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  1. Do the other actors just take 3 to 4 months to complete a series? LMH always takes several months including pre-preparation e.g. Filipino martial arts in CH, horse riding in Faith and royal behavior and ethics in TKEM. Waiting for JJH in LBS. Now 8 months for 8 episodes. We listened to LMH saying works or shows, I wonder if he was including his own YouTube videos that he is directing and editing? If that is so, no other dramas or movie. He said "Speaking of my career, I think what was wrong then is still wrong now." I am really curious to know what
  2. Some of his answers are intriguing eliciting more questions. Anyone can guess what he means. He mentioned the word dynamic. He thinks his life isn't dynamic enough? That is strange. He said 15 years ago is the same as today? What do you think that meant? Has it not turned out the way he would have liked. I would have asked him to elaborate that statement but it was a short interview. Do people really think he is cold and picky? He always seemed more shy than cold. He really looks handsome in this interview, hot and sexy.
  3. He looks hot in his GQ pictures. Yes, risking audition and not getting the role is brave, and he took the risk. What a reward to get the role showing that he impressed the auditioning party. He is talented and deserves the role. I wish the translation was better. Cannot understand some of the translation, like what is "raw"? Is TKEM his last "emperor on a white horse"? Vancouver is my neighbor. Pity Americans are not allowed to visit Vancouver currently. Lovely city. Been there a few times.
  4. Going to Andong is not a trip for LMH, something further away perhaps. No matter how much he wants to help LSG, not Andong . Right on Lee Min Ho uses IG story. What IG story @Nikaa94? He put his sense of responsibility ahead of his personal needs. So sweet. Either he is joking or his bad leg probably hurts if he walks too much, especially with a heavy back pack when you go backpacking. We know LMH is a private person but now he is sharing his past deep fears and insecurities, his unstable years of
  5. Yeah, what does he have in mind LMH really looked exceptional at the music awards! The MYM page on this link is interesting. Wonder what LMH means, I wish I could work without a break everyday. What is he telling us?
  6. I wonder if he really never gets riled. He acts getting riled up in his dramas very realistically I would ask LMH if he wants to work in American or English language movies and break into the Hollywood scene with his idol Leonardo De Caprio. Can he do at least two dramas or one drama one movie a year. Other actors could.
  7. I don't see any problems with your English. I think it is pretty good. He looks gorgeous in his outfit with his long legs, his pants flow better than the model's His suit is wonderful and suits him to perfection. His hair is better than in SBS. It is LG's style, not sure if it is Hansu's style as well? Perfect!
  8. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4537955180544035/4537957853966871 Nina posted this some time ago. I just managed to watch it today. He looks really good in the simple top. I like him to act in a drama dressed like that and his body looks super in that tee, not the huge shirts or something really tight., just comfortable yet shows off his body
  9. Thanks for posting LMH auditioning for BOF, have not seen this before. Cute, wonder what he was saying. Wish I understood. He is the same LMH today. Did not show him acting out a scene during the audition though. He is so authentic.
  10. Looks like in the past he is fatigued most of the time and his hobby is sleeping. Now he likes directing. He should also get a instructor to teach him to speak English. He needs it.
  11. Hope so, live chat will be fantastic. @Nikaa94 can ask him about his next drama, or movie, to do Netflix pali-pali
  12. Looks like LMH never worked in Bon Factory dramas though, looking at their drama titles. Wonder if they will recruit him in the future. LG was tailor made for LMH but KES did not use him to the fullest. She dropped the ball. Someone mentioned that she did not have her previous writers and directors, she was not equipped with the right people when she did this drama. Maybe on her own she is not that great. I wonder if she recruited new writers to help her. I don't want her to do well, esp. just after TKEM. In the future perhaps. I remember h
  13. Thanks for this spoiler. At least I get to see this part since I missed the original movielog, I have seen the award speech so this part is more moving and more poignant. It is a great movielog. I know we are supposed to go forward but SBS removing the movielog just brings out our hard feelings again. The Daesang was won by the Stove League actor and I will say, I have no problems with his winning the Daesang. He was good in his role. I will say this however, if LMH had taken this role and acted exactly as this actor, he would not have won the Daesang but will
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