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  1. it doesn't seem like hara and hajun ever really hung out as siblings. he was packed off to study somewhere far away as a child and when he came back, he mostly lived by himself. so it doesn't look like he knew who was in her social circle by face. he may have heard the name in passing but not met her. even serin was basically like a stalker who just tagged along to where he partied and introduced herself to him. so yea, he wouldn't recognize eun joo even from the funeral -- when he went there, instead of a photo, there was a drawing by eun gyul.
  2. Name of thread: Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), 결혼작사 이혼작곡 Name of poll: going for a swim Q1. what do you think about season 2 announcement? 1. groan! I can barely sit through this one! ~ 13 2. I will not be tuning in ~ 6 3. I am excited! ~ 2 4. who knows - maybe it will be entertaining? ~ 13 Q2. what is your feel of the drama so far? 1. am bored! where is the makjang? the truck of doom? the random birth secret? ~ 15 2. disappointed as I was expecting a lovely note about the state of marriag
  3. hahahahha... hara and serin are really bad villains. in other dramas, at least the lead had to work hard by eavesdropping. here no eavesdropping necessary, info is freely given and seen! not sure if it counts but looks like disco oppa has seen eun joo v1.5 first! so can we have a round of applause to those who guessed that one in the poll? @Naty828 @joccu @O @Takingthehighroad @tofumochu @yamiyugi @perfectmouse @chococarmela @youactlikeicare @Susu @shana0127 @youngae will we get it right next week as well with eun joo v2.0? post a dancing gif/pic if you win! or just pos
  4. 322 just peeking in to say hello! reading on ji soo getting replaced and found this bit of the article hilarious -- Netizens are responding positively to the news of Ji Soo's replacement as netizens commented, "I'm glad Ji Soo is being replaced," "I don't mind if the drama uses some ridiculous PPL for the funds," and "I won't even be mad if they start using smartphones in this historical drama."
  5. was anyone else amused by the smackdown of chairwoman in yesterday's episode. I found it hilarious when the grandmother was like "well you are aghast at sun hyuk, think how I felt!" bwaahahhaha.... even hara got in a smack when she said that since the chairwoman married for money, she can't preach. while we don't know the whole story yet on what she did to hajun's mom yet, it was still satisfying to see her get a bitter taste. @yamiyugi ~ disco oppa getting mad at sun hyuk makes sense because he saw it with his own dad. there were rumours that the chairman was already seeing the
  6. chingu, I also feel the same. during the fath re-watch, I was shocked to find out the PD went bankrupt after and committed suicide as he couldn't pay off the loans. basically he went through some loans to finance one drama but didn't recover enough and had to finance again to do faith. so there is a lot of money, jobs and people's careers involved in a drama production. it isn't just about one actor. however, I have seen this happen with few other dramas in the past as well where something from the actor's past causes the drama to fall. it is unfair that the crew and production sh
  7. so what is the folklore about? am guessing based on the vid for OST that it is some sort of tragic love story? or maybe she turns into a ghost at the end. was looking at her jewelry and thinking nice stuff! hahahaha... this is why the live aladdin version irks me -- they have such a huge budget and they had the most lamest princess outfits and jewelry. it was as if she was poor. +2
  8. Poll alert! chingus, vote for your choices (top of page) and discuss. have fun! thanks to @chickfactor for suggestions and input. re: @partyon and @Sleepy Owl
  9. waving hi at everyone! @Thong Thin ~ such yummy starters. thanks! it seems ji soo wrote a handwritten apology on his IG. it is not clear if he is admitting to all the accusations but simply says that he is sorry for being a terrible person in past, apologizing to those he hurt and hopes it doesn't affect the drama. 270
  10. it made me laugh that everyone was drawing parallels between chairwoman and hara - like mother and daughter. chairwoman finally got tired of selling the romantic story to her daughter who just decided it was so romantic that she needs to replicate it herself. so chairwoman outs herself as the gold digger, ha! hairclip omma has moments where she is quite funny. it amuses me to see how easily she gets under the skin of her old friend chairwoman -- well atleast sun hyun wasn't married when hara had the made. kekekeke... @LeftCoastOppa~ such great smackdowns in addition to those by disco oppa
  11. 306 just peeking my head in to say hi! @Min2206 ~ glad to hear you enjoyed watching tunnel. it is a good one!
