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  1. Gong Yoo won't happen i guess.... he has drama too the sea of silenced next year. Kim Woo Bin chance is low too since I've read somewhere he has movie project next year... bu I'm not sure either... Won Bin please be it... guess everyone will stuck to their tv if that happen. Lee Jong Suk... he has his chance but is it too long for period of his comeback project??? The drama itself predicted will be airing sometime in last quarter this year or even first half next year... it's too long. But with whoever she will be pairing she will always make a good pr
  2. KES usually hinted her upcoming project at the last scenes of her current drama. In TKEM there's a scene mentioning forbidden love between secret agent.... will that be the theme of her next project with SHK???? I'm so curious to find out the male lead.... KES still have hopes In Sung will star in her drama... but I don't think that will happen.
  3. I only can guess the rest of it I give up
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