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  1. It’s been a while since the last time I posted in this place although I pay visits frequently. Some of the long time shippers may still remember me. I have to come out of my lurking shelf and give my two cents about this matter becuz it’s actually getting on my nerves. The difference between YJ liking binjin photos and haein ones is the timing. With JHI, it’s true that people shipped them enthusiastically during the broadcast but there’d never been any major rumor about them dating in real life. Yes people might’ve asked them if they were dating but that was becuz they looked good together on screen. Their companies never had to come out of their ways to clarify anything about them, unlike binjin whose rumors have been denied multiple times. Considering this fact, YJ should’ve not wanted to associate herself with anything binjin related and she could’ve liked the photos of herself alone, there were plenty of them posted even by binjin account. But no, she liked her photos with bin publicly, one of which even had the caption with the desire for them to be real and I doubt she liked it without reading. Also keep in mind that she rarely liked stuff on instagram so the liking spree was surely very unusual. And she didn’t click like right after baeksang, it was a couple days after so she had plenty of time to considerate the action that she absolutely knew would gain a lot of attention from media and cause an uproar among shippers. If you think about it, it may similar to HI photos but actually it’s very different. I dont understand the connection between being a responsible shipper and not discussing about this matter. If it was an unofficial stuffs like hand under table incident or pregnancy theory which was totally absurd, made up by some overly excited shippers, I totally agree that we should not further the discussion. However, YJ liked the photos PUBLICLY and it’d be too naive to think she didnt know what she was doing and the consequence that it would bring so what’s with all the bashing? If you want to give them absolute privacy, then you should stop shipping them altogether, it’s actually their lives we’re talking about here.
  2. According to the fan’s account, they were sitting at the business class lounge when she met them. I guess because their staff flew economy so they couldn’t come with them to the lounge and binjin was left alone for a while. I wondered if they sit next to each other on the plane. My friend had a theory that although they didn’t come to the airport at the same time for the mongolia trip, they checked in at the same time to sit next to each other as one of the airline officer can be seen opening the seating chart LOL. Maybe it’s a delusional though but who knows. btw finally we can see a glimpse of them in real life after cloy. Miss them
  3. I know you’ve been on this thread for quite a while so you’re no way a troller. Personally I rarely have doubts when it comes to binjin but I know not everyone is the same. Imo it’s totally fine to share your insecurities in this thread cuz we can help lessen the uneasiness you have. It’s not about spreading the negativity but boosting the positivity. I’m not sure about what denial you were referring to under the spoiler cuz they’ve denied so many time, but I assume it’s the latest one with the allegation that they’d held hands under table. Regarding that denial, many people misunderstood that only hb’s agency denied, which was actually not the case. Syj’s side denied as well but the denial came later than hb’s. Therefore, your worry about hb likely to not have marriage in mind based on his denial is actually not valid. If the denial is considered as a factor for the unreadiness to progress their relationship to the next level, then it should be both of them, not just hb although imo it means nothing honestly. In fact, it’s not wise to admit anything right after the drama ends. And some may question why their agencies did not only deny the hand holding part and leave out the dating part, well...they couldn’t. The journalists only use the hand holding rumor as an excuse to dwell on their dating rumor. Their agencies couldn’t just deny the first half and leave the second one up in the air so the advice here is that we should not think too much about the denials, it’s not like it was the first time it came up btw. And it’s said they have passed the honeymoon phase as they’re more comfortable now around each other, I agree. But is it just me or the way hb looks at her now, as we saw in swoon interview is still the same as nego promo? I and my friend, also a shipper always joked about how he stayed in honeymoon phase for too long btw I hope the answers from here have at least given you some reassurance to stay on this ship. We all have to wait and see if this ship will arrive to the destination we hope for, but it’d be better if we feel more joy and less anxiety while being on it. Shipping is supposed to be fun, not give you more stress along with all the things going on in the chaotic situation of the world right now.
  4. Because what you read is not legit. Vast never mentioned the specific rumor they were targeting in their original statement. Most of rational fans can deduct it was meant for those who were spreading the rumor of hb being involved in jdg and jjm’s scandal as it only happened a few days before. However, the press had to drag syj’s name into this one, which resulted in those misleading articles you read cuz the drama was on air and their rumor was a hot topic at the time. But keep in mind that their wedding rumor and the denials from vast came almost two weeks prior to this statement so why vast waited that long to make a warning about that?
  5. I guess he had the menu (?) on his lap, hence the different color compared to the table and the ajuma’s hand was laid on the slit of the table, which you can see on the side. I’m sure it’s real but even if it’s not, it doesn’t matter anyway cuz we have tons of other hints, although I like that binjin looked pretty cozy in this photo
  6. Yes it is. It was posted by that restaurant owner on their account, probably to promote their restaurant and following vast’s message, it was removed. The women who was on the picture came to a show by Sleepy and said binjin visited her restaurant before the photo was posted on social media anyway. The photo is definitely not photoshopped as well. Their photo with them wearing that hairstyle is not available anywhere to be edited and put into this one. Anyway, many big binjin account and even someone from here got private messages from vast and you know we can click on the name of the DMer which links us back to their profile, right? You can backtrack this thread to see what the dm was all about. Basically it was not meant to be posted without consent of the one who appeared in the photo, who was hb.
