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  1. I'm in the minority here, I'm absolutely enjoying this drama! However, I can see the moral issues y'all are having. I don't watch dramas for moral guidance but my stance has been tested in another drama (Be My Family) where a character I am rooting for has her cheating ex circling her like a thirsty wolf and trying to ingratiate himself and get back into her life and I can't accept the idea they're pushing that it could happen. This Writernim has written extreme Makjang, so this drama is tame by her standards and actually has something to talk about. That's the reason I'm enjoying
  2. I will NOT be amused if they try to redeem him as a good husband. Redeeming incorrigible cheats and fraudsters is by him apologizing on his knees and paying back what he stole. Not flowers and cheap memories recited by a deep, seductive baritone and dinner dates by ambush. And worse still, she seems to be wavering, obviously after being fed fantasies of their past. I'm laughing at myself for being unusually annoyed by what seems to be unfolding. It's getting too real! I don't watch dramas for moral lessons but I don't want it to be broadcast for posterity that infidelity and betra
  3. My Korean is the lite version so I need help. Do the words longing and painting sound the same? Are they pronounced almost the same/written almost the same? It sounds like there's wordplay with the two words to my ears. A word in the second sentence must sound like "painting", otherwise my ears are playing tricks on me..... In episode 9 when Seo Hyun says: "You are my painting" "Longing for you has become a part of my life" I could swear I heard a variation of 그림 (painting) in the second sentence... Perhaps my favou
  4. I am unable to forgive him for his many crimes (cheating, stealing her money), so I honestly can't get with the redemption circuit he is running on.... If directornim didn't have her wealthy family, she'd be ruined forever!! We don't need another scam storyline. Remember him selling some idea during the wedding? I panicked in that scene!!. This is just me tho, I'm all about the soft life for characters who've already been through hell. Let her get a good guy to live out her granny years with. She was annoying at the beginning with her jousting with MinAh's mum, but he's a bigger evil. Lol.
  5. I'm absolutely enjoying this drama, but can we NOT have hospital directornim get vulnerable and lonely because her son is gone and fall for that SNAKEU of an ex-husband of hers??!! He's gonna ruin her again!! If there's a love line, I need it to be a with a good and loving guy, AFTER she's sobered up!! (If he's younger and hot, the better!!) That ex husband actor is always playing dodgy characters lol, but I need him gone!! He's slithered up to her like that snake I hear about in the garden of Eden.....
  6. I am Kim Seo Hyung's number one groupie y'all!! That woman is all kinds of HOT!! All the pining, sighing, hoping, staring, hand holding that she and Suzy Choi are doing is gonna give me a heatstroke!! While I don't expect the lesbian love story of the century, I hope that we can get one meeting of the two in the present day, even if they are saying goodbye to each other. Is there an alliance forming? Hee Soo, Seo Hyun and the tutor against their common enemy Ji Yong? That last scene in Episode 7 with the three of them in such a vulnerable scene looked like foreshadowin
  7. YES, I will be watching the HELL out of season two!!! I need the cheaters to pay but..... I ALSO want thirties guy to end up with his mistress!! I am here for the slapping, shouting, anger, frustration, revenge, rage, resolution and extended, long winded dialogues about "eating apples"..... Hwaiting!!!
  8. This drama couldn't get any better, then they pulled out the big guns!! Jane freaking Austen!! I died y'all. I DIED!! I love Jane Austen to death! Oh My heart!! I thought that JiAh was going to murder the stalker but they ended up at a theatre so I was confused for a moment. I honestly didn't expect the character under the light beam to be JiAh... I assumed it was the setup for a new ghost story. So color me shocked as Inbeom, I'd say even more shocked when she turned around to reveal JiAh "Elizabeth Bennett" Hong!! Elizabeth Bennett
  9. Awesome episodes this week. I'm rewatching the six episodes as I type this coz that's how infatuated I am with this drama!! I think that JiAh will have to be the one to be the psychic to exorcise her mother's spirit..... In EP 4, JiAh cheats Inbeom into coming back to her place. He thinks she's asking him to bed based on the "falling on top of one another" scene they had inside Britium, but she wants to test whether he can be the psychic for her mum's exorcism. It fails because her mum's spirit overwhelms Inbeom. The mechanics of this final exorcism will become clearer to me as we
  10. They BEST give us pay off for that information they put out there!! it was my favourite scene so far. His side kick was SO shocked at the revelation and I was besides myself watching his horrified face. I kept replaying the scene to track and laugh his reaction. His mouth remains open and he follows In Beom's embarrassed movements for around 20 seconds!! I want a "40year-old Virgin" type of bed scene. What the heck, give me a Mexican telenovela bed scene where we get the ridiculous excitement of "la primera vez" aka "THE FIRST TIME!" complete with a romantic soundtrack, sensual ligh
  11. Agreed!! LOLLL!! this poster is just.... NO! Doesn't look luxurious at all and I'm not sure the way LBY has clasped her hands fits the principles of photo taking and poster making. I'm still excited tho..... PS: Am I the only one who's unable to see many drama threads? Since Sunday I cannot view threads for dramas like Sell Your Haunted House....
  12. She wrote Woman of Dignity which was the highest rated JTBC drama when it screened ( now overtaken by WOTMC). She's also had a misfiring or two (melting me softly) but I'm hoping this one is like WOD, two female leads and rich people foolishness. Also I'm totally infatuated with Kim Seo Hyung so I'm definitely watching.
  13. This is sad! The Writernim has consistently written amazing stories in her career set in "controversial" times eg Gaksital or dealing with tough topics through black comedy like SKY Castle..... I trust her and the PDNim as I wait for this drama eagerly.... but now I may never watch a good drama but most importantly, money and time and effort invested by cast and crew could disappear down a hole called cancelled. Cancelled by people who seem to have read the scripts for all episodes and watched the drama even before it airs.... Truly sad.
  14. You know!!!! Writernim threw that flashback in there to destabilise me!! The scene was absolutely beautiful!! I need Yoon Yoon couple back. Since their daughter is not dead and Yoon Hee didn't kill Min Seol A and Yoon Cheol didn't commit a crime with the CoRoNa issue.... I'm back to hoping they work it out and live happily ever after. I'm a sucker for the contract marriage trope and the contract marriage trope they offered must be fulfilled.
  15. The storyline and the cast!! Especially Ryu Jun Yeol and Jeon Do Yeon!! Thank goodness for all the dramas this year with storylines prominently featuring 40yrs+ characters.
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