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  1. https://twitter.com/jpgif_5959 May your worries be light May your joy be great May your day be filled with good thoughts, kind people and happy moments ~ quote (to you & whoever is reading this)
  2. Thank you @ibru and @kiyimae for sharing the articles on the Compilation of Poetry Books in RIABB and the explanation on RHK_Korea. Interesting indeed. I posted a congratulatory message to Mr Na TJ on his winning at the recent 30th Sowol Poetry Awards on my IG, but was not too sure of the whole details - now they are clearer to me. It is so heartwarming and rewarding to see Jong Suk's collaboration with Mr Na TJ is in the limelight again. Just to share a quote here from Robert Frost - Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
  3. Repost from toguri0206 . She bought the mug from 89M on Sept 7 but saw the message today. Thank you for sharing. Hope your toes are well by now, Mr Lee
  4. cr jpgif as tagged Thank you @ladylia257 and @kiyimae for the concerns and explanations. All the MORE we love Jong Suk -ssi for being HIMSELF
  5. Hi @kiyimae Wish I could answer you. No clue on others as I only follow Jong Suk-ssi If I do come across any interview of such, will let you know.
  6. Ohh, many thanks @kiyimae for looking them up. It must be really quite an effort. I wouldn't be able to know which were the ones he deleted. Now why would he delete all those sweet memories - the HB ones in hotel and HOD. But then, knowing JS, he does that once awhile. Hehe Once again, thank you
  7. Hi @ibru Good to hear from you. I don't read hangul, so what I can gathered from the poster is that her SK time 00:35, she saw JS IG had 409 posts and took a screenshot. When she went back shortly to check, it went down to 405. So Jong Suk was online and deleted 4 posts. But I am not sure which are the 4.
  8. Wow! Thanks @Rania Zeid for sharing Ruru's post! It's so nice to see the drink, coffee? being twirled in such a way and JS appears before our eyes! Simply amazing! And that smile
  9. @asiaren Saw your recent post on these and here is similar clip from the owner above. Cr mitsuba.ti. Thank you for sharing The longing, the waiting
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