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  1. @Eery2....omygod that puppy is SO cute!!! <3 i cannot believe it!...yes, having pets together is usually considered the 'next step' in a relationship!...also, their puppy looks SOOOO tiny in V's arms, and against his statuesque frame! Now, only if we can confirm somehow, if D visited V and vice versa, during shooting of Miss S and Love Designer respectively, then we can be absolutely *sure*.... because i don't think such a small puppy would be taken to the shooting location for a period of 3-4 months, and would instead would more likely be brought to them by the other half, while on visits! :P
  2. Wont ask the source, or it’s legitimacy...but could somebody just write down the gist of the ‘moral support’ statement released by HB’s side in favour of YJ? Kindly PM me if we cant write this publicly on the forum! pretty please!
  3. @Restless_Hearts....maybe our beloved Jinnie is trying to ease our eyes into seeing her in more lavish white dresses?! *cough* wedding dress *cough* @itspeanutbutterjellytime.....can we decide to agree with the ‘psychiatrist’ and ‘behavioural specialist’ from CLOY, who analysed that a couple in love mirrors each others’ behaviour? Like captain ri mimicked seri’s movements....!? @lovelyz...thank you SO much for your colossal effort in summarising the timeline (and only the stuff provided by our dear couple and not our fan speculations!) about the denial from Hb’s agency. We have had MANY denials frm agencies for 1.) couples which werent true; 2.) which became true eventually and 3.) which were true since the beginning but the agency nonethless denied. HOW many times has it been that somebody’s sgency has personally said that ‘dating rumours’ have ‘hurt’ the near n dear ones of the person concerned? I can’t seem to recall any, in my decade long journey of following ent-news. Even in ‘slightly traditional/conservative society/country as mine! Logically speaking, a statement like this wont be made 1.) if there wasnt even an iota of truth about people being really hurt 2.) if the concerned person was indeed single (as you mentioned) and finally 3.) if it wasnt WORTH making such a statement, ESPECIALLY since it carries the risk of being slightly offensive to the second person involved in the rumour. Can we also acknowledge the fact that since HB owns his agency (and not the other way around)....any statement (denials, acceptance or news) released by the agency is a close representation of HB’s personal stand. And not SOLELY in the primary interest/ favour of the agency? (As in the case of celebs whose agencies deny certain rumours because of the celeb’s image or the agency’s policy which ‘owns’ the celeb)
  4. @TotoroSY....now that you mention it, yes the resemblance between our binnie (current bersion) and jinnie’s dad (young photos) is quite evident, esp in that one infront of the golden-gate bridge with jinnie as a super cute and pretty toddler! Google is NOT helping by displaying binjin photos for the search prompt ‘son yejin’s parents’ Somebody shared an article about a research study done for studying ‘attraction’. It concluded 4 results. One of which was ‘strangers’ in a room gravitated towards people who ‘looked familiar’, and were found to have the highest ‘genetic similarity’ to them (hence the saying, girls often fall for boys, who resemble their fathers/brothers) Quite a cool study...shall post the link once i find it
  5. @Riritobinjin and @binyejishared lil tidbits on indian movies/ bollywood, so i’m guessing there is quite a few Indians here, or atleast familiar with the culture and our history... Since many are sharing their ‘CLOY journey’...i’ll add my 2 cents (without naming names) The only reason CLOY hasn’t blown up like crazy here is because not many consume k-entertainment, even if it’s on netflix. Reading up on the history of Korean peninsula post WW2...they share quite a similar fate as us, in the 50s. without getting too political, they faced partition like us, at the cost of ‘sovreignty’, under the influence of ‘Presence of a foreign nation’. People of a common background were brutally separated. Borders in the Indian subcontinent is rife with tension, just like the Korean DMZ. Our relationship (not diplomatic but what we citizens feel for our brothers across the border) is often the SAME wistful nostalgia as the Koreans. We dream of becoming ‘one’ someday, but also know its too good to be true. Just like Seri and Captain Ri, families from one end crossed over to the other, during partition. Our cross-border marriages are ‘frowned upon’ and not common at all. The more ‘prosperous nation’ due to commonplace media perception, thinks of the ‘land beyond the border’ as ‘unwelcoming’, ‘cold, strict, and dogmatic’ whereas they are SOME OF THE WARMEST people at heart. We confuse politics with people.... and finally, There is an unspoken satisfaction whenever the English cricket team loses to either of our teams; just like that football scene in CLOY, where the boys were cheering for S.korea to defeat Japan! CLOY is a series that has a universality....afterall ‘love knows no boundaries’....and it would resonate INCREDIBLY WELL with our audience here, because of our common background, if only more people watched it
  6. Whenever they mutually lock eyes, giggle, blush and immediately look down...the BOTH of them...they really, REALLY look like newlyweds. Or just a two people freshly in love! (Like the soju moment, multiple interviews and press-con....)
