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  1. Moments from the finale: The post-coital morning GLOW UP!! AKA the Look Of Love. Also, Kang Tae done rearranged Moon Young's taste in clothing! took the edge off! Soft, frilly, off shoulder, not-trying-to-hard-to-make-a-point-in-public-about-my-personality, just-got-it-for-20000 Won, "I just had great sex and I am going to lounge on the couch and enjoy this new, nice feeling" kind of dress. Worse still, she can't keep quiet about it. SIS must let Sang Tae know that Kang Tae did more than kiss (and that he was her first, because as far as I am concerned, for all her unfiltered talk, she has never slept with anyone before, it was just her public persona posturing.) Here's your loudspeaker, Moon Young! Go tell it on the mountain!! Because of how well the story was written and wrapped up, I am happy and able to move on. The finale did not feel like just an ending, it felt like a new beginning for our characters. As I watch them drive off, I know that they are going to be okay, driving around, arguing, play fighting, teasing one another, illustrating books, recovering the publishing company, writing more children's books, studying on campus without Moon Young getting jealous... I didn't need the obligatory "in the future" visuals, maybe except the baby girl who will steal Kang Tae from her mother. I must salute the writers, they gave me the perfect ending. It has been a while since a drama wrapped up so well.
  2. This has been an amazing ride!! I wasn't too convinced about the story when it was announced till the teasers came out and MANNNNN!! has it delivered!! Started well, didn't sag in the middle, ended perfectly, fed us with enough romance and action from the OTP, deep, funny, thought provoking.... PBIO has saved 2020!! Made up for all the disappointing and half-hearted dramas I subjected myself to. I am especially glad they did not drag Moon Young's mother's scenes. As far as I am concerned, the explanation given for her behavior and actions is good enough. Dad obviously hallucinated and Mum had a world view that would make her go to such extremes to torment people. They wrapped that up in a neat bow in episode 15, within 20 minutes and used the remaining hour and episode 16 for our OTP as opposed to wrapping up stuff in the last 15 minutes of episode 16. (or that horror of an ending from backstreet rookie. How can you have a whole drama with two great kissers and no kiss???) Highlights: More kiss scenes, a cheekily implied bed scene and an actual morning after scene! Perfect love confessions. Sang Tae leaving the coop and flying off on his own. My conclusion: I am completely satisfied with this drama and I will rewatch it soon.
  3. Y'all!! So someone made an observation about the family portrait... Kang Tae is in Black and Moon Young is in White. That's A WEDDING PORTRAIT Y'ALL!! When Kang Tae walked through the door, I thought to myself, "We're both the same height (180cm), me and him would look so good posing for a photo together when he's in that hair do (giving him one extra centimetre)!! I can't believe we only have this and next week!! Going forward, obviously, the mystery of the butterfly and Moon young's mother will be revealed, we will get confirmation as to whether Sang Tae and Moon Young are siblings (I'm 99% sure they are), and a happy ending for our couple. However, I just want another kiss. An even more passionate one. Moon Young likes to tease Kang Tae, but when the going gets tough, she is all cute about it while Kang Tae has come through! I want a passionate kiss that will match all the sexy comments she has been making, and I want her to initiate it!! Most people have watched Save Me and Lawyerless Lawyer, but i guess very few watched LAST. I first met Seo Ye Ji in that drama and kept watching because of her voice... It's very much a guy's drama, lots of action and power struggles... And there she was, Florence Nightingale nurse with the deep voice.lol.
  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the kiss... I think that the moment on the balcony that was interrupted by the deer should have been their first kiss. It fit more with the the lust that they have been holding back. The softer flowery kiss should have been their second kiss. The contrast between the two would have been very effective. They went for the humor of the deer, which was funny but yeah... after the laugh I was left cheated. That soft kiss was underwhelming, if we are honest with ourselves, considering that they've harped on how KMY pines for MKT and MKT can barely hold himself back... Regardless of them being each other's first loves and probably never having had a kiss before, I think that there's an eagerness in a first kiss that would have been shown especially considering how hot they are for each other. Anyway, the kiss happened and thankfully it was not one of those ridiculous open-eyed closed-mouth ones. I would have rioted if we got one of those!!! I had pegged the head nurse as the mum, but during the course of last week I thought to myself that the mum must be hiding in plain sight. I thought for a moment that that humming patient is KMY's mum and felt vindicated that she was the one who appeared at the door, but now I am back to square one. Isn't it too early for KMY to deal with the MOTHER storyline? We still have six episodes. I would expect that it would be the last storyline explored, from episode 14 or thereabouts... What do y'all think?
