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  1. Really? I thought the K-ban in C-ent is indefinite, which means I will never get to watch the c-dramas with LJS, PMY and JCW T_T I think its k-dramas which run for more than an hour (1 hour 10 mins, 1 hour 20 mins etc). Haven't Yet come across c-dramas which do the same (I watch exclusively the stuff that clocks around 45mins per ep). Recently, C-ent has come up with a 'serious drama-making' venture from one of their platforms (kinda like tvn/ jtbc) called the Light On series. All of them are around 10/12 episodes. But sadly it's of a thriller/ crime mystery genre which interest
  2. Luckily no live-airing dramas in the recent weeks to look forward to in k-dramaland for me, esp after Mr. Queen's finale. Will be watching the 'recent classics' post 2013/14 that I missed out on. (currently watching WFKBJ, plan to watch: My familiar wife, Go back couple, MLFTS, Reply 88, Fight for my way, Secret love affair, It's okay that's love, Sky castle, Mystic pop-up bar, etc) Meanwhile, I'm finishing up on c-dramas (currently watching: My little happiness, Rebel princess, plan to watch: Someday or one day, and the light on series)
  3. People wouldn’t be okay with the ending if everything remained the same, but Jang Bong Hwan was a woman instead. Imagine, like Scarlet Heart Ryeo, she has to return to her original timeline, that’s just too sad. No wonder, the King still misses ‘the Queen‘, although she is with him The only person who knew of BongHwan was the Creepy Cousin, and even HE died. Wth. Even a low-budget chinese webdrama like Tiger & Rose managed a solid ending, both romance and logic wise, and I have such a renewed appreciation for it. The ending for Mr. Queen is a lot like somebody switched out
  4. I REALLY wouldn't mind if they could squeeze a similar ending to what we got for the Romance of the Tiger & Rose... it's imo, one of the BEST done endings of these kinda dramas. It's also happy, open for a season 2 if they wish to continue AND so logically and beautifully explained.... And as far as I see how ep 19 ended, and the preview of ep 20, it can EASILY head that way!
  5. Yes, i saw it too, that nervous, sombre energy around him. He’s vastly better than his previous Time days, and I am happy (because atleast he’s not in that crippling, debilitating mental state where he’s almost suicidal) Not to mention online bullies were absolutely vicious and toxic to him, and that kind of emotional trauma is difficult to get over, esp if a part of your job demands you to have a good relationship with your fans :/ He’s a textbook-case of what can go wrong with method-acting, and the only more heartbreaking case I can think of, is Heath Ledger Yes, eating disor
  6. Please join the party.... (and that's *only* because SHS is THAT good at acting she has CJH's soul in her, I repeat) xD CJH X KJH = heaven. I C-A-N-T. *fans self rapidly* Is it getting hot in here? The weekend isn't over yet, and the thread has turned into KJH simp/ fangirling section already, and I am LIVING for it...Keep sharing these delicious nuggets! From the book/ c-drama, that's what happened. And apparently, as per their logic, if you're 'on top + drunk' you forget the mechanisms to a point where you forget which person's what body part goes where...and hence, the
  7. Cheoljong (or KJH, you never know): 'You want it?... I know you want it.....' *blink blink* So Bong (AND possibly SHS too): Imma exit, and get some holy water too.
  8. This was epic!!! Hahahaha!... Why do I feel Hong Yeon always has this 'derpy fangirl/ shipper' expression ALL throughout her BTS? Well, SHS is crazy charismatic, and also a total girl-crush. I can see her have an effect on even women as straight as a stick!! Pretty convinced she is SoBong in her RL... there is no other explanation why she's SO good! Man, these HD posters of SHS in her black hanbok and red lipstick... she's out for blood, and looks like a total 'bad b**ch' while at it!... *quickly saves as wallpaper*
  9. I also have had this niggling suspicion from a long time... an actor's standout role in their career is always the character that is closest to their IRL persona. And as much as I have seen SHS's off the camera presence, she is *very* much like So Bong actually, and her body language is like a 'dude trapped in a woman's body'.... she's pretty and dainty and the LAST person you'd think is like that hahahaha... her flailing arms, the way she walks and talks... she often absent-mindedly fidgets, and looks like she takes up 'more space physically, than her immediate body requires her to'.... Henc
  10. Yep, that's the career trajectory of a k-drama star. I'm glad she is only a few roles away from sealing her status as an A-lister, because holy h*ll, she's talented enough to be one!! Safe to say, she's a leading lady now, and unless the script is exceptionally brilliant, I don't see her sliding down towards second-leads anymore! You know why he's SO good? A. despite being supremely gorgeous-looking, he isn't afraid to give a bad angle. B. He's a method actor, like selected very few in the industry (hence he spiraled-down after Time).... it was a risk, and still is. Luckily, since he
  11. SHS has so brilliantly convinced me SoYoung has BongHwan's soul trapped in her body, that every time I see her face, especially during SB X CJ moments, I can't help but imagine CJH's face instead. Since my gay-dar had picked up KJH a few years back, my ultimate wish-fulfillment would now materialize as a CJH X KJH romance... although I know Korea is not ready for it yet, especially in their mainstream media! On a completely superficial note, KJH looks ripped as h*ll. His biceps alone are twice the size of his CLOY-days. I am so happy he seems to be eating healthy, and working out, and p
  12. Meanwhile, I'm simply having fun at all these homophobic-haters getting their panties in a twist at the gender-bender antics and not being able to identify the object of their hate, because the writers made the genius decision: 'let's make the straight stuff look homosexual, and the gay scenes look straight....' Haters: *confused pikachu face* Ooof!
  13. I wouldn't mind an ending where they show us, Cheoljong's soul is also from the future of a person who got into a similar accident like Bong-Hwan, which entered his body in Joseon at a younger age (hence, his 'memory loss' from younger years). And the only way to get back to the correct timeline, is to die in the Joseon-one. Since Cheoljong 'dies' 9 years before Cheorin as per history.... a 'modern-day' Cheoljong is a perfectly normal walking-talking human a little before Bong-Hwan comes out from his vegetative state in the hospital Now this is only possible if the Joseon-timeline happens at
  14. For those thirsting for the ML (it's quite understandable, and please let me join in too)... and those who are sad about the lukewarm reactions c-netz seem to be giving... This is giving me major flashbacks of 2017, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms era, where Mark Chao was considered to be too 'ugly' and 'old looking' to be playing Yehua. And look how everybody ate their words, and fell in absolute love with him and his portrayal. I refused to check out TMOPB because of this 'anti' sentiment which made me prejudiced against the actor, and didn't pick it up until 2019. Quarter-way in, and I was sw
  15. Trust me, you do NOT want this to happen. Look at Saeguks (k-drama)... like Hwarang. They spend ALL their money on bg name actors, and run out of wig-budget. End up clipping some ugly extensions from the back, with modern day fluffy-bangs (that the actor originally has)... in the front. It looks so weird, cheap and lazy. Its worse when the Kings/ court officials have top-knots, yet edges of their modern day crops peek out from underneath their headgear. Major and EPIC fail!! C-dramas with productions that blend in the seam-edges and the lace look really good. I wish they wouldn't go the lazy w
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