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  1. @Biology Lesson @corey If you guys ever find a trip JH made to California, USA years ago. That program was amaaaaazingggg! Viki had it subtitled but then they pulled it. I have not been able to find it again but it was such a great trip, it was JH alone, only talking with the person filming who was really good. JH was really comfortable and he was allowed to talk and make observations all he wanted. This is the interview that allowed me to “see” his true self for the first time. I loved one interesting/childlike observation he made when he was looking at the sea lions and he said, I suppose all sea lions from all parts of the world speak the same language right? Wouldn’t that be great if we (humans) were the same? That was so adorable! He said is so casually, like a kid and it was also kinda deep imo but not pretentious. That’s just how he is. I think that’s when I fell in love with him. I used to say what @corey said, because I rarely ever cared about celebrities in real life or personal life, but JH is an exception. I don’t care to know about his private life (and he doesn’t want us to care either) but I care about him, his thoughts, etc. He is an interesting guy, if one pays attention. But yes I remember the time when I was content to just admire his acting and characters (because he is that good, it could be enough) but Gumi kinda forced me to pay attention to the behind the scenes person too and that only made me like him more (although I was initially surprised at the contrast with his on screen persona) Another good interview to watch is his appearance in “Healing camp” Besides IG, I invite you to explore my blog Stuck on Hyuk, there are some old interviews translated by Gumi that were very interesting. https://stuckonhyuk.wordpress.com/category/interviews/
  2. Haha actually I didn’t either I knew the premise so I knew he wouldn’t be the antagonist but I was curious how he would “turn around” because he obviously behaved pretty douchey at the beginning. But I did enjoy how smart he was. I never got too annoyed by him (like Dr House for example, I avoided watching that series cause of his jerk cold almost cruel persona, which made me almost angry lol and then I once caved and ended up loving the series) LYO was sort of a Dr House but I never got to the point of disliking him. He just made me really curious.
  3. Yes! I like this explanation! It makes sense. BM dealt with the concept of prejudice and perception. Everyone (in the drama) were quick to judge LYO as a monster but who was the real monster? The supposed “psychopath” or all those greedy people who didn’t even have an excuse and still behaved worse than monsters? Was LYO the monster or was it his “creator”? (the drama was said to have been inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and I read some people saying they didn’t see the connection but I saw it in this concept) So yes, I think at first LYO was supposed to seem repelling by his coldness, creepy and dangerous only to then be revealed that he was not a bad person at all. But Hyukie kinda blew it by being awesome and adorable and people simply sided with him right away lol (I’d say he was much more repellent at the beginning of Robbers) @azureblue7 I would looooove for JH to release a workout video that I could play on a loop to keep me company while I exercise!
  4. @Biology Lesson Yes, that’s why there’s always a need for the international clubs to be connected to someone in Korea who in turn has a connection with JH management. But organizing these events is always a rush and a big hassle, so kudos to these fans. Its a lot of work. I know that nowadays Elaine helps other clubs too but the japanese fans have their own connections. My connection was Gumi who was with the DC Gallery club. I wish we had more korean fans here on Soompi. It would be so much fun and it would help us with all our questions about the industry and the culture!
  5. @Biology Lesson I forgot to answer you about the ball. I bought an inexpensive one on Amazon called “reflex ball”, which looks very similar to the one JH uses, but Its probably not the same quality. It feels like it’ll be fun once I can actually punch it instead of the air The rice wreath, its actual sacks of rice and a banner. The idea is that the rice gets donated to low income families after the event so its a good alternative to sending flowers, for example. When Stuck on Hyuk was active, we actually managed to send one (I designed the one for Gaekju) The US fan group that I started with three friends also sends one when we can (We are on FB, but like you said, there aren’t many discussions, its more about gushing, and its hard to stop people from doing that lol). The japanese fans (there’s two known big clubs and they are the oldest active fans too, started following him since “Bright Girl” era also always send one. Zoi used to be the only source of JH info for international fans when I started following him. She always had the latest news (this is pre- IG era) DC Gallery was the korean club we Stuck on Hyuk used to join forces with on occasion but they are now less active. Chinese and Philippines groups always send one. And then came Elaine, she is a korean fan who owns the Jang Hyuk No 1 IG account and she organizes the biggest support events now (including food truck support events, wrap up party gifts, etc) Each group doesn’t have millions of people (like other fan clubs) but they are passionate and dedicated, and love to show their support for JH. One of the most beautiful things DC Gallery used to organize (well, mostly, Gummi) was the JH character clay dolls. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the time anymore and the tradition was broken last year. I wish we’d have a Bangwon doll
  6. @Biology Lesson Thanks for sharing! Ok I was definitely only a “lurker” then. I didn’t remember all these details either but I always had the feeling that JH was proud of BM despite the ratings. The cast reunion confirmed it further but I believe he mentioned LYO in a fan meeting as well and didn’t sound like he had regrets. Which is why I found super strange when I saw a spanish kdrama fan (literally from Spain) saying that JH hated his role in it and I was very confused by that. Why would anyone think that? JH has never said anything negative about LYO or BM, not even in the slightest and like I said I remember him actually saying he liked that role despite ratings (but I wish I could find the exact quote) The other thing I remember is that detail about 205, korean fans actually called him “205” too, awww. Watching BM as it aired was such a bittersweet experience, I LOVE that drama soooo much, and loved watching the story unfold beautifully and get better and better, and so sad that the ratings never went up but the people watching it felt so protective over the drama, it was such a beloved drama to those who watched it, we even had a voting to get the Director’s Cut (like we did for FTLY) and even non JH fans supported it because they saw how beloved the drama was to its fans, but alas we didn’t get enough votes. As you said, even the writer, cast and crew felt very passionate about it. I’d also love to see JH work with this writer again.
  7. @Biology Lesson Oh please share what things you’ve learned from the BM Soompi thread (I probably participated there but I don’t remember. For a long time I was only a “lurker” cause I kept forgetting my password) BTW, inspired by Hyukie I bought a Tap ball (aka reflex ball) and I’m still very bad at it
  8. @corey I know this has nothing to do with the point you are making but here comes a rant, I’m so tired of these “unable to feel emotions” characters in kdrama. They are using that so much it feels like a trope. I’m also tired of the cute girl gets drunk and gets a piggyback ride trope. I don’t even watch much kdrama but I see a scene like this highlighted in social media for almost every drama. Geesh. Ok I’m done with my rant Question, how do you highlight the font? I can’t figure it out
  9. @phoenix24 I think this kiss in Robbers was particularly awkward, even for k-drama standards. I think their other kisses in the drama were a lot better. But since the characters weren’t in love yet I didn’t mind this bad kiss too much. I’ve seen bad kissing in American TV as well but honestly I don’t know whats wrong with me (maybe getting old) I have been enjoying some shows but can’t recall the kisses or romantic moments lately.