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  1. The guy is so straightforward towards the girl. I love how he knows what he wants from the get-go. THAT'S HOT!!
  2. I ADORE our main OTP!! But part of me really disappointed with the way Deokmi's character faded into background.. Like what is her daily activity besides worrying and comforting Ryan? And where is her fangirling activities? Did writer decide DeokMi changed after she's dating someone? Lmao fangirls dont change that easily! Oh how I wish DeokMi keeps fangirling over some random boy groups so that we can see Ryan's nonchalant reaction to it! Oh god.. So much buildup only to be letdown by this. And I'm still bitter we only see the hot makeout sesh only in 2 eps ago.. Forgive my long rant, I just have to vent it somewhere
  3. I'm so excited for this. I love our main couple together and I love how visually compatible they are. I'm in a mood for good melodrama at the moment. And.. I love that Jimin is getting lots of recognotions ever since Miss Baek tbh
  4. Yikes.. i've noticed some are putting lots of snide remarks on this thread.. Dude, leave our delusions alone.. THATS WHY SHIPPING THREAD ARE CREATED. LET US HAVE THIS
  5. https://i.makeagif.com/media/5-15-2019/D5OKOC.gif I really thought theyre going to promote Baskin Robbins because of their outfit
  6. I really love that despite hot makeout sessions, this drama doesnt rely heavily on kissing scenes, and give us mature relationships instead. How our couple Bond with each other emotionally, how they care about each other so much. In the beginning, I've mentioned about how I want DM to protect Ryan. I'm so happy it becomes true at the moment.. The way she knows something's wrong just looking at his eyes.. Gosh, it's true love.. And the way he's hugging her tightly afterwards and just crying his eyes out.. it's like he's that little boy again. Now he's not alone anymore.. DM is with him now. In PMY's previous drama, it relies heavily on kissing scenes and how her character was faded into background in second half of the drama, i'm really happy it's not the case in HPL. DM is a strong female lead with slighly quirky double life, and i'm so happy with the leads are begin dating, her character wasnt faded into background, but also taking lead in protecting the male lead. The writer gave us not only kissing scenes, but also gave us glimpse of mature relationships, how to deal with inner demons, how to Embrace other's weirdness. not to mention every skinship and gesture feels so intimate. Even the main leads' back and forth banter is just too real, and brings a smile to my face!!
  7. Ep11 was so heart fluttering.. Their playful banter when DM found out about Latte is just too real!! I feel like I'm watching a real couple bickering, it feels too real! And not tl mention that hug DM gave him when Ryan feels down.. I love how he hugs her so tight.. These two are trying to kill meee!!!
  8. So.. Is anyone still Alive? *breathe into a bag* hotdamn those kissing scenessss
  9. I like that Ryan is leading that kiss. And how Deok Mi follows suit. I keep replaying the scene.. I kinda want him to lift her onto that table too tho
  10. Damn.. That was a passionate kiss.. Damn, the man knows how to KISS.. And the way he slowly pushed her to the table is freaking hot lets make babies already!!!
  11. Looks like next week, we'll have DM-Ryan back to being snarky at each other like in earlier eps.. Bring it on. Two can play this game.. Today's ep was frustrating and sad, but I think the payoff will be satisfying
  12. When Ryan saw Deok Mi walked away and the camera pans into his hand.. Dude, IT HURTS. Because he begins to believe in someone.. But that someone is letting go of his hand
  13. I'm sorry,but KJW's gaze is 10000x hotter than that kiss. And there will be a time when Ryan lose control when we'll have real kiss
  14. As much as I want these two to kiss, I really prefer the slow burn tho .. I didn't finish WWWSK bc of too many kiss scenes and not enough substance on second half. Too bad, bc I really loved the first half with all the buildup and the comedy, i hope it wasnt repeated in this. And I also looking forward to that scene with DM and RG talking in that play ground.. seems like RG is feeling down and DM cheered him on? Btw I just realized that KJW is left-handed
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