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  1. Thank you for the awesome morning with the rewatch @CarolynH. I had great fun with all of you and will join next week as well for sure. Even after so many rewatches, I can’t believe LMH’s visuals as LG is breathtaking. @msdot oh, that’s a huge scar.. and I think it must have been when he was an adult.. most childhood bone breaks do not result in such big scars into adulthood. I have noticed the big scar on his thigh as well (in The Heirs at his California home). Thankful he has made it through all the hardships and still be a very positive, happy person.
  2. Thank you Mino ssi. We were lucky to have you spend time here. Hope you had a good stay and will come back soon.
  3. Hello @Min2206, thanks for welcome. I’m now WFH, so I’m hopeful to be more present here oh my my, those eyes. Thanks @leeminhosny. Sorry mods, I’m not sure if we can reply to Twitter photo, but can’t bring myself to delete that pic lol.
  4. Hiya @CarolynH, thanks for the tag. is the rewatch still on? What time is it? I’m now WFH, so I might be able to join. I have Netflix and can join on it.
  5. Obviously 1 - a, I am that type of person - if there is a slight chance of seeing him in my area, I would definitely wait. Will be there way too early and will leave after he leaves, just in case he returns. 2 c (but not if it’s too dangerous that I will freeze to death or die of sunstroke - that would cause unnecessary negative news for LMH. Recently my kids and husband were asking me the same questions @CarolynHThat he is in the same country as me, the gap between I would never meet him in person to there might be a chance someday have really closed down triggering all
  6. OMO OMO OMO LMH looks super handsome and happy in Canada. His smile, the dimples, the walk, LMH in the suit, LMH in suspenders, LMH with the loose tie, LMH with the Fedora hat.. wow !!He is shining. I like Hansu's hair do. Cannot wait to see how he is portraying Hansu. Thanks @Nikaa94 @leeminhosny, wenroad on IG and all the others for posting the fantastic pics of him. I might be late but I am a happy girl today. I hope we get to see lots more of him. Missed you all so much. I want to wiggle that I am back here. I have to mark the pages I have missed and catch up in t
  7. Oh boy, he is super cute with the toque, taking pictures of the Canada Geese!! Finally some pics on him in Canada. Hope he is having a lovely time. Sorry for being MIA so long, missed all the lovely Minoz and the updates. Take care everyone, I cannot wait for Pachinko to air.
  8. The Heirs is my go to. I cannot get over Kim Tan but I have rewatched Faith close second, LOBTS and BOF comes later. And I frequently watch CH action scenes on YouTube. Of course TKEM OST is the most played. we should have a poll on this - totally.
  9. I wonder that too, because Canada has new restrictions in place from Jan 31st for air travel, like mandatory testing and quarantining for 3 days in government approved hotels until the test results come out. Hopefully all goes well for him, not be discouraged about more restrictions.
  10. I think the photographer has the most easiest job when he is shooting LMH.. how can anyone look this good at any angle and at any lighting? He is gorgeous in all of them. @CarolynH Here the cases are still there - I’m not exactly sure but Vancouver COVID 19 cases are around 600 a day but has seen a slight dip and they do have restrictions in place. Compared to rest of Canada only Vancouver is in the + range for weather, so that would be nice. I do wish LMH takes him time to explore a little bit of BC before he leaves - in my opinion he would really enjoy it, since he seems to like
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