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  1. Wow Thank you for the info @linhlinh111 I watched this with no subs abs I haven’t read the novel. Should I read the novel ?
  2. Everyone Jung Hoon is probably getting married. He told Young Shim he is dating someone but why do I get the feeling he is trying to sound her out. Like always she is going to be dumb about it and he will get married. Than JH will regret Hi decision when she finally moves on. Honestly I don’t feel anything when they are both on screen. She really keeps her emotions close to her chest .
  3. I enjoy watching Wen Ke Xing stalk abs protect Zhou Zi Shu. I can’t help but think they know each other. WKX keeps trying to fight him. It is kind of funny watching. I don’t know if I will keep watching this , once the subs is out then I will make the decisions if I will stick around. ZZS save a boy who is being hunted down because he supposedly owns an important object which I think he doesn’t even know of it’s existence. That is all I could understand. @JoyceDreamer . I have no spoilers
  4. @chococarmela Correction in Good woman , I meant Good Person - -> https://asianwiki.com/Good_Person I tried Bird that doesn’t sing , couldn’t find it with subs and I did not get hooked.
  5. I did not like temptation of wife because the husband was a cheater and was in love with his mistress. In that drama, he did not love his wife at all and did not care if she lived or died. But this one CSK does love his fiancé. He like the sound of her voice. He didn’t want her to go the bridal shower, I can’t believe but think his feelings are real. @Lmangla If this is what happens , it happens. In fact I would love this drama to go all the way like THE PROMISE. She never stopped her revenge until the last episode. I love revenge drama where I can get a satisfying revenge.
  6. @maribella This revenge won’t be like Man in Veil. For that I am sure of that. She was drugged and left to die after falling off that bridge, there will be no reconciliation. I am sure of that.
  7. @Abs_ triggered I agree Time Jump won’t happen until The Witch marry Cha Sun- Hyuk. I wonder how long it will take or maybe the wedding will be through a flashback. TBH I really don’t want to see the wedding. I hate this witch Oh HaRa. @LeftCoastOppa What do you expect to happen to force the ML to marry that Witch!!!! She drugs him and he has sex with her while calling out ago Eun-Jo. Lol lol That would be hilarious to see. I want her to for pissed off or maybe he doesn’t sleep with her but pretends they do sleep together??? @Jillia I am like you , I need a tim
  8. Today’s episode was sad but good. I can’t wait for the Time Jump. It think we have a long way to go for the time jump. Oh Ha-Joon has left me with bad impression of him and I haven’t found anything that is redeeming in my eyes. Will Cha Sun-Hyeok become evil?? At this stage in the drama. He really tried to convince OHJ not to leave his grandmother but OHJ is willing to give up. I would hate to see CSH turn evil once he marries that witch I know it can go anywhere. He spent the entire night looking for DEJ. His feelings seems very sincere. In the preview I think OHR will save him and th
  9. Hi chingu @miaka fy Wow we are finally watching the same drama. I only found episode 1 to this drama and I wish these episodes were all subbed already. I have to say ZZH did a great job. His body language in this drama was great. His master couldn’t kill him but I can see Master really cared for him. Let’s keep i. Touch through this drama
  10. Thank you for info @airgelaal @Naty828 every character in this drama are SELFY except for Byeori , JS and AhRi. So it doesn’t surprise me at all.
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