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  1. I've been waiting for this drama from day one. It's even harder on my nerves and the characters more cruel than I anticipated. The boys are unrepentant about their crimes but the parents justification keeps me at boiling point while watching the drama. How do you justify the murderous ways of your child??? And they sit there and compose theories to protect their criminal spawn!!!! The police investigation scene with the parents jumping in to answer for their delinquents had me seeing red!!!! We have a saying that "asiyefunzwa na mamaye, hufunzwa na dunia." That is, He who is not taught by their mother is taught by the world. Meaning that parents should raise children properly and especially correct bad behaviour immediately because the world will punish their bad behaviour, and the world is cruel!! I hope these kids go into the juvenile system!! If my child was involved in such actions, I hope that I would have the sense to allow life to teach him the lesson that such behaviour is unacceptable. I have a bunch of Theories for the first time in my drama watching history.lol. I rarely think outside what is given by the writer. (It's too exhausting). I just wait for the reveal... I think that the girl Da Hee is key to this scandal and bullying. In episode 4, from around 5:38, when Seon Ho's mum asks the detective if he has spoken to Da Hee, she says she thinks she's hiding something. I think that statement is there for a reason. In the next scene Da Hee says, "You didn't tell, did you?", mum says "don't worry, I told you, no one can find out." And it's clear that Seon Ho and Joon Seok were friends until something happened... Anyway.... Maybe, 1. Joon Seok was interested in her and she refused his advances. He bullied her/harassed her and she quit school under the guise of illness. Her mother cannot fight back because they're powerful. Or 2. Joon Seok and Da Hee were BF and GF. She got pregnant and was forced by the family to abort. So she's at home while recovering. Or maybe she's keeping the kid so she cannot go to school. Or 3. Joon Seok was interested in Da Hee who spurned his attentions because she liked his friend Seon Ho. He may have beaten her for it or harrased her so she has stayed away from school. Seon Ho knows all this and wants to console her by visiting. In the above scenarios, Seon Ho is a friend of Da Hee and somehow got to know of the issue between them since they may all be friends. Seon Ho was her comfort and hence the flowers and visits. I don't believe it was a one sided relationship. Or Based on the conversation above, 4. Seon Ho and Da Hee were an undercover couple and got pregnant or something happened between them. Something that is still unclear happened between them. Her mother is clearly not a fan of that otherwise upright boy. She is pissed with her daughter's concern for Seon Ho as she says, "why are you worried about him? I guess he had a conscience." of course more will be revealed, but this Da Hee girl is the one who has me more interested in the drama. I hope I'm right, because the rawness of the drama is really "dirtfying my heart", ie, making me too angry and removing any good feelings, in the face of those boys, their parents and the detective. There's a dangerous line to walk when writing a story where the evil people seem to be winning. I get too angry and lose interest. I was glad when the video appeared at the end of episode two, because I may have dropped the drama. My life is already hard enough. I don't need more suffering. Lol.
  2. So she won the contest....lol!! I loved the ending scene! it's been a while since a drama ended on a definitively positive note! Excuse the quality of the pics, I got them off tvN's video on FB. I love how EunHo revealed their relationship. No need for the usual office dramatics of the gossip spreading the news. My hearteu!! Ms Go and Chairman being all cute about their romance.... I wish all the quote in the bonus book at the end of the drama could be collated into a book about EunHo and DanI!! They were so beautiful, I'll rewatch the drama just because I want to read them again and feel warm inside!!
  3. I feel you girl!! All the best!! Don't give up!! I think that DanI had to resign so that she will come back to the company on merit. We have to get the low moments when she's defeated, so that when she wins the idea contest, we feel happy (in your face Ms Go!!) I am convinced she'll win that contest! I died at this moment when their relationship is revealed!! It's almost like it happened to a friend!!!
