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  1. For binjin, I already download twitter, make soompi account and now tik tok. The thing I do for BINJIN. Even for work purpose I couldn't bear myself download tiktok . I should bear this secret for myself only
  2. Happy 400th pages shoppers and comrades. We made it. Never dream we could make it. Bravo shoppers
  3. I don't know if anyone have upload this video. I encounter on twitter. HB look so excited to meet SYJ Credit to binnielover https://twitter.com/salihaor/status/1241649066855075840?s=19
  4. @Moonstarmagick I agree with you. Being a shipper is like gain all or nothing. You already know your ship maybe sail or sink yet you still choose to ship regarding the risk
  5. I think maybe they refer to binjin couple. A couple everyone never expect. Most comment have syj name but with different partner
  6. Well said. It's like both of them match equally in terms of physically and emotionally which is rare to find
  7. I encounter this video in Instagram. Hyun bin stare is like Madly in love with son ye jin
  8. Me currently watching cloy from ep 1 and read this forum from page 1. Sepanx is real
  9. Dear comrades, the withdrawal symptoms is so real. I'm watching cloy again. Both son ye jin n hyun bin shine the brightest when they are together
  10. With son ye jin, I think hyun bin shine the brightest. I never see hyun bin like this #binjin
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