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  1. Thanks for the translation. I don't know where they got the translation but some of PMY's fans claimed she wrote 'what's wrong with you' in the caption, which showed her irritation towards shippers becuz they edited her out. I'm not even sure if the translation was accurate so I didn't want to argue but those fans got mad on behalf of her, like seriously if she were annoyed over something so trivial, her life would be damn tiring LOL.
  2. She also posted the original photo with herself in it and then she deleted the post all together. Check her caption, please. Many fans thought she was upset about being disrespected by shippers I read the translation but it didn't sound that serious.
  3. The rumor about them dating has circulated before WWWSK so they must've been followed for a while, not only after the drama. In that case, either those papz couldn't find anything or their companies made a deal with them, just like SSC. I was afraid at first that this rumor might affect them because I thought they were at very first stage, but now as I believe they've been dating for quite some time, they must've foreseen a rumor like this to happen and been prepared for it beforehand. It's their relationship which they seem to treasure a lot so they'd know how to deal with all the pressure and scrutiny from media and fans. Anyway, does MY's stylist sound offended/annoyed with her post yesterday? I dont understand Korean but it seems to me that she was joking as she was also talking about being hungry and missing the food in Paris. Why some fans made a big deal out of it saying she was super offended and was complaining about being PSed out of the photo and what fans did was disrespectful? Someone understand korean please confirm. Seriously I don't know what is going on, but yesteday - His boss liked MY's photo - Her boss liked SJ's photo - His stylist followed a Parkpark's account (accidentally probably) - Her stylist posted that PSed photo with his face in it And today his team member even posted that instastory, which I am pretty sure PP didn't appear in. Are they having a trolling shippers days or what LOL Anyway their teams were supposed to stay quiet at moment like this when the media are searching hard for evidence but in fact, they aren't. Their stylists even liked comments about the PP being real so I guess we shouldn't overstress ourselves with the thought that this incident may drift them apart.
  4. Does the other actor have the same dog breed? Basically I believe in a number of coincidences but I refuse to believe fate can bring that many coincidences to them LOL. I mean she named her dog born in 2015 'Leon' which is the same as SJ's nickname given by fans after his drama KMHL which was also broadcast in 2015 and that nickname could be seen in Youn's kitchen in 2018. Come on About MY's collage photo, it's probably another 'coincidence' that it was posted one day after SJ's birthday yet I want to interpret the hashtag #daddyandson as SJ and Leon & Simba (?)
  5. Have you guys seen this? It's from insta story of the girl from PSJ's team. From the video she took yesterday, she must be staying in the hotel room but this is a private pool residence which apparently offers more privacy. It looks more like a villa and has three bedrooms and a private swimming pool Maybe PP is staying there and I guess the bikini she bought is not for everyone to see keke Not sure if it's true but they may fly home today. But isn't today the third day only? I don't expect PPC to go back on same flight so probably one of them will come back first.
  6. It's ok if you don't believe their long-term relationship but I don't know why you are so insist that the news were purposely leaked to draw attention. First of all, it's true that the rumors had spread inside k-biz a week or two prior to the drama's ending, but the public wasn't aware of it at all. The news only surfaced and reached the public after the drama completely ended, when there was nothing left to watch. Therefore, it didn't contribute to this highly successful drama whatsoever. Secondly, it's also true that bad publicity is still publicity but it only works for those who have nothing left to lose. In Korea, just a wrong move can cost you a career. PPC are well-known actors, recognized for their talents and the drama also gained attention right from the beginning, always topped its time-slot so it doesn't make sense to me that they leaked the news purposely. They're not idiots. And finally, I'm sure ParkPark is still doing fine or else they wouldn't have joined this trip. They would never let the public dictate how they should live or behave.
  7. LOL why do you have to feel embarrassed? I shipped Robsten too like 10 years ago for a very long time. I made a lot of friends who are still my friends nowadays thanks to them so even that ship sank, I still feel grateful keke. They also seem to be in good term, which is a rare case in hollywood. With Parkpark, I also shipped them right away cuz their chemistry had been off the chart since day one. However I used to have mixed feelings about MY cuz sometimes she was so comfortable but the other time she was so distant. I still remember watching their bts ep 4-5 where they sat together on sofa. SJ was laughing so hard that he touched her knee, yet she pulled herself away immediately. Just a second got me so conflicted keke thank God after that the viki interview came out and I could rest assured there was something going on between them. It actually showed how cautious and careful MY was in order not to get into any rumor at the beginning. Now I no longer wonder if they’re dating but wonder when they started to date sometimes sorry for another ranting :))
  8. Right after he returned from London on 11 Aug. He could've posted this on 12 or 13 but no, he only posts it today while he's having a trip in thailand when shippers keep tagging him and demanding photos. Well, this is his response, a photo :)) At this rate, I'm afraid we will end up with no photo at all after 5 days. keke. But the thought they had spent great time together (with some extra delulu R-rated scenarios) makes me happy enough
  9. Don't overthink too much. Most of them are busy with their next projects and it's a fact which can be proven. In case of Pyo Ye Jin, she's in Canada now enjoying travelling with her friend. Yes, they may not be as close as we think they are becuz at the end of the day, most of them are colleagues, not friends and in reality, you're not that close with your colleagues, right? Also there's no reason for them to boycott this trip. All of them have gained more fame and exposure thanks to this popular drama. PPC rumor didn't bring any damage to them as it was unveiled after the drama concluded.
  10. They're one of a kind. Most of couples fell in love on set while doing the drama together, from reel to real but PPC were real turning reel LOL They didn't mind putting their hectic schedule aside and joining this trip although they knew such a daring move would lead to the increased criticism and skepticism about their denial. They also didn't care about showing their faces on sns to prove that they were here in this reward trip to celebrate their success of the drama as co-stars. Instead they both went MIA, a telling fact that they were spending time together alone and making up for the time being separated. I admire them for going against the norms, living their lives unfazed from all the harsh words. And I don't think they will post any photo on instagram as most of the cast is absent but their teams will probably give us updates. Have to thank their teams for feeding us with hints here and there :))
  11. LOL are they crazy? This is the most smoothly sailing ship I’ve ever been on. We are well-fed with chemistry, evidence, rumors and hints and blessed with a captain who isn’t hesitant to show the love to his girl. What else do they want? PPC deserve their privacy. I would love to know what they’ve been up to in Phuket but if they don’t feel like showing up, it’s totally understandable cuz their existence isn’t for the purpose of entertaining us. Those shippers are acting like spoiled brats who can’t be pleased, not too different from those brainless knetz @Sum Babe: so she used that blue heart icon a long time ago while she was wearing that ‘love’ t-shirt. Keke. I dont know what it means or if their staff are trying to tease us with the random use of the blue heart but it is recognized as a special icon for PPC now as shippers use it in every comment :))
  12. No one knows but their teams use that blue heart a lot when there’s something pertaining to them. MY also has that blue heart in her posts and SJ wears a blue bracelet always nowadays. maybe it’s coincidental, just like those coincidences they denied :)) I captured some photos from their teams’ insta below
  13. Shipping is fun when it’s still unofficial, once it’s official, you don’t need to ship anymore keke. I’d love them to go public but next year would be better than now. I also don’t think they’re staying there. It’s likely that their teams are trying to draw attention to this location, probably in case of some papz following them.
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