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  1. @triplem I cried with CA when she passed the exam. Finally, she's on her way to rebuilding her life... There's something in me that doesn't want the time jump to happen this early. JH needs to know the circumstances behind his brother's suicide first. I think it's important for the whole truth to come out first, including his mom's role in JG's decision before healing for JH can truly happen. Right now, my guess is that he thinks mom is hiding something about JG. In ep.18, he overheard mom on the phone asking about some release date, and he took note of this. In ep.8, when JH learned that it was suicide (from JG's letter), he must have thought about that hospital receipt mom was trying to hide. Also, just my hunch but in some of his more serious conversations, his words seemed loaded. It's as if he was talking about something more. JH to CA (eps21-22): "If the truth is distorted, your life gets distorted, too. I just don't like that." JH to his aunt (eps23-24): "You're covering, concealing, and framing as you want. What do you think Jin-u will say when he wakes up... Will he compliment you? Will he thank you? No. He won't even be able to ask you in case you get hurt. Knowing that it's wrong. Knowing his life and everyone's life are twisted, he will have to act like he doesn't know. Aunt, make it right while you still can." *JH to dad cop (ep29): "Parents think that they know their children the best, but they know nothing when it comes to their children." Once JH finds out what mom did to cover up JG’s hit and run, it’s sure going to hurt their relationship. And healing will have to involve forgiving mom. @yamiyugi, I noticed that same reporter, too. I think she's going to have a big role in uncovering the truth.
  2. Did Jun-hwi just have two big revelations in a day? Why doesn't mom want him to meet with Cheong-ah? Now that he found out that it's CA that JG was with after all, did he get scared to find out why JG killed himself? What's with this talk of Spain and what will make him stay? Is the time jump really happening this early? Ah, so many questions and we have 68(+) episodes left. Lol
  3. There might be a time jump for the ending. SA will get divorced (or maybe her husband will not wake up anymore). That's enough time for her to move on with her life and perhaps get together with TR? That time jump may also be necessary for Judge Hong and Junhwi to fully heal. Which is also in time for the 10th anniversary of JG's death. By then, JH could have decided to either go back to his law studies, be the CEO of Inter Market, of head the sports department. Oh my... I cried buckets watching that MV, too. Reminded me of the first three episodes when I couldn't stop crying the whole time.
  4. So in last night's episodes (29-30), we learn why JH came back to Korea. It is to look for JG's "girlfriend" and find out the reason why JG made the choice to end his life. Because only then can he finally let go. I wonder if in the next episodes (31-32) JH will finally make the CA-JG connection. @triplem I remember some stills you posted where JH and CA are having some serious conversation. They are wearing the same clothes from their coffee "date." That must be after JH visits CA's house and finds out that SA and CA are sisters. Now that JH is going to find out that SA and CA are sisters, there is a big possibility for JH to make the connection very soon. In ep23, JH learns from the detective that SA may be related to the girl he is looking for. Also, in earlier episodes, we're shown hints that JH is starting to connect CA to JG. Towards the end of ep18, when CA called him up, he looked surprised as if he was recognizing some other familiar name. We know that from ep7 (at JG's wake), JH already learned about CA when he saw CA’s name tag among JG’s things. Nine years later, he already forgot the name Kim Cheong Ah, so he asked the detective handling JG’s case (ep16). The detective was not sure and gave him possible names only. JH went to CA's high school and checked the yearbook, but since CA dropped out, he couldn’t find her in the list. When JH was on his way to meet CA at the Han River, he was reciting possible names that sounded like the name in his memory. He ended with Kim Cheong Ah. Later, he asked CA which high school she graduated from (which CA found too odd to answer). Now that CA has her book back 29 eps later, I'm wondering if the other item she left on the train will have any significance to the story. At first I thought it was a note, but rewatching that scene, it looks something like a lip balm. If that's the case then perhaps I don't have to wonder about it anymore...
  5. Waah I so love it! Finally the "it's the same guy you fell for" reveal happened today. Thanks to Anne of Green Gables--the book CA left (?) on the train. Now I wonder about the rolled note and the doll. Tomorrow's episode looks angsty. SA and mom will learn HR was the bully. JH will find out SA and CA are sisters. I barely understand Korean, so I'm not sure why he got mad. I can't wait for the quick caps and the subs, as well as everyone's thoughts EDIT Thank you so much @triplem! You don't know how much I was waiting for your recap. I guess it's going to be a slow-burn romance between JH and CA. Which is what I kinda like, so long as we get some giddy moments every week. I just feel bad for BR though. He seems to care a lot about CA he's going to break my heart. Anyway, I also love the mother-son interactions and I really hope that JH will now be more open and understanding to mom.