  4. I'm loving this drama!! I think it's the underdog factor that makes me root so hard for our couple! They're so earnest, so open, so sweet, so excited about one another... I just want them to be happy! I didn't watch Goblin and probably never will, but since I know YIN & LDW from other dramas, I knew they would be great together. No ridiculous kissing scenes!! When the drama started, the rest of the staff looked like props because they didn't say much, but I love how they all have backstories that are making us understand them, relate with them and root for them. I especially love the Ukelele couple. I really need Lawyer Dan to end up with Mr Ukelele. (OMG!! His Hair!!)) As we head into the final stretch, I want to see the troubles bringing them together and a happily ever after with a wedding and kids, so help me drama gods!! EDIT: May I note how perfect our lawyer is??!!! He's cool but expressive and open, caring, CONSIDERATE!!, courageous, straightforward. I'd fall for a man like this so easily!! No wonder uri actress is so dumbstruck by his spectacular speeches, like when he reveals something about his thoughts or tells his dad that she's his secretary but most importantly, his girlfriend. I also need men to start using the line of man makeup LDW endorses because his normally succulent lips are even more delicious!!!
  5. @bebebisous33 , thanks for the tag (way back when). I'm watching the drama but not commenting because I am too emotionally spent after Ahjussi, Encounter and SKY Castle to analyse anything anymore. lol. However, the romance is causing me cavities, but I really need a grown up," its-been-20years-of-EUNHO-waiting-and-DanI-hasn't-had-sex-for-a-while-and-she-really-needs-it" kiss from the two right about now!!! I have been wondering about the title of the drama. Does the Bonus Book refer to the bonus scenes after the drama ends?
  6. Y'all!! The posters are finally here!! I have followed the drama hashtag on Instagram, but what they've been doing is drip feeding us information with little to no news updates. With the posters out, I feel like it's real real! Can I just say how much I am anticipating this drama!! I just need the days to fly until April and we can get this show on the road! One more month! Even though the story is about the aftermath of the bullying, I am mostly looking forward to interactions between the spouses and between the couples. JTBC, I need more of these adult dramas! I have watched Memory by the writer/PDNim duo so I expect a good story. Don't let me down!!
  7. what a ride!!! the last episode may have been too full of laughter and sugary scenes especially since we've been used to high level twists, but thankfully all the ends were wrapped up... no rushing the finale... unlike other dramas I will not name . I will never have to create fantasies and theories about what happened to the characters. Prof. Cha remained a hoot to the end. That text he sent was the equivalent of the Drunken Truth song, and a realistic wrap up for his character. I agree. Realistically, will things change at a national and policy level? Probably not. Hence the scene with the VVIPs coming in for the consultation. It's a case of Rinse.Repeat, but the residents of SKY Castle know better and they laugh when the new resident tells them of her education plans. Can parents in Korea make a change with their own children? Yes. The ball is in their court now. The drama has made me think seriously about education. There's a lot I took for granted in my view of education, and hopefully I can make better decisions than I would have if I hadn't ever watched the show. Ratings at 24.37% Seoul and 23.77 national. I had hoped for 25% but this is better than I expected when I started the drama. JTBC have another promising drama coming in April called Beautiful World (same timeslot) that promises to be an issue-driven, adults drama. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Its over!! The ending calmed my fears. Not perfect, but much better than I feared. I guess I'll have to watch Mexican telenovela for endings with complete closure. thankfully, we see marriage by June 2021 (get married now!!) and a Santiago honeymoon. (Have koreans started taking interest in travelling there? lol). And two kids. I'll definitely be rewatching this drama every so often. I needed some cavity inducing romantic drama since most dramas have been gritty and emotional. Seeing a Male character like KJH that's so loving, caring, considerate, honorable.... they've set up the valentine's day mood for me! He's now among my dreamy men, with Mr.Darcy, Alejandro from Sortilegio and JoKuk from City Hall.
  9. I was ready for today's episode...they obviously must break up, but I'm not sure if Korean screenwriters collectively decided that Aristotle was wrong when he postulated about Catharsis..... that's what we watch dramas and movies and tell gossip for, the release of emotion after being wound up in the last 14 episodes.... (we already suffered with Alhambra. She better not test me tomorrow night!!) It's like a thing with these writers... stab you, turn the knife and leave it in there.... with the blood of unresolved or hastily cobbled up endings pouring down your chest. They need to know Aristotle is called THE PHILOSOPHER for a reason! He knew what he was saying! Catharsis is the most important feeling in a story!! I want CSH to be the one to run after KJH. He's done enough. Let her come to him. Where does she think she's running off to? Cuba??? ¡por supuesto que NO!! I hope what we saw was her running to get back her man! As for KJH mother.... I was just annoyed listening to her. Best believe that I would have let my opinion be heard about that stunt she pulled. No Ms Nice Filial Daughter!!! I hope tomorrow turns out better. A definitive ending at minimum. They must get back together!!
