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  1. For you @lanieqp, I too have no words on how much to thank you for your beautiful words and lovely talent And to @frozentundra and jisung_russia - much thanks for your effort on cutie Jong Suk-ssi. My heartfelt appreciation too, to @ibru @Rania Zeid and others who constantly update us and keeping this thread alive. We have a great fanbase here - so blessed!
  2. Hi @hilllllllly What I love about you is this ONE above! Honestly I could not have said any better. Again @lanieqp Hugs to you!
  3. Credit to the owner / source jshine_fc_leejongsuk IG @lanieqp Thank you again for your dedication and lovely thoughtful quotes. Jong Suk-ssi is not perfect but he makes imperfect perfect. To quote the meaning from wiki -- " When someone tell you that you're "perfectly imperfect", basically saying that they accept your flaws, they like you enough that they see past your insecurities, a way of saying that you're perfect to them."
  4. Ohhh, you guys talked about me ??? Lol ... well, thank you for the compliments. Back to you, chingu, please DO NOT say that you flood or spam or whatever word they use, especially if it's our Mr A-Man Lee Jong Suk-ssi on the wall. We can never get enough of him. Boy, missing his smile and gaze so bad
  5. Hi @lanieqp Aww, please do not feel pressured by my comment. What I was trying to say is that I really appreciate your expressions here - do post whenever you can and when you have that "feel" again. You may not realise that at times, the quotes, photos or words shared, do imbue certain sense of calmness, happiness and even inspirational outcome. And sorry for not asking you first, I reposted JS hot smoking pic on my wall, along with your quote, credit to you. Thank you once again ... all for the love on Jong Sukkie
  6. Awww, you make my day with that statement of yours , dear @lanieqp ... Thank you so much. Looking forward to your quotes
  7. https://www.instagram.com/wj89s/?hl=en credit owner I know the news have been shared previously but it's great to hear more. Thank you for sharing
  8. Wow! Impressive @insyirah al and welcome on board ! Thanks to you and @frozentundra for bringing back the sweet memoirs shared way back when the forum started in 2016. I do not wish to say more, as they are well summed up by you guys. As most JJS would love to see them in ONE FRAME soon, guess, we have be tolerant should they choose their preferred options and, be happy for them. I am JS fan by first, so I dare say that there was something, that he has changed for the better. Then I learnt the same about HJ from her fans who found it equally surprisingly and amusingly. It's a good thing! Whatever the outcome, they are beautiful people. For some of us, we can continue to be jongjoo-fied (in delulu or whatever) till the day they say otherwise. It's always good to spread love.
  9. Hi @nonski So good to hear from you, our creator of this forum since 2010. If not for you and many others, we would not have known so much of info / history of Jong Suk-ssi - me for one, I truly grateful. Echo you on those phrases in bold above. I was impressed by him due to his acting, followed by his personality and charisma when I chanced and read more of him via this thread, honestly. That was in 2016. We know you are busy moderating other areas - thank you for your effort. Do drop by here once awhile and inspire us more. Also my heartfelt thanks to fellow chingus here who have been continuously posting updates. #wewillwaitforyouleejongsuk
  10. credit to the owner who created the edit and thanks for sharing - great edit! #Happy9thYearDebutAnniversaryLJS #wewillwaitforyouLeeJongSuk
  11. credit owner as tagged #Happy9thYearDebutAnniversaryLJS Congratulations to Mr Lee Jong Suk, our irreplaceable actor!
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