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  1. Good for PSJ - his fans must be elated ! Cool @jongkkot on the B-team linkage. I saw that on twit with JS name but didn't think that it's to do with superheroes.
  2. Thank you @frozentundra for the recap of Hyo's message from the LIVE IG. One more recording from the abovenamed owner, as tagged, whom has given us some beautiful screenshots - thank you so much. Now that's how we capture the images. LOL, I was too busy pressing love and the green clover on the comment field, whilst listening to her beautiful voice.
  3. cr ChiChiecoTogy #staysafe #fighting More screenshots of Hyo from her IG LIVE today
  4. @jongkkot I saw CEW's haircut - pretty cool! It would be nice to see JS show us a selfie, be it with cap or beanie on. JS is so confidential when come to filming or photoshoots but he did say that he is happiest when he share or post something on his IG - Guess I have to be patient. cr ljsmyboo - romance is a bonus book - cha eun ho - He will tell us .. nope nope
  5. Thank you @jongkkot for the screenshots. Do share more please Hyo speaks English to us fans at her recent IG Live earlier today, 11 June. How sweet! #staysafe
  6. cr images to https://twitter.com/inseoJOB_04 Hyo on IG LIVE now ... Wow! She hardly goes on live
  7. Thank you something from yesterday 10 June cr as tagged Some of the pics reposted from https://twitter.com/Hyojoostan222/status/1402782932285095942 source from https://www.instagram.com/p/CP6u4Ndsx0G/ umbro_maximum IG updates
  8. cr as tagged Hyo IG Update 11 June 2021 https://www.instagram.com/p/CP9qg_Gs8RB/ The 1st Episode of #treadstone will premier tonight on OCN - 9PM (KST)Congratulations to Hyo and Treadstone incredible team, on tonight's premier.Am so PROUD of you, Hyo. All the hard work, all the sacrifices and struggles .... it all pays off.You deserve the best!
  9. Thanks @jongkkot - Interesting findings. You are right! Just googled and am reading one of the updates Astory: Emerging as Comprehensive Content Producer Has Yoona confirmed the role? @jongkkot
  10. Via @choimiseoung Link - https://www.instagram.com/p/CP5O1veBCi0/ Thank you 데시벨 #이종석 #팬클럽연합 #좋은 #선물 #감사합니다 #응급구조사 #보건인 #상주대기 #지도의사 Google trans - Decibel #Lee Jong-suk #Fan Club Federation #Good #Gift #Thank you #First Aid #Healthcare Person #Standby #Doctor Wow, Lee Jong Suk fan unions / WithJS have also prepared goodie bags in support of #Decibel. I wish I could have at least the fan - captioned by https://twitter.com/LJSmyboo/status/1402637255483674625 Oh, I don’t mean Lee Jong Suk is handsome, not the way people think of handsom
  11. Thanks for the info. Do please fill us more More pics from Hyo's IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CP6u62asPe8/ on 10 June 2021 With a beautiful mood and tone in this clip, cr as tagged https://www.instagram.com/p/CP6vHlLsLc7/
  12. 10 June 2021 - Hyo's IG Update on #voguekorea Goddess Hyo Link from her IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CP6vHlLsLc7/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CP6u62asPe8/ And Hyo posted a video too, crediti to owner
  13. More updates on PIRATES .. thanks to the owners and for news on tvN Drama #happiness 10 June 2021 - Hyo's IG Update on #voguekorea Goddess Hyo
  14. Our Queen Hyo slays ! Hyo for 1st Look Magazine June Issue 2021From @parkmanhyun IG story on 7 June 2021 Thanks to the owner for this funny clip [BH Ent Family in The Games Caterer] below. Hyo is so oppa-ish cute here, teasing her fellow colleague Jin Wook. She should appear more in such shows. I am laughing so loud here too, like that one guy in the clip.
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