  10. Despite coming from a different set up, this show has made me think twice about how to approach education. I wanted to judge the Koreans who were influenced by the show to get education consultants for their children, but if I think about it critically, there is some sense in hiring a consultant. I'm sure a real life consultant isn't as crazy as Coach Kim (I hope!! Lol.) The education structure in Korea would demand someone like this, so to be honest, the logic of a consultant, within reasonable borders and proper oversight by parents is something I can get behind. Also, in as much as Prof Cha is ridiculous, his analysis of the world is spot on. That's the way the world operates. Elite, upper class, middle class, low class. And education is a fundamental way to create and access these classes!! How do we level the pyramid? Make quality education accessible across the board regardless of your income bracket? Etc.... I was so glad to see YeSeo's dad finally break down and confront everyone. Some Korean comments I read from the links here had no sympathy for him, but kudos to the actor!! His crying and wailing was one of the highlights of the show for me!! Whoa!! He's learned his lesson quickly and is willing to learn the lesson for the greater good of his family. I want to castigate SuJin but the writer has made her dilemma so understandable that I can't even hate her for picking the leaked exam papers! Her acceptance in the family is predicated on YeSeo entering SNU. They have worked hard and honestly, only to be undermined at the very last moment. YeSeo is innocent of the theft but will pay for her parents greed... man, what decision do I make so that she is spared the consequences??? But SuJin still a manipulative liar who needs to learn a lesson..... Writernim is amazing!! Shoot me but a tiny part of me wondered if that leak was deliberate,to excite people more and get even higher ratings. Even if it wasn't, if I was an executive at JTBC, I would see the upside of the leak. I'm still excited for the ratings though, I see extreme ratings on Saturday night!! I don't have much taste in fashion, but I know a good drama right from the synopsis! What will I do with my life after next weekend? PS. Someone should start a petition for Coach Kim to do a melodrama as the protagonist!! Too many evil roles! It's enough! I'm sure she'd kill it as a melo protagonist!! I want to see her in a kiss scene!! PPS: Why did Yeseo's dad shave his moustache!!! he was so daddy with it!!! PPPS: there's a composition that was played in ep 18 called Ma Mere L'Oye (My Mother Goose) You can read more at this link . "The Ravel Mother Goose suite (Ma Mere l'Oye) is a charmingly delicate and imaginative little suite of fairytale pieces.....Ravel first wrote the Mother Goose Suite in 1908 for two children whose parents he was friends with, in a four-hand suite for solo piano. The children, Mimi and Jean Godebski, were extremely fond of him since he told them fairytales, some of which he made up on the spot!"
  11. I don't know about y'all, but I'm out of theories. I'll just wait for whatever will happen because Writernim is determined to shock us!! The last few minutes of episode 16 had me watching my screen with my mouth open, and I'm not exaggerating!! This drama continues to serve comedy alongside a thrilling story and societal issues. Seeing the parents fighting, Prof. Cha spitting on Doc while defending his daughter with the arguments he had rejected a few scenes earlier just shows the quality of comedic writing and acting. The friendships keep shifting, with characters falling out and making up because they need to gain something from one another, and inner biases showing in times of crisis. The dignified and sober Seung Hye had avoided judging SuJin but finally showed her prejudice when she called SuJin with her commoner name during the argument....KWAK MI HYANG!!! That scene was as jolting as it was hilarious, but very much in tune with the lyrics of the OST. "We all lie, tell you the truth..... play with a mask, to hide the truth....". This Castle is full of fakes, but I would also have called SuJin by her name in such a situation, just to shut her down before she plucks off my lips... Like everyone else, I'm so excited to see the stratospheric ratings!! It was an obvious hit right from episode 1 scene 1! Hopefully it can get to 25%+ by the final episode! I expect that the SKY Castle will implode, as shown when KiJoon broke the pyramid. They all need to come back down to the even plane of the round earth. Every family is facing a crisis that threatens their existence. Professor Cha and family may have a headstart in confronting their problems, but they're not out of the woods yet. How will Cha respond to being dethroned? How will the father of HyeNa react to his wife hiding the truth? ( I smell a divorce unless they can learn from their mistakes). Will YeBin lose respect for her mother? Will YeSeo be saved from Coach Kim? What's the deal with Coach Kim? As for Kwak Mi Hyang, I think the writer chose that name because it rhymes with the QUACK that she is. So I call her Quack Mi Hyang.....
