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  1. Erm.... its the purple flower on @yejinhand profile pic ◡̈◡̈◡̈ hehe, fate? AND also the middle picture of the pictures of all the flowers that she posted Please share the link of the video! ◡̈ Hehe
  2. Morning to July! I hope everyone is doing fine though we passed June! I believe if they are to announce anything, it will be after "Bargaining" is done due to their immense respect for their work and their co-stars and staff of the productions they are in. Our OTP dont want it to be about them but others ◡̈ They waited till they are now almost 40 so why rush? I believe when the time is good, restful, the COVID situation is better, people are more receptive to heading for weddings. When the time is good, our news will come ◡̈ So cute! I think he means a hydrangea. It's purple and cute like a ball ◡̈ I also went back to my SWOON interviews and also the VLive Chat (where there was a blackout), host said in all their 5years, this has never happened.. there was so much explosion of in the room, even the electricity and power couldnt take it, it exploded! Is it me or is everything seeming to conspire and help them more..? 1. VLive talk where the power went out (never in all the 5 years, the MC said) 2. TN press con where our poor HB was asked if he swears alot, called Unnie and Min Tae Cute by the audience, literally the first time he was so cutely "bullied" unintentionally, it made for so much laughter and good memories together! Where Mr. Cool-everyone-flaunts-over-him, became Mr Cute and Silly infront of his babe 3. Their directors who happily ship them... a NEWBIE director who needed guidance so keep asking to meet so they could discuss, he didnt realise he was a key contributor hehe! 4. Their last TN stage greeting in Daegu that brought out MS SYJ soft side where she cried, im sure that would have made Mr Hunk's heart and knees all softie 5. The best for me is... GOOGLE.. on "Who is Hyun Bin's Wife"? https://www.google.com/search?q=hyun+bin+wife&rlz=1C5CHFA_enSG878SG882&sxsrf=ALeKk01G8wPK_jRgjXwl79AMsXmQo1UHRw:1593566224942&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjG1o3m8KrqAhWN6XMBHc4vCkYQ_AUoAXoECA4QAw&biw=752&bih=669&dpr=2 With everything conspiring for them, it reminds me of this My Little Mermaid Cartoon...Kiss the Girl.... and we are all like the various helpers in this MTV, hehe, Go BINJIN Nation!!!! Let's all be happy because we know we have 2 solid friends who truly care and love each other
  3. BIG CHEERS TO ALL YOU SAID @Intuition1!!!! I love this!!! The back hug was very intimate, but there's another simpler scenes that was also intimate to me: Removing her eye dirt from her eyes so naturally in the hospital... That whole hospital scene where he takes good care of her... i wonder if that was how he took care of her in real life when SYJ fell sick while filming
  4. @cloyfan I love that! In my mind, i always imagine the respectful SYJ (who probably had a crush and was very excited to work with them), keeping her professional distance from HB, probably feeling 'sigh... this hot guy but too bad he's attached, oh well...' She just carries on with what she usually does, being herself and a person the cast and crew love being around. Even the TN BTS, can see the Director and the others value her input alot. I must say she was a shining star and really lit up each scene that had her. Remember in this interview, he said when he knew her better, he found her to be "comfortable and grateful, and how he really loved that?" (Watch fm 1:35 onwards) @celest1al did he really say I LOVE IT? I really love how in all his interviews he has been so consistent.. in saying to watch a show w SYJ, to say, i want to act w her again in a melo/romcom... If hes really in love w her as we all believe and not w someone else fm years ago, then lets wait patiently as we know he is a man of his word ◡̈◡̈
  5. I love their 4 Swoon Clips! Bravo to the shipper @Ahoymate here who discovered it !! If Binnie was shared by many to be more the introverted and shy kind, then AGREEING to do 4 Swoon videos (esp after the previous Jenga one was a bit Zzzzzzz....), then truly it must have been LOVE to cause him to do these 4 and so happily too since he knows she's always GAME for this. Loving all these Candies from you guys! Our 4 Swoon Clips with all the "Do you look good in uniform?..UhmHm (Cheeky smile)/Jinnie tugging his coat for help/Him excited at the thought of the comedy she/they had watched while she was preparing for CLOY/Mission Pong - where she thought our ACTION HERO from Confidential Assignment BadAss do my own stunts dude, probably had an even heel against her but nope, she thrashed him (unexpectedly even she was surprised! But thats what made it so funny! Coz Jinnie always wants Binnie to look good too) And who can forget Compliment Me Binnie's WOOHOO "Is this a SCAM?!!? HAHAHAHA), DIY Calendar where she fainted when he was doing an artistic negative space item or when she gently pulled his arm... And then i will go back to the CLOY BTS... RING SCENE guys! Who was the one here in this forum to point out this scene was added as they went along seeing that they all didnt have their rings on in Switzerland + Binnie chose the rings... And then I will go to the Negotiation Press Conference and all the interviews.... My fav is the One where Binnie got called Min Tae Kyu (Cute) and Hyun Bin Unnie... and they laughed and laughed and laughed.... its like.. the universe is conspiring to create memories and joy and laughter We all have our working lives and i have 2 young kiddos but every silent moment i have, my happy time is scrolling all the #Binjin content here and on Insta! I dont have time for any other k drama because im waiting for 2 people i dont know and who dont know I exist, to find their joy and happiness This Ship is going strongggggg....i believe in it, no matter what others say about their SHIP. I love this SHIP and the people in here!
