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  1. Watch: Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, And Kang Han Na Are Sleek Professionals In 1st “Start-Up” Teaser https://www.soompi.com/article/1421667wpp/watch-suzy-nam-joo-hyuk-kim-seon-ho-and-kang-han-na-are-sleek-professionals-in-1st-start-up-teaser
  2. hahahaha... true!!! let's be CIVIL.... I always wish Jisoo can get his drama girl at the end... but when Ha Seok Jin is his rival my heart goes to HSJ
  3. My "patiently waiting moment" paid off!!!! First I totally forgot that the drama already aired, since I was busy completing the happening Kim Soo Hyun drama.... (gosh that one is a good one too.... ) When I open my soompi news on saturday the news about "Stranger 2" is on and how it manage to achieve first in drama ratings.... I just jumped in happiness and go directly watching it... The opening is a good one... they directly portraying the clash between the police and the prosecutor, how they played with media point fingers at each other, I can see where Choi Bit stand... she really use everything to pave her flowery road even when if she has to betray her superior. but for Choi Moo Sung, he seems like a calm one.. and to my surprise in the end of episode 2 I can see the cold side of him when he crushed Seo Dong Jae. yes I like the way he execute that scene.... Hwang Si Mok indeed very lucky, he got transferred to the Supreme house without even trying, and his first problem now is finding a place to live.... in the end of season 1 i thought that Kang Won Cheol is on Si Mok's side, i thought he will be on his side.. but to my surprise in the first episode I see jealousy, anger, and upset in him toward Si Mok.... he's not the warm type yes I figure that out on season 1, but after the last phone convo in the end of season 1, I thought he has soft side on Si Mok.... Can't wait to meet Kim Sa Hyun.... guess he and and Moo Sung has something in common, so Moo Sung make him the latest member of the joint club. and for the police team, I guess Jang Gun will join too. Since Choi Bit ask Yeo Jin to find someone to fill the last spot. And from her requirement... my thought goes to Jang Gun.
  4. his drama just finish... but I miss him already..... please do another drama please
  5. Many reviewer waiting for this drama... and many said that the drama is another "Sky Castle" vibe.... I am one of those who is waiting for this drama. And no disappointed at all... first scene is an accidental murder happen... but I guess the bff's will save GC from end up in jail. MS hide secrets ... not one but a few and how GC end up marrying JH if he is blabbering about HS in his drunk dream... and what is the secret between the two ladies.... Surprise to see Lee Tae Hwan play the bad boy role... but excited at the same time. Love drama that serve friendship the best like them... and can't wait to find what happen next this one is another must watch on this year's list.
  6. So i guess KES next project is about the secret agent love story.... romantic thriller???? Maybe a love story between NIS special agent and an actress???? She usually mention a hint about her next project at the end. And I see actress Tae Ra who just won a daesang. And TE mention about she love this kind of genre which is secret agent love story.... hihihihihi I hope it will come true
  7. It's the most satisfying ending I guess.... Luna is not exist, but Koo Seok Hyeong is exist. and she become sister to Koo Seung Ryeong. Thanks to her nice mom and the fate that changed her life. Hyung Min is a detective too in KOC working along with Koo Seok Hyeong. Kang Shin Jae is a success businessman while Eun Seop is a public service officer and marry to NR. JY and LG still alive, and remember everything of their adventure, but JY now is having a sweet heart too.... NR doppelganger (I never remember her name) I bet noh sanggung aware about everything. the two couples stay together and do time traveler as their date..... this is so one of a kind..... I'm happy with the ending. thank you my dear @jeonghyang for the screen caps ..... see you in another journey I guess we can make a good team in recapping hehehehehehe
  8. TE catching bad guys with her sunbae. Jang Mi is there and knocked them down easily. "Jang MI-ah... take things slow" the sunbae said hahahahahha LG at the palace ceremonial. He assigned the secretary as the prime minister. her son come into the stage, and the boy ask "ahjussi who are you?" Lg introduce himself to the boy. Scene showing his paintings and the king robe. Another sweet time traveler date. TE and LG visiting the past. Both looking happy holding hand together. Until they grow old. END and I can't believe its end!!!!
