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  1. Hi Willenette: I will admit that I do not see too many Korean movies. I saw maybe around 15 movies , and half of them had nudity and violence like GB and there was one about a killer and it was violent and showed naked women who were murdered. Actually I saw those even before I saw GB. They showed women's breasts, men naked but not frontal or pubic hair as you said. I think GB did not show frontal genitalia too right? On LMH's airport pictures, finally we see him without his face mask. He looks really good and very young, like a high school student He seems to get younger and younger.
  2. You are right, it is a very dark film. Yoo Ha is well-renowned for dark gangster movies. Yes, he deserved the awards he got and he should have got more Yup, that is a good description, the anti-hero. Thanks for pointing out the relevance of the song. I did not get the connection. You are so right. He was name a son but he never realized it. He considered him his boss, never his dad even though they pretended he was a son. But when he saw the registry, he became the son who went against his father's will and caused his death. That is a big guilt to bear. He did not deliberately do it though. He wanted what he thought was best for his boss. The boss however, quietly loved him and cared for him as a real son. It is very sad. Agree with this description trying to crawl out from darkness into the light. Korean movies can be very violent and with a lot of nudity. I have seen some which was not even a gangster film that had strong violence and nudity. @CarolynH So here's my question. The politician who JD was in cahoots with towards the end double crossed him and had JD killed? I know the politicians used the gangs to get what they want, then threw them away. Yes, that politician had JD and his brother killed. JD had said to him, don't you use gangsters and then throw them away so JD knew what he was up against and that he could be thrown away. Yet he still went ahead. Perhaps he thought he could escape
  3. The French actor, director Yoo Ha was referring to. For some of you watching Gangnam Blues for the first time or second time, I am curious about your opinion about the movie and LMH's acting. Hope you will comment.
  4. I agree with your comment about GB, It was an immensely well made movie and I think it was a good choice, moved away from his usual genre and to me he shone in the role. More on the movie next week.
  5. @Lindyloo421Syntyche started a thread for the new drama from the beginning . Click on the link above to start. Hope that helps.
  6. Wow! Forbes has an article about LMH. I am impressed. It is a business magazine. LMH should try the US next. Hopefully, he will have a role in the other universe. As I said it is similar to the JK Simmons series Counterpart.
  7. Thanks for the translation. Great that LOTBS is doing so well overseas. I did not know that. Feel good to know that
  8. @CarolynH Same here, nice to see his face at the top of the page with his new drama in CAPS. Yay! I like your choice of his picture too, your avatar. @syntychewhat is the link to the new drama the King that you set up? I did not visit that page yet. Thanks!
  9. The best scene was the birthday party. The reaction of all the people at the party was hilarious. His father was dumbstruck and his eyes shooting daggers, the relatives were all curious so were the news people. His friends were all agog. Myung Soo taking pictures as quickly as he could. You could see admiration in Won's face, that his brother had no fear about the consequences. If only he could be like his brother. He also understood the reason KT really wanted to go to his birthday party. Not to get his inheritance but a way to bring ES into the fold, through the door as KT puts it. LMH looks very distinguished here. He really looks aristocratic and would look great as a king. The next funny part is when KT realizes he was 50 and not last. YD was better, if he does his test properly he is quite capable 27th. Won is now a real brother, helping KT to get ES what she wants. They want her to stay at a nice apartment but she just wants to go back to her old home in case she splits up with KT ES knows how to get her mother to agree to their dating. KT's mom joins in to force mom to agree finally. Now that they are all reunited and happy, mom, KT, ES and her mom. Dad has a brain aneurysm and the vying for power starts. YD is finally able to contact his mother now. @CarolynHSorry you lost your recap for the third time. I would save it on a word or note file and copy it onto Soompi so if you lose it, you have a back up copy. Then delete the back up copy.
  10. Do we know what were some of the malicious lies that have been going around, can you give a few examples of the lies? Thanks. I could not open the links either. I would like to see the one LMH had problems stuffing one bag into another bag that @carolynh is talking about.
  11. I did not think he looked exhausted in this scene. I thought he looked peaceful, the nightmare is over. She is safely and permanently in my arms now. Thank god, that is a relief. He hugged her and closed his eyes,
  12. Episode 17, you see the two boys use their brains to find ES. Good for them. You see KT find her and suddenly sees things on her side which is real love. He is growing up and is willing to sacrifice all to bring her peace. However you see he is still a boy-man or half adult as Won commented to his dad. He can't stand the loss and goes berserk. He collapses into despair. Won is dumbstruck by his behavior and does not know how to respond but he is definitely sympathetic. KT asks to be sent away but Won does not do that. He also calls KT brave and honest. Facing rejection for 18 years and still keeps on loving. Now KT is bitter, does not have have feelings of love. He just wants to escape from Korea. Will he get over in time and find love in USA? Will he hurt less? I don't get his plan on wanting to leave the country. At least he does not think of killing himself. I am intrigued on his rationale of wanting to run away, give everything to his brother. One thing though, it will thwart his father's plan of being an insurance for his brother. That is one way to rebel. LMH does a good job of showing his youthful grief and exuberance. One thing, young people takes things so seriously. 17 is too young to have a deep relationship but... @CarolynH sorry you lost all your recap. Would like to hear your comments though.
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