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  1. i so love this outfit! It makes MY look like a character straight out from a fairy tale! i agree with this. To me, I feel like she has been traumatized from early childhood and became the person she is. She too wants to feel loved. 1. The lady who appeared near the window in the cursed castle and even within the house itself, to me, is simply the nightmare of her mother. It is the subconsciousness of MY’s nightmare. It’s not an actual ghost. It’s her innermost fear manifested. 2. Yes, she realized MT is the boy when his background check was sent to her. She connected his hometown to when he told her that her eyes reminded him of someone who had the same set of eyes. That’s why she told MT that it seems like he has gone through a whole evolution. very true! This is also why I love all the stories from MY. As mentioned before here, these stories are actually parts of MY herself. When KT cried at the end of Zombie Kid, I was tearing up too. Not only did KT want his mother’s warmth as a child but MY wasn’t so different herself either.
  2. LOL!! @syntyche is right! We have long been killed by these two! as @scrawford mentioned, it’s one of those implied endings. We don’t know if they got married but if they lived together until old age then shouldn’t that mean they are? Sighs. This is why I am bittersweet about this ending. @Itsmylifeboss it would have been great to have you joined us during airing time! This thread was spazzing left and right with everything on the table! @scrawford @Time loop @AgentQuake I miss the spazz and liveliness of this thread! Shall we drink for good old times! This is me:
  3. Before I touch on other subjects, I want to discuss about the flower symbols in this drama. So far, we have a mention of ‘magnolias’ by MY. And the mention of ‘dandelions’ by KSH and SYJ from the press con/interview. I did a full research on both flowers but so much different meanings on what each flowers mean and symbolizes. So, I will go to my basic roots and provide what I think these two flowers mean in this drama and to the characters. Honestly, I think these flowers pertains more to MY/KT more than the drama itself. As a child, when I use to walk home from school almost every day, I remember passing by a large white magnolia tree growing outside of a neighbor’s front yard. Every time the flowers grew, I would stop and admire its beauty (not knowing it was actually a magnolia tree until much later on). This flower grew together and when it fell off the branch, fell in one piece. Not petals by petals. I rarely saw this flower fall because it was always on the tree. But when it did fall, it fell as one flower. And died as one flower. This is what MY means when she mentions that she likes magnolias because they fall in one piece. It grew as a whole and died as a whole. It can actually symbolize how she feels inside. Her emotions are actually summed up pretty well because she knows how she feels inside as a whole. This can be why she is able to see what KT hides from inside of himself. Magnolias withstand climates quite strongly hence are known for their endurance. If we use this flower to symbolize MY, it can come to symbolize the endurance of her long-term mentality. It’s a beautiful flower with a long endurance. Dandelions..we all know this flower as a kid. And I think that’s exactly what this flower represents to KT. He mentions in an interview that the dandelion modifies how he feels toward his brother and a girl dandelion is MY. Dandelions are known as a flower-like sun for its appearance before it becomes the dandelion we all blow on. It is a beautiful flower that represents light and warmth. To KT, his brother is like that. ST is a kid in an adult mind. Yet, ST is KT’s light and warmth. So he always hopes that he will stay that way towards his brother and vice versa. KT is a dandelion himself. He puts other before him and always emits a positive light wherever he goes. He is the golden-sun himself. However, dandelions are actually a type of weed and grows everywhere. Farmers and gardeners want to get rid of it all the time. Even home owners don’t like having such weeds around. I remember my dad always mowing the lawn when dandelions come out. He specifically told me ‘it kills his grass’ lol. I honestly couldn’t see why but hey, who am I to argue when I don’t mow the lawn Back to the point..it can be quite a bothersome to have weeds growing around other plants. This can represent how he feels internally about his brother. It is also clear that not everyone can accept his brother for how he is. Hence the scene in the beginning and the book signing scene. Society have trouble accepting ST. KT loves his brother, no doubt. But being a caregiver for so long is beginning to burden his shoulders. At a young age, he has forgotten how and what it was like to be a kid. He doesn’t even know how to relax and breathe. He is always on the move and working. He had to grow up and take on a big responsibility. He is reminded of his mother and how she told him he bore him to take care of his brother. I can’t help but feel that he wants to get rid of this responsibility. He wants the responsibility to be lighter because it is so heavy on him. But he believes no one can take it off of him, or share it with him equally, nor can he just pass it on. Very heartbreaking because I personally want KT to experience a sense of freedom from his pains and responsibilities. But it is said that when the dandelions no longer have the golden sun, they become a small collection of weed that looks like a flower. Legend goes that if one can blow out a dandelion in one breath, a wish will be granted. As a kid, who didn’t pluck out a dandelion to blow on it and watch it fly away with a smile? I know I did it all the time. Dandelions remind us of our inner child. One plucks out dandelion to blow out of joy, and one plucks it out to test the legend. We all know it’s very hard to blow out the dandelion in one breath. Yet, it represents hope. When it flies away, it’s a sense of good-bye. When you blow on it to see if a wish will be granted, it’s a sense of hope. To KT, MY represents a girl dandelion. Simply because the dandelion will belong to KT. We don’t often place a gender on a flower unless we want it to be ours personally. Hence, to KT, MY will become his light and warmth, and his hope. Perhaps, even his guide to saying good-bye to how he felt as a child, and an acceptance to who he really is. Overall though, MY will become his dandelion. Let the healing begin for these two. We know it will begin with both of them. @glory @ruminati0n i tagged you both too since you guys asked if there are any connections to the drama with these flowers
  4. thanks for the links! I will provide my insights shortly on what I think these two flowers symbolize in the drama and why it was mentioned in the interviews
  5. What is the reference of dandelion you are referring to? Can you tell me which interview this was in? I can look into it and provide my insights. edit: @glory do you mean KSH as in his real life or the character he plays? Because in this drama, his father passed away.
