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  1. Did she?! Is there an article about it?? I Knew It!! I said so HERE . (If y'all haven't watched that movie, please do. I highly recommend it. I was kinda dissatisfied with episode 11 and 12 after that long wait.... The story has moved along very well in terms of plot, but I feel like proper affection between the leads was missing. I don't need a bed scene. A kiss would have been very good to have, (but not with that poor editing, DIRECTORNIM!!). However, what I felt was missing was a few "domestic" scenes. SeRi excitedly/anxiously showing JH around her house, his room, scenes that show her trying to make him comfortable. Anyone in that situation would be giddy and excited to show their love their world, and share a space together, again!! There was too much plot for me and not enough relationship stuff. Yes the shopping was great, and the MOTA gaming scenes worked to advance the plot, but where the hell does he sleep? Are they sharing a bed? If not, did they lie in their separate beds that first night, so excited that they have finally seen each other that they couldn't sleep? Breakfast? How was his first breakfast in her home??? Etc, etc.... I concluded that I am projecting my ideas onto the show. I still feel hollow tho..... JH VISUALS saved the day, as usual!! He was so delicious while in those suits SeRi bought him, and I was just as giddy as that shop assistant, but I loved him most when he was in the black trousers and white shirt!!! OMG!! I. CANNOT!! I repeat. I.CANNOT!!! I look at those pics and I feel like I feel like I am going to have a stroke!! I don't know what it is about a black pair of fitting trousers and a white shirt, it just does something for me.... I'm not sure I would have been as focused on delivering my lines as Son Ye Jin!!!!!! Cheesos!! As K-pop fans in my country say.... "Step on me Dzaddy!!!" Anyway.... back to my dissertation!
  2. This is the real reunion of the two Koreas y'all!! That little baby!! I was rewatching ep9 and 10 with the intention of making a funny gif about Hyun Bin's shoulders...... Halfway through and I am asking myself, When did Hyun Bin bulk up like this? Because he is so Dzaddy right now!!! I've followed him since My Name is Kim Sam Soon but i feel like I just discovered a new man!! Thank you to the wardrobe manager who kept dressing him in turtlenecks and sweaters that revealed his broad shoulders!! And where did those biceps come from?? I normally don't care for fan service in the form of shower scenes, but I'm scared to watch one in this drama!!! I'll take a break from the forum because I really need to get my dissertation done.... See you at episode 11....
  3. Agreed!! I'm not amused one bit by the kiss scenes in the drama. The way they are shot and edited is kinda kiddish for such an older couple. Here are two almost forty year olds whose kiss scenes are blocked by camera angles and sweeping shots!! Come on directornim!! You're wasting talent here!! Realistically, if your first love is leaving, and you know you'll never meet them again, you would put in all your passion into that final goodbye!! Better kiss scenes would have increased their ratings much higher, if we need to be practical. Directornim should refer to Devilish Joy because the kiss scenes in there were proper scenes!! Passionate kisses like how we normal people kiss our lovers. Or the kiss scene in "Clean With Passion For Now"...... Good heavens that was a stupendous kiss!!! Well, maybe the actors stipulated in their contracts how the kiss scenes should be in the drama .... In Something In The Rain, SHJ looked like she was holding back on the kiss scenes. And kissing can get exhausting as a job(for the last twenty or so years they've been acting). Or maybe they're toning it down to keep rumours at bay. (The leads in Devilish Joy had dating rumours after that drama. As did the crazy shipping for the leads of CWPFN...) Storyline idea: SeRi should have carried JHs seed back into SK. Then she and JH can meet regularly at the kid's school!!lol EDIT: In Switzerland, because you know SeRi can afford an expensive school and JH doesn't have a complex about her paying the bills..
