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  1. Apart from Duel, I have watched all. Shin Se Kyung is beautiful too, but in this one, those 3 ladies stole the show for me, especially Han Ye Ri as Cheok Sa Gwang. But Shin Se Kyung looks good too My posts are always safe to view, wherever you are 404
  2. I had an important work in the morning, and waking up early, though I hate it, made me sleepless after I was done with the work, and so I decided to watch the episodes. On another hand, the other motivation for me to watch the drama are the beautiful ladies of this drama @Thong Thin I will also watch Time when it completes, and hope that the heat wave ends soon. @Min2206 Noona seems to be busy with RL and so is not seen much on the forum lately. Hopefully things will get free on her side and we'll see her more in the thr
  3. @joccu, @larus I am on the 39th episode now. Sambong must be feeling like this, seeing all his plans crumble Jo Joon (the dude who wanted the land reform to happen and did the calculations before hand) has now turned into a typical minister just like the ones he despised the most. Is ready to do anything, use force, kill if it helps them. That's why, Sambong desperately wanted an ally like Poeun whose heart would never change and he would remain loyal to his principles. 410
  4. Nope, I will most probably watch it when it ends, since the number of dramas I am watching are already high. I am having a hard time catching up LUCA too. Maybe I will start it after I complete "Six Flying Dragons". Are you watching it? How is it? 37 C is too much though, is it normal to be that high or is it more than it usually should be? 412
  5. Every mafia scared to mess with animals and birds, since John Wick turned everything upside down in the underworld for a mafia's son killing is dog. They never know whose pigeon it could be, better safe than see this dude come at you looking like this 410
  6. The sad thing is that, 2 of the most anticipated dramas of 2021 had a really bad start. Let's hope they'll get better. Vincenzo is a 20 episodes long one, and I hope things get better. So Chingu, how hot is it on your side, what's the temperature right now? 412
  7. I will need to see if there advertising any fridge there, buy this and you will be safe when the robbers at you 406
  8. Hey there @Lmangla, @Thong Thin 404
  9. So having seen the episodes, once again, things are too similar for Han Ju Won and Lee Dong Shik. While I don't really understand the obsession he has with Lee Dong Shik, literally causing a disrupt in the investigation by trying to move it in the direction of him being the killer, while the arguments he gives can be applied to him too as suspect, and I liked it when Lee Dong Shil did the same, since well, if we were to just see Dong Shik as the suspect, then the same applies to him as he fits the picture he himself created here. Now I think there are certain things which actually
  10. Hey there Chingus Hey there Chingu, welcome to Team Add @sadthe1st I think this is what Umaru Chan would do to that guy, seeing how much cola and orange juice he wasted. 398
  11. @joccu, @larus think how skilled Cheok Sa Gwang is that it required highly skilled characters like Yi Bang Ji and Moo Hyul to fight with her together, and still have an even match with her. 396
  12. @joccu, @larus I have just completed episode 33, seems like we are all almost at the same point 396
  13. @joccu, @larus even I might need to watch the 32nd episode again, to remember what was happening 396
  14. I am interested in this drama too, and knowing the writer, I think it would be safe to trust her for this drama. As for Sisyphus, I will watch 2 more episodes before deciding whether I will drop it or not. For now, it is quite likely that I will be dropping the drama next week. I'd rather watch and complete "Six Flying Dragons" which is stuck on 33rd episode for over a week now. 408
  15. @joccu, @pompyavi I literally wanted to see if it is really possible for the refrigerator door to block bullets, and found this video Now that's what happens when you use cheap refrigerator, if only it was the drama's refrigerator door @pompyavi Chingu, "Steins Gate" is high in my anime watchlist, and well, they could taken "inspiration" from that anime too, since its plot and genre are somewhat similar. Direction is so bad, ML was typing using Korean Keyboard in order to code in Perl to create the application which would unlock and start
  16. Hey there Chingus ITS FINALLY FRIDAY @Thong Thin the things on SH's gun in Sisyphus are actually the skins and add-ons, which initially to me too looked weird, but when I looked carefully, it looked fine to me. In 4th episode, her gun had a very cool custom skin probably one of the few things I liked about that episode. @joccu, @pompyavi what was that refrigerator made of that the bullets got blocked like that? Too many flaws in this episode, but finally FINALLY SAMEONE COULD SHOOT HER. But the as a whole the episode was really bad in my opinio
  17. @joccu I think, I know which scene you are talking about. Is it the one in which they jump from the bridge with all the firing happening, or was it something else. This one was in the trailer. Honestly, I will first watch "Hello? Its Me!" episode 3 before watching this one. 426
  18. @pompyavi, @joccu I will watch the episode later tonight, and then let you know about it. But yeah, when they can't execute the basic things properly, then we can what happens. The plot may have a great potential, but the execution is where they are lacking. No matter how good it is, but if each episode has got WTH moments, then well, watching becomes less and less enjoyable. Like now, I don't really feel like to think and theorize what could be happening next or how things could be happening or look into things more deeply, or check out the background for info, like we used to do
  19. My friend has been recommending it to me for more than a month now. For now, I have too many Kdramas to watch. But will watch it. Justice League's trailer seems interesting, when I went to watch it after it released, all of us were too disappointed by it. Hopefully this will live up to the expectations it has raised. 442
  20. Nope Chingu, how was it? Let me check it out One good news is that while it was speculated "Demon Slayer S2" will air in 2022, they dropped the teaser and it will be airing in 2021. Now I just hope that we'll get to watch the movie before this season comes, but there is still no news on the release date of its movie in US/Canada, and without releasing it there, they won't be releasing it on the online platforms PS: I just watched the trailer, and it looks interesting. I was pretty much disappointed by Justice League. 440
  21. Hey there @sadthe1st I believe your work must have ended long ago, considering the fact that I have about 1 hour left to be free, how is work, hope its not hectic 442
  22. As I said, the whole group is suspicious, and they are actually acting suspicious and strange. So I would not be shocked that he is the killer. One interesting thing about both the MLs is that they messed up their previous cases big time. Dong Shik got his partner killed, it is still a mystery how it happened since he didn't really tell anyone about it, and got the whole team disbanded because of it. We don't even know what case that was. But he has been suffering with trauma or something similar because of it, since the other day when he was waiting for his ex-colleague from RIU,
  23. @pompyavi, @joccu this drama is actually failing to do the basics right currently, which I really hope will improve next episodes onward 442
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