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  1. @Sushimi ~ kekek... am not sure I understood your explanation but based on @nrllee, this is some reference to the drama strangers from hell. okays, so enough info, catalogued!. 498
  2. kekeke.... am not watching many dramas and so half the time I have no idea what drama is being discussed. 500
  3. just to clarify -- who is jenny, SW, rabbit, wolfe, SW-HJ ship? which drama is this? so many conversations, maybe we need a header on the post to identify the drama we are talking about! 500
  4. talking about books @Sarang21 @Lawyerh, she will probably write another one after the divorce is finalized with a collection of IG posts and other notes on how her ex-husband ruined her life. but not sure if her fans will buy as they hate him now. 944
  5. it is difficult to understand fan mindset who think this woman is sweet when she writes a book about her ex. it probably wasn't flattering but even if it was, how would you feel if someone wrote about your relationship in a book filled with all sorts of personal details. did that fella sign off on his privacy? it is a violation in many ways and shows this woman has no sense of boundaries. to top it off, she was married at the time. why on earth would anyone talk about their ex if you are happy in your marriage? and too publicly? that itself shows the relationship was troubled if she was sitting there thinking about her ex instead of concentrating on her present. wouldn't a spouse feel insulted if their partner was spending their time thinking about the past? so yea, the woman is a bit off from my view but to each their own. shrug. 944
  6. her stories tend to be so entertaining. I was really amused by her statement that she was so tired from housework and so ignored her husband. if she was a working mom with 5 kids, that makes sense. she just has pets and the best part about cats and dogs is that they take care of themselves and you just have to feed them. 938
  7. she will definitely reappear too which is why I started laughing on reading that. the only way this will stop is when the divorce is finally granted and she has no reason to talk about him. didn't read about her going to uni. that was the song song couple lady who was taking a break to study art? 942
  8. so I understood this differently and felt like it was also a reference to the legal profession history. the first woman lawyer and judge in korea was lee tae young. what is remarkable about her is that she was a mother of 4 and it was her husband who encouraged her to apply when seoul university first opened its doors to women to apply for law in late 40s. till then, it was not allowed. he was a pastor and later after korea gained independence, felt called to take up politics. he eventually went on to become the minister of foreign affairs. now because her husband was in the opposition party, lee tae young was initially denied a position as a judge and was told by the government that women cannot make objective decisions as a judge. she continued to work as a legal aid lawyer helping women mostly in the area of family law and the legal aid organization she set up still exists mostly catering to family law. so after some time, she did become a judge and she was instrumental in setting up the family law system in korea and was also part of several revisions to the family law. her impact was far reaching as she knew the issues women faced when it came to divorce, alimony, adoption and property rights and pushed for reforms. the google doodle for her birthday & explanation: now around the same time as lee tae young, another young woman was a rising star and was tipped to be judge but she got murdered by her husband and his family out of professional jealously. so this event basically discouraged women from even studying law and for about 30 years or so, lee tae young was the only woman in the justice system. it was only in the late 70s, 80s that women again started studying the law and becoming part of the profession. so in case you are wondering how I learned this, in another drama thread where the story was about lawyers, a chingu mentioned about lee tae young and posted an excerpt from a book. I got really interested and read up some more. lee tae young really was a remarkable woman. now how does this connect to this drama -- my assumption is that ms han was probably one of those early wave of women in the 70/80s who went on to study law and become a judge. while not as isolating as lee tae young but the profession at the time was still heavily male-dominated. so I understood the comment from grandpa mo as a reference to her choosing to be single, no personal life and working in a male-dominated profession.
  9. @Lawyerh ~ I started cracking up at reading that she has promised to stop posting on social media about him. apparently, now her rage has settled and she no longer cares. .. at this stage, it looks like a weekend drama. 938
  10. 942 @Sarang21 @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali ~ did you all read the latest saga from the cat lady divorce? what I found hilarious is how dispatch is being appreciated for their mad detective skills! .. noticing the bathrobe and then hunting down the hotel and year based on logo and colour -- serious detective work! https://www.soompi.com/article/1358349wpp/dispatch-analyzes-photo-uploaded-by-ku-hye-sun-ahn-jae-hyuns-lawyer-gives-response
  11. actually am not sure how much she was for justice. the case that brought her to grandpa, she ruled a sentence that was harsher than necessary. this is why her judgement was ultimately tossed out. so from the beginning, she had a habit of squashing people till they had nothing. she delighted in it and when she had access to MC group, she really reveled in it. papa mo said ms han hates losing more than him. feel that it was all about winning for her from the beginning. she tossed the justice system aside because she realized that she will not win.
  12. am curious to see what the prosecutor's son will do in his revenge journey against ms han. if looks could kill, ms han would have been stabbed multiple times at the funeral place. wonder if he will dig up something about ms han's past that will answer our question about why she is so obsessed with power and controlling MC group. at this stage, she is more like the owner than the mo family.
