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  1. He absolutely went there to kill her. He kidnapped her first, then intended to kill her. He failed, though, since Hye-Ji pushed him off the balcony.
  2. I like Yira, so she can stay. Maybe Min-Sook can go. Exactly. It was their business! Because she is, she just hasn't fully got there yet. Further pitting the sisters against each other. That scene in episode 1 seemed like a dream, I don't think it's happening. Three villains in one house! Now that I think about it, I can't deny this part at all. He did genuinely love her... however he still wants to kill her, so is it truly love anymore? Everyone was wearing all black amd funeral clothes in the preview. Who died?
  3. Yi-Chul is a nasty guy, but damn if he isn't right about some of the stuff he said to Hye-Won in today's episode! He became a director on YJ's board. He also has a brain tumor (glioblastoma) with about a year left to live. He's decided to live as a monster (instead of atoning for his sins... but okay... dailies are nonsensical as usual.) At the end of today's episode, he also decided to marry Hye-Ji... oh boy... I do like her new hairstyle, though. Hye-Won, of course, is fighting back. In the preview Yong-Ki was taken somewhere. I wonder who will die next? Since Hye-Won continues to go dark (most likely), will she end up killing someone next?
  4. Just like Penthouse. She finally has a good heir. Unless they kill off the son. Kyung-Ja died in today's episode, she got hit by the WTOD.
  5. Trying to figure out how this makes sense and it's not adding up for me at all. Maybe I'll watch with subs later, but why would Hye-Won team up with a murderer? What does Kyung-Ja gain from it? Did Hye-Won pay her?
  6. I'm sorry- she did WHAT?! If that's true, she's definitely becoming a villain... because that's some villain [censored].
  7. Since Hye-Won fully goes dark, how are they gonna do it once she turns full villain? Is it gonna be a slow realization? Or will it be sudden, might she try to kill Hye-Ji one day?
  8. Both YC and HW found out somehow. The writer never fully specified this part.
  9. I agree that Hye-Won is selfish. And she also does what benefits her best. Like I said, she's vindictive and aware of it. Which is why she's gonna go dark soon (or eventually, at least I think so.) Hye-Ji was horrible, but now she's being cruel towards her. Ji-Chang's death wasn't her fault. She knows it, yet she's obsessed with revenge. The writers aren't trying to convince us that she's good.
  10. HW kinda reminds me of Joo Aran from Temptation of an Angel. At least, she's headed in that direction...
  11. Me too. I love those kinds of dramas- with morally grey characters. It's why I enjoyed Penthouse and liked Game of Witches till it got too ridiculous. Hye-Won is a vindictive woman, she even said that herself. I don't think she's meant to be good. I am shipping her hard with Chase, they have a lot of chemistry together. And in today's episode, Hye-Won seemed even more villainous and even came off as a bit too ambitious, kinda greedy. Sung-Yoon, as you said, is boring... I like him at first, now I don't care for him at all. Hye-Ji may end up being good, surprisingly. She seems like she wants to truly change. As for Yi-Chul, definitely evil. Cha Ji-Eun is an absolute waste of airtime. She's just so unnecessary! Surprisingly, there aren't that many side characters in this daily, which I like. If Hye-Won becomes a villain, she'd be a villainous protagonist, while Hye-Ji remains as the (good) antagonist, so in a way, she's STILL the villain... just the villain of Hye-Won's story.
  12. I think they might do that. Push her towards being a bad guy, it seems highly likely.
  13. He doesn't have a wife, it was a joke where he put another employee as "wife". Edit: You meant Ji-Chang! Never mind.
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