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  1. I just watched episode 9 and boy what a cliff hanger ...It seems like the psychiatrist has nothing to lose now- if not why would he want to reveal to DK-A that hes the murderer? I have a hunch that there is still someone else associated with the killings as well (other than SK-B brother). In the scene where he was murdering the latest victim, he held like a recorder and he was later seen texting someone... Ok so now we know the psychiatrist doesn't know of the 2 worlds...and if he is not the one dumping the bodies in world A, could it be SK-B brother?? If not then who is it?? Arughhh, im so curious...this person...and why he/she wants to do so.... Now my only gripe is why the psychiatrist mentioned that he should have killed SK-B in the first place?? Could it be she snubbed him when he was younger? We now know that her brother is friends with this psychiatrist... I wonder how long can they keep DW-B dead in world B.......i mean what kind of theory can they come up with to explain the dead DW-B should DW-A goes back to world A.....maybe they will plant DW-B in World A since it should be quite a while that DW-A is missing in world A???
  2. What an insightful post!! Our dear Binnie must be feeling very very Happy to be around Jinnie, this is not the first time i have seen his "Smile of Joy" remember the interview from Metrostyle?..heheh. Both Binnie & Jinnie smile is soo contagious...smile more pleaseeeee.... @Kari I went to re-watch the video, indeed there's a change in the expression, but im glad he got back his Smile of Joy after Jinnie gave him the Microphone tip
  3. Im thinking along this lines as well, each character has their own fate and destiny in that particular world. As we now know 2 choices caused 2 different scenarios in 2 worlds...but one things for sure, DW-A being in B world is something that will change the course of fate and destiny...remember the scene where DW-A receive a phone call from the Killer, the killer told him that he stepped over the Boundary. I think SK-B will be in danger, i hope it will be revealed how the killer is related to SK, like why he wants to help her step-brother etc...and most importantly how did he find out about the train?? My guess: Killer in world B is actually from world A...he might have killed his doppelganger in world A and travel to world B.. ahahha
  4. Indeed it is! I just watched episode 8 and am like ....especially the ending.....im so happy that i read the posts earlier, if not i will not get it. Meanwhile, i like it that they have revealed who the accompliance is....aka the psychiatrist, now i am curious to know what made him that way. Sad that both DW-B and his dad died....but true that no DW-A & DW-B can live simultaneously in the same world. Isit just me or did i not catch the scene where DW-B wants to get back with the forensic scientist B? Was it the part where he mentioned to her that he came to see her? Anyway, FIGHTING...last 4 episodes...so far TRAIN is one of the best drama i have watched in 2020. hehe
  5. Exactly!! I sniggered at the word friend because they left out this important word called "close"...hehe
  6. Sorry i know i am late, but episode 7 was like a F1 race......but but the story is progressing and im glad that at least we now know who 1 half of the killer is...which is LSK-B! I'm guessing his accompliance must have introduce LSK-B to the train and world A...thats why he was so confident to kill the other peeps...and why SK mom jewellery was found at each corpse! ..So now, thats where the story gets interesting, we need to know the motive of his accompliance and why did commit all those murder (ok so maybe he was a psycho)...and why did he murder SK-A??? One thing though...how was DW-B able to call DW-A mobile number? I thought his mobile didn't work when he first arrive in world B??? Side note, i nearly teared when DW-A went to save SK-B from killing herself...omg the emotions...their chemistry is truly off the charts...Going to watch episode 8 now...One more thing, isit just me or the supporting actors are EXCELLENT!! Kudos to JW & LSK- wow! they way they are able to portray dual roles...adds to the goodness of the drama
  7. I have not had the chance to watch episode 7 & 8 yet hahaha...but decided to read the spoilers......hope it doesnt get too complicated...haha
  8. @Happy Sheep OOOlalala thanks for the video....isit just me or YSH shirtless is
  9. Yes!! I want to see how DW-B reacts to this World A and knowing that his character is somewhat different...arugh...,yes why only 12 episodes , it seems like this is the norm for OCN..Team Bulldog also had 12 episodes and i really enjoyed the drama!!.
  10. Haha i love how the translation mentioned Goddess and Male God , they both really are GGTU (God's Gift to Us)..anyway thanks @TotoroSY for the articles, so the Netizen did not disclose the actual supermarket they were in! Must be lost in translation that the supermarket was at Ralphs....anyway whats most important is that they were sighted grocery shopping together...heheh
  11. Hahah! I was like, wow, his hairstyle stays the same even when hes lying on the hospital bed with a neck brace... This ending sounds plausible, either way both DW-A & DW-B needs to go back to their own world and move on...i have braced myself for such ending where everyone just move on with their lives individually...sigh..but i hope OCN will surprise me...muahahah
  12. Same here! I see some sort of a cap... on the lens.....thanks @Walk Kindly!!! Ok just curious, has anyone come across any married Kpop idol or actor/actress still doing fan meets? I know Rain has one in 2019...was the fan meetings on the same level as before he was married? , will this hinder them from tying the knot i wonder.... @Chewy that would be a MAJOR receipt if YJ attends his fan meet....heheh
  13. Hi, is the clubs still down? Thanks

    1. mirmz


      welp hopefully it gets fixed soon cuz i need to switch the daily meme theme  :sweatingbullets:

    2. SuZy Leoo

      SuZy Leoo

      Thanks! Was wondering as i didnt see any notifications regarding about it, thanks!

    3. mirmz


      happy to help! if u have any more questions u can ask me (i may not know everything but i do know some things)


  14. Where was this scene? is that a scar below the eyes? Imma rewatch the episodes again hehe Anyway, the airtime for DW-B and how he is coping in world A garners more time....now that he is aware that he is unable to go back...most likley both DW-A & DW-B will stop the killer in world B...
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