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  1. He spent his youth searching for his mom, he left to find her. It does not make sense to get upset at her, now that he finds her. He also blames his dad having a second wife.
  2. No parallel with detective Hong He does look very handsome in those pictures. He gets more handsome with age. I don't think Sim Cheong ever remembered her past or Se Hwa dreamt of the future. Perhaps mermaids can't dream.
  3. Why do you think he is smiling? Because he thought he saved Se Hwa or "here it comes my death, a cynical smile, or "I get to see Se Hwa, one last time before my death".
  4. I saw Mackerel Run on YouTube too. I am a little afraid to go to kissasian site as I get safety warnings from my browser. I did like it though parts of it can be really wacky. @gtLmh0622 I think you said that LOTBS has 27 million views on kissasian? However, is it a site that the producers get credit and payment like Viki or Netflix or is it an illegal site and thus no money is paid to the production company. Furthermore high viewership on a legitimate site would be great for LMH.
  5. You got Faith from Australia via ebay? That was the only one I don't have. Interesting. I will check it out. I saw some from Malaysia but I did not want those but Australia would be better.Would it work in the US? Is the quality good?
  6. Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted. I just love that look on his face as he turns after SC goes back to the room to change.
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