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  1. Did you guys see the Korean captions at the very, very end??? It says 다음편을 기대해 주세요 which Google Translate says it's please look forward to the next episode. is there going to be ANOTHER cf?????
  2. WOWWW PERSONALIZED HASHTAGS for our favorite couple?!?! how spoiled are we?!?! i will never be able to move on from this
  3. These two posts are such a wonderful written compilation of their love story! nothing new, but I will never grow tired of reading their destined loved story! https://www.gwenchanoona.com/post/hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-love-story-part-1 https://www.gwenchanoona.com/post/bin-jin-a-love-story-in-three-chapters-part-2
  4. I loved loved loved Confidential Assignment! so excited he's back with the OG Jin hahahaha and am i already being delusional, but i'm already anticipating the interviews these two will do and teasing HB about his two BinJin pairings LOLOL
  5. I purchased it and it's all pictures! No words except the cover and the publishing details. Very high quality pictures too. Wihle I recognize a lot of them, there were also new pictures I haven't seen before. I decided to buy it as a "souvenir" of this past year and am really glad I did after hearing about their confirmation, feel like i have a piece of history. hehehe
  6. i'm so slow, but....i just noticed.....she had red nails when she attended lee min jung's wedding....she also had red nails in the dispatch picture, and she was so eager to catch the bouquet, that must have been around the same time TT_TT
  7. hahahahah omg, I just finished listening to Carol (Dodo) Cheng's radio talk show and she is hilarious! I'll mention some of the key points that she discussed, she is truly one of us! imagine that, a veteran, acclaimed actress shipping and reacting the same way as all of us! - she started a quick summary of Dispatch's pattern of revealing a couple on 1/1 and saying it's 99.99% accurate - discussed the timeline of the 8 months, them separating feelings from the drama and real life, both very mature and serious - SYJ's first public announcement and how HB probably let his gf
  8. @QueenieBeethanks for all the links and walk down memory lane! I'm going down the same rabbit hole too, just can't stop watching their videos now knowing they are safely and happily together
  9. Carol Cheng from HK finally talked about BinJin on her radio talk show! I am saving it to listen later, but comments from HKers are saying she's hilariously excited for them hahahaha
  10. why is she so cute and so precious and so adorable! i love her for wanting to address it herself on her IG she's soooo precious!
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