  5. Episode 8. What do I say?? Even better than episode 7 (though episode 7 had the message that hit home hardest for me. Cut those ropes that are tying you down!!) I'm working backwards here and guessing wildly. I have not thought as much about the head nurse as y'all have but.... what if she is Moon Young's mum?? She's near enough to her husband to haunt him with the Clementine song or punish him if he had tried to kill her. Of course plastic surgery can always change her looks, but..... her voice would be a give away, and she would have shown more concern for MY and not left her laying on the ground.... hmmmm!! Anyway, I felt some type of way when Moon Young cut her hair, especially because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this look.... Gorgeous!! Then I remembered this animation sequence from episode 1 ( I could only get the static gif) Moon Young's hair grows into the tree and is the leash that ties her down!! Writernim!!! (I'm avoiding over-analysing this drama because last time I went down the drama rabbit hole (My Mister), I was so emotionally drained, I still haven't moved on, two years later. and I cannot rewatch it) I expect a kiss this coming week and a traumatic end to episode 12, before the final conflict with the butterflies and the disappearance/death of MYs mum to free our OTP to ride off together into the sunset in their camper van. Does anyone know what this sculpture is? ( to me it looks like it's from the Benin Kingdom.) It was in the opening scene of ep 8. It must have a meaning. ----------- Has anyone seen any interview with the writer discussing this drama? I confess I was not very interested in the drama even with the cast because her first drama Jugglers was nothing spectacular. It's the teasers with Seo Ye Jin's voice taunting Kang Tae that got me hooked and I'm glad this drama has turned out to be such a delight!!
  6. Episode 7 was just awesome. This is one of those uncommon dramas where every episode is better than the last! Big problem tho. Moon Young and Kang Tae are PEAK SEXUAL FRUSTRATION!! They've been EYE BANGING one another (as someone called it) so I expect nothing less than a steamy kiss scene, but for the first time in my kdrama watching career, after episode 7, I am desperate for a proper bed scene. When Kang Tae asked Moon Young what she wants to eat and she replied "You", I felt my insides squeal. Where I come from, we use the slang phrase "to eat someone/ eat one another" to describe engaging in raw, passionate, unbridled/uninhibited, ecstatic, physical, sweaty sex. Bednastics. Basically you want one another so bad you suffer burns on your skin from sliding around on your bedsheets. When she says she wants to eat Kang Tae, I understood her in the context of the slang we use. Immediately, their PASSIONOMETER went past the limit!! The safety pin has been pulled!! BURN!! Now here I am expecting them to go at it like Bonobos, dolphins and some monkeys I saw doing it at the Taipei Zoo some years ago!! I'm a mess y'all! Even though I don't expect the traditional episode 8 kiss tonight. I also love how the production team has basically not listened to netizen complaints about how brazen Moon Young is and they continue to serve us her unfiltered sexual madness!! YESSHHH!! Moving on to serious matters, I think the next patients whose story is going to be resolved is this couple. 1. I think they are husband and wife. Recall the first fairy tales class when they introduced themselves. She is a woman who was battered by a husband who loved to drink. The male patient is an alcoholic as we have seen severally. However, in that first class another patient mentioned how AReum likes to make excuses for the husband who battered her. I noted that the male patient turned back to look at AReum in a very specific way, and I think the reason that shot was captured is because he is the husband.... 2. Obviously this is foreshadowing... I look forward to seeing how their story will help Moon Young and Kang Tae become closer. Does either have a history of jealousy in a relationship that would tie to the jealousy we are seeing from SangTae?
