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  1. WE DID IT!!! We got to witness a confirmation before we hit the 2000 page limit for Soompi! this is my happy place and I always believed they were a couple cause they are just 2 sincere people. CLOY was my highlight of 2020 and helped pass the time!
  2. Hey friends can someone please share: at the presidential awards that Binnie received.was there a video of Jinnie? i saw some pics but what exactly did she say and why was she featured?
  3. Question: If they are already dating or married, why still the need to act together in CLOY? why did Binnie want to do a ROM-COM with her? Since I’m very sure their real life is a rom com itself if what they have is real and private then won’t it be great to keep it there , status quo? seems risky to do a whole months Long drama , in multiple locations, together - might be risky for a relationship. Why risk it since they aren’t getting any younger, if it was a real relationship. heres my take and you are free to add on i was pondering this a
  4. Hey guys i just finished watching Jinnie in The Pirates and she WAS SOOOO COOOLLL and TOTALLY ROCKED THAT ROLE!!! her fight scenes was so solid as the Captain Pirate!! i haven’t watched Rampant yet but it would be awesome if someone in this fandom could do a mini clip of both Binnie character in Rampant and Jinnie the pirate fighting together to defeat a bad guy that could be so awesome! from a Melo Queen to an Action Queen she rocks it man seriously her Pirate character has everything in the look fierce confident
  5. https://metro.style/promos/most-beautiful-korean-actresses-votation-page Vote count - now 100K down VOTE VOTE VOTE
  6. My convinced moment was the BTS where she ran towards him and when he wasnt looking at her, she whacked his chest hard... then he gave the most little boy impish grin and wide smile. That was my winning moment. His boo-boo her natural, no holds barred response to him how he grabbed her and had his arm over her while she had hers under his and how he felt a bit bad, still laughing and walking her back to her stop for a retake where she then runs off it shows me the real SUPER COMFORTABLE relationship they share.
  7. What a great FM! Happy for our girl! Im glad she got Pyo Chisu back - keeps it lighthearted and hes also a very talented guy! My guess is that HB and SYJ might have discussed who to have on, and they wanted to give him a spot, to raise awareness of who he is! I believe their core DNA is to raise up talents and im sure they were impressed by him (though he missed out on the Baeksang best supporting actor prize) She looks amazing in the FM! Looking so happy and girly i have ever seen her. Theres a different vibe compared to her Be with You interviews. So
  8. Eeeeeewwwww my eyes! don’t like him blond at all! on the note of this voting poll for most beautiful... metro style is not Korean based right? Thinking they are trying to keep riding on the wave to me, Hyun bin already declared Seri/Son Ye Jin most beautiful / excellent / perfect so I don’t need any poll to justify her since she ALREADY WON right friends? knowing how SYJ is like, she beat all the rest and if she does lose to another actress, she’d probably congratulate them and celebrate them! cause she
  9. Dear Binnie and Jinnie its 940pm in Singapore now, we are still believing and waiting for your wedding announcement on your birthday.....
  10. Just for fun... (Disclaimer I have no idea if this period or after who Binnie dated ya? So pls don’t be provoked ok? I know he dated KSR after this) WHAT IF the original matchmaker wasn’t Director Lee fm TN BUTTTTT Yoo Hae Jin from CA? Since he previously acted with Jinnie in Pirates...? imaginery conversation ... while relaxing over a beer... hae jin: So Bin, how old are you now...? Dating anyone now...? binnie: I’m 36, Well now no, I dated here and there but it didn’t work out... hae jin: what are you looking for
  11. @Babycake82 and @bin-jin Thank you! ◡̈ This ship is seriously fun hehe! Its my first SHIP (and also first time reading fanfic) to be honest... and since March.. its been fun fun fun to me! Never was a k drama fan.. last drama i watched was a loooong time ago, i think it was Full House, it was so good! but life happened and kdrama wasnt that big a deal. UNTIL CLOY. How did we all get so invested in this relationship? Because it reminds us of true love! and when someone doggedly pursues their passions where it seems its at great sacrifice, and
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