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  1. Oh yes it is now. I found it. I didn’t know what the title was. Thanks! @silvianage the instrumental I sent you had a different title. On iTunes, it’s called ‘accidental encounter’ so happy to finally have it on my phone. I had a harder time finding it on iTunes than YT. edit hm that is not the one I was looking for. I think ‘vacant sorrows’ is the right title for the one I like. Both are the same one but different instruments
  2. @packmule3 lol I have been waiting to read your posts, so that I can feel slightly better about this ending. I feel so disappointed at it that it left such a void in me. I was hoping for some more answers so I can make sense of something. I still cruise here at random times but have no more energy to say anything more about it. I will not say that the casts wasted their abilities in this drama. They were perfect! But something about the story telling and closure of it, especially the game concept, didn’t make me satisfied (for the meantime until I find another drama(s) to settle down in, I will be cruising around everywhere like a zombie ) PS: I’m loving these additional reactions too! Finally we can show more of our feelings to posts! @moodypie lol we met at the Bride of Water God thread I believe that’s where we met, in the universe of Haebak (or was it somewhere else?) lol edit: @packmule3 I just finished reading your post on the ending. It actually makes more sense in your words than what I was seeing on screen I feel a little better now (like eating an apetizer to calm my hunger down for the time being) I don’t like to leave dramas with bittertaste in my mouth (with some exceptions ) but while reading your blog, I kept wondering ‘am I a b**** for thinking this way and that way?’
  3. When looking at the list from the full album provided by @Kasmic I didn’t know which title was the song lol so I just went to YT to search it and behold I found it. So happy someone posted it up it is not on ITunes yet. Just on YT. here it is: I always think of JW and Sec Seo when hearing this. Love these two!
  4. Thank you! @scarletashin I found the piece I was looking for. I didn’t cruise through the posts thoroughly so didn’t see the link
  5. Lol I am still in MOA ending recovery mode Of all the instrumentals, I really like the one they use when JW saw Sec Seo at the hospital death bed and when he stabbed him toward the end has it been released yet and do u guys know the title? Apple iTunes has some music but not sure if it’s the instrumentals. And for some reason I cannot view or play the list posted above too
  6. Because I am obsessed with abs ( high level pervert) can I post some up for you guys to guess too?? I have many oppas too (don’t we all? Lol )
  7. Omg!! This thread is going bring my pervert level up!
  8. Even after waking up from a rest, I still cannot accept that kind of ending. Hence I’m skipping the final episode. I can’t accept it, not just because it’s heart breaking to see these two not even meet again, but the explanation for the game was not even truly cleared. I, as the viewer, am supposed to just accept that it was a bug this whole time. Then what about all the real deaths? I still don’t get it im guessing his narration from beginning episodes must be his narration from the game itself. I’m disappointed in the ending and game concept itself. Maybe weeks from now or even a year from now, I can gather my courage to watch this tragic kind of ending. but one thing I will accept is that everyone worked hard on this drama. I don’t feel that HB and PSH wasted their talents here. They showcased their abilities very well and I love their expressions in the eyes of their sweetest moments. JW who fought all the way to level 100 and HJ who spent all the time she could with him. it was sweet in its own magical making. I hope they get casted together again as leads so I can watch their chemistry once more. I will be waiting to watch HB and/or PSH’s next drama project. @Kasmic my thought is since JW literally saved the game, answer for poll 2 is JW. But as I’m very disappointed and feel void of the answers we didn’t get but was made to supposingly get, I will just leave my zombie pic for a week more before changing it. Oh, how my heart aches when I think of that ending. It left a bigger void. I was hoping everything would unfold nicely but instead it just made me feel a bigger void. The beginning to the end..I still have questions unanswered *** well my MOA chingus, I will be cruising at other threads so won’t be coming here as often as I do now. Let us all meet again in another drama thread @Kasmic @ktcjdrama @moodypie @butterflysaga @stroppyse @packmule3 It was nice to meet all of you guys here again on a drama we watch together We had one hell of a roller coaster ride with this one. To all my other chingus who I met here, let us all meet again on another thread where we can spazz, vent and spam together Adios, mis amigos!
  9. @ktcjdrama I’m skipping this final episode because the ending was way too disappointing for me. I can’t accept or understand it. @Kasmic I don’t even know the answer to poll 2 but the ending was too disappointing for me. I can’t even bring myself to watch it with subs later. And I most likely won’t.
  10. i don’t ever drink this much but the ending to this drama..I just have to. off to bed I go. Maybe I will wake up feeling sober. edit @Kasmic is it alright for me break the deal and change the zombie profile pic? After this ending, I’m traumatized by NPCs and zombies . I need to cheer up.
  11. I am so glad this is just a drama. But even so, I’m disappointed with the ending. Many unnecessary scenes! Im going back to sleep. Woke up too early just to be disappointed. here, to anyone who needs it. It’s on me:
  12. Wasted too many time on unnecessary scenes! Im so traumatized from this ending. I cannot accept or understand it. Im not going to watch the final episode.
  13. What!!! That’s really the ending!! I never thought it will be that kind of ending!! This ending is nothing like I imagine. I am left with so many voids. I just.. i am not going to watch the final episode now tt I know this is the ending
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