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  1. @Biology Lesson His attitude towards acting is amazing. He is always evolving because of it, always learning, observing and learning from others constantly. Its interesting how our taste can vary greatly from person to person but also, from time to time our own appreciation for things may change. DRT was my first exposure to JH and I was very impressed by him although now in comparison with his other works I can see the “flaws” in his performance and how OTT it was at times but Im still fond of Ddolbock for being my first and there were some scenes where I still think he was brilliant. His emo
  2. @Biology Lesson Yes, he has mentioned “Eyes of Dawn” many times. I believe its a classic. He actually worked with the writer of this drama in “Daemang” aka “Great Ambition. She chose him because she felt he had the “angelic” vibe the character required. The PD, sadly, committed suicide years ago. @yoeda Very annoying for that person to spread a rumor that she “heard” and she doesn’t even know where. The way she framed it made it sound like JH works primarily for money now because of his past debts. While there would be, nothing wrong with that per se, we all ultimately work for money
  3. I’m so happy JH did a CF! It’s been a while! That “wife” was a scary lady lol! Im NOT a fan of his crazy grandpa crying voice BUT, he did remind me of Lee Gun and the whole thing was meant to be OTT and meta, so whatevs! I love him! P.S My favorite part is him sitting in his little pajamas in the toilet but his top is a black shirt lol! Such a contrast
  4. @Prettysup YES! Let’s get him to the top three https://www.kdramaespana.com/2021/05/23/votaciones-a-oppa-40-mr-oppazo/ @Jiyuu Yes, I did love his last scene in Voice and there was one where he listened to the audio of his wife while she was getting killed which I liked too. I also found episode 8 to be entertaining because of his action scenes in that particular episode (during the rest of the drama, they just had him run around pointlessly) but on that ep, while still gratuitous and pointless I guess, I enjoyed the sequences. I remember my first disappointment wa
  5. @Biology Lesson Ok, so, I said to Gumi: Hyukie mentioned again that he wants to do melo. Melo is romance right? And she said: Yes I think you are on the right track though about JH wanting to show deeper and possibly more delicate emotions. When I think of the movies he likes, although they are diverse, but for example that movie “In the mood for love”. That movie, Im not sure if you saw it, its beautiful visually but its mostly about longing, feelings, emotions, not too much about “what” happens or “why” it happens. It’s pure “feeling”. It’s like watching a painting in motion and
  6. @Biology Lesson Jane hasn’t answered me yet and I didn’t want to bug Gumi cause I ask her the same question many times and I keep forgetting the exact answer but I guess I will again However, Im inclined to think melo may mean “romance” to them as in romance genre because remember how Wok of love, literal title was translated as either “Greasy melo” or “Greasy romance”? However, Im not 100% sure Im correct. I also noticed that Jane said “melo or rom com” is not her favorite genre and that made me think, does she mean they are understood as the same thing? Or is she saying “both” a
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