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  1. Where are you Lee Minho -ssi? Please announce the next project - I know Pachinko is around the corner but please give us your next project announcement already! Please,,,
  2. @CarolynH Can’t believe I missed the watch party Of BOF@ and the legendary entrance of GJP. Please add me the group. Thank you!!
  3. hello lovely Minoz, glad I could join you all to wish our cute and dorky superstar on his birthday. my message to LMH: Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho ssi! Hope you have all the happiness and love in the world that you wish for. Thanks for doing fantastic work so far and bringing me and many others happiness everyday! Looking forward to many many more work from you and please have a virtual fan meeting!
  4. Wasn’t that worth the wait!!! So many looks of him - the reading glasses one - omo omo His next look for the drama should be that IMO. thanks Lee Minossi for showing us how much you enjoyed Canada.. I’m sure happy and thanks for the lovely chingus @Min2206 @syntyche @SophieH @Thong ThinAnd all minoz here for sharing those lovely pics. Sorry if I missed tagging you.
  5. I remember a similar photo during or before TKEM. If it is for a role, I cannot wait for it!! What if it is like a hustle genre? I would love something like that from him with some sauve action. And is he observing art though sunglasses? That I find very interesting )
  6. Thanks @Lmangla @CarolynH @Sleepy Owl @partyon for celebrating LMH's Debut Annisversy. He is super awesome, isn't he? I guess it is 10th May is some parts of the world, so here goes my favorites of LMH: Kim Tan.. he lured me to LMH world and I am not disappointed one bit lol 1, I am super glad LMH visited my place. Hope you had a good time here!!! My question to LMH would be - Is there any character/role that you wouldn't play! I am hoping to see what puts him off. My favorite CF got to be this - funny, cute
  7. Thanks for the fantastic watch party again chingus. I cannot wait for next week. So, putting up with SJ all this while was worth it for the last scene today. SJ, JY and LG were all super good in that. I can't get over "I am your King"!! Be my King as well, Pyeha!
  8. Thank you lovey Minoz for the watch party today morning. It was the best morning I had in the whole week. Thanks @CarolynH for hosting, cannot wait for next week. my favorites this week was the war scene and the kiss. LMH oozes handsomeness in uniform and that kiss was the sexiest. I’m going to be more open minded next week to see if I come around for Shin Jae, but the odds are not in favor lol.
  9. Thank you for the awesome morning with the rewatch @CarolynH. I had great fun with all of you and will join next week as well for sure. Even after so many rewatches, I can’t believe LMH’s visuals as LG is breathtaking. @msdot oh, that’s a huge scar.. and I think it must have been when he was an adult.. most childhood bone breaks do not result in such big scars into adulthood. I have noticed the big scar on his thigh as well (in The Heirs at his California home). Thankful he has made it through all the hardships and still be a very positive, happy person.
  10. Thank you Mino ssi. We were lucky to have you spend time here. Hope you had a good stay and will come back soon.
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