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  1. Yes, envy them. They even have Midnite Runners on Netflix. I cannot find even one single movie of Seo Joon on my Netflix. All are dramas only.
  2. @serenilmauveI want the magazine. He looks so cute cum hot. We dont have the clue for this photoshoot right.
  3. They are so sweet. I really hope one day we can see Wooga Squad in one program. One hour is enough as I know they are very busy.
  4. Thank you so much, dear. U are really good in Korean. Lucky that we have you here. @serenilmauve Thank u for all Seo Joon's pics n clips. Everything about him is really addictive. Cant get enough to look at him. He is really my mood booster and vitamin for my immune system now. LolI will never stop to say that my admiration toward him is getting stronger and stronger. I am happy that he never gives up during his tough journeys. I know he struggled a lot to achieve what he is now. One of the hottest Korean actor and the only one actor that I love. And he is such a very good and caring friends. Seo Joon really considers other people's feeling. He really takes care, protects and will not hurt them. I am so proud of Wooga Squad. He is so kind hearted towards his fans. How not to love him more? Envy with the K-fans. They can see handsome Seo Joon in front of their eyes! For me I only can dream about it. Talking about WWWSK, I wonder whether it will reach 300 M within one month? And Tvn will you give something to them?
  5. Thank u so much, dear. Please come back soon @Anjalifairyafter you are free and watching all the clips from IG to tell us more about their convo. Oh, I thought it is only me having problems with the connection. It really lagged a lot. I cannot sleep last nite as I cannot stop watching Seo Joon from all the IG feeds. The moment I said stop and sleep, the moment I keep smiling watching him. Everything about him is so charming and addictive. I never know that I can stan actor until this level of addiction. And I totally agree with you. His hairdo, his blue Air Jordan. His fresh and handsome face. For me he was so dazzling and sparkling last nite. He was so fresh and he is extremely handsome. I love everything about him. Btw @Anjalifairy, Seo Joon choose "She" by himself? His singing becomes my nite lullaby from now on. I dont know how many times I repeat it. It will be on my playlist. And his messages to himself, it is really cute. Well, Seo Joon, we believe you are getting well in the future and we always support you.
  6. Lol. Me too. I think we are really crazy over him. We really need @Anjalifairyfor knowing what they are talking about. Btw dear, did I miss their high school photos as mentioned before?
  7. I did but I dont understand at all. Lol. I just focused on his face, his voice, his smiles and his laughs. When he sings, I am melted.
  8. I loveee this show and Seo Joon. He is hella handsome. He plays. He sings. He is so good in Tetris and he chooses "Hwarang" for the fight game. Lol. He is really hottie. I love to see another Wooga squad tonite.
  9. Yeahh.. We can see Seo Joon soon. Even though I will not understand but I think I can smile for one hour just looking at him.
  10. Hopefully I can watch it in real time and still we will need @Anjalifairy's help for the translation for the convo. Lol I am curious what genres Seo Joon will chose for his next drama project. This guy really can amaze me in his acting spectrum. Btw I am still angry with Jtbc and Netflix in term of promoting IC. I know IC creates the buzz but they supposed to promote it as others. Huh.
  11. Well, I prefer action comedy then. U are still better than us. At least u can understand some of the convo. I hope there is visual show so we can see Seo Joon. Otherwise we only can hear his voices (which is fine enough).
  12. Well, I have to set the alarm. I just wonder if it is audio only (without visual), I will have no clue what they are talking about and we need you @Anjalifairy. Lol. For Kloudbeer, it is live on the Youtube?
  13. Will Seo Joon do rom-com again? I hope he will because he is the King of Rom-com. Btw it is funny to see Seo Joon & V: https://pannative.blogspot.com/2016/12/the-actor-whos-still-not-used-to-see.html
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