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  1. Wow, me just going through the fans' twits and below, posting some of their cute, amazing captions I myself am surprised and still drooling. I too was fooled, thinking that he was a bit thin initially. Didn't know he has his toned-muscles well-hidden under so many layers. Now seeing his latest pics, thanks to ElleKorea, he is good, very good! We were fooled!! - ljs@143 EXCUSE ME MR. LEE JONGSUK, YOU ARE TOO SEXY ! - achlys I'M MALFUNCTIONING - allandome Imma died helppp his so fking hot - sukki_angel Begging him not to cut his hair yet - julia This guy is serio
  2. Lee Jong Suk Talks About His Special Appearance In “The Witch” Sequel, His Next Project, And More STYLE Feb 23, 2021 by L. Kim Lee Jong Suk recently participated in a pictorial and interview for the latest issue of Elle! During the interview, the actor gave an update on what he’s been up to, saying, “I’m stepping up my preparations to show a great performance that will meet the expectations of my fans who have been waiting for me.”
  3. cr Jongsuk Instastory 20 Feb 2021 Glad that you still treasure that #lovenevereverlonely light Jong Suk-ssi Guess that sign indicates lots of fine, sweet memories and past successes. Hope you will consider re-open your Cafe of Love once Covid is over. Thank you for the cheers!
  4. Thank you @hilllllllly on Kim SH's link. It does look like LOTS of FUN ! And Kim SH in specs looking so cute there. Jong Suk won't know what the questions will be, right? He has to ruffle those folded papers from the box and pick randomly. Ohhh, I can't wait for the online love advice Not sure whether he is going to be personal or not but somehow when it's not "planned", one tends to let out some things inadvertently. better start to use emoji
  5. Thank you @jongkkot for the post. I was waiting for the Q&A too @frozentundra Thought it was going to be an online thing. Looking forward to the article
  6. Thank you @frozentundra May your days be filled with peace of mind and good health ! 14 Feb 2021 - Uncle Jong Suk on a videocall with Actor Yoon Sang Hyun and his adorable kids, in Happy Sunday - The Return of Superman, Naver TV. And Happy Valentine's Day
  7. repost @ opticalw1 on 10 Feb 2021 새해 복 많이 받으십시오 Happy Lunar New Year !
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