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  1. This is hilarious. Y'all both have great points. But this show is wild... just wild. Whew... I'll try to watch till the end, though.
  2. Yup, I’d rather have Miss M end up alone than have a forced romantic ending. Neither love interests are suitable for her. And Revenge Mom died?! How??
  3. The episodes are weekly and the writing is becoming lazy and messy, just as I predicted.
  4. I’d rather have EJ end up alone. Not every revenge drama needs to have a couple at the end. Yup. We just have to be patient. The good guys had some wins, now the bad guys are getting some wins. They’ll all fall down, one by one.
  5. Ok Alex Lee’s character??? What in the- what is happening here? Why does he look like that?? This show is slowly becoming a mess. Logan coulda used a better disguise because WHAT IS THAT?
  6. True. But it wouldn’t make sense storyline-wise because the ashes were already burnt and the autopsy was performed. They’d have to make up another plot twist outta the blue, that wouldn’t make sense. Also, the timeline would be completely messed up because of this new twist. And they’d have to add more characters towards the end of the drama, which isn’t how daily dramas work.
  7. The real GH is not alive. Pretty clear that Evil Stepmom and the bumbling goon are using that to hurt Revenge Mom. But I think Revenge Mom needs to be knocked down a few pegs tbh. Her karma.
  8. The terrible outfits oddly fit her for some reason. They don't look bad on her but they are simply HORRENDOUS.
  9. Maybe the writer is gonna pull a "Unnie Is Alive" and have SR pretend to be possessed by NAG to get information.
  10. Penthouse is actually a thriller. It's just extremely makjang, but it's actually categorized as a thriller on most websites. Logan is alive. He didn't die. There are clips where his character is there. If he is actually dead, rip I guess. Never liked him that much. Both twins' characterizations are ridiculously flat and I feel like that's another reason why I don't like them. Also, how the hell is time moving in this episode? There were scenes during prison, then a one month jump, then scenes before and after Logan's "death", and all of a sudden Seo
  11. I think it’s Dantae/Mr. Baek. I had a feeling he’d die this season. I have no idea how any of this is gonna play out...
  12. I do not care about the twins. I don’t even like them. I don’t even want SH with Rona, but if that makes her happy, then so be it!
  13. I just started watching this drama today and I have a question- Are Ja-Kyung and Yu-Yeon villains?
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