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  1. @sadthe1st Did you say Ice Cream @partyon Noona did you just -3 here 516
  2. Yes, you are right about it. He met his mom after Joon Young denied speaking about his family on TV. And yes, whatever Sung Jae will do, he'll do it with the excuse of doing it for Joon Young's benefit. Worst thing is Song Ah and Joon Young are both taken for granted by almost everyone. By the way, I am almost confused about who I want to get the Prof.'s position. Hyeon Ho or Jung Kyung, both looked to be good in the master class, both want that position not because they are actually passionate about it, but because they want to prove a point and, don't want to be one the left being between the trio (in Hyeon Ho's case) and not be remembered as Angel with broken wings (in Jung Kyung's case). I do feel sorry for Joon Young's Prof. though. He coming from a seemingly weaker music background, tries his best on Joon Young, but then whatever he achieves is said to be only because of Joon Young and no one acknowledges him. Plus well his recent album also is not doing well. @joccu, @sadthe1st hiii 508
  3. I didn't think about that. Yup he is only thinking about himself, and is more than capable of stopping Joon Young, or coming up with a counter plan. We don't even know why he met his mom, what if he thinks about bringing them on TV by having them give an interview on how much Joon Young suffered and worked hard for them 514
  4. I just hope that Joon Young's main management company still goes with Kyunghoo, since he said he'll talk with them, and he really does not seem to like working with that guy. He acts as if he is doing a favor to Joon Young doing all that with him not at all liking, in the name of just reviving his career. 514
  5. @Jillia that guy looked shady from the start, and I was sure about him not having good intentions when he sort of pressured Joon Young in doing that talk for the students And what a nice parallel between Song Ah and Joon Young, where both their best friends are angry with them for having feelings for their ex-partners. +2
  6. If only I could punch that new manager/representative of Joon Young He upto no good meeting his mom, and also will ask Song Ah to leave Joon Young 512
  7. Hey there Got to wait full week for "Do You Like Brahms?" next episodes? 514
  8. @Lmangla it is understandable since you were in Team Sub for a long time. Old habits die hard. I spent just a couple of rounds in Team Sub and would subtract sometimes when I joined team Add too 510
  9. Hi @Lmangla Did you also join Team Sub? 506
  10. Seems like Werner refused himself because he was suffering from a cramp. Anyway, it was an enjoyable match . Good Morning Chingus 498
  11. BOOM Mount messed up whole game, messed up the last penalty I wonder why Werner did not get to hit a penalty Anyway, it was good Chingu, congrats 492
  12. @joccu Equalizer by Spurs @mirmz 494
  13. Yup, he is a good buy for Chelsea 494
  14. Werner finally scored his first goal!!! And Spurs missed a big chance @pompyavi its fine to be picky as long as you enjoy what you are watching. Plus I see that you also watch other TV series too, so its fine watching that many dramas. 496
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