  12. Episode 12.... giving me cavities!! 1. Did y'all see the marriage proposal? CSH accepts!! 2. Mr DOP, with the portaits ... 3. This painting was intriguing to me. Sistas all ready to slay!! I wish they'd tell us more about the painters and the paintings in the drama!! 4. Why was this desktop wall paper from Windows 10 on display?? Is it because its a beach photo? They're taking this portrait thing too far!! 5. I haven't read Little Prince yet, but I would love to hear what you make of this shot. 6. I am not a fan of turtlenecks... they could quite possibly be a fashion travesty, but KJH is looking soooooooo amazing here!! OMONA!! Shiny tears!! 7. Product placement as it should be. Unintrusive! LOLLL!! KJH should have tested the springs/foam in the mattress!! CSH! Why would you kick your boyfriend out into the cold after he tucks you in? Let him sleep on your bed! You don't have to do anything! Just let the guy sleep comfortably, especially after he threw so many hints!! 8. The wolf reference.... 9. The storm clouds gathering on the horizon overwhelm CSH, distracting her from her work. She hesitates in signing a document, puts it away, goes to a corner of her office, and is so overwhelmed she folds down, almost into fetal position. I really felt the weight of her dilemma!! 10. When KJH is taking the food to Ms Lee, he listens to "One Leads to Another" by Robbie Nevil. The lyrics are very much the love story of KJH and CSH. 11. I know JWS is receiving justifiable hate for his behavior right now, but I think he's setting things up to redeem himself and help CSH completely cut off from Taegyeong. His meanspirited talk is like his request for a divorce, making himself look like the bad guy to save CSH. Being a weak man, his only strategy in life is passive aggressiveness and sneaky backdoor machinations. In my conjecture, I think that he will impale himself on his mother's sword and save CSH by possibly giving CSH the shares he's accumulated. She can end up as majority shareholder and have the hotel to herself. I do not want to walk away from her hotel empty handed in the name of love. She has paid for that hotel with blood, sweat and tears. She should keep it! 12. I like how the Secretary thinks she cannot ride in a delivery truck, but a wealthier CSH has no problem riding around in that truck!! Secretary needs to come off her high horse, considering that she doesn't even have a car of her own!! 13. The conversation in the office... KJH needs to keep reading what he's reading because I melted when he said, "I cherish you very much!". I would climb mountains for a man like KJH!! Cherish is such a beautifully loaded word! Cherish - protect and care for (someone) lovingly. adore, hold dear, love, care very much for, feel great affection for, dote on, be devoted to, revere, esteem, admire, appreciate; That statement is like the Spanish phrase, "Me Haces Falta" - I Need You. Loaded. Next week is going to be hell for our couple. Chairwoman will come down on CSH, KJH will be collateral damage, CSH's dad will have to confront Chairwoman and tell her to her face that he's not running for president, CSHs mum will throw a major fit at her husband and daughter, our couple will suffer for their love, but as far as I am concerned, we better get a happy ending!!! Not a sad ending, or worse still, an open ended one !!
  13. So they totally trolled us yesterday with the kiss scene..... Anyway, we still got a beautiful kiss which szdhaushakjhfadsjhsdhjka. 1. That opening animation was so scary y'all!! And you could hear the wolf walking!! The beast overwhelmed the animation with its bigness!! I'm terrified for our couple!! Thankfully the boy is holding a star, and the girl pats the nose of the wolf in the ending animation. There is big trouble ahead, but CSH will fight the battle and subdue the wolves, with KJH by her side. She is no longer alone. 2. I was definitely waiting for the horizontal salsa scene..... Directornim!!! Dunno about y'all, but our girl put our boy to sleep!! I insist!! She put him to sleep!! 3. This couple is visuals on overload!! That whole sequence in Cuba, riding around in the car, on the beach and in the tree lined lane in SK... I would have bought what they were selling!! WOW!! Such beautiful shots!! The director is going crazy with the photos and portraits as a motif!! 4. Mr Smooth Operator with the Killer Kabedon!! I was pouting my lips in anticipation!! My favourite scene is definitely the drunk scene, when CSH remembers what she did. I loved that reversal!! And that kiss sneaked in there!! Drunkards never lie!! KJH teasing her with the song brought the whole scene together perfectly. I'm sure there were important things to uncover in this episode, but I was more engaged in the visual feast that was on display!! Such beautiful people! Such beautiful shots!!