  7. What sets off Moon Young? What I love about this drama is how the patients are also being used to advance the main character's plot. This is optimum screenwriting. In episode 6, the patient with the Flutist daughter notices JuRi eyeing Kang Tae during their aerobics session. In her delusion, she gets annoyed that JuRi is going to steal the man she has identified as a boyfriend for her daughter. She "calls" and tells her daughter to hurry to the hospital so that she can lock in this guy who is "1000 times more handsome" than her last blind date. Turns out that she thinks Moon Young is her Flutist daughter. She proceeds to aggravate Moon Young by accosting her and insisting that she meet this hot dude. Moon Young is clearly disturbed by this lady calling herself her "Mother" and speaks so harshly to her that she faints. The next time we see Moon Young, she is in her bedroom. She has clearly been impacted by the episode and she lies in her bed, looking unsettled. Kang Tae stands at her door, worried that she left her phone at the hospital and hasn't eaten. I think that references to her "Mother" trigger Moon Young's paralysis. While watching episode 6 for the third time, it struck me that she slept well on the night that Kang Tae comes over to the house. We also see a cute "Good Night" write itself on her window. She wakes up to chirping birds and soft morning light and announces that she's slept well, perhaps soothed because her plan to make Kang Tae live in her castle has worked...lol. The next time we see her asleep, it is in the scene after the altercation with the patient. Kang Tae leaves the food at the door as she ignores him, curled up in her bed. She falls asleep soon after. We then see her go down into that basement room. She sits at the dressing table and combs her hair, and her mother appears to her self and then she changes into her younger self. A conversation takes place then Mother then screams at her, "Why did you bring him here?". We then see Moon Young in bed gasp and open her eyes, in the grip of her sleep paralysis. Did the writer want us to contrast the two sleep scenes? I don't know. I also don't remember the specifics of the circumstances that set off the first sleep paralysis episode, so if someone would be so kind as to make a comparison, I would be happy. I also noted that in both instances, the sleep paralysis happened as Moon Young was sleeping on her back. I checked online and found that sleeping on your back increases the chances of having a sleep paralysis incident. It also involves hallucinations that cause fear, so I think the "Mother" hovering over her bed and throughout this entire scene is a hallucination.. I love this attention to detail. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/295039
  8. My problem with episode 12 is that it plays into the fear that remains in my subconscious while watching dramas, that the ending will be screwed up. To find a drama with a good ending is like finding a unicorn!! Is there a school of sadism in Korea that teaches writers to destroy the ending? Or were they just not taught the principle of catharsis? I find myself unable to really give myself completely to a drama because I am always wondering how mangled the ending will be. I watched episode 12, not so much worried by the crazy happenings, but by the fear that this will be YET ANOTHER BAD/ HURRIEDLY PUT TOGETHER ENDING, thinking "Oh NO!, I have seen this before, and it doesn't end well!!". (Even the great CLOY did not give me the catharsis I wanted in terms of their relationship when the leads went back to South Korea. It was too much plot and not much of the leads.) What I really needed was more dating and food and kissing before they had to face the inevitable. The episode took a 180 from the sweetness of the movie date and the kiss in EP11 into dark territory for most of the episode, which was discombobulating. I think Jae Hyuk had to go to Hae Kyung's office as a way to bring healing to the characters in the story. Through this plot, I expect the truth about Jae Hyuk and his malicious reporting to be exposed and Hobo Guy to be cleared, Jae Hyuk will finally be sent to jail or to receive psychiatric help, and most importantly, Do Hee can move on when she sees the extent of his madness. She's given him many chances to save himself because she was in love with him which is a natural reaction, but after this, I expect any lingering feelings to be over. Do Hee and Hae Kyung can move into the future without the trauma of the past hanging over their heads. In the meantime, I will hang on to the brilliant analysis by @akhenaten to console me. Especially this part: As long as they can resolve the issues they have raised logically, I will be fine. Plus skinship.
