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  1. First the story keep circling around with no ending its like a cat chasing his own tail. They make Yu Ra the perfect devil but then she is forgiven and building alliance with the leads as the story created that she doing that because of Joon Sang.... because she is looking for her lover which is Joon Sang... so what happen with the first episodes where she was Wang Shik lover??? so she's playing double love life or triple love life??? then the grandmother turns out killed her self... oke last night episodes was all disappointed .... why did I see this whole time... makjang plot. then CJH won't be appearing in next episodes... then the last time I saw him is fighting the boys at the island.. that's it... the writer is really annoying... then why the writer create Na Wang Shik after all....
  2. Park Jin Joo Joins Park Bo Gum And Song Hye Kyo’s “Encounter” https://www.soompi.com/article/1262965wpp/park-jin-joo-joins-park-bo-gum-song-hye-kyos-encounter Definitely it will be very bubbly and full of laugh when she's around.... she is a scenestealer for sure.
  3. I still have mixed feeling about this drama, I'm not sure will I following this drama or wait until its end then I start watching while I read all the updates in here. I'm a fans of SHK in love with her ever since Full House. And Park Bo Gum well who can resist his charm and his kindness.... but I still not sure about the pairing... I just still thinking the pairing is odd.... well I hope its just my false argument...
  4. I need subtitle.... its so hard watching it with my limited korean..... 4 episode left and suddenly DF stops and leave us wondering for subs
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