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  1. He looked really nice in that lime green shirt. This color also suits him. I remember his lime-green sweater in LOTBS Netflix should show all three of the trilogy. It is a gangster's classic. Kwong San Wong, Jo In Sung and LMH. LMH is shown in very few scenes far in between. Much less than Secret Campus. He is a handsome classmate who likes PMY but she has no time for him and has a crush on her teacher. She has gangster connections.
  2. I enjoyed the KCineflex review by Pierce Conran too. I remember when GB first screened, he gave a great review. He loved it. I am glad in 2021, he is reviewing it again. It was an underrated film, did not receive enough praise as the other two. It is the third of a trilogy. I saw the other two and I liked GB the best.
  3. Thanks for setting it up @CarolynH, enjoyed watching and discussing with the group. Really fun. If LG married the PM, he would get an heir from her within a year and then promptly divorce her. . Or he would divorce her within a month. She would sue him for half of his wealth. There was a comment that LMH City Hunter's hair style did not age well. I did like it and I still do like it. It does suit him.
  4. Yes, I would like Pachinko to be highly acclaimed and win awards. I also want him to get an award but it might be that the drama wins awards but not the actors. He is at the prime of his life and should act in as many as possible. In between seasons if he is in Season 2. Not waste two years or more with only 16 episodes. A five episode drama or a movie in between could work. Why must he tie himself to Apple waiting months for Pachinko and twiddling thumbs. He could do other movies in between. Just hoping. If he is in Season 2. That is good too but he should fit other movies or dramas
  5. MYM had an announcement of a 15 Anniversary celebration on their Instagram site Hope it is something substantial e.g. virtual fan meet like PSJ had with his fans. Good news about a new drama or movie. We can only hope. MYM please do something great!
  6. Yes, psychologist with the black rimmed glasses, so professional and smart. Zebras, what is that about? Yes, too bad we are not able to do a CH watch in Netflix. Yes BOF in July, before they take it away. If they see watch parties for BOF, they might delay again.
  7. Some great scenes in 11 and 12. LG's grief at the funeral and PM smiling at his grief. His breaking down and crying when he is alone in the kitchen so heart-breaking. LG and his men charging to the rescue. Looking so gallant and kingly. Then he slashes through the attackers as he advances towards JTE in a single-minded frame of mind. so swashbuckling. Then he waits patiently while JTE is being treated by the doctor. Last but not least, the sensual neck kiss. Great episodes. ON to next week. @ATW@Min2206@msdot @syntyche @Areumdaun and others see you next week. @CarolynH Thanks for h
  8. I can't create a video, I shall bring photo of some tofu stew? I have watched "Our school ET" I have watched every show of his except the earlier ones where he had a scene or two and they are not available. I have seen the clips though. Our school ET is the one with the Ajusshi that said LMH will be famous one day. Forgot his name.
  9. I just watched the complete video on YouTube. It is one of my favorites. He is so free and funny, everyone is so relaxed. Just love it. Now we just need an announcement of an upcoming movie or drama from LMH. He keeps falling down all the time. Wow, he is an Eskimo, he rode the snowmobile in just his tee shirt. It must be freaking cold. I have been to whistler it is lovely but looks like they rented a helicopter to land at one of the peaks in Whistler. Amazing. Is it really Pachinko script? Could you see the writing?
  10. He is goofy. Running and falling on the snow. I saw that on MYM Instagram. Wonder if anyone can figure out with the material that he is reading.
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