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  1. Some of us got paycuts, a number has been retrenched. Food businesses (big and small) have closed down - not all can survive on take-aways. Rental , utilities and maintenance are high nowadays, can't keep up. Very sad for both sides (the ones operating and paying staff and the ones taking the wage). Some ended with more complications due to stress (health wise) - mentally. Just pray that most of us get vaccinated the soonest. I read most US and UK kinda back to normal as majority are vaccinated. Cases still remain but not like us here where healthcare operations are on the edge.
  2. Good morning @Thong Thin @sadthe1st 668
  3. @partyon you are back ! This was me when Suzy's name was brought up .... Anyway, time for me to crawl to my pillow now -long day, tired Goodnight Chingus! 666
  4. @confusedheart326 How could I forget that @Sleepy Owl That's YOUR trademark some more with pouting lips 644
  5. Sleep tight @Wuzetian Goodnight! @kokodus would be very pleased 644 Edit - Hello @Sleepy Owl you in the butt club too?
  6. He seems to like touching his body or abs whatever What about us? Thank you @gm4queen 642 C
  7. Am I still late for tea @gm4queen? hehe So many chingus are awake now @joccu @Sleepy Owl @MayanEcho @twinkle_little_star @agenth @gm4queen @Lmangla @kokodus @4evrkdrama @Ameera Ali Where's @partyonUnnie? Hello Chingus! No worries Who are these two? at first I thought BTS, but nope? 640
  8. @Wuzetian that one is MILD, not milo @sadthe1st prefers the red bottle one (full fat). I went yesterday to buy - it ran out of stock, so got the HALF one instead. Do not want to take the mild one. @sadthe1st your Yam taro cake pic looks very interesting! I love yam cake, who doesn't @Wuzetian Mom knows how to make, but a lot of work. Sometimes it turn out okay, sometimes no. So she is not so keen. But when I go buy outside, it is more FLOUR than the yam itself. Right @Thong Thin ? Plus the sweet dark and chilli sauces must be just nice. Dunno
  9. Hello @sadthe1st THAT, looks soooo good! What is it? I did Tuna Mayo Croissant with this introduced by @sadthe1st 608
  10. Good exercise @agenth Please be careful too. Good morning @Thong Thin and to those about to wake up 608 C
  11. 620 How wonderful @Lmangla Our hair saloons here, barbers are NOT allowed to operate, so we here have to bear with the loose curl ends , long bangs etc etc
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