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  1. The storyline and the cast!! Especially Ryu Jun Yeol and Jeon Do Yeon!! Thank goodness for all the dramas this year with storylines prominently featuring 40+ characters.
  2. There will probably be no romance in this one (romance between older couples would be a plus for me), but the storyline and cast have me waiting expectantly. True to life Workplace drama has a special place in my heart. I hope the story is good and stays good to the last episode!!
  3. I can't!! My heart!! Those images!! They're supposed to be enemies but the sexual innuendo!! They're fighting but it looks like they're &#£$ing!! I can't wait!!
  4. There can only be a sexual thing between them as far as I'm concerned.... the attraction is a one sided thing with her. He is totally unbothered about her, not even interested in visiting her at hospital until he was forced to. Plus he's too cold... She probably needs her sexual cobwebs cleared and I can see him with his manliness giving her a good scrubbing down tihihihi! He could have been a more multidimensional character who is unlike her husband ie, not afraid of her and doesn't tolerate her nonsense and I'd be "kinda" rooting for them... But as it stands, he's a rock, and his only use is
  5. The kiss between the two CEOs made me super happy!! I'm a sucker for romance where one or both characters have been wounded and they swore they'd never fall in love again but a romance character comes into the picture and they choose to try again... Ji Seung's backstory kinda fits my wounded character trope lol. I wanted a better guy for her but the way the guy swooped in on her lips for a kiss like a professional was enough to make me melt. I'm so easy to impress!! Hahahaha!!
  6. The contract marriage trope between Oh Yoon Hee and Ha Yoon-Cheol has brought me back to soompi... OMG They like each other!! Did y'all see their little smiles in episode 2 after the elevator kiss, as they entered their apartment? I actually thought they'd gotten married for real because they were each others first loves who finally get together in addition to the obvious revenge. Then it turns out it was a plain old revenge contract marriage.... I was so excited at the little smiles!! At this point I'll excuse whatever they do as long as it brings them together, but I suspect Writernim will d
  7. Fair enough. I just keep having to remind myself that she's actually 30 years old in real life and not 18.... One of the rare cases when "Asian Don't Raisin" isn't working. I guess I am comparing her to other actresses who can pull off the young but womanly look. She just looks young. But that is neither here nor there, I will move on. Episode 3 and 4... I'll have to re-watch because I kept drifting off into space. Seeing those bosses try to cover up the issue brought back horrible memories of my time in employment, I couldn't get into the story with how personal it got
  8. In episodes 7 and 8 when YanJin had to be the bad guy so that the "triad squad" doesn't catch on to his undercover game....y'all!!! He became my enemy!! At one point I was convinced he hated Xiao'ou! Thankfully they didn't drag the cruelty and he kinda made up for it in episode 10 with that drunken scene in Xiao's bedroom . I'm loving this drama, but man I need those subtitles to drop quickly!! 2 episodes a week is like drops in the desert!
  9. I love this drama!! I checked out the plot summary, decided to watch it, next thing I know, here I am, waiting for the subs to episode 7! The main cast are devastatingly beautiful to look at and the storyline is good too. I hope the quality keeps up. I loved the conversation in episode 6 as they wait for the sunrise. It's an extremely vulnerable moment when Xiao asks YanJin "Are you serious with me?... I mean it, be serious!.... Will you lie to me?". Poor girl! I think many people find the character standoffish and snobbish so far, but I see a cautious person. Yan Jin may look ent
  10. I watched episode one and I liked what I saw. Maybe because I'm more partial to mature dramas that have an older cast and a storyline more substantial than first/childhood loves, visuals etc. Office dramas also bring up horrid memories of my time in employment, so I am here to reaffirm my decision to NEVER be employed ever again. lol!! YoonA... I actually didn't mind Prime Minister and I, in fact I quite liked it. The same cannot be said for K2 tho, though the script was the problem there (Chairlady and K2 must get together!). Unfortunately YoonA still has that girly look on her f
  11. @tulip06 I concur!! I loved the Neighbor couple too!! They delivered my two top drama tropes, contract marriage and Noona Dongsaeng romance. I wish someone would write a fan fic of the two. Some steamy stuff. Long overdue. My heart needs it to move on.
  12. I guess I am in the minority here...... I absolutely LOVED this drama, scandalous or not!! My ideal ending would have been a time jump of like three years after which they get together, but I can live with the ending we were given. I think that despite the crazy premise of brothers with one woman, the writer argued the case well for her characters. Jin did not just become selfish overnight so that we can hate him and accept that Hwan and Ye Ji should be together... there was a clear progression and descent we can trace through his actions. Hwan was loving and devoted and despite the "scandalou
  13. This is the first Chinese Drama that's driven me crazy!! The weird voice-overs keep me away from CDramas so it's a bonus that this one uses the actors' real voices!! The OTP is so cute! I love them and their cute romance I could care less about the age!! I normally avoid watching spoilers but I've watched those kiss scenes and I am still excited to watch the episodes afterwards!! I don't feel like I've ruined my watching experience! I'm waiting for the last two to be subbed so I can binge the last six episodes. I don't know about you but the scene in Episode 1 where the
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