  13. kekeke... @nrllee ~ these kind of stories are so hilarious when you look back. at the time though, you are more like "what on earth?!" and kind of partially embarrassed. 902
  14. oh definitely jokes. these are the type of guys that would be utterly serious if they really liked you and no beating around the bush. I knew their serious side as we talked lots about all sorts of things -- so I understood how they were. it is not like serious flirting but more like teasing and word play. 906
  15. @Sushimi ~ ekekek... I don't do well with hints. even when a guy is flirting with me, I tend to think of it as hilarious and more amusing. some of the guys I knew had that kind of flirty personality and so would flirt and tease me just for laughs. both of us would laugh. 906
  16. kekeke... yea, I get along well with guys for the most part. someone said that I am like friendly neighbour sister. so they don't treat me as a guy but they feel comfortable with me like a sister. many times when it went from friend to potential love interest, I totally missed the cues. hence the comedies. so @Dhakra ~ there have been situations when your description of 10 -- 10 is when he just breathes and you know, he likes you. -- was spot on. in those instances, they were not friends and I didn't really know them. so when they looked at you (not in a creepy lecherous way), it was obvious that he was very much attracted to you. 906
  17. kekeke... lots of comedy stories @Dhakra! hahahah... I was once on a date and didn't even know it was one because I had assumed that it was the usual friends gathering. so through the dinner I was seething that none of the other friends had shown up and I kept complaining how rude they were that they had ditched us last minute. he was so embarrassed that he didn't even correct me. so after dinner, he said that he would drop me and I was confused "why????" and was like "don't waste your time. we live on opposite directions. I will see you later." .. realizing that this wasn't going anywhere, he tried to walk me to the station and was attempting to hold my hand and my response was "what happened? was there something on the road?" it was only when I went home and spoke to my friend asking her why she didn't show up that I realized that it was a date. my friend had no idea about the dinner and was like "what dinner? no one told me. otherwise, I would have come! why wasn't I invited?" anyways, that was that and I subtly made it clear that I wasn't interested in him other than as a friend and so he gave up. 910
  18. yea you could see the confusion on their face on whether it was necessary to go that far but they are used to taking her orders and so don't say. and while she is obviously a bit of a cold-blooded psychopath, there has to be some other motivation. so maybe the final twist would be that she is actually part of the family. but yea, keeping my fingers crossed for a good resolution that gives us the satisfaction that good finally wins!
  19. ms han is so vile! yeon do wasn't kidding when he said that her philosophy is no mercy for betrayers. it wasn't enough that the prosecutor was kicked out of his job but she wasn't willing to stop until she pushed him to commit suicide. it was sad when the prosecutor told his son "not all of it is true" -- so it wasn't enough to throw his crimes but they also made some more up. at this stage, how is the squad still supporting this woman? aren't they scared of how she is? rather than seok hee's parentage (which could well turn out to be misdirection), am now wonder if ms han's obsession with ruling MC group behind the scenes is that she is also an illegitimate child of grandpa Mo who no one knew about. she didn't even bat an eyelid when papa mo fell down from chest pains and instead just stood there watching. if she is also somehow related to the family, then, her quest for power and relentless manipulation of the family would make some sense. looking forward to the last 2 episodes -- hopefully we will be able to really relish the downfall of ms han as well as the rest of the squad.
  20. @angelangie ~ all well? how come you are hitting like instead of LOL reaction button? 922
  21. to better explain @Dhakra, -- I never watched this show but my friend saw this scene and was rolling with laughter because she said it reminded her of me. .. I have also had other people tell me about this because they were all reminded of me. to be fair, thats accurate on what happened at times. so yea, closer to 1. 928
  22. oh dear... everybody is towards 10... but lets just say I am closer to 1. ... there were situations where I ended up on quasi dates and realized it was a date after the event. I simply thought a friend was asking me to hang out and I was myself. .. lets just say there have been lots of comedy! 932
  23. so seok hee is wan soo and wan joon's aunt? ... so yeon do's new girlfriend is aunty?
  24. kekeke... but then he got kind of stupid and really boring. so I was catching up and watched yesterday's episode and had to laugh at how exasperated kyung in was while describing man su and how he is obsessed with jenny. it is funny because both song ah and mrs ji were hoping that she would date him. kekeke.. mrs ji thinks that man soo is not in love with jenny but is having a tough time letting her go.. hopefully it is not a dream. it looks like man soo actually tells jenny that he is shady mom's son! if it does happen, then jenny has to figure out that she isn't shady mom's biological daughter.... feels like we have been waiting forever for the drama to pick speed...
  25. really enjoy watching the interactions between seok hee and wan soo. so yea, it would be great if he was her ally until the end. if wan soo becomes the heir, it won't be surprising if he asks seok hee to be his right hand or a kinder version of ms. han. kekekek... what is enjoyable about the interactions is their very easy rapport and the sense that they are indeed siblings. they both play cool and rather than getting mad, plan their moves. we also get the sense the rapport is long built because he kept in touch with her in new york. it is one of the reasons I felt wan soo was not the killer. rather than think of her as a rival because they have different mothers, he embraced her. given their family politics, he doesn't really gain anything but he still made an effort because he saw her as a sibling. so it will be sad for seok hee if everyone in that family is a fraud. she needs to know that at least one or two people were decent and it is good to have those family ties.
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