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  1. Seriously ..... jinjja ... wow! I like how you summed it all here in ONE post. 404
  2. Hello @twinkle_little_star Jus watched Epi 5 Vincenzo - may go for Epi 6. Who is this lawyer Choi Myung-hee of Wu Sang? She is good ! 404
  3. Well put @booha Thanks for pointing out.
  4. It rained again here... weather is cooling bit. Happier How I wish I wake up to such good news ... every day is Sunday Hello @joccu @Thong Thin 406
  5. Thanks for the recommendation on Modern Farmer. Will KIV that in my list. Still got Tunnel to watch and probably Vincenzo (on KDY hehe) Interesting talk on barfing vs wine-drinking @partyon @joccu @larus Guess you guys are in slumberland - sleep tight Good morning @sadthe1st Glad your headache gone. Have a hearty breakfast and a great Sunday today. @Thong Thin It rained this morning, yay! Also hello to @Wuzetian 396 edit - ooooh @MayanEcho You are awake! Morning to you
  6. Yea, I am interested in KDY not because of his abs lol .. but am curious about his acting. That means I have to watch Epii 5 onwards of V. Hello @Ernie 382
  7. thank you Sunbae-nim Whoa @4evrkdrama If I were to do that, I would have dropped the drama by 1st 3 episodes. Not bad that you could do it. Take care @sadthe1st Rest well, may the pain go away. Hello @mirmz @joccu again @twinkle_little_star and @strongtower 386
  8. No, it's not stomach flu nor covid. I still have my sense of taste and smell. No fever too. @partyon Thanks again. Will watch out for Kwak Dong Yeon - hope he has more screen time, playing baddie along with Taecyeon. He is only 23, looking good too, who knows, he gets to play lead one day. Thank you @joccu Hello @4evrkdrama since you are into Vincenzo, do update us bit by bit yea 394
  9. Thank you @sadthe1st for the suggestion. Will follow @Thong Thin 's advice on soupy meals - have to go slow on the tummy. Yea @partyon been barfing for like 2 days. Today 3rd day - still not comfortable. I lost 2 kg by the way. I did too but have to FF quite a bit - only on Ep 3 and 4. Not sure will watch till end. Can I ask .. how is Taecyeon acting - good? He's doing dual role in this drama. Hi @joccu @larus Thank you all 398
  10. Please blabber on. It's a pleasure to hear you so. My ... your list is so long! @sadthe1st I wonder sick people can eat ramyeon / instant noodles? I guess not ... @Thong Thin maybe can tell me... looks like my appetite is coming bit by bit .... 390
  11. Tunnel Ep 14 So, PGH is back to 2017! PGH cried again in despair – thinking of Yeon Sook, his promise to return, her fear and the baby. Lately, there have been a lot of tears in the drama. Kim SJ is angry because all this while, he trusted that Coroner Mok whom he respect as a mentor, not knowing he is the one who murdered his mom. PGH just realised he left the NOEL back in 1986! Dang! Despair but not beaten, PGH went back to the police station. Poor Chief Sung Shik was in shock to see his sunbae returning, leaving his wife. Wonder how is he going
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