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  1. Dang it couldn't they have given them a few more dates before the drama. I was well whooping when she stepped off that bus. She looked so cute. Kmt
  2. Agreed she needs to tread carefully. I found it convenient that 1st soon love showed back up at this time. Hope am wrong but when I saw the preview of chef on the phone 1st thing I thought was that he's spreading to his partner in crime b and she came to mind. Sadly I think your correct he will loose everything and have to head back home cause he's used his apartment as surety. It boggles the mind as they mention he already lost another building add that plus their apartment and the cafe surely they've gotten all of their so called inheritance what the heck more do they want. L Greedy ungrateful likkle ........ So many aunties around and this is the first time someone had looked after and advise Ga On on her monthlies, that's so sad bless her. She was so sweet. How can one house hold have so many useless people. Pops best be reflecting more that's all I can say cause if he doesn't he'll loose his one truly filial son. He spent all these years trying his damndest to make up much his "mistake" (teenage pregnancy) and make pops be proud. For the first time he finally finds someone he's in love with and pops tries to mess it up SA will leave.
  3. Ah bless Little Min Ji our cupid in disguise. My dudes been undercover for years why are they making him suddenly so reckless. It just doesn't read well. Of all people to have find him out had to be the snaky Vixen. Urgh..we in for more antics and tedious story line. Ah bless feel a little sorry for doctor dude his completely fallen. He such a nice bloke. Him being the main male influence on EJ's brother also explains why he hasn't turned into a male version of his horrid sister and mum.
  4. @UnniSarahI think they zoomed in because one of her visitors will go to the loo and notice the seat's up. If hubby been gone a while already why is it up. They'll put it together with the shoes and start suspecting her. I think if SY does meet Mr Boo she'll be in for a shock as he already got her number. Will be interesting to see to undesirables butting heads, but MJ has more smarts than SY and she probably try to use her to cause problems like she did with her sister in law Ae Ri.
  5. Right! He trusts the chef and snakey daugther in law. I really hope it is a case of him worrying that their little rouse might be rumbled. It's gonna be a huge blow for GO if he turns out to be just like other people looking down on her. She gets enough of the nonsense from her own family. She trusts and respects him it would be a huge blow but then it'll be the reason she breaks off and leave for a bit I guess. As we know there'll always be a separation.
  6. Good god can the coppers just hurry up and pick you the Wicked step sister already. Her face alone is starting to irk me. From the way my dude was acting in the bathroom looks like my hunch he'll scam Snakey is spot on. The preview is worrying though as it looks like they gonna steal the recipe as someone here had suggested, Hhhmm pops can see and sense they like each other so is he disapproving of SA and GO's friendship because he ultimately doesn't see her as good enough for SA or just because of the scam?
  7. Afraid you're correct @kiefshi1056 we are gonna be seeing a lot of EJ unfortunately. She landed the rich husband but instead of just enjoying the moment her greed means she always on the hunt. She wants to be in everybody's business because she's the type that will use the info to trample others no matter the cost. Just like her MIL. But she poking the hornets nest, she'll damage herself before realising it. Her meddling will eventually help bring the wheels of the bus. Gonna be tedious to watch though...urgh. Secretary Ha undercover! Wonder if they were once a rich family and Ae Sim's existence threatened someone's inheritance so they got rid. Cruella's pops maybe? Or maybe some completely different chaebol bloodline. Maybe she is a mistresses child. Actually maybe Cruella's pops was determined to have chairman as his son in law and took whatever means necessary to make it happen including getting rid of the woman he loved. Anyhoos is all getting intriguing. On a lighter nite yah, he didn't look too greasy today! I really want to see his disguise. No way PJ doesn't recognise him unless he uses prosthetics. Agree @Lmangla Ki beom is one of my favorite characters a really ride or die type friend.
  8. Gosh hope moocher lady doesn't stick around too long. I get she'll probably the cause for the birth secret to finally be reveal but dang man she's so annoying. Ah man I was grinning like the Cheshire cat at GY finally having some gumption. You go lad!
  9. Pppfff YJ just like her dang mum. Mum was blatant with her thinking him less. YJ with her little microagressions is jus the same. At the heart of it she looks down of him too. Bout two years and no arguments like that is the norm. PPffftt....
  10. @watchumlots from her personality she's the type who wouldn't have kept in touch with family once married as in her eyes they would be an embarrassment. No money, no status, no high level education. She wouldn't want to be associated with them. She's oblivious to the fact that she too lacks those things. So a young GO could probably count on one hand the number of times she met her brother in law. You're correct in that wicked would try get wringing out what ever she can if she finds out about the marriage but I agree with @celebrianna there's no way pops and SA would let that happen. @UnniSarah yeah that was awesome Soo Mi is a ride or die type friend. I couldn't help but chuckle when she said it straight to the witches face. She's more family to GO that the moochers. @Mocharel if at the end GO is still in contact with them hope is sparse. A visit at Seollal only and if they lucky a phone call at Chuseok. Unless they have major personality change ťhey're too toxic, SA and GO's kids don't need that kinda influence (yeah yeah getting way ahead of myself ).
  11. I take that. After a recent spate of shite ending this was good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions lovelies. See on another thread out there somewhere.
  12. Oh wow I thought she was over playing her hand before but today she really took the biscuit. It wasn't just her ridiculous request it was also the way she asked for it. Her tone was so rude and condescending. Her impatience and greed is making her drop her camouflage whilst still in enemy territory. There's no way by the end she still be married and be part of the family. Apart from the fact that I think she's cooked the books, so possible criminal activity starting jail time. Pops will realise his legacy wouldn't be safe with her around he'll want her gone. She's damaging her reputation she's spent all these years building so even when she realises her dream future with chef is nothing but a smokescreen it'll be too late. She won't be able to back track because no one will trust her for one and secondly they will realise brother is happy now like Ae Ri has already noticed. She'll also try to use moocher step sister's illegal actives to bind GO. Chef will probably bolt once his back child support is revealed. Can't see him sticking around and he'll take what they've already siphoned off the restaurant leave MJ up sh.. creek without a paddle.
  13. Oh that's an interesting LINE of thought ... Cheating for revenge does seems like kind of petty behaviour SH would do.
  14. Yup and more important it will be a weakeness that the likes of EJ will use to try hurt PJ once their feelings for each other is revealed. So today's episode..... Let the battle begin, Cruella vs The Vixen. They'll be amicable at the start after all they have a shared goal in making SH the big boss. However Cruella is gonna start getting mightily peeved as SH starts spilling more of the tea to EJ. Also at the same time she'll see her hold on SH slipping as EJ starts wrapping him around her finger. Should be glorious seeing them trying to out fox each other. At first I thought they'd be working hand in hand but can't see it now, EJ just like her mother can't see her being Cruella's yes girl. Instead I can see her using their weaknesses and secrets for her own benefit. I bet she'll be the one who will find Min Ho and take pleasure in ripping him away from PJ once she realises she can't have kids, you know gotta search that heir. For a nano second I felt pity for SH today when he was sharing his feeling and giving The Vixen the ring. He was so genuine in his love for her. Then I remember how blaise he was about mudering a man and framing his brother. He too will end up in a cell. EJ better becareful cause she'll join them in jail too, not that I'd mind.
  15. Separation made no sense unless of course he went away and had some extra special treatment abroad and he didn't wanna risk her waiting and losing her chance especially if the treatment doesn't work. I bet his soldier have appeared and now he's back to try get his girl. Or it could simple be him given her a chance possible find someone else like his ex did. Either way glad it's not dragged on too long so final episode better give us at least 55mins just about them.