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  1. @Biology Lesson @azureblue7 Lol awwww its so adorable how JH can be so smexy and badass one minute and absolutely dorky and cheesy and master of dad jokes the next! He is too adorable really! That playlist says it all lol so unapologetically corny cheesy and romantic! I love it! Seeing JH with SSH in Law of the Jungle and with CKS in Soomi’s cabin reminds me of Friends in Croatia which has been one of the programs (outside of dramas) of JH that I’ve enjoyed the most. I wish they did another one of those or maybe even a series of trips. Those three guys have great chemistry.
  2. Hi! The Chuno group watch at Kfangurl’s blog ended and it was so much fun! that she decided to do another group watch for Money Flower (and also Dr Romantic) Here is the link if anyone is interested https://thefangirlverdict.com/2021/02/24/announcement-dr-romantic-group-watch-plus-bonus-money-flower-group-watch/?amp
  3. @Biology Lesson I agree, out of all his pre military service works, his acting in Great Ambition was my favorite because it was very calm and subtle. His character was an absolute sweetheart (as opposed to the either rebellious or loud characters he had played until then) According to Gumi, the writer (who was very prestigious at the time) said she chose JH for that role because she saw in him a sort of sweet angelic aura that completely suited the character. Something similar to how The Flu director chose him because he already perceived him as the character. My theory to why JH fel
  4. @Biology Lesson JH could still pursue this martial artist/actor angle, it might open new and interesting opportunities for him outside of Korea. Maybe a role in a Netflix, Apple TV or HBO Max new show. Joe Taslim is in Warrior (I believe that’s HBO) like you said, maybe in a role where he doesn’t have to talk a lot and do mostly eye acting (the world needs to get to know and get hypnotized by his mesmerizing eyes!) I really hope The Swordsman gets him an opportunity to diversify.
  5. @Prettysup He is a bit of a daredevil so he makes his friends worry. But thank goodness this program is already filmed and he is fine, phew! Yes it was Ryu Dam who kept warning against JH participating in a show like this because he knows he’ll just do anything and might injure himself. I don’t know where my friend Holly read or heard this but she tends to know things lol
  6. @Biology Lesson The shovel is back! Don’t tell me he is going to sing Creep again! And do TJ! It’s all the greatest hits! I will be reallyyyy surprised if he actually tells a new story of his private life as the promotional articles suggested. JH is as beautiful and talented as he is “kinda boring” (and I mean this as a compliment. We don't really want him to have or share any private drama and we know he just won’t)
  7. @Biology Lesson I want him to at least once, be as sexy in a role as he is in photoshoots but I think the world would melt. Without trying too hard he is so sexy in Money Flower, My Country, Tell me what you saw, through his gestures and sensual movements, his voice. If he plays an explicitly sexy character, oof! That will be
  8. @Biology Lesson Seriously Choi Kisup! Stop it with the filter!!! We want to see Jang Hyuk’s unfiltered beauty (of course CKS won’t listen to us as he is trying to look better himself and doesn’t care that he is turning his friend into Benjamin Button lol) I miss him in dramas!!!!! But, this is better than not seeing him at all.
  9. @Jiyuu I don’t know why I couldn’t get into Kingdom at all, I have no emotional connection to that drama. And I can’t believe its from Signal’s writer (because I felt something with that one. In this case maybe because I like the main actor? But I think the story was good too) I feel while this would be great, JH in a popular crime drama it wouldn’t be too new. Voice was a success (broke OCN records at the time) so its not like he is unknown to “crime” fans He is also bound to be known by historical drama fans niche (thats how I stumbled upon him) But other than the AM
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