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  1. @serenilmauveThanks for the link to the translation. @Anjalifairy Thank you so much for translating the IV. He has such a great sense of humour. I couldnt stop grinning ear to ear while reading through He sure has put in a lot of effort what with learning so many things in his 20s and here I am half dead after office As a fan I feel so happy seeing his journey and all that he has accomplished
  2. @ivanovie25 Thanks for the welcome! @serenilmauve haha oops sorry I wasn't aware of that rule usually I am a silent reader roaming across various threads but PSJ can make anyone drool over him more actively Can someone tell me where can I watch the 10th year anniversary video of his with eng subs?? Or is there at least some translation of it available for reading?
  3. I have been binge watching this drama since yesterday and finally I have finished watching all the episodes I am liking the story so far not inspite of but because of the cliches. Some things and scenes are just sweet no matter how many times we see them JJ is so obsessed with Joon that he himself is spoiling his relationship with In-hyung. I am a little confused about what Joon did in the latest episode. He insisted Geun-young join him for the press photo session even when he knew how nasty things could get?? So he did this as revenge for he believed she was selling his personal
  4. They started this drama on a unhealthy relationship note & going by epi 15 they might end it that well too. So after dumping on Hyung seung the news that she will be going to Europe she kept him waiting time & again for 2 years. And then suddenly when the guilt became too much to bear she broke off the relationship when he had gone there to meet her. So like the guy tolerates all your nonsense, doesnt say a word, travels half way across the world to meet you, all in the hope that eventually this difficult time will pass if he is patient enough & then you will be back home & eve
  5. Why is this thread still on page 5? Guess not many people are watching it I am completely hooked on to this drama. So many stories, so many characters. You watch a scene, connect it with the other clues you know and are 99% sure you are right but suddenly a new scene, a new clue and you are proven wrong! I love the direction of this show & no wonder its been rated 19+ Some scenes really creeped me out. The snake & mouse scene was interesting because we go in expecting the snake to devour the mouse but it is the mouse who ends up biting the snake's neck...they never showed
  6. I just googled TPR as I wanted some nice photos of XQ. There are hardly any!!! Urrgghh It even has that bratty cousin in the results but XQ is like just 1-2 pics What's wrong with this world!! Also I read somewhere someone mentioned about wanting a korean remake of TPR & who would be the best actor to play XQ. I would love a korean remake but honestly cannot imagine anyone else other than ZYW playing XQ The writer suggested Gong Yoo which seemed like the best option out of few others whom I dont even remember now but I doubt anyone can match ZYW's XQ
  7. How cute was Hyun-seung with Song-ah's mom today Right way to go son-in-law!! I am confused as to why the middle sister's husband wants to divorce her. Yes he was in a relationship with the chef in college. It would have been great if he told her this before they married but its not like he cheated on her after their marriage. I think they should just adjust at least for the little girl's sake. The chef wont be interfering, the husband isnt going back to the chef so it might work out for the couple...if not as a couple then at least as parents to their daughter. Also I felt really
  8. Yes even I read their posts about aunt Xu. And I agree with them. I totally understood why Xu would want to interfere with the abortion medicine. Even we were shocked at what XQ was doing in spite of knowing the whole story so for her to meddle felt natural. But even after things cleared up after that Xu didn't give up and kept poking her abnormally long nose everywhere. First she spied on XQ meeting the children (yes she does ask Pang Gui to not spy on XQ I know but then she shouldn't have told it to Awu if she was so against it), then again in these last episodes where she stops Awu from tel
  9. @Nelly Lauw @Jolie Bijoux @Thuc Duyen Tumblr is a truly wonderful place. I started watching TRP because of some gifs mousie posted on her tumblr. Fell hook, line, sinker for XQ And their analysis is good too. This show doesn't have much fanart but some of the concepts on Tumblr are mindblowing & make you fall for a show more & more as you scroll through the gif sets, icons, etc I often revisit my old shows that way
  10. Yes this was another question I had. Who is the regent now? They showed us XQ & Awu are enjoying their time in Ningshuo with the children so then who will be Jinger's guardian/ regent? Like who is ruling that country??? Also dangermousie on Tumblr just shared the translation of the novel. The translation seems really good. In case anyone is interested here is the link https://dangermousie.tumblr.com/post/644103336375779328/monarch-industry-novel-mtl
  11. Sequel: as long as we have ZYW in it Another major thing which they skipped IMO is the whole planning Awu-XQ did to uncover who is working behind the scenes. It was their joint plan...would have been better to show how they planned, who told whom what & when in greater details at least in flash back There have been so many unnecessary scenes in this drama & the ones they do cut are all the important ones
  12. A few points about this ending puzzle me. XQ started out to find out who was behind the massacre of his soldiers, clear their names & bring the culprit to justice. He found out who it was, cleared the names of his soldiers but he let the culprit escape? Isn't he going to question Awu about Zitan? People who actively planned all this were HZ, Zitan, Dowager, Zilong. Out of these Zitan was the only one who colluded with a foreigner to betray his own people. So Awu saved a man who colluded with a foreign power, who massacred her husband's army, tried to kill her husband, managed to kill his
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