  12. mom: I didn't tell you my history for you take lessons. hahahahha... that was so funny and dysfunctional. me! the housekeeper is a total hoot - the noises she mimics to tell the story of the slap. kekeke... okay chingus, new poll up! pick your choices! P.S ~ am not watching too many dramas at the moment. so if you are on another daily/weekend drama thread and would like a poll, just tag/PM me with info and I will set it up.
  13. Name of thread: Vincenzo, 빈센조 Name of poll: Vincenzo: First Impressions Q1. Which of the characters are you liking or rooting for the most so far? (Choose as many as you like) 1. Vincenzo Cassano ~ 11 2. Hong Cha Young (female lead) ~ 6 3. Jang Joon Woo (Taecyeon's character) ~ 5 4. Han Seung Hyeok (manager of Wuhan) ~ 0 5. Jang Joon Woo (female prosecutor) ~ 2 6. Chairman Jang Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon's character) ~ 5 7. Hong Yu Chan (the female lead's lawyer father) ~ 12 8. "Fake Italian" Ch
  14. 2021 wacky bets and polls - Mr. Queen poll (2) - Jan 2021 Soompi Forum Awards: Best Dramas (2020) - Poll #1 - Jan 2021 & wacky bets and polls Soompi Forum Awards: Best and Worst of the Rest (2020) - Poll #3 - Jan 2021 & wacky bets and polls Soompi Forum Awards: Best and worst of daily/weekend dramas 2020 - Poll #2 - Jan 2021 wacky bets and polls wacky bets and polls - Man in a veil - Jan 2021 Launch of re-watch event - Tunnel - Jan 2021 wacky bets and polls - Tunnel Re-watch event poll (1) - Jan 2021 wacky bets and polls - Man in a veil - Jan 202
  15. 2020 Fan MVs - Jan 2020 your favourite romance - Hyun Bin / Son Ye Jin poll - Feb 2020 How did they meet? poll - Feb 2020 Guess the drama title game S2 - March 2020 What are you watching now? poll - March 2020 Wacky bets & polls - Hospital Playlist - April 2020 Anticipated favourite polls - April 2020 Classic kdrama level - May 2020 Worst ending poll - May 2020 Poll: time travel dramas - May 2020 Continue the story - May 2020 The best of Lee Min Ho - June 2020 OTP reaction gemini poll - June 2020 Wacky bets & polls - King (1) (2) (3) (4) - June 2020
  16. waving hi back at @Min2206; am in a funny mood today! 358
  17. when you ask uncle google for a random meme!
  18. there are parts of this drama that is hilarious: hara -- let me put in all my acting experience to play grief. result: prize performance that folks feel sorry for her.... serin: acting as if she has a cold result: such bad acting, even a kid skipping school will do better... serin: I can't even fake a cold! hara: get some acting lessons! chebbal! how can you be my sidekick otherwise?
  19. dating conversation... so maybe future girlfriend: so tell me about your ex? what was she like? who was your first love? maybe future boyfriend: my stepmom was my first love option 1: smart girl (no longer future girlfriend): ooh, I just had a phone message. emergency at home. bye! option 2: stupid girl (future girlfriend): hmmm, that's interesting.... seriously, why would anyone date such a guy?
  20. just out of curiousity, does anyone know what is the difference between producing and directing? in kdramas, folks always mention PD-nim but the director doesn't get much mention. so I thought PD and director were similar? can anyone clarify?
  21. yea, I cleaned for about 2 hours - so much dust! usually I do a quick sweep but this time, I am doing it more slowly so I can do a proper spring cleaning. still haven't finished the room and will do some more tomorrow. not like anyone is coming to the house and so I can clean slowly and more carefully. long overdue! one room at a time. 402
  22. 396 just peeking my head in a bit to say hello and wishing happy weekend. time for me to start dusting a bit around the house today.
  23. catching up on yesterday's episode - grandmother is so funny. thinks her grandson disco oppa looks like an angel. had to laugh when maid said he looks more like a horse. hahahahaha... but then grandmother says he is more tiger and that is better than horse.
  24. am loving disco oppa. his snark is rather hilarious. kekekeke... and had to laugh at how he became the "husband" at the funeral hall and was serving all the guests. poor fella. but he was rather cheerful about it.... so it looks like he will be future husband of eun joo as well... that secretary of cruella hair lady may be another option for miss M!
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