  9. You're right. She needs someone of her level. I have never wanted a knight in shining armour for a character so badly in my life than I want for Eun Joo!! Writernim!! Help!! I'm past the age of caring about fairy tale characters but this is an exception. If she doesn't get a good romantic interest, I hope someone can write a steamy fanfic of a very pregnant Eun Joo and said Knight. I also loved how Eun Joo RIPPED into her father!! That scene was satisfying AH!! She only said the truth. Daddy decided to dump on them and expects them to accept and move on after such a secret. Very unfair and inconsiderate of him. But his entire life is a bunch of inconsiderate decisions.
  10. I saw an interesting comment online saying that maybe Eun Joo and that "outside" brother Young Sik will get together, especially because of that scene where the kid goes to Eun Joo and hugs her by her leg. The scene felt to me like they laid it on too thick, but based on this online commenter's theory, I see possibilities. I wanted a guy for Eun Joo, and now the writers do not have to insert a new character into the storyline. He already existed all along! lol! Either way, I think Eun Joo and that "grandchild" have a future together. This is one of those rare dramas whose midsection has not started to sag. Every episode is still amazing and fresh and I am crossing my fingers that it remains the same to the end. Also, if I am not wrong, this drama not have an OST until the end of episode 10. It was all background mood music till then. The story is that good!
  11. I saw this comment on one of the "streaming sites".... I know these broadcasters regulate the content Koreans can access on Youtube very heavily... I'm also frustrated by the ratings because this drama is a work of art!! However, I do not think their bank accounts are affected because Netflix streaming brings good returns. The money they are earning from rights and residuals is enough to let the production and main cast ignore ratings. This drama is absolutely amazing and this weekend's episodes were beyond amazing!! I was blown away in Episode 3 by how they showed an episode of Manic depressiveness from the POV of the patient. It hit me like a ton of bricks when the scene was replayed in the hospital setting! I think JuRi is the typical second lead, orbiting around the Lead, never professing their love until it is too late. She'll only act on her feelings when Moon Young becomes real competition for Kang Tae's affections. In the meantime, she knows he's not in any danger of falling in love because he doesn't have the time to do so while caring for his brother, doesn't settle in a place long enough to form long term bonds, and as with a carer, has to decide whether their romantic interest can handle having a lifelong patient as part of the relationship T&C. She is content with being near him and hoping for THE DAY. I also think Moon Young is her enemy from their school days, but I don't expect her to turn evil, just aggressive. The I LOVE YOU scene was hilarious but quickly degenerated into a sad scene for me. Moon Young thought she had baited yet another sucker with the "I Love You" move that worked many times before and smiled because she thought she'd caught him when he stopped in his tracks. When Kang Tae continued walking without a glance backwards, I think she freaked out and became loud and angry. To me there was subtext of a frantic and desperate person in that screeching who really just wants to love and be loved!! In that screaming she meant those words, or at least wanted them to mean something to Kang Tae, for once in her life. I was laughing, but still crying for her in that moment. The "I'm horny" scene needs no explanation. How did the writer think to put that dialogue in the scene? I was shocked and so amused. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at so many scenes! Moon Young has no filter and will go for what she wants, manners and protocol be damned!! I love HER!! The Butterfly Hug scene. That scene was emotional but at the same time, I am about ready for these two to knock boots!! Just get it on you two!! Moon Young is like all of us, presenting a front to the world, but still very vulnerable with the inner child whose needs were not met coming to the surface in the quiet moments when we cannot block him/her by distracting ourselves with "doing stuff". I do not expect her to be cured of her ASPD, but I hope for her to make strides in dealing with the root cause of her ASPD, her family background. Agreed @UnniSarah! I'm also in the minority. I do not believe she was born that way. She is a product of her parents and circumstances that have created this persona we see. I actually think ASPD is an extreme diagnosis of her character. However, like KKD the manic depressive, confronting her trauma may help her heal just enough to be a social being, not a 180degree transformation. I think that she will lose her career as a writer. We've almost forgotten Seoul, but the current scandal is out of control and no amount of money can stop it, there's an injunction against the new book, her publisher is about to go bankrupt from the fallout, but Moon Young could care less. She wants Kang Tae, and that is the only problem she has in her world. Maybe her career will crash and her comeback will be a book based on her healing. (which will obviously be a hit, scandals will be forgotten and she's rich and famous! But this time she will be writing from a place of wholeness, not brokenness. EDIT: SANG TAE will illustrate the book.) I'm really curious as to how this drama will end. I think it will have a "different" ending. I don't want to use the word unique, but the story is not the straightforward drama, so I don't expect a straightforward ending. I also think that through Moon Young, Kang Tae will also come to know what it is to be cared for. He has existed to care for his brother, and has a career in caring for other people. As Moon Young heals, she will learn to care for others and Kang Tae will experience what it is to be cared for through her journey in caring. Kinda symbiotic healing. I'm really just here for the blazing chemistry and the emotional healing!!
