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  1. @brooksmom Ah, I see. I like this drama... no revenge yet (a little disappointing) but it’s super interesting! I like the kids.
  2. So is she getting really vengeful or no?? She’s a little smart, but I want her to do more... I’ll start watching when she does stand on her own.
  3. I don’t know what’s happening to this drama anymore. The storyline is going terribly, the writing is bad, the acting is just as bad, the characters are flat... I honestly don’t know why I didn’t drop this drama weeks ago. I feel like I’m wasting my time and watching a car crash. I don’t know when it’ll improve, but it’s been 67 episodes and there’s no improvement. That’s a set-up for a horrible drama. I’ll come back when ED ends up single, rich, and truly vengeful. Goodbye everyone.
  4. @brooksmom I found it! Thank you So far I’ve been watching the drama and it seems cliche, but I’m looking at the posts. I’m not a huge fan of these bright and happy dramas... however, I may stick with this one.
  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa! What is going on?! I just watched the latest episode, DS got a backbone, EC is JH’s child, and someone found out about the heart transplant? Also ED became a chief auditor of a foundation (meaning she has power now?) I think ED is gonna end up single as I predicted. Neither TI or HJH are innocent...
  6. This drama is getting good! Looks like the stalker/secretary is ED’s real dad... wonder who he is? What’s his background?? I’m curious about him.
  7. After a week or so of not watching... ED is going into war mode with HW! I think I can expect to see some revenge soon... some. My expectations are low, unless she pulls an Oh Hani (FL in A Bird That Doesn’t Sing) or an Oh Nam-gyu (FL’s stepdad in the same drama) and makes a great comeback somehow. HJH is starting to remind me of the jealous/evil second FL in most daily dramas. They just made him twice as annoying. I expect him to become a villain and I still skip his scenes. I’m starting to see a little bit of Hong Seyun in ED... there’d better be more revenge! I think karma is finally catching up with HW. But previews are always misleading.
  8. A drama that I started recently is “A Bird That Doesn’t Sing”. It’s by the same writer as “Ice Adonis”, and so far I like it. I’m also still watching Pink Lipstick, The Women’s Room and Temptation of Wife. @Lmangla I’m gonna rewatch Heaven’s Promise too! Maybe Doll’s House (Mysterious Personal Shopper) as well. I feel like HJH will mature if Dim Sum dies. Lots of things will change, no matter how annoying she is.
  9. Unknown Woman was not that bad, and it's not as bad as most daily dramas. Some of the things really didn't make sense to me, but I ended up enjoying it. And it was one of my first dramas. I haven't watched either drama. And I don't want to.
  10. Nope, this might be the worst drama I've ever watched. Horrible. Bad acting, confusing plot, bad script and characters, all-around terrible. I'd rather watch "Glass Mask"...