  6. Grrrrr.... the title is so misleading when they are actually not telling us anything we don’t already know!! i am wondering though.... if D*spatch had exclusive rights to their wedding announcement, how can they jump the gun and post this though...? Because this article is really neither here nor there....
  7. Let's have a lovely recap of what our dear Binnie has said in an Esquire Interview, few years back, as we enjoy our dear Jinnie in white,,, "Hyun Bin smiled and said, "I haven't started a family yet and I'm already over 35 now." The actor also looked back at the recent time, "Despite that, maybe I will start a family in the latter half of my 30s. I also feel that I have become a little more solid. I have free time, curiosity and joy for my work, I also have more things that I want to do. Moreover, I'm also working on more films than in the past."" We are almost thereeeeeeee!
  8. @ElectricHearts Someone Please enlightened us! This is so crazy if thats what they do in Korea! @cloyfan please share more of this!!! How is he easily confused?! that's so cute! URGH u guys! Usually its the girl who gets all fluttery in a proposal or a fake proposal scene. How is it that SYJ babe is so composed and calm while our Binnie is all giddy and smiley?? I love these 2!!
  9. Wow wow wow so exciting to read all the latest post! i hope before we hit ‘1000’ we get our good news! there are days I wonder if they will do a So ji Sub and say we are already registered. So Ji Sub was SYJ costar in Be W U who fell in love and married in 2 years(!) he registered on 7 Apr 2020 and he was 1 of the 4 public property alongside HB!!! If he can do it... COME ON HB!! please show us what we believe to be true, don’t go back to yr past fm more than 10yrs ago... go to yr present and future!!! wanted to ask u all something I find interesting fm the BTS of the Ring Scene. SYJ is explaining to him that u need to put the girl on the girls left hand wedding finger... just curious... as 38yr old man who dated a few women in real life and probably watched many people real and reel get married.... wouldn’t he know which finger?? seems a bit strange she had to explain that to him in the BTS video isn’t it...? Pls watch at 8:30 and explain why she needs to tell him how to put a ring on..?! means at that point he must have not proposed in real life yet...YET what do u think?
  10. Help. How do you guys function? I wake up early to read this forum and i read it before i go to bed at night. Hoping this is the day that i will hear good news. I went to check out the other forum for fun and man.. they got nothing on what you detectives have gotten here. Im really rooting for these 2 to go all the way and hopefully 1 day, they will appear on my Return of Superman, I love the father of the triplets (Song II Kook) and i can totally picture HB with his gentle low voice being super loving to the kids. My happy pill is to do instagram scrolling with all the accounts that are binjin supporters and its so so fun whenever a new video or pic comes up. I love hearing how much joy our dear SYJ has brought to HB and vice versa I love how they bring out things in each other that others cant see I love seeing the classy glamour full femme fatale babe she is, its like HB has unravelled this SUPER Feminine side of her.... they way she carries herself is like a diamond I love how the hot stud can be so goofy and cheeky with her I love the titbits we get to witness But i love the silence too because i know something its building Its been building since 2017.... we are going towards them being 40... this really stands the test of time! We will get there! "WOOHOO!" (quoting HB from the CLOY fun "Compliment Me!)
  11. This made my day!!!! All these food truck infos! Love it! Thank you @TotoroSY and @celest1al and @Choisamsook Oh my... them giving each other food trucks of love and warmth during the filming, so sweet! Any of the longtime HB fans know if he usually gives his colleagues food trucks too? As SYJ seems like the kind who would freely gives since she has been receiving from so many. Love it!
  12. Hi Everyone! Can someone enlighten me why are there 2 Binjin clubs? Is there a difference? Thanks!
  13. Hehe i think that was 1 of the first few filming scenes... so must do "manner hands" since the crew was there but then after that.. if u keep watching... there goes any manner hands... If you see the koala, he did touch her, and later the koala hug... i mean.. erm.. why needs his hands when shes literally climbed on him..? Haha!
  14. Wow I loved how I was wondering this morning when SYJ was sick, what episode was filmed and @Walk Kindly u have made it so clear for me! Appreciate!