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  1. After episode 2, we now know its not an evil twin gone wrong, but just how realistic a silicon mask can be? Reminds me of Mission Impossible...these villain's must be filthy rich to be able to obtain such highly advanced technology and equipment...
  2. Same here, its either a twin gone wrong or an obsession with KKL judging from the way she was kind of stalking her. Either way episode 1 really was right into the action, Derek Jo is smoking Hot.., kinda felt sorry for his sis, it really was a case of bad timing. Anyway cant wait for the next episode to play out, the trailer already looks promising so here goes!!! One thing, during the closet scene, wasn't it suppose to be night time? but how come there was sunlight streaming down the windows when the sis crawled out to pick up her alarm.....
  3. I'm kinda late to this drama, just watched episode 3 and i still cant understand why did the older intern Oh Soo Yeon "kill" herself? What's with her background aka universities having to do with being employed as a reporter? Is this the current culture in SK? I like how the drama highlights the realistic truth in a society and how the characters protrayal can be anyone of us...
  4. After watching the last episode, felt that perhaps 12 episodes was too short for the writer to be able to deal with the Mutants accordingly........anyway the ending opened up another can of worms, so if there is going to be a second season, will hope that more of our questions can be addressed accordingly....the only thing that i had issues with was with the post recovery of the mutant period....things were back to normal within a month...hmmmmm....But anyway good attempt by the writer to produce this Korean horror drama, the staff, casts and crew were SOLID despite some flaws in the plot but
  5. Thanks for creating the thread! Cant wait! Waiting for more details though....is the drama going to be something similar to 20th Century Boy and Girl style?
  6. Somebody call 911!!! ...Binnie is sooooo hot...was glued to my laptop screen for the good 12 min of his workout video....I hope to see both of them workout together one day..haha maybe training each other....
  7. I cant wait!!! It looks that there might be a female villain involved? Anyway, the leads chemistry seems to be promising!
  8. Same here, i was also rooting for them when it was announced that they were together, anyway what matters the most is that both of them are happy....honestly i was kind of waiting for them to collab be it in a drama or movie... but i guess the chances are pretty slim. No wonder the Knet industry is soooooo dangerous, one wrong move and you are out. Nevertheless, i will support this ship only until the other ship has sailed.
  9. It started to get a bit draggy after this week episode, the first few episodes were good, the way they introduced the characters etc, but what i guess is lacking is the focus on how they were going to deal with the mutants, black smoke etc. Other than the sub plots which were a bit draggy to be honest e.g Detective finding the killer and then she wasnt able to kill the killer???? the shady policeman, the lady giving birth (is this necessary????). The most time wasting is for the survivors of the school to have put in so much effort and to be betrayed by this imbecile that they allowed in and t
  10. I suspect that it could be the doctor? she has some strange vibes on her own- keeping one of the mutant locked up. But im not also sure why Yoon Saet Beol would want to steal propofol? Anyway we reached the mid way mark and looks like the survivors need to converge and tackle this dark hole/ alien being...
  11. Same here! The first 2 episodes were really intriguing, and at times suspenseful and gory....kind of reminds me of The waking dead. Loving the leads chemistry as well
  12. Isit just me or there's no news of Baeksang 2021? Binjin won the popularity awards and i understand that that the past winners will always be there to present the winners of the current year......
  13. This drama certainly has me on the edge!! Just that there were some portions that i was confused, like the part where the TV director shut down the filming of the TV show and suddenly we are brought back to 10 mins before the thing happen? Then the Police had the chance to issue the warrant because the blood stains found in the shoe match Daniel Lee but previously it didn't when Mo Chi and his detective shin sent for testing? Anyway, am liking the way the drama ends each time, with suspense and curiosity. Not sure if BR killer gene was activated?? Anyway are we still expecting 20 e
  14. Just finished watching Sweet Home, overall a good drama, loving the action scenes and excellent acting by ALL the casts! @Killa92 i think the firefighter woman went back to the special operations division (she was there before she went over to be a firefighter) to look for her missing fiancé who was involved in this experimental project. I think the guy who was fighting with cha hyun soo went into the body of the gangster guy, hence teasing us for a season 2. Though i agree some parts seems to be missing,,,,e.g how did Cha Hyn Soo managed to fight off all the soldiers and why did Lee Eun Hyuk
  15. I'm quite surprised that the flasback from the first scene in episode 1 has been going on for so many episodes....I'm kinda lost...but nevertheless the cast is doing a good job in keeping the suspense and mystery of the drama!
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