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  1. @Mocharel this drama is terribly written. At least in “Unknown Woman” they kept up with the revenge. (No matter what you say, “Unknown Woman” was NOT a bad drama)
  2. I tend to watch every other daily drama or pick one based on how much it interests me. I really like Lee So-Yeon. I don’t think I’ve watched any of Choi Yeo-Jin’s dramas. Any recommendations? I liked Gracious Revenge, loved the OST and the fashion. Hated the ending and most of the characters though. Yeah, I dropped this one for a bit but I think I’m finally gonna pick it back up again.
  3. I guess I have to start watching it again... I was so looking forward to Miss Monte Cristo. Has there been any news on that drama yet?
  4. Why was it extended? Hopefully we can see more of YJ’s revenge this time, since TP clearly isn’t doing anything.
  5. Those “oh poor me” tears are beyond irritating. She chose to team up with the Chairman... Maybe Ji Eun will become a villain eventually. We’re at the halfway mark, right? I wonder what other viewers are saying about her.
  6. Oh boy... so YJ is an amnesiac and that’s why she’s so helpless. Makes me like the FL from Phoenix 2020 more... As for the kiss between YJ and TP, you have to remember we’re in a pandemic. Can’t be spreading germs like butter.
  7. So who’s the real villain? The Chairman? The stepmom? Jieun? Jung-Min? Se-Hoon???
  8. I’m this close to committing a CRIME to get season 2!! (I’m kidding, I’m just joking!) Why do they keep pushing back the broadcast date?!
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