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  1. He's going to regret it. He's taken AR's resilience for granted. He hasn't stop for a minute to think why did she have to build up that resilience in the first place. It was because she lost the nurturing parent and was left with the one that was always working, yeah he provided materialistically for her but was completely absent in every other way. We see it's not because he doesn't know how, he's learnt how from Hae Shim no doubt, but has given all to the spoil Madame that is Bora. He's completely overcompensated for that step parent complex with that girl and left Ah Ri out in the cold. The
  2. Finally a decent episode were there's enough good stuff to block out the other noise. Lord I hope smarmy Donor Dad end up in a jumpsuit.
  3. Yup. When she was sitting on the sofa crying and JW goes and is hugging her and comforting her it irked me. She fed the beast. Comfort her if you must but also point out the fact that in all the years she's know JH he's never once treated as anything but a little sister. Highlight the ridiculousness of it all ask, well she'd have to soften it up for this pamper princess but I would blunt . It's crazy the in the two dramas I'm watching has these delusional women claiming love but are choosing to damage the business of the folks they supposedly love and both have evil grannies willing to help SA
  4. What a load of twaddle. It's time someone goes stone cold with facts on Bora. Too much mollycoddling has created this monster. Not even an ounce of pity for her, her selfish actions endangered her sister and her unborn baby. Off course this woe is me performance will bring more mollycoddling, instead of her being checked . The writer really screwed up her storyline. Looks like we called it right JS parents we useless when he was younger and he too had to fend for himself just like Ah Ri. We were also spot on that there was an interest early on, glad he admited there was interest i
  5. Now that's what I'm talking about son, step your game up My dude already had his suitcase packed. Now I just need him to pimp slap BR into reality with a good tongue whipping like bssshh the ship has long sailed and actually now that I've had time to think and I've felt my heart flutter because of An Ri I know I never loved you as a man loves a woman it was like an older brother loves his little sister and you know what even if Ah Ri wasn't here we wouldn't have worked because you're a horrid person and also your boring RickRoll'D isn't that attractive to me (yeah yeah I know that last bi
  6. In her heart of hearts she knows darn well that is her. But she's hoping she didn't cause it'll also highlight the fact the SHE raised this monster. She raised such a nasty person while her bio daughter grew into a lovely young lady through SJ care and love. She doesn't want to see that reflection especially now she failing her daughter once again.
  7. Eerr what century is this? Scary thing is as unrealistic as it seems this is the reality for some. They OWN their kids are feel entitled to do whatever they please and then dress it up as being disrespectful or ungrateful or unfilial, when their child don't bend and comply. They hold their acts of parental obligation as a trump card to use to beat their kids into submission. Ah Ri's dad and Jun Soo's parents are cut from same cloth. They can all go kick rocks. Wow, the level of entitlement of this man to think he can drag the daughter he's disowned to have an abortion is mind boggling.
  8. Spot on @Bejaffled. What a bloody idiot Your not alone @EK8, anymore than 30min and an artery might just pop. After yesterday's delusional and nastiness I now actually worry that one of those monsters BR included will physically harm Ah Ri. I can honestly see someone giving her a little push.
  9. Uuurgh right I I no longer give a stuff about NR's backstory he's reached the point of no redemption but we all know they'll be kumbayaing at the end. How old was SA when JW became her stepmum? How did they raise such and awful human being? Sorry to say but the chickens are coming home to roost for JW she help create that monster. Looks like crim pops is gonna have to maybe team up with JW and protect their daughter, they both need to finally step up. But no that'll probably no happen...he'll probably use trying to protect BCW to try get into JW graces and get money. Thank heaven's she h
  10. Uuurrgghh..... So he's no gonna tell her come to her senses. Writernim why oh why like I said earlier Dae Ro could be the one that makes Bora see sense but oh no.... Instead he's feeding the troll... Urgh Bora really is one delusional cow. JS just needs to take Ah Ri done to the gu office and just register their marriage tout de suite. Screw the rest of them. Can't believe that cow had the gall to lay hands on her. She's so blind and delusional with this scandal release I hope JS issues a statement saying he ain't seen her in years until recently and that he's already moved on and married. So
  11. Dang JS I know he's just being honest with Bora but he's just given her the green light to keep thinking Ah Ri stole her man. So we can expect her to keep being a cow. Men can be so dang clueless sometimes. He was the same when he told his parents On the plus side JS has more or less confirm my belief from the get go that Ah Ri had gotten under his skin. Yeah it sucks they choose to go the pregnancy route but that dice has already been cast. The baby is a massive catalyst but the spark was already there. They need to squash this Bora nonsense fast as it getting rather irksome and for a
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Her actions bringing harm to Ah Ri will finally bring her true colours to light for all to see that she isn't as nice as they think and also cause JS to finally got ape at her.
  13. Oh heck no I sorry but what ever happens there will be no kumbayaing with that heifer. Yesterday her pregnant sister falls partly because of her as Ah Ri was trying to get away from her and her nasty tongue, and she walks away and leaves Ah Ri. Today she physically pushes Ah Ri and makes her fall to the ground. On both occasions Bora looks at her pregnant sister on the ground, and it was a look that said I wish you and your baby didn't exist, and walks away leaving her there. Add that to the fact she let out the secret to pops and I'm sorry this cow shouldn't be given a happy ending. JS needs
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