  6. Judge Hong looks pensive when asked if she's buying for her daughter-in-law (ep24) , but she does not correct the saleslady who mistakenly made the assumption. Judge Hong, CA and JH will have to hurdle a lot of obstacles before this comes into reality. Cheong-ah and Judge Hong having a meal together and enjoying each other's company... This is what I want to see more of. No matter what happens in the future, I want to see both being each other's ally and a source of comfort. When Judge Hong finally learns about Jun Gyeom's suicide, I hope she won't push CA away--at least not for too long. Everybody will blame her, but I know CA won't... It'll also be fun to watch Jun Hwi spending regular bonding time with these two. Maybe over breakfast and dinner at home? <3
  7. I totally agree with you. First, Judge Hong who covered up JG's hit and run. Her allowing someone else to go to jail most probably added to JG's guilt, which made him take his own life. Next is Judge Hong's sister who is now trying to frame Baek Rim. Then, CA's mom for creating the lie about JG, and also for trying to send CA away because of SA. The reason I made particular mention of Judge Hong and her sister was that someone else outside of their respective families are suffering because of these terrible decisions. As for CA's mom, it is CA who is mostly affected. After nine years, she still feels stuck and I think this is because she is still living in the lie no matter how this lie must have protected CA's family as well as JG's. For sure the suicide will be revealed and will definitely create chaos later on, which I partly dread. But I know that revelation is crucial for healing to happen.
  8. My pleasure! For me it was the first three episodes that captivated me and got me hooked. I discovered this drama just this week and binge-watched all the earlier episodes. I got invested right away in the story of CA--she's one character you'd love to root for. It's going to be a long ride and I hope to stay til the end. Anyway, I'd like to share what I find notable and thoughts about episodes 25-26: 1. Coming home. Both CA and SA came home and this is what I loved most about last night's episodes. One who has always been devoted to her family, and the other who cut ties for what she thought would make her truly happy. I love what CA said to her parents: CA: For nine years, I have tried to avoid everything... I'm not okay, mom. I'm not okay, dad. I want to do well, I want to live a good life. However hard I try, I'm still at square one. I came back to you in a total mess again. I feel like I've been whipping myself. I've been lashing out at my own life. "Where can I go to move forward?" "Where should I go to get away from everything?" I thought that you two are my beginning. I should start over right here. Our home is my starting point. [We know from last week that JH triggered this realization.] 2. Officer Moon's conversation with JH. This makes me think that he is a man of principles. Officer Moon: If my child is special, so is someone else's child. [This is a breath of fresh air considering that the moms in this drama--particularly the Hong sisters--made terrible decisions for their children at the expense of others. In addition...] Officer Moon: The law which I must uphold as a police officer seemed less important than that young man's life. [I'm glad he's not a stickler for rules. His priorities are in the right place. I hope he will continue to act according to his conscience.] 3. Main OTP development. Like many of you, I look forward to CA and JH scenes. JH is now showing more interest in CA. Am I correct in my assumption that the main reason he wanted to talk to Baek Rim was to ask about CA and get to know more about her? And was that also the same reason why he asked CA to meet him at the hospital? I can't wait to see when he realizes that CA is that same girl on the train. And I'm curious to know what happened to the doll as well as the book and the rolled note CA left on the train.
  9. CA and HR seemed to be classmates. This was shown a few episodes back when JH went to CA's high school and was browsing through the yearbook, in hopes of finding out about the girl in his bro's letter.
  10. Reposting my comment from another site... I was not originally planning to watch, but I checked this out because of Kwak Dong Yeon and was pleasantly surprised to see Lily of Vagabond and Jennifer of 30 but 17. I cried with Geum Bak-Ha (Park Se-wan) and I'm rooting for her and baby Yulmo as they build a new life. I think they're going to have a wonderful family at Paradise Inn. I'm beginning to see how the inn owner Bok Mak-Rye will be a force behind Geum Bak-Ha and how the people at Paradise Inn will grow together as a family. I like it that Na Hae-ri (Park Ah-in aka Lily in Vagabond) has a love-hate relationship with her cousin, main lead Na Hae-Joon (Kwak Dong-Yeon). I hope their relationship won't go the dark route. I also like it that Park Jun-Keum is taking on another fashionable overbearing mother role, and I hope the show will make me like her as much as I did in Wolgyesu (written by the same scriptwriter). Four episodes in and I can see how this show has a lot of potential to be heartwarming as well as entertaining. And since this is KDY's first main lead role, I really hope for this drama to deliver a story that viewers can have fond memories of.
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