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  1. Favorite Overall: City Hunter, , LOTBS and TKEM Fav LMH Performance : City Hunter, LOTBS, Gangnam blues and Faith Fav Romance : Faith, PT, TKEM Fav Look : TKEM, Faith, CH, LOTBS, PT Fav Action : City Hunter, GB, Faith, TKEM Fav Bromance : City Hunter , TKEM Fav Kiss: PT, LOTBS Fav Crying : LOTBS, City Hunter, TKEM Fav Character Overall : CY, CH, HJJ, LG Least FAV Wardrobe : BOF Least Fav Hairdo : BOF Least FAV Pairing : BOF
  2. Yes, don't like the theme even the evolution mode though slightly better. Chingu, if someone can help me? I remember someone mentioned about LMH commenting about keeping silence in his Instagram. I looked but could not find it.
  3. Choi Young is different. I think it is the most loved character for many women and it brought help many others survive a time of stress. However, when it was first broadcast, many criticized LMH for being wooden as CY. I had never posted before and just lurked but specially signed up to defend LMH explaining that he was supposed to be wooden and stoic and unfeeling in the beginning so give him a break. Watching Faith again a few days ago, you can see it all just through his eyes even in Episode 1 and 2. The cynicism, the resigned look, the admiration for ES's skill as a doctor. Just the right expression. He is cute here. I do love LMH with this hair style.
  4. Just one day and so many posts to respond to. Baby faced General . That is so right. Some of the criticism about LMH in Faith is that he looks too young to be a General. He does not have the grittiness or toughness of some other older actor. We love this baby faced General so off with their heads for the criticism Talking about 2nd season of TKEM. I was thinking that many fans who do not want a second season or want his to do something totally different, we want him to branch out, to stretch himself, experiment. However, what would be best for him in terms of expanding his popularity world wide. If we think about what will benefit LMH best, I would vote for TKEM 2. As @Wis domand @Time loopsaid he is known for LG and a second season with him would get a wide base of viewers from the beginning just like GOT. A new drama might not succeed. He should bank on the success of TKEM. Also he is loved as LG, as the swashbuckling sword slashing, gun toting king, who can also love with a passion, willing to cross universes to search for his love. His absolute fascination with JTE. Women are swooning all the way from Nigeria and India. Men love his bravado, the action oriented part of the drama. Leading the charge against the uncle's minions. HIs determination to fight. However, while doing TKEM he should do a movie in between, something that would stretch his acting chops. The best of both worlds then. Hopefully after this good roles will turn up. I like to know how to use this new function too,night mode. LMH looked really mature as GJP but yet managed to look young in other later dramas. He also showed he could shed his flower boy image in CH and GB. He could be macho and a flower boy, he is definitely is not type-cast. I love GB too. Total 180 from his dramas. He actually does look good with 3 days growth stubble as in GB. He does look quite good with the beard in Faith but I prefer him clean shaven. He is awesome in GB, the graveyard scene was something, using an umbrella as a weapon, total chutzpah. Totally agree with your description of his IT-factor. Intensity and charisma. I would include charm, screen presence, good looks and his height does help the IT factor. It requires several qualities to create the IT factor and LMH has it in spades. One more thing is his humble persona that makes him so endearing and thus charming. It has been said that the camera loves LMH. Deep dark character, yesss! Another good description Kris! agreed. Thank you so much for this report. It is amazing that LMH tops even well-established Ahn Sung Ki and Choi Min Suk, revered by Koreans. He tops all of them and I think he is the youngest on the list with the least time in the industry. Daebak Agreed, he is a cultural phenomenon. He can't dance well but he definitely has smooth actions. It looks so simple, the way he jumps of his horse, slides over the sofa, CH really showcases his action movements the best and I want more. The way his jumped up the table and kicked the sister's husband or slide into the pool to slash the gangster's privates in GB, smooth operator. @msdotI also thought at the beginning LMH looked too young for the role, and to me he looked even younger in the middle part with his hair bound up on one side. But as CY continues to grow personally in the latter part of the series, his 3rd hairstyle makes him look more mature (starting in Ep 19). Also, in that time period, people often didn't live past age 35 or so. Nobody, but nobody, has eyes like LMH! And he uses them to great effect in everything he does, portraying vulnerability, sweetness, fierceness, determination, etc., etc. They just kill me. Agreed, I don't think any other Korean actor can just use their eyes to show all sorts of emotions, from intense love, anger, hate, bitterness, sadness, and also sweetness and vulnerability. I think LMH is best at using his eyes to show vulnerability. I have not seen another male actor able to show vulnerability with just their eyes. He is also great at making us think he is truly in love with his female lead with just that look of tenderness and intense stare from his eyes. @nikaa42Share 3-4 of your favorite hair color LMH had in the past or present. I like black and his hair color at TKEM, not too light. Brownish is good.
