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  1. Ah! So this is Start Up. Kept hearing about it but didn’t know who was in it. thanks @4evrkdrama for the tag! Will watch first few episodes to see if this is to my taste. I like both leads is this airing on Netflix or Viki?
  2. Today is Monday. The aftermath of our finale last week. Although i miss our couple and I surely miss all of our spazzing over them and the butt-kicking frustrations at the annoying characters (even objects lol) on Mon-Tues, it feels good to be like this: @annamchoi awww! i will miss butt kicking with you too and glad you are doing better! Also, if you are watching a new drama, you can tag me anytime and i will see if it’s to my taste to watch it. We can kick butts again that way as well in the meantime, it’s time we get our relaxation. Join me at the spa abo
  3. Wait..Professor Lee apologized to SA too? Did I miss that? I don’t recall. I remember she told Professor Song she fired SA even though Professor Song knew SA quit because of how Professor Lee is as a person. @ponderings aww thanks! I am glad my gifs made you chuckle! JK really did annoy me before Professor Duster came along haha. @annamchoi aww get better soon! We won’t need to do any more butt kicking so you can rest more now
  4. I am back my Brahms crew! So sorry. I keep getting under the weather! I forgot most of my thoughts already. But I have to say I truly enjoyed the ending. It was actually better than I thought. And most of our predictions were right on except the moonlight sonata dedication haha. I think what made me really love this drama is how realistically we all got involved in the characters. I seriously never kicked so many butts every Mon and Tues haha. Dimple couple were really sweet and cute that my heart flutter at them. Their kiss scenes were so sweet. So glad we had kisses and hugs!
  5. Wow!! What a finale!! i still can’t get over that kiss scene! For sure, it made the confession scene kiss look like a peck only. Let me gather my thoughts first... that dang kiss made all my thoughts disappear..
  6. Viki has subs up to 99%. I was so excited that i skipped straight to the kissing scene. Bad me! I must watch the whole episode first. Then I told myself: We were tortured enough. I needed that kiss scene first instead.
  7. I am back!! Will watch the finale later on. but so glad the suitcase is stuck in the closer forever @Jillia @annamchoi @Sky8lue And everyone else (my tagging is acting up)..I shall be back with my thoughts
  8. I can go back to sleep with ease for our couple.. still early here so heading back to bed spazzing later when i wake up fully.
  9. I overslept!!! No....!! but a kiss and a hug!!!!! yassss!!!! Gifs and clips please? @Jillia @annamchoi lol
  10. My Brahms crew, let’s embrace the ending we will get tomorrow for our couple. I believe it will be a happy ending. But I don’t accept staring contest endings. like..come on. JY and SA loves each other so much that they deserve more than just staring at each other. then goodnight everyone!
  11. All these little moments between SA/JY..i think it would break our hearts if they don’t end up together. They are that couple that none of us wants to see stay as friends because they deserve to be with each other so much more. goodnight @Abirami Ramakrishnan! See you at the finale tomorrow
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