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  1. This Zoppa ... and hi @larus AEIOU -2
  2. It's okay, I stick to your Zoppa -2
  3. So many oppas ... where's my oppa 856 @joccu It's Thursday eve for me ...
  4. @partyon What's that supposed to mean , your gif .. the way Zoppa turns his head ... -2
  5. Wow @partyon Amazing, you literally scrolled up and down to talk to each of us. Thank you so much! I will try to place him in my oppa list ... hahahhahahah! I shall him call Zoppa just to differentiate .. Daejang wont mind , I guess. One oppa, one zoppa -2
  6. Have you watch this Zoppa, @sadthe1st ? for a change ... He looks pretty handsome ... err, up close 858
  7. Why @Sleepy Owl there has not been any rain lately? 858
  8. Earlier yes @Lmangla We had to shut our the PC and all, just in case power surge. Now the home is cool .. 858
  9. Hi @Ameera Ali @joccu @Jillia @Ernie -2
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