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  1. Behind the scene Cine21 Magazine photoshoot Parasite team is leaving for Cannes today. Have a nice trip! LSK airport fashion... Nice bracelet
  2. Parasite casts for Cine21 Magazine I hope they also took photo of them individually... LSK in those suits
  3. Parasite V Live Movie Talk 15 May 2019 https://m.vlive.tv/video/128004
  4. Watched Jo Pil Ho last night This review more less voiced my thought about the movie.
  5. The reactions are still mixed, but it seems people outside SK are enjoying the movie, maybe because they're not really affected with Sewol tragedy. The criticism usually goes to the story.... The movie is also released as VOD in SK, the reactions are also mixed. Some of the Koreans seems don't mind with Sewol tragedy background, but some still criticize that aspect of the movie...
  6. Now, I definitely must have to watch the Dawning Rage!
  7. A clip from LSK's Toyota ad Very short but so beautiful...
  8. Video from PMC promotion, with English sub!
  9. Because I didn't watch Mr Sunshine (and didn't plan to) I have no say on LBH acting. But, (I think we've talked about this before?) MS held sentimental values to Korean. Like @sadiesmith said in My Ahjussi forum, it's amazing that MA managed to win against MS. But sacrifice had to be made to appease the audience... I really don't like the term "spreading the love", but I try to be realistic. Award shows, even with Baeksang's level, can not have "pure objectivity". Money and power played bigger roles than just talent and hard work. It just the way it is... (haha, I've watched too many kdramas)
  10. I think the fact that LJE already has a huge fandom also played the part why Ji An often being the focus in My Ahjussi. Can't say we don't benefit from that fact either, since we got translation, photos and videos about MA from IU's fans. While LSK also has fans, but not nearly as many and as dedicated as Uaena... Maybe because he's easy going so his fans are easy going too That reminded me, LSK's fancafe Viruszone was doing a charity to support him when promoting Parasite, April 22 Although I'm still pretty much emotional and have the urge to curse every time I remember the unfairness he received, I will try to move on quickly from this Baeksang disappointment, and focus more on his future projects...
  11. Yes, just like I may never find another drama that have this much impact for me, the chance to work with such perfect ensemble such as My Ahjussi team is very slim (although I won't stop wishing it for him)... Did you watch the show last night? I don't know if it's just my imagination, but I felt like he was being snubbed at the ceremony last night. The camera focused on him alone only once (when IU was receiving Popularity Awards) and it's only a few seconds, while IU got several times. There's this intermezzo where the MC teased the actors by asking the camera to zoom in on their face. No LSK. Even when Studio Dragon representatives receiving the Best Drama, we only got LSK in group shots, while IU got single shots focused on her alone. I mean they both leads... I know I sounded ridiculous but... I don't know, I just very frustrated... I hope he won't get discouraged by the treatment he's been receiving lately... And, I wonder what caused all this. Did he accidentally offend some higher ups or something and hopefully whatever it is won't give him trouble finding projects...
  12. He didn't win the Best Actor... Why am I not surprised? So sad and disappointed, because this is the last chance for him to get an award for playing Park Dong Hoon... Hoping for better projects and recognition in the future for him...
  13. Congratulations to Park Hae Young Writernim for winning the Best Screenplay award, Lee Ji Eun-nim for receiving Popularity Awards and My Ahjussi team for the Best Drama award. A well deserved recognition for such a amazing drama! I'm so happy! But, amidst the happiness, I also feel sad and disappointed because Lee Sun Kyun didn't get the Best Actor award for playing Park Dong Hoon... Park Dong Hoon is not a glorified war hero, he's not a chaebol with a lot of money, he's not a fighter who could do a magnificent round kick. No. He's just an average middle age man, with flaws and mistakes. I have zero qualification to determine a winner of an award show. I can only say this. Park Dong Hoon has touch my heart. Through the actor, Lee Sun Kyun. The writing is superb, the directing is amazing, the team works is all you can commend for. But it is Lee Sun Kyun who had given life and soul to Park Dong Hoon, and made him not just a character in a drama but a living breathing human being. Thank you so much, Lee Sun Kyun-nim, for your hard work and sincere efforts...
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