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  1. I'll never stop being amused that JH is vice-president of big company.. but he always ends up giving lots of small things for JS.. (in the end, he never gave that expensive glove to her) he gave her shoes, umbrella, guitar and now bicycle all of them were related to his memories of her
  2. just seen ep7 preview and I really cant wait for Jaehyun - Jerk ex husband face off. Gosh, this drama is so addicting
  3. at this point, I dont think theyll be having an affair. even from the preview it looks like JH will decide to still be with his wife. JH - JS maybe will keep meeting each other, as long as they keep meeting one another, maybe it's enough for now. one thing for sure though.. JH always fights his own battle because theres a scene in the preview with him being imprisoned too in college? JH is distant with his family though.. He's cold with his wife, he's being so formal with Daddy in Law, He also doesnt seem to care about his bratty son. Makes me wonder if his marriage is just one of his agenda.
  4. I try watching this show without focusing on the ships.. I've been burned too much lets just enjoy the ride and I already looking forward to season 2
  5. JS is a strong woman, she never cried in front of anyone, but in front of JH, her resolve crumbles.. I'm so happy his sincerity reaches her heart.. that she couldnt resist anymore and just release all that sadness in front of him and I think that ending kiss, the one she initiated, is a sign that she still longs for him and will try to finally be happy. GAHH CAN NEXT WEEK COME SOONER
  6. I feel like present JH being so protective of JS because of her hardships.. I LOVE when it was implied he's basically buying her expensive glove, but he ends up giving her man shoes and umbrella.. because it's the fact that he cares for her.. it's the smallest things he can do to help her.. but I hope jisoo gets to see there's definitely reason behind jaehyun's sudden 180 change, and I do feel he fights his own battle (I do feel he has an agenda to take down the company), and I hope she can protect him too.. i appreciate lots of funny moments being slipped in many instances though.. when JH na
  7. for a first drama by newbie writer, the story is good and the pacing is done really well, though! I hope this keeps up until the end..
  8. finally got my acc back! 4 episode in and im soo invested in our OTP!! I need to spazz about this drama tbh I wish we get more of his backstory next week. because between him and Jisoo, Jaehyun is still mysterious to me. he scoffs when he said justice wont bring money anyway...
  9. EVIDENCES THAT JUNG HWAN IS THE HUSBAND 1. The future husband speaks in low-tone, and a bit grumpy, at one point asked his wife "Do you want to die?" totally Jung Hwan's personality 2. Girls from Reply series always end up marrying the guy who always bickers with them. Jung Hwan bickers with Deok Sun the most 3. his strong denial when his friends said Deok Sun is cute. This could be a huge slap when he's indeed falling for her 4. He called her "ugly", while she called him "Dog" giving each other's nicknames already looks close to me.. 5
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