  4. So did y'all realise that Kaesong where the Ahjumma Squad lives is a parody of SKY Castle? The Old Racoons wife reprises her role as Myung Ju, Mother of Young Jae. Alarm bells went off in my head immediately she started talking. Hmm!! Where have I seen her say something like this before!!!??? I mean.... just watch the conversation they had about the kids education!! I am on the floor!! SKY CASTLE - North Korea Edition!! Myung Joo is being judgy of the other mothers. The Queen Bee - Seo Jin wants information on how she does it. Compare and contrast. Who is WHO? Will Kaesang Myung Joo die while saving SeRi? She did kill herself in SKY Castle... Will she be killed for being complicit? In real life she would be taken to those labour camps.... I really should get back to doing my dissertation!!! I might miss my graduation at this rate!!
  5. The kiss scene in that movie was ..... OH MY GOD!!! If they could do something as stupendous in CLOY I would DIE!!! So, I waited for my episode 8 kiss... Didn't get it. Still enjoyed the show, though a proper kiss would have helped inflame my passions even more because of this two week break. Think Devilish Joy kind of kiss. I'm still watching tho. I think my attraction to this couple is that they are two nice people who I just want to see end up together because I like to see good things happen to good people. I love how the epilogues are being used to show the contrast / growth of the characters, especially SeRi. She would work her staff on Christmas Eve (It is someone else's birthday ), but there she is in NK, making a tree and leaving a heart shaped card. She said she'd never wait for a man, but stayed up all night for Captain Ri and grilled him like a wife. They really bond me to her character. In the scene where SeRi asks Captain about his first love, there I was, smiling at myself, thinking that he is her first love. Being the mistress of projecting her thoughts and feelings onto Captain Ri, I'm sure that conversation will be revisited when they discover they knew one another from Switzerland. She obviously fell for him in NK, but he has thought about her since Switzerland. 10 years? He's amazing! And when she tells him that he's one of the Motae Solo people, that's just like her, forever alone! SeRi - mistress of Projection!! Y'all!! A wounded and bleeding and ashy lipped Captain Ri is what I have been missing in my life!! And the size of his biceps? Was it that coat he was wearing? I'm not sure if SeRi had a red face, eyes and nose because of makeup or because she was actually crying, but I almost cried. If she had snot running from her nose, I would have shed the tears I felt at the back of my eyes. SQUAD GOALS!! Edit: How is this man almost 50???!!
  6. The "Hot Bish of Pyongyang" is gonna turn out to be a jealous second lead? I really wanted her to let go of Captain Ri and get herself a great guy. But that would waste The Second Male Lead. Maybe they'll redeem one another and fall in love at the same time. I loved the conversation while on the train ride to PyongYang. I am almost baek percent sure that the writer got the Indian saying from one of my favourite Indian movies ever, The Lunchbox. Good taste Writernim!! I don't know what will come next. The situation in North Korea must be resolved before SeRi can go back to SK. They'll probably have their sorrowful goodbye after he discovers who killed his brother and imprisons the bad Army dude. She'll finally get on a boat/plane that will take her out of NK. Through the Second Lead, I think she will get to know of the schemes of her brothers, which will make her want to return urgently, against her desire to be with Captain Ri. I think she will get back just in time for the shareholder meeting and rescue her company and become CEO of her father's company just as the brothers think they have taken it for themselves. Captain Ri can come to South Korea, only on some high profile mission with Comrade Kim as an excuse. Otherwise I don't see him coming to SK without defecting. Tornadoes are not summoned at will. She'll resolve her company issues, and somehow, I don't know how, will finally meet with Captain and they can move on to their happily ever after. Choi Ji Woo should definitely cameo too. What I want right now though, is the KISS SCENE. A proper KISS scene like I know Hyun Bin can. I'm getting kinda frustrated...especially after she asked him for a hug and he just stood there....No, you are not cheating Oppa!! This is the second drama I've watched this year where the Male Lead has offered a handshake and the Female lead asks for a hug. Grrrr!!! We better have a kiss by Episode 8 as per KDrama rules, otherwise I might riot! @m i s z CHEN the comment you are looking for is on page 52