  6. LOL!! Maybe I misread. its close to 1am so my mind is working on vodka hahaha edit: omo!! that shower head sprinkling water to our half-naked LMH oppa...i have used it before when I went to Huntington Beach!! If i had known LMH was going to be there and it was the closest thing I would get as to feel his presence, I would have used it more often..!!
  7. TvN is not greedy like SBS. We can expect more BTS than usual @lyrically aesthetic lol, shocked to see me?? Bar will be open here too for us shippers!!
  8. Aww yes I remember those good old Faith days @Thong Thin ooo..are we having a poll?
  9. @bebebisous33 lol, i tried something different this time. I responded within your quote so hopefully it worked. I didn’t want to forget what I wanted to write and forget what your view was too —— I am also very curious to why MY’s dad wants her dead. I have an impression that she may have been verbally abused by her parents or was the center of blame for a marriage gone wrong. If I saw correctly, during MY’s flashback at the cursed castle, she stood at the front door and a pile of blood swarmed to her feet. On the other side was a woman. I think her mom attempted suicide and perhaps, her dad blamed MY. Or, there was marital problems between the parents because her mom did say she was her greatest creation and her other half. Marital problems were being blamed towards MY. Her mom is the one behind the bars after MY walks away from being choked. So her mom isn’t dead. MY did say her mom is physically dead but her soul is very much alive while her father is physically alive but his soul is dead. So to me, her mother is the bigger influencer in her life than her dad was.
  10. Finally watched episode 3 and 4!! And omg!! This drama is making me cry and then laugh!! And, some scenes making me feel like I am watching a horror movie Zombie Kid made me cry! And KT and MY are both making me cry!! Their stories are actually very heartbreaking. KT, having to bear the burden of caring for his brother at such a young age, and MY whose parents probably poisoned her mind mentally in some kind of way to make her feel like a “monster amongst the shadow of death”. I so love the ending to episode 4, when KT gives his sweater to MY Will be backtracking to read previous discussions and reply to the ones who tagged me while i was away on this busy weekend
  11. LOL!!! @Heretorant @AgentQuake @Joje Oh yes..from the beginning of this drama, PM Koo was the one person I wanted OUT.. There is no shame. I admit. It was me!! Finally, some kind of justice for that PM Koo.. Demoted and exiled..and dead to me since she is no longer PM and has no more power. I would have loved to see her head off, but I will take what I get..
  12. Aww!! Congrats to the winners!! it was a fun event!!! See you all again in the next one!!
  13. My sis is so fascinated and in love with this drama that she always watches it first before me. I always get mad and tell her to stop dropping me hints of spoilers until i watch it myself. And she still does it anyways. LOL. I love and am fascinated with this drama too but my sis is just trying to push my buttons because she always gets to watch it way before I do
  14. I have to get this off my chest so what better way than to vent to it out here —— Last night, my sis and I literally had an disagreement between one of her favorite actor and mine, LMH. Everyone who watches kdramas in my family knows LMH is one of my favorite Oppas. So I was discussing the backlash of TKEM and LMH with my sis and what people were saying about him which were frustrating me. She then makes this comment “I don’t ever compare (her favorite with mine) but in terms of pulling off the “seriousness” look, LMH can’t pull it off.” I looked at her like this: Then said: “Whoaa!! Wait up! And exactly which drama did you watch of his that he couldn’t pull of the seriousness look???” Her response: “A little bit of Heirs. A little bit of Faith. A little bit of TKEM.” My response: “YOU BIAS!!” She looks at me, all confused and laughs, “How am I being bias?” “Gee, let’s see. You say he can’t pull it off better than your favorite. But it’s because you only watched a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and never the whole damn drama.” She goes quiet for a moment then says: “I am not going to continue this with you.” ME to her: —— I was ready to listen to my sister’s reasons but when I actually heard it, I realize why people dislike LMH at first glance. I can accept it if LMH isn’t a favorite of everyone. But at least give him a fair chance before judging his skills and talents
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