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  1. Hey there Chingus @Lmangla Noona, @4evrkdrama Chingu, watched Bossam ep 14 last night, and now what's with Cha Dol's real mom's return here, not really impressed with this new sudden addition @larus, @joccu I am just loving Kim Nam Gil's acting here. He has been portraying Bidam as a complex character quite well. I do feel pity for him since his master suddenly changed how he was towards him due that mass murder incident. I do understand the master being shocked and all, but I think he should have handled that case in a better way, since as Bidam claimed, h
  2. I partially agree with you here Chingu. I never supported the whole household thing BHR had to do. So yeah, I also agree with the whole cooking and other stuff, since they could just hire a maid for that. Working married couples who can afford it do that. But at the same time, what I think is, when you start living with someone, the lifestyle of both of them changes. For example, if I don't really clean my house for a couple of week, and my partner does so everyday, we got to reach to an agreement for it, and can't just continue living our own way. So, change is bound to happen wh
  3. @partyon Noona, I think YYS can be EO Hubby, since CJH is already famously known as the EO Oppa by everyone now. What do you suggest @kokodus Chingu? +2
  4. Name of thread: My Ultimate Unnie/Noona Name of poll: Poll: Ultimate Unnie/Noona 1. My Ultimate Red Wine Unnie/Noona (Choose 4) Park Shin Hye (The Heirs, Memories of Alhambra) - 18 Bae Suzy (Start Up, Vagabond) - 40 IU (Hotel Del Luna, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart) - 11 Kim Go Eun (The Eternal Monarch, Goblin) - 27 Park Min Young (Her Private Life, What's wrong w
  5. Congratulations @partyon Noona on your marriage @partyon Noona, since he is your hubby now, should we introduce him as the EO Hubby in our next event +2
  6. Sorry Chingu, I am kinda confused. You mean to say SH had to train BHR? Well I am not too sure, to me it looked like she was the master in the relationship and he was being trained. She even said that to her friends to have trained her husband that way
  7. Well, we can agree to disagree here, but they had major problems. SH was already frustrated of being controlled by her. Well of course, from her POV, she had reasons for it. She never liked him come home drunk since she hated the smell, controlled what he ate since he was gaining weight, forced him to join the gym for the same and many more. That is being controlled and he was already feeling frustrated by it all. The cheating didn't start with him having casual talks with SW in my honest opinion. If that is where cheating starts, then I believe most of the people out there would b
  8. Well, I remember him not being so happy being forced to go for gym, or not getting to eat whatever he wants, being controlled and also strongly considering divorcing her. He told about it to Song Won when they had just started their talks, and I won't see that as the cheating being started. They started quite casually as being friends and sharing their problems. So yeah, he was considering divorcing her, and had quite many problems with her before the cheating actually happened. Not sure, but I don't think them being happy in bed would mean he was all happy in marriag
  9. Once again the angle deceived us I wonder the linesman was like "Its Morata, let's go with Offside" 800
  10. Well @partyon Noona, I totally agree with you. I never liked Sa Hyun's dad, but seeing his comments on SW's age is just making me angry SW is in her early 40s, 42 I think, and it is not that late for getting pregnant. And if it is, that dude really has not right to speak like that about her age. No one here is really caring about the child, and well, if SH is greedy for wanting to be with his mistress and the woman he loves, I honestly see BHR being the same not divorcing since her parents are in Canada and not really because she loves SH. If SH is being manipulative,
  11. Dude was already convinced it was offside 800
  12. How was Mini-Barf drama's episode 13 Noona? 794
  13. @Ameera Ali, @joccu they were literally checking whether the ball hit Jota's hair in order to rule Portugal's second goal Offside 794
  14. 4-1, it already is doing it This Portugal Defense is one of the worst ones I have seen in sometime for them. Well, I like VAR when it is in favor of my team, but when it is not I am somewhat like this I am still two hearted about VAR. It surely takes away the fun, and it is too frustrating when players celebrate a goal and it gets ruled no goal. I think it should be somehow like they do in Cricket. In Cricket both teams have 2 or 3 reviews which they can use to challenge the Umpire's decision. IF the one requesting it is right about, then th
  15. I actually missed the first 10 mins, so I didn't know there was another goal which was ruled out as offside. When the commentator mentioned it, I was like Talking about offside, I was pretty sure that Germany's second goal would be ruled offside given the angle they showed it. But was relieved to know that it wasn't Too many OGs. I remember this to be happening in another tournament some years ago too, don't remember which one. What's with the TV official though. One time they show Germany's first goal under Ruben Dias' name, then next time on Hav
  16. I saw and the first goal's credit is given to Havertz Germany missed another chance 790
  17. Portugal's defense is too shaky, I have lost the count of their mistakes leading to German Players getting ball in the dangerous areas. By the looks of it Germany goal is an OG by Ruben Dias and not under Havertz's name, but who cares Ronaldo is definitely a beast performing so well at this age. Meanwhile, Germany scored another, and it is another OG by Portugal +2
  18. Germany having upper hand in both games, still trailing behind 788
  19. @larus, @joccu Chingus, I just can't stop watching "Queen Seondeok" @Ameera Ali, I remember Patrick Viera, comparing this England team with Tottenham in terms of them not knowing how to win a trophy +2
  20. Hey there Chingus @larus, @joccu Chingus, I am at 32nd episode of "Great Queen Seondeok". So far it has been great, and I just loved how casually they introduced Bidam. I saw Kim Nam Gil in that cave, and I was like BIDAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!. At the same I just realized how great Kim Nam Gil's acting has been for years. This drama was aired in 2009, and the all the main leads were top stars at that time, I am Kim Nam Gil was too, but since his character was introduced, he was the scene stealer despite having lesser dialogues. Loving his character, but sad knowing which route he will go.
  21. I like your choices Chingu, honestly, choosing from this list was the toughest for me too, I just love all of the actresses in the Rose Wine List For Kim Tae Hee, I loved her in IRIS, couldn't get to see her other dramas except for "Hi Bye Mama" from what I remember. Yong Pal is in my watchlist for sometime, so I will most probably watch it soon. Ha Ji Won has been exceptional for years now. I had watched more of her movies, and I think the first drama I watched by her was EK, followed by Hospital Ship. But I certainly look forward to her dramas. Gong Hyo Jin's p
  22. Nope, Sleepy Owl is busy writing the new episode of HP S3, LOOK FORWARD TO IT CHINGU I guess I somehow ended up dodging it +2
  23. Chingus, @confusedheart326, @agenth, @4evrkdrama, @gm4queen Congratulations on being selected as EOs and JMs 700
  24. @Sakurafairy, @frozentundra Chingus, sorry for missing out on your ultimate Unnies due to the technical limitations of our poll @larus having known you for sometime now, I think we don't even need to ask each other about our Ultimate Unnie and Noona Thank you for participating and voting here Chingu @confusedheart326 Chingu, I have watched some dramas of Gong Hyo Jin, and my most favorite ones would be "Thank You" and "Master's Sun". Thank You was just amazing in my opinion, and I don't really remember how many times I have watched it. She has done sev
  25. Score would have been 3-0, Lucky Germany to avoid it thanks to offside and VAR. Honestly German crosses are so bad, and so are their corners so far Smart move I'd say 666
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