  7. At Last!! I loved the ending. It was satisfactory, especially since KDramas have a way of screwing up a good story at the last minute. The cast had made it clear that SJ would be a bad guy, so I was okay with his behaviour. It was expected. If I didn't know this, I may have had a serious problem with the drama. I was also not bothered by LSYs acting because I have watched lots of his dramas, so I know he's a great actor. The director wanted him to emote as he did, and I can live with that. SJ was living under the weight of his actions, and even if he continued digging himself in a whole, his body reacted to his anguish by emoting that way. Most importantly, I loved their ending with the symbol of the funeral, in winter. Their marriage is dead. May it RIP. They walk off in dressed in black, under individual black umbrellas into their new lives as people who have moved on from one another in peace. Thankfully the drama didn't descend into makjang revenge territory. This was one of the dramas where taking the moral high road and walking away from office politics and revenge was the most satisfying. In other dramas, I need blood, guts and revenge!! in this case, JS was the winner in her graceful exit. I remember one of the most interesting phrases I ever heard when I started watching dramas almost 12 years ago. "The most beautiful sight is the back of the person who knows when it is time to leave." JS leaving is the best example of this quote. It was also emotionally gratifying to see SJ crying as he looked at their past photos. For a moment there I wasn't paying attention so I thought they'd gotten back together, OMO!!, but on rewatching, I realised it was a flashback. Phew!!!! But what is it with dramas nowadays filming scenes at railway crossings? I notice it in dramas since I watched Ahjussi. This must be the fourth drama I have seen doing that scene!! Did the writer love YuRi? Yeah... lol.... that crying in the taxi scene.... not necessary. SJ should have dumped YR, not the other way round. He should have told her, "I may not be with JS, but I cannot be with you." I think that would have been punishment enough for us. Yes, she does get exiled and she is on the powerless side because of her father, but her ultimate crime was having an affair which she should have been punished for by being rejected by the person she wanted. I was not a fan of the guy who like Hyun Ah. I think the judgmental and stalker-ish way he was introduced made me dislike him. I wanted her to get a better man, a sweet chaebol. Feelings aside, her story concluded well too. Hindsight is always 20/20, so we will have opinions about what we would have wanted to see in a proper finale, but regardless of what happened, we can at least be glad that the drama wrapped up all the loose ends. There's lots of bad endings we have suffered from in the last few years, and this wasn't one of them. Jang Na Ra for the Daesang this year!!!!!! edit: Let's meet at the Black Dog and Diary of a Prosecutor forum. I'm loving those two drama ATM... Workplace based but very real and engaging.
  8. This couple is giving me cavities!! I really needed the amount of cheesiness in this drama! Best scenes: The conversation while paragliding, the argument about the kiss/failed escape, SeRi making the finger hearteu ( I saw it coming a mile away!) Captain Ri learning what finger hearteu means, eating clam bulgogi and soju and pretending it's not up to her class, then hogging the soju. staring at one another while eating clam bulgogi. Son Ye Jin has a killer eye smile!! the black mamba bicycle ride, especially Captain pretending to just be passing by three times making coffee and hangover stew for SeRi SeRi saying that Captain Ri "can do better". pwahahahahaha!! I bet clam bulgogi is the next big thing in South Korea. But.... their hair wasn't blowing in the wind as much as it should while they were paragliding!! LOL!! Script Director-nim!!! I think the guy intercepting their conversation has already started changing his opinion about Captain Ri after the pickpocketing incident. The actor looks so different here as a lowly minion after his role as the adulterous CEO in My Mister, I had to confirm that its him. I am of the opinion that they will end up in Switzerland because its a politically neutral country. However, a friend thinks that they'll end up in a reunified Korea and I like that idea too, especially since Se Ri has mentioned meeting Captain and the other soldiers after reunification. I'm thinking that Se Ri's attempts to leave will finally bear fruit after they'll fall in love and they figure out who killed his brother. They will be conflicted about separating, but she knows she has to go for the sake of her business and her life. Will he follow her? Do they meet in Switzerland or a reunited Korea? I'm wondering about Se Ri going back because she needs to fight her vulture family that's now angling for her business. Also, in keeping with the business of drama production, the character Se Ri probably needs to go back to SK soon so that she can wear fashionable clothes for the sake of product placements which pay for the cost of the drama.... Either way, I'm loving this drama.
