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  1. I'm quite surprised that the flasback from the first scene in episode 1 has been going on for so many episodes....I'm kinda lost...but nevertheless the cast is doing a good job in keeping the suspense and mystery of the drama!
  2. Wow!!! The drama shots looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait for this drama to show!! This is an interesting genre that I'm looking forward too! More towards mysterious beings??
  3. Im still on cloud 9, the best news to 2021 thus far!! To my fellow shippers cheers to preservering, soldering on despite getting ridiculed from the other ship who now claims that they did not mock us at all (really??? Maybe they should read back their 600+ pages to see if they didn't mock Binjin and us...LMAO)....I remembered reading from a certain 2face person on the analogy of a Captain steering the ship towards God know where...well, news flash...that particular captain has already chosen the direction of the ship he is in and has docked the ship at his Preferred destination.....
  4. YAY....this is to all Binjin fam!!! Our perseverance paid off!! Let's continue to wish our beloved Bin & Jin Ultimate happiness!!!. Dont know about you but this is the BEST NEWS EVER for the year 2021!!
  5. LOL @kimeon_ good one! Let's all just continue sailing blissfully and ignore the ridiculous and absurd theory about shippers and supporters (empty vessels make the most noise...especially long draggy posts) lmao, so long as we are ONE in mind and in love for BINJIN.
  6. I like how the doctor who's in charge of the birth of Uhm Ji Won baby is her "husband" in the drama "The Cursed"...ahhaha!
  7. WOW....sooo happy that we are being fed BINJIN crumbs galore these past few days!! Down from CF, instagram posts, likes, twitter trends etc that's happening "coincidentally" on the same day, it just wont stop! Call us delusional or susceptible, ultimately at the end of the day we CAN chose to interpret this WHATEVER, HOWEVER AND WHENEVER we want! Just wanted to encourage everyone to continue to VOTE for BINJIN.....ignore those who continue to mock us and embrace the CANDIES thrown so freely weeeeeee
  8. WOW!!! omg so much hotness in that picture!!! WAY to go Jinnie!! I'm sure her man Binnie is sooo proud of her...hehe ...Let's continue to vote for BINJIN!! Hahaha for the first time in my life, i am obsessed with collecting sss....
  9. Here's some "Coincidences", please pardon our delulus ..... https://twitter.com/akakfcs/status/1315532462819164162?s=20
  10. @celest1al LMAO...the videos are hilarious!! WOW binjin fandoms are sooo creative and skilled!! Keep on posting, we will get by the drought soon!
  11. Oh did they reduce it to 10 due to ratings?...usually the dramas are till episode 16...
  12. Has she confirmed to take on the role of Princess pyeonggang yet? Yes agree with you that it won't be a surprise if she has no upcoming project before Cross
  13. Those were the days!!! His hair was still silky and smooth back then! I'm impressed!!...
  14. You might want to try watching One Spring Night,the male actor is the same as SITR. I read that the female lead was initially offered to SYJ but she turned it down, though we don't know why by it seems that it was kind of similar to SITR. The show is not bad the female lead does have the same chemistry with JHI
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