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  1. cr to dohwa_8914 - Jung Jae Chan Sparkling Jong Suk in Hapsode, cr dohwa_8914
  2. cr dohwa_8914 - JS for LDF -------------------------------- Netizens Find It Interesting to Know That More Than Half of Lee Jongsuk's Lead Roles are Students by KStarLive 18 Sept 2020 Yes, more than half of his lead roles are students. Debuted in 2005, Lee Jongsuk has played numerous lead roles in films and dramas. Lee Jongsuk is well-known for his charismatic persona when he immerses himself in his roles — anything it might be. However, do you know that more than Lee Jongsuk's main roles are students? Yes, Lee Jongsuk often plays as a student. Despite his age, which is older than a real student, the actor has been trusted to pull off the role. Mostly, it's because of Lee Jongsuk's young-looking visual. Since his first student-main-role in 'High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged' back in 2011, Lee Jongsuk transformed into a student in 'School 2013,' 'I Can Hear Your Voice,' 'Doctor Stranger,' 'Pinocchio,' and more! https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/09/17/netizens-find-it-interesting-to-know-that-more-than-half-of-lee-jongsuk-s-lead-roles-are-students-381484
  3. cr @mojiddot 14 Sep 노둥 사진 더 내놔 #sum37 cr @jpgif5959 - #이종석_생일축하해 #이종석 너의 어제와 오늘, 그리고 내일을 사랑해 태어나줘서 고마워 우리한테 와줘서 고마워 얼른 우리 다시보자 생일축하해!! Belated HB post though - just wanna share how pretty the post done by the owner
  4. @withJSph A birthday message from all of us here in withJS Philippines: . "You may be a year older but you are still wonder of the nature!” hyunsuk8889 14.09.2020 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY JONG SUK cr @ zinthi_htut withjsmyanmar
  5. cr @happeehour Happy Birthday to the versatile actor who steals hearts with his killer smile, #LeeJongSuk! cr @Nathali48671357 Happy Birthday to my only one oppa in korea I hope that you'll enjoy ur birthday even if youre in military right now to serve your nation I will always support and cheer for you! Saranghamnida yongwonhi oppa Lee Jung Suk(Sukie) this one nice!
  6. cr rang_5959 Happy Jong Suk Day! cr withJS Happy birthday to actor Lee JongSuk who is forever shining.
  7. cr leejongsukkky - Oh my god the W OST is finally on Spotify
  8. cr leejongsukkky - Oh my god the W ost is finally on Spotify " Befitting " caption and post from artsypulse - 12 Sept 2020
  9. [ CELEBRATION DAY 10 ] 10.09.2020 - Countdown from withJSph A birthday message from all of us here in withJS Philippines: " You bring a bit of sunshine and happiness to all those around you. Enjoy your special day and every day!”
  10. Happy Birthday Billboard Support at Seoul Station -Metro Line for our September-boy Lee Jong Suk . . 05092020 Vid and pics captured by @leeleecalli at Seoul Station edited by kembie0206 https://www.instagram.com/p/CEwiejChS-s/
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