  9. Y'all!! That revelation at the end of episode 12 floored me!! I honestly never considered that Yu Ri was the skank that was adultering with the adulterous husband!! I mean, she is one of the people in the office, but I had written her off as insignificant. She wasn't even at the back of my mind! My jaw dropped, and I mean literally. There I was, mouth open, yelling at the screen like WHOA!! From the pre-premiere conferences, I had already internalised the fact that SJ was going to descend from my good graces into villain territory, so I am enjoying his progress into the dark side. Ep 12 was especially awesome, a little bit preachy, but that didn't take away from the awesomeness of the episode. Most of all, I love how all the characters have a fleshed out storyline. I'm SO loving this show!
  10. I'm loving this drama! Adult focused, intrigues about real life that I can relate with... I'm especially loving the commentary on wealth and status, old money vs new money, women in the modern workplace vs their societal expectations, so much so that I am not too worried about who he's cheating with. Watching Jang Na Ra's character trying to deal with the revelation of adultery is interesting too. The Social Media star's storyline was fantabulous! I wanted her lies to blow up on her, but at the same time I didn't want her to fail because those gangsters are worse. I loved how her trunk show success was used to show the fickleness of current society where netizens complained about the excesses of her spendiing, while other VIPs saw an opportunity to gain social media traction and earn a gazillion Won. The dichotomy was used to resolve the storyline realistically. I'm not sure what to think at this point... Is hubby having an affair? Is he covering for some higher ups? Is wife suffering from split personality disorder? I think he's in a mess that is slowly gonna get out of control, and based on the press conferences and interviews they gave, things will only get worse. I'm not sure they'll still be a couple by the end of the show. Where's monday? That ending to Ep4 was stupendous!!
  11. Omo!!! That is so sad!! That kiss was fire and I WANT THEM TO GET TOGETHER!! I felt it in my gut!! (That's the problem with these idol hearthrobs, their fans are mean and rabid and cruel to anyone who kisses "OPPA!") I've made my peace with the fact that I wouldn't get my noona romance, but that kiss had me wishing!! If only! And the complaints about the Female Lead's voice.... I don't understand!! Her deep voice is ridiculously sexy! I wasn't too enthralled by the script when the synopsis was announced but I stuck around because of the cast.The drama is really not up to par, let's be honest... (what with all those cartoon-ish characters and a plot that needs serious panel beating, but I will hang on, hoping for another noona kiss...lol). I'm not sure what's going in the writer's mind because she can write brilliant stuff as evidenced by Woman Of Dignity, so I am more disappointed in her work this time. it's not at her level!! *As I go back to replaying the kiss scene* It's about time Yoon Se Ah was a female lead!
  12. How do I love this drama?! Let me count the ways!! It brought me out of posting retirement, for one! I'm easy to please so I liked the synopsis from the word go. (Plus I know how to spot a good drama). They had me at romance, drama, Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Ha Neul... Then I saw the promotional video of KHN as a country bumpkin in love and I wondered "what is going on here??!!" (Check out trailer three on this page. YongSik is such an oaf!!) But judging from the quality of the writer's two other dramas, I knew it would be good. I won't meander. I love the cast. I love the judge-y villagers. I love the blooming romance. I love how the writer has hooked her fingers in my nostrils and is dragging me around with this mystery storyline!! I'm not much of a mystery buff and neither am I detail oriented, so I am not going to take my time working out who the killer is. I can't come up with clues, theories, analyses... they make my head spin, so I will read your views instead. As @40somethingahjumma has said, that ledger holds the key to this case. But I won't speculate any further because I hate details so I will wait to be surprised. This week, Baseball Dad absolutely pissed me off!! The way he nagged PG at the school, and when he took PG to the seaside, I almost threw my tablet away!! Then he has the gall to go back to the restaurant and fold his arms behind his head like he owns the place!! I don't know why DB didn't go off on him (I would have killed him). At this point, I want him to get divorced and end up alone with his money, and have wasps sting him!! When PG realised that Baseballer is his dad..... poor thing!! That slay-queen Jessica is quite the piece of work!! But I love that such a horrible character exists, a bad young mother. Her mother has obviously been the devil that whispers in her ear and the end result is a terrible ogre of a woman. To round off the evil trifecta for the week, the arbeit HyangMi is tightening the noose around GyuTae... I want him to go down for being a womaniser and for harrassing DB, but I also pity him because HyangMi is another piece of work! The way she blackmails him is so realistic, I could see a mistress doing that to a man in real life!! I'm glad there's twenty episodes because this drama hits the spot. A great way to close out the year. I think they will win lots of awards during awards season. PS. The kiss scenes better not fail me!
