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  1. just when I thought I cant love this show more.. they brought up an openly gay couple, and when Mijoo assuring Soongyeom he's not inferior just because he doesnt speak English. OH I LOVE IT SO MUCH WHEN MIJOO CURSING THAT WHITE DUDE LOL. I love, love how kdrama seems to be more inclusive for diversity compared to kdramas on public channels. It's refreshing PS: The kiss scene is cute, but damn I want more passionate kiss scenes later on.. AAH I remember the scene with soongyeom are being upset at mijoo in this is a parody of A Bittersweet Life, a Lee Byunghun'
  2. it's so unexpected that I've come to liking this drama way more than the other ongoing dramas at the moment.. I love the unique take of slice of life drama like this.. and as a freelance translator, I find myself relating to Mijoo the most.. (especially the jumbled sleeping schedule lol) Soon Gyeom is also a great male lead. He's a stoic, blunt, kinda clueless guy, but Siwan played him with such controlled emotions, like we know what his inner turmoil even when his expression is flat. Like in ep4? when he's asking Mijoo if she's being paid by his Dad? wow that's a tad scary.. Shin
  3. Hi everyone, im new here.. I have to confess, I wasnt into this couple since the beginning because I was too scared it was only my imagination.. but im soo happy they finally confirmed their dating status (everyone kinda knows though) but it always nice to hear official confirmation, especially the way yejin addressed it in her IG.. I hope this happy couple have a healthy loving relationship, and I hope this would be it. Hyunbin deserved to be happy, he's a good guy and i'm a longtime fan of his, and i couldnt be happer to see him being happy and relaxed whenever he's around yejin.
  4. Congrats PSJ for winning popularity award!! I get teary too when he was all choked up in his speech.. so cutem i love how he always overwhelmed everytime he wins awards. Such a humble man. Here's hoping he will win Best Actor someday...
  5. EVIDENCES THAT JUNG HWAN IS THE HUSBAND 1. The future husband speaks in low-tone, and a bit grumpy, at one point asked his wife "Do you want to die?" totally Jung Hwan's personality 2. Girls from Reply series always end up marrying the guy who always bickers with them. Jung Hwan bickers with Deok Sun the most 3. his strong denial when his friends said Deok Sun is cute. This could be a huge slap when he's indeed falling for her 4. He called her "ugly", while she called him "Dog" giving each other's nicknames already looks close to me.. 5
  6. first time posting.. I like him ever since Witch's Romance, and I'm happy he's gaining popularity he richly deserves.. here's to hoping he'll get more leading roles in dramas and movies! He's still in his 20s, but he has that maturity in his acting and rugged manliness in his every moment.. and not to mention his great sense of humour (He's so awkward and so nervous, but hilarious lol) what can I say? I loooove him
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