  12. I thought that the forehead kiss was petty revenge for the ramyeon move. HK wanted "ramyeon" and he got ramyeon. DH practically puckered her lips for a kiss. HK saw her anticipation and gave a forehead kiss. lol. This teasing is too much! Directornim has built up enough anticipation! I need a kiss to happen soon, and not one of those half baked ones.
  13. I would love to see a scene in which we see the resentment/anger that Kang Tae has towards the burden of caring for his brother. It is realistic for a carer to feel that way, though it may not fit in a romantic drama, but I think it would work to show the other side of the coin of caring for loved ones. Thanks for the translations. I have gotten a better sense of the characters and empathise with them a bit more now. Hear! Hear! Agreed! you said what I thought earlier but you put it in much clearer terms. The psychological cost of caring for loved ones can cause resentment in family members and guilt for feeling that resentment. As a policy student, I also see it on a bigger scale as a cost that should be included in the calculation of the cost and components of universal healthcare. As a country provides the medicine and care for the patient, there should also be support services for the carers in terms of a stipend of sorts and psychological services for them to have a way to deal with the toll of caring for their loved ones. I think we caught a glimpse of this other side of the Nurse in Episode 1 when she leaves Moon Young's house and while in the lift she says, "She pi$$es me off". The good girl facade fell for a moment there. In that entire sequence at Moon Young's house, she seemed to be holding it in, probably from Moon Young's annoying character, but I think there is a lot of bad backstory between them. I bet Moon Young is oblivious to what their history is....lol Nurse is so annoyed after visit Moon Young at her place that she throws the guardian consent forms... She needs a moment... SATURDAY!! Where are YOU???
  14. Eun Joo! My poor hearteu!!! That convo she had with Tae Hyung just broke me. To love someone is one thing, but to like them is unlocking a new level of emotion. The revelation forced her to confront feelings she kept buried. When you go into a relationship (or anything) with no expectations, you end up getting even more attached, and in her case, REALLY liking Tae Hyung. I noted that she used the word LIKE as opposed to Love in that moment. She is obviously hurt because she really likes him, not just because he used her as a beard. She says that she slowly grew to like him. They both went into that marriage to use each other to get away from their families, but she did not expect to grow to like him. Maybe that's why she tried so hard for a child. That affection that comes from liking someone is strong and so hard to uproot!! It creeps up on you and next thing you know, you are in love with said person and smiling to yourself like an idiot. Falling in and out of love (In the romantic way) may be easier because of the bonding hormones involved, and those wear out after a while. Love is very self interested, you love how this person makes you feel ( that hormone rush!!). But LIKE is not just a feeling, it's genuine concern and care for the other person. More selfless than love, though not completely selfless. You care about the best for the other person. You are not incentivised by how they make you feel. You enjoy being around them. You genuinely want what's best for them, even when you get nothing from it. You are not overwhelmed by your desire for them, you see them as they are, with their flaws and annoying habits and still want to be around them. Many times I've been told that you should marry someone you love, but more importantly, you should LIKE them as a person. At this point, I want some hot good-hearted man to appear before her!!! I'm gonna rewatch the hell out of that scene...... As for Eun Hee's colleague!!! How could she bring that ex girlfriend???? I was beyond furious, but the scene was necessary for the tension and plot development it caused.
  15. Mondays are more wholesome because of this drama, ratings be damned! We have a wounded couple who I really just want to find happiness, preferably together, with each other. Same same. I rewatch the week's episodes the very next day. Who knew I could look forward to Mondays??!!
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