, Awesome, can you be really good to us this time? Can you tell us it is true or not? Can you confirm soonest? Dont play our heart, please. I cannot stay calm honestly. Lol.
  13. @Anjalifairy Thanks for the story as I just fall into his charm after watching IC from Netflix and I didnt know anything about it. I remember when I saw the title "Itaewon Class" and "Park Seo Joon" I just click on it. I seldom watch K-drama actually. When I watched the promotion of Netflix, I thought is it all for IC? Gosh.. only 1 video. So angry. Lol. IC really teach me many things about this life.
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