  13. Finally... 1. Well, Writernim didn't give me my perfect ending, so I will write my first fanfic! I saw that Maserati pull up and my heart skipped a beat! but then..... well, it was his Maserati :-).... I can always give myself the ending I wanted.... GG and JW sneaking around, being chased by Dispatch, GG starting a new business because she must always be a BOSS..... JW remained a sweetheart to the end and if GG doesn't want him, there's many women out here who know what to do with him!! 2. I was very happy with the realistic resolution in TaMi and Morgan's love story. They can't live without each other, but didn't give up their core beliefs to be with one another. TaMi just gave herself the chance to be happy, probably because she realised life is short. 3. GG took down Chairwoman epically, but what was that sackcloth she was wearing?. Soompi doesn't have the emojis for my reaction when I saw that outfit!! LOL!!!!! Just. NO. lolest!!! 4. My star of the show is definitely Chairwoman. She owned that role and delivered 150%!! terrifying, cruel, heartless, cold, manipulative.... what a villain!! It will be hard to see her in a grannie role after this!!
  14. @forwww May I say how I LOVE LOVE LOVE your analysis!! I am an amateur gamer myself and I love how you tied gaming to these two characters!! Too bad I can't give you more than one like for your post!! On rewatching, I realised that JW has been sleeping over at the apartment!! He comes out of the bedroom in their first scene when GG is reading news of Barro's win and having a cuppa!!!Writernim needs to give me happy closure for this couple. Something definitive, not an open-ended ending!! Plus skinship. Very Important. JW laid himself bare about needing her and needing them to continue their "relationship" when he asks, "What should I do when I miss you? If I cannot come here, I won't know what else to do." She's left the door open for him to sneak in to her heart when she tells him to make up excuses to come over. Girl, he has needs! You have needs! He has more than proven that he loves you! You have a place Dispatch doesn't know about! You better get together and bonk sort things out!! I agree with everyone who has said the death of Morgan's mum was a lazy way to get them back together. The montage of them trying to live without each other was a good step in showing how they are coping with the break up. What was missing was a scene that makes TaMi face and get over her fear of relationships, followed by that last scene when they type "How to get back with an Ex" in the Barro search bar. And that scene is not "Mummy's death"... Anywho, I will forgive Writernim for this.... especially if she gives me a happy ending for my favourite couple. Another favourite scene was the confrontation between GG and Chairwoman. That was the test of wills I never knew I needed! When GG asked, "Where's my alimony?" Chills y'all, CHILLS!! And Chairwoman didn't wither! She clawed her way back and they've set up the final confrontation where (I think) GG uses what she knows to bring down Chairwoman and stop the government plans to police the Internet! I also love how, even if the men are not the main leads in this Go-Girl! drama, they are not used as one-dimensional props. They have independent storylines and lives that are well interlinked with the leads. JW is definitely in my harem collection of "male characters I am infatuated with and want to marry in my dreams".
  15. This is the cop out that I also do not want for Morgan. If he wants marriage, then he shouldn't give up his desire just so that he can be with TaMi. Yes, they do love one another, but this is a situation where you must let go of the one you love. He may want to be with TaMi, but as far as things go, marriage between the two is untenable. As TaMi rightly says, and as has been discussed here, if they continue with their relationship, one day in the future they will have to break up because he will need to go to a person who can give him the family he wants the way he wants. Painful but necessary. they love one another but from the beginning they knew they would not be together forever, only for a beautiful moment, even if it lasts ten years. They will probably be one of those rare couples who only have beautiful memories of one another when they break up because they break up out of a self sacrificing desire to give the other person what they truly need. What greater love is there than that!?
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