  7. I don’t know the reason why the topic keeps coming back to their exes and costars. To be blunt, that should be the last thing we focus on. first, an ex is an ex for a reason. How many of us have come back to an old flame? I mean was there actually flame when they broke up rather quickly like that? If they wanted to rekindle, it should’ve happened way before the switzerland events. Even if the time she was in switzerland coincided with the time they were filming, which was not the case, it would not prove anything. What’s the point in coming all the way there when everything can be done in korea and when your bf was working? Second, yj’s costar actually came to LA for official activities, not like hb who said he came there for business but no one can confirm if it was true. And do you think if there was sth going on, he’d still send a coffee truck decorated with that lovely photo of se ri and jung hyuk to the set? Sometimes I just wanna knock some sense into these doubters. Yeah you can have doubts as shippers but also try to think logically. Why dragging unrelated people into this? I think his ex-gf would be so annoyed seeing all the comments asking if they’re back together just becuz she happened to be in switzerland. I mean it was a filming location, not even a place hb visited in private or anything. Ughhh. I hope this topic will be put to rest cuz it’s getting so messy. I’d rather read 10 pages of analysis on their denials than 1 post about this ridiculous subject. And please dont make comparison on who has better skills or is better actor than who in this thread. Why is it important at all?
  8. it was so dark but you can see yj swing from left to right being all shy He was apparently holding the fan for her even before she turned on the camera so it was not for the hair flying effect. They were so cute back then. Now they’re trying to make it less obvious but still slipped off somtimes.
  9. do you mean the kiss above? It’s in the drama, not bts so it’s totally fine. It’s not like we’ve never seen french kisses in korean dramas before, and seeing hb’s lower lips, there must be some tongue movements involved in the action LOL. That’s probably why in the wrap up party, yj was so flustered seeing their own kiss, which was also filmed few days prior.
  10. What? This article didn’t even present any point that we haven’t known of and what hb did that doesn’t deserve syj??? Anyone??? I got so confused by your comment seriously. I don’t know how long you’ve been introduced to korean entertainment, but I just wanna say while this article is somewhat true considering how kbiz has been operating all these years, it does not present the whole picture. A dating scandal would largely take a toll on young idols with fandom consisting of mostly teens or very possessive fans rather than established veteran actors/actresses. Hb and syj are nearly 40, been in the industry for almost 20 years, at this point, most of their loyal fans who have been growing old with them can’t care less if they date or get married. Even if hb’s fans were possessive, which is definitely not the case, why does it have to be hb’s fault? One thing for sure, if hb and yj didn’t want to go public, that decision would be made just for their own privacy and benefits, rather than driven by his/her vigilant and possessive fan base. You don’t wanna ship them? fine, but don’t talk bad about any of them in this thread cuz you’re pretty much clueless about what you’re talking about.
  11. Just one thing I can assure you all that no rumor has been created from this thread. The marriage rumor actually started way before the fan taken photos of hb wearing the ring came out. It was circulated in korean community since late last year as far as I heard, then k-media picked it up and made it into news. I don’t know where the break up rumor came from though. Having said that, I agree that we should set boundaries to our speculation but at the same time not discourage the discussion in here cuz sometimes I feel it’s too much to give people an earful of lectures as soon as they come up with an observation, which may sound delulu, yet too trivial to turn into something worth the news. Like the flu thing, it was harmless and whoever said this was pretty much joking, idk why it should be slammed down right from beginning. I’m really thankful that some of you are trying to make this thread a healthy place for discussion and sharing about binjin by calling people out for overstepping the line, but sometimes being rational doesn’t mean you have to be oversensitive, it’s actually taking pretty much all the fun out of this place. The hype will die down very soon and I hope this thread will stay at least alive cuz I really love reading your discussion and observations here. Thanks to you all, I’ve gained a lot of insights like the pouting thing hb imitated yj in the swoon vid someone posted a few pages back. I watched that vid a thousand times but never realized that small mirror action
  12. KJH’s answer is really smart in my opinion. Dont you feel saddened by his statement because obviously he couldnt say anything else. Even if KHJ knew something, he was not in the position to reveal it. In fact it’s actually very considerate of him to stress on their professionalism, which is in line with the companies’s stance on the issue. The reporters shouldn’t have asked this kind of question in his interview but as binjin rumor is still a hot topic in korea and they don’t take any personal interview at the moment, the reporters would not miss the chance to bring it up in other cast members’ interviews, which is kind disrepectful but not uncommon. When PPC’s rumor broke out, other members were also asked the same question and as far as I remember, they even directly said they were not dating at all so at least KJH’s reply was not that bad for your shipping hearts lol. At least he added hb’s eyes were filled with love once the shoot started, which I can totally relate I read the ducklings’ interview about hb and yj and they got nothing but praise for their acting ability and appreciation for how friendly, kind and supportive the duo were toward them during the filming process. Tang joon sang said he was so mesmerized by hb’s handsomeness whenever he looked at him and yoo su bin stated he can feel he’s handsome only from his back lol. This I also can relate wow the thread is moving with lightning speed. Crazy
  13. he doesn’t use one, but you can find his company insta here