  9. Now LG and TE sit at a cafe. LG watch the one who look like prince boyeong. he drop the pen and TE bring it to him. He thanked her, LG watch him leaving with smile. "Are you miss that person?" TE ask. "Yes" he said. She plan her next date is at Joseon era ... hahahaha and she pick her dress to be at Joseon time. This is such a cool way to date a time traveler. Both are busy picking up their costume. LG He meet his young at the other world. SJ in this world is a success businessman. and JY in this world is a public service employee... is it Eunseop?? LG visiting him. aksing if he is well? ES ask who he is actually. LG leave him wondering. ahahahaha in this world he is married. Oh I'm confused but happy hahahaha LG and TE at the bamboo forest. The guards find him. To be precise JY find him. TE hide her face on his coat. JY find TE, and LG bring her to the palace.. Both at the room. Noh sanggung come in.... hahahahah TE wear the face mask. Noh sanggung act calm, and leave them with smile. Both are now worried that cctv will catch her. Both entering cctv room, and find JY. LG said Jy never keep secret from him, but then the cctv show how he exchange note with NR, and noh sanggung catch them. and now LG kiss TE at the cctv room. The date is over, LG take her home. promised to meet again next week.
  10. LG back to KOC. JY is alive and still stay by his side. JY mention Eunbi and KKabi, then leave after giving him a file. Its SJ file. Still in KOC TE passing the alley, the cctv one. SJ call her, she call him Hyungnim. Is it Luna? Oh its not SJ its Kang Hyung Min. TE/Luna visit PM Koo at the prison, she ask if TE/Luna eat well, sleep well. They're bickering like siblings do. Ahahahaaha the secretary is the prison guard. TE/Luna call PM Koo, eonnie. PM Koo ask about her mom. He name is Koo Seok Hyeong in this world not Luna or TE hehehehehe so she is live a good life in KOC Noh sanggung watching LG dress up asking where he is going now, She secretly put talisman on his pocket hahahahaha and he still find it. Damn what is it? hahahahahaha LG is having date with TE, and the gate is where the place where they meet. Both traveling thru times. They are having a very cute and weird date as time traveler hahahaha
  11. "What take you so long? I've been waiting for you everyday" she said. Lg said he has to save JY first. And JY is alive. Then he told that he traveled to all the gate to fund her, saying that he met the TEs that doesn't know him. TE kiss him. and both hugging. Oh no... please don't tell me he's leaving her. LG give her the flower. "I love flower..." she said. He put it in her hand. "I love you" he said, "Very much loving you" he add "I love you too" she said He is leaving her oh crap this is so sad.
  12. TE and the forensic doctor. checking about someone's husband The chief, visiting a house. the forensic doctor is there too. So I guess they're husband and wife. TE walking at the plaza. She notice someone. It Lee Ji Hyun in navy uniform. They're passing by staring at each other. TE stay at her place, JH keep walking. LG voice over. Poor TE is hold her tears. She breaks down and cry. LG and Maximus running at the nowhere land. He is now standing in front of TE house with flower on his hand. TE come out with police uniform but she doesn't recognize him and leave him. LG come again and find TE in army uniform, I guess its not TE that remember him again. LG arrive at the world where TE is an actress and just won baeksang. He is watching her drunk in happiness, but she still not recognize him. LOL this TE is funny. LG again in another TE world. But its not TE its Hyu Jin, her name. She ask who is he. her mom show up, but she still not the one that LG search. But he is relieved that her mom is alive in this world. TE talking with NR. She end the call after she said someone is at home with a horse. TE put her sirene and arrive at her house find LG waiting for her. TE keep staring at him. "Are you the one that I've been looking for? the one that I remember" he ask LG take her id card and he see the necklace. He find the TE he's been looking for. "It is really you" he said "Is it really you?" TE ask LG hug her, "FInally, I find you" he said
  13. PM Koo mom at the market. Young PM Koo catch the girl who try to steal the money for her mom. PM Koo's mom offer her food and give her the money. She only take half the money and return it. So I guess its young Luna? TE wake up at the bamboo forest, people staring at her. She ask where it is and what date is it. it is ROK and its 2020 said the woman. TE show her the id card and as to lend her phone. TE call the chief asking for SJ. But I guess no one know SJ in this world by now. TE back into her daily life. The seed start blooming. replayed scenes with LG with her voice over
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