  7. Uh hello folks! It seems our Queen Jinnie is winning/leading the King’s choice poll! is there any chance either of them would do an IG post acknowledging this? i mean, Binnie already won, Jinnie will most likely win if we keep voting...and we’re also leading in the best-couple category! yay, fighting!
  8. Hello folks, i had one urgent question regd. if anybody figured it out or not... QianQian the scriptwriter, has written PeiHeng as a secondary male lead and love rival in her initial story. Which means there is a love triangle between ChuChu (2nd princess), HanShuo and PeiHeng. But, PeiHeng and ChuChu were siblings! Isnt that borderline incest? Did QianQian forget her own plot?
  9. @Fong bless you and the internet for having such clips of the 4 goofballs! thank youuu for sharing! even if c-movie version of hangover with them doesn’t come true, these clips are plenty proof they would be a firework in such a movie! funniest dynamics would be of Reba, who has played onscreen lover of all 4 of them...we will get to see a new ‘sister-in-law’ vibe play out from the remaining guys for the first time (which might be a glimpse of reality, if GR is true)
  10. @Fong@wheeinterbear ...i would pay everything in my bank account to watch a ‘hangover’ esque trilogy movie with V, ZYL, ZBB and LRL (all great friends, colleagues and multiple time co-stars, with great chemistry) yes, the 4 idiots on a bachelor-trip kind of a setting, with eventually R making a guest appearance as V’s girlfriend in the end i think they can encash on the growing ‘bromance’ genre, and ofcourse we get to see our CP together!!
  11. @Fongdo not worry...usually how c-ent works is the moment a couple gets married, they’d have a post wedding couple magazine shoot, along with release of their wedding stills, maybe even a wedding video, followed by lead role of the couple in a drama to encash their popularity, followed by a resurgence of their fame (as a couple) after declaring their eventual (hush-hush) pregnancy through inevitable leaks. That being said, cannot wait for all these to happen for our cp (ah, a girl can dream!!) . Maybe our dreams of seeing them back on screen as a couple will defo come true then, in one of the possible plotlines mentioned by @wheeinterbear... also, would love to see jaywalk colleagues supporting them finally in the open, in their wedding stills! Imagine, zbb, ym, zyl, and other friends and costars as wedding guests and groomsmen/ bridesmaids! Our cp handing out red envelopes! so we first have to wait for them to gx, but in a good amount of time, no rush
  12. Little off-topic but, does anybody here have an idea as to how chinese celebs get married? I know china doesnt practice religion. I have seen an official registry photo op with traditional chinese clothes flaunting the red-passport like thing? Which is more often than not followed by a ‘white wedding’ much like we do in the west, at fancy locations. also i personally witnessed girls/couples in red western/traditional attire both doing pre-wedding/bridal photoshoots around forbidden city.... Are any of these weddings ‘officiated’ by a religious person like a priest or an officiator? What happens when it is an inter-religious wedding? Really curious to know as to what we can expect here in this case, should they become official...
  13. @triplesung....i agree with you...but she did have a very protective ‘palm flat on her abdomen’ gesture while fixing her belt. Normally, we would use our fingers to adjust the buckle around when we finish tying our belts. But she finished off the adjusting with a brief pause of her palm over a very certain spot. Psychologically, the moment you discover you are expecting, you develop these kinds of movements. I have never been pregnant as well and never done this gesture, but i have seen my sister in her early days without the bump, she’d still do it, very covertly and absent-mindedly. Or Maybe, its just a food-baby? We’ll never know!
  14. So happy for gg...he has 5 dramas lined up...3 where he is the lead, 2 where he is a 2nd lead in a different pairing, i guess? i am beyond excited! He absolutely deserves his explosive fame that is bound to follow this..... 2020 is indeed the year for him! hopefully, it’s a good time for the GX then! <3
  15. Or you never know...maybe they are one those secret 2018 couples who decided to get married without a big show...like simply got registered or something?! ah, a girl can dream!
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