  5. I mean looks boyish. Here are some examples of him looking extremely boyish:-
  6. 1.Wolf 2a. Poisoned paper Get the king's seal 2b. Pricked her wrist Protect him from Ki Chul 4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 5. Hundreds Apart from his unwieldy hair, he still looks exactly like that today!!! Just as young looking. Don't you think? I like this photo @Nikaa94 By boyish character and drama I don't mean he plays 18 year old character. Can anyone here explain better than me? If you know what I mean by boyish.. LMH is boyish though he can look mature as well. Look at his latest photo with WDH, that is boyish-looking.
  7. Sorry to cut your post. I saw your post at the shippers but did not want to respond there as I don't normally go there and just went there today out of curiosity. I agree that LMH is a great actor and his talents should not be discredited or that she is the reason for his being good at acting. Likewise I would not claim she is a good actress because of him. It would be disrespectful to both of them. Whether I think she is a good actress or not is based on her own talent and not because of LMH and vice versa. His acting is great whether with or without KGE. Good post and well-argued.
  8. Just watched Episode 1 of Faith. @scrawford You said you could not get into it from Episode 1 - 4? I thought Episode 1 was absorbing especially when he was at the CoEx. I thought both him and KHS was excellent there. It was truly amusing their interactions. When he saw the monk and when the monk told him, just go there. It was like a light bulb hit him. He crossed the busy street with no hesitation and all the cars had to brake for him. CY is Mr. Literal. No ambiguity there for CY. I miss Faith.
  9. @AgentQuake Is KGE really fluent in Mandarin? How and where did she learn to speak and read Mandarin? I am impressed.
  10. Yeah, I don't see the badge either. Yes, Secret Campus is a pretty good school drama.
  11. Yup, I would like that too, playing dual roles. I did like Duel as well, he played clones.
  12. It has 16 episodes too like TKEM not 10 or 12 like HP. TKEM could do a Season 2. JTE could be kidnapped and LG frantically trying to rescue her in a third universe with tyrant LG. . Now that they have the Chinese version of Gravity and Maze, my two favorite pieces from TKEM, does it mean that China is going gaga over TKEM since they bother to do a Chinese version of the two popular songs? Will they have TKEM in Tencent together with Netflix or IQYI playing in China? I hope so as it will be a huge market for TKEM and just in time for Hallyu reemergence for LMH. @gtLmh0622 Any news when TKEM will be legally available in China so we will have stats? Right now we have no figures from illegal sites. @msdot I'm currently rewatching but up for a group rewatch as well! The Netflix watch party that we did previously, wasn't that fun?
  13. Yes, msdot - if you go to the previous scene when he had to kill the king, the tears killed me and he had to brush it off and seem cold when Imja returned, the look of horror and her running away from him. His pain at her rejection, as he cried for her to stay with him, then helplessness as the fire woman put her hand on Imja. When she refused to look at him, he gave up, dropped his sword and knelt down but still staring at her as in the gif, silently begging for her to give him a sign of understanding, and as she still refused to look at him as msdot said "he realizes he is all alone and the final ironic smile. He looks so innocent and handsome in this scene and msdot, episode 7 is also my favorite episode. I watched the scene several times, from the time he was with the prince till his resignation and bitter smile. Double whammy, loss of his dear prince and rejection from his Imja. Sigh! I like boyish though