  14. Towards the end of episode 1, we're being set up for the poem about meeting again and the stars. CSH and KJH have a fantabulous time in Havana and eventually separate. They sit in their hotel rooms and bask in the warm feelings of their experience. They're grinning ear to ear, the smiling must be hurting their faces, but who cares! El Malecon was perfect! The camera pans out from the two and turns towards what they're looking at, the skyline and sky, with conspicuously twinkling stars in the sky.... continuation of the stars scene (because animated gifs can't be too long) Hindsight is truly 20/20!! lol!
  15. My train of thought was set off by that shot of the broken camera viewfinder. It's been driving me crazy!! But first, those portrait shots from the DOP. CSH on the way to Cuba, her image in the window, then the camera pulls back and we see her in the seat. Despite his positive vibe and open character KJH is passive in his interactions with the world. He watches the world from behind his camera and learns about the world from books. Our first view of KJH is him behind the camera, taking many photos of Cuba. All good, after all he is a photographer. He studies the world, he does not participate in it, he does not experience it. He doesn't seem to have had a girlfriend and learns about love from books. He observes people and things studiously from behind the lens, and notes the life lessons he's learned in his diary. He meets Samuel... He is sitting at a beautiful square but barely watches it, preferring to read. he takes a photo of the bird.... He must be pushed from passively studying the world from behind the camera, into actively participating in the world. That's why his camera breaks. Also note, in the crash scene, KJH doesn't get to see CSH, which is a key thing we're being set up for. (CSH is watching him from inside the car, which is obviously the glass screen between them.) The negotiation happens with Secretary and KJH tries to take a photo. KJH doesn't want compensation because memories cannot be compensated. But whose memories are they? His memories of other people's experiences. He's constantly watching and learning from other people, not experiencing life in front of the camera. Especially in our age of selcas. Public service announcement....Another one of those DOP portrait shots.... we jump to CSH at the hotel is being warned that something is about to happen in El Malecon, something perfect. Back to KJH, now that his camera is broken, he can finally participate in real life. He's attacked by a cutie who wants him to dance. He dances for a while with the girl on the street. His camera is not present. He now has some salsa dancing experience. The little girl is gonna come back later as CSH, lol, and he'll use his new moves on her. Elsewhere, CSH, ever observant as she discusses the camera issue with Secretary, makes a realisation as she passes by KJH on the streets. All this time KJH has not seen her. Later, they're on the way to El Malecon and KJH tries to use his camera. He spots CSH in the broken viewfinder but now has to put his camera down to look at her. He finally sees CSH, not as a subject to study photographically, but as a person. He's looking at her, not studying her. Of course, a bit later, he sees her almost fall over and runs just in time to catch her. He would not have been able to react fast enough to catch her if he was busy taking photos. His camera is slung across his shoulder in "resting pose". This is as opposed to someone actively taking photos who would have had the camera slung around one hand at least. CSH then nods off on his shoulder. We've already established that CSH is asleep to the world. She moves around on autopilot, barely experiencing anything. At this beach, she has taken sleeping pills and sleeps them off... She wakes up, and the two finally see each other, minus the obstructions in their lives, KJHs camera and the effect of her pills. This is the first time they look at one another consciously and lucidly. edit; as someone who loves to travel, I realised how much time I wasted taking photos and shopping for crap. Nowadays, I enjoy just being in a place, people watch extremely, take mandatory photos and shop for gifts on my last day. Minimal souvenirs. Thankfully I didn't break cameras for that... Maybe I should have, then I woulda met Mr Namja Chingu!!
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