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  1. I initially thought this drama will end in this season. But to see that many things are still unresolved and the reunion haven’t even happened yet, i am starting to think we have to wait for more seasons. I don’t think it is going to happen any time soon either. The ending for this season may leave me feeling...deprived of resolutions.
  2. At this rate, we won’t be getting a TY-ES reunion any time soon. As i am watching the episodes, my mind is just screaming: Are they going to meet yet or not? the answer is nope
  3. I am a bit disturbed by the fact the Hong sisters used the word “burdensome” to describe the lack of romance and skinships between ManChan. Yes, i know their situation was not the best in terms of a human relationship. But they were so in love. It was so easy to forget that it was a ghost-human love. I was perfectly fine with the skinship and romance they expressed throughout their gestures and moments. Yes. I saw the missed opportunities and at some points, little moments of romance and skinship could be added to touch up even more on their love. But i accepted it since it was not given entirely. BUT to use “burdensome” makes it seem like they wanted to but just chose not do it or could not. Like, why not? You are the authors. The writers. You can twist your story to how you want it. Add some here. Add some there. Take some out. It shouldn’t be a burden to do it. It shouldn’t be referred to as burdensome. This word makes me feel like ManChan deserved more but didn’t get it because it was a burden to do so
  4. Lol yes i was here before too watched both seasons and now awaiting S3 cant wait for Tanya-Euseom reunion. For the majority of both seasons, they were spent apart but missing each other. Now, they need to see each other.
  5. Cant wait to watch KSH in another saeguk! Although i have a feeling romance may be limited again due to time era Lol was that JDY as a girl? For a while i thought it was KSH and was wondering why she looked so different it is a saeguk so for sure we gonna see different scenes plus limited romance if the time era goes like that.. either way, good to know we are watching another drama together just when one ended
  6. It’s about time this drama came back!!! I need season 3! I miss Tanya, Eunseom and Saya! Oooo..i see some of my HDL family here already @lightbringer06 @stella77 @rocher22 !! Yay!! @herina_90 chingu! Season 3 is coming soon!
  7. Omg!!! This is the saddest and sweetest episode! one of the most beautiful love story ever! (I have only seen a few that truly touches my heart). My heart fluttered with ManChan on every episode..to when they first met to when they departed and met again. I got so use to the HDL staff too that I literally felt my heart hurting with MW and CS when they left one by one! The scene when CS sends MW off..omg! Amazing acting from both! My heart broke! I accept this ending because it leaves me with the same loving feeling between ManChan. Even though MW is gone, I still feel the love because of the ending. Yes. I would have wanted them together but we all were warned that MW will have to go on the bridge too. For having been trapped for 1300 years, she deserves to be free. CS understands this and let her go freely, protecting the love of theirs. That’s why at the end (it is interpreted as CS’s hope and dream) that the love of them both is still there. The flower in his heart is still dreaming of his moon, always for this, i accept the ending. It’s a beautiful love story throughout. No unnecessary plot devices used although I still would have liked a line crossed at some scenes LOL. Overall I think this sums up their love. Mature, nurturing, loving and beautiful. The moments they shared was sweet to them and in turn, sweet to us. Especially when they love the way they do. And plus, i have seen worse endings before in other dramas. This one is quite beautiful compared to the ones that have made me flip tables I had a fun time with the Soompi HDL family here! It was so fun joking and laughing together, and crying on sad scenes while cracking jokes about skinships and room 404! @Ameera Ali @lightbringer06 @berny2 @annamchoi @Ondine @lollyminx @Yana Mujay @uglypearl @alekaonu @RiceGirl1212 And everyone else whom I forgot to tag... It has been a fun 16 episodes run with you all! Let us reunite in other dramas too Hopefully we see a reunion between IU snd YJG in another drama where this happens:
  8. I just watch RAW version only and i am already when i have subs, i am going to even more. fine. I accept that ending. No staring contest thank goodness! And i get to see them together, still in love.
  9. Man..just watching the clips of MW leaving and the 3 staff leaving already have me:
  10. Is there a clip of the scene when MW leaves? I want to see it.
  11. Lol!! i think for me..even though i was fine with the lack of skinship based on their love development, the last two episodes made me want to push them past the damn line!! Like..when will we ever see IU and YJG again in a drama? Maybe a long while! So give it to us while we have them together! But nopes..when we wanted just a little push, they gave us a gentle one only like really? Come on!
  12. Omg!! Yes!! Hallelujah!!! If compared to that ending of Black, this one is wayyyyy better!
  13. @Ameera Ali @lightbringer06 @berny2 @annamchoi @lollyminx At least this time, noodles did not interrupt. CS carried her “to the room!” They slept in each other’s arms. No lines were harmed in the making of this drama.
  14. Now I know why it is called Hotel Blue Moon because what he was drinking at the end was: If this is the case then reincarnation did not happen. It means CS is still alone.
  15. Well, room 404 was not put to good use. And this happened again:
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