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  1. Exactly @Ldy Gmerm long time no see chingu. You said it better than I did , if a the insurance money was taken from GO’s father. I am positive she has paid them back her father’s “supposed “debt a VERY LONG TIME AGO. I don’t even think there was debt to be paid. I feel it is a lie and So Young has the nerve to say they raised her when in fact she raised them and including LJW. Smh smh highlight from today’s episode I am worried, MR Boo has aged a lot. I hope he does get sick or he may even be sick already and he hasn’t told his kids or Go Gye Ok. @celebrianna @RobinM @dulceres @celebrianna I was thinking the exact same thing chingu. She will be accepted because she makes him happy. But I am still unsure of her because I need more scene of them for me to accept them. I HATE CHEATING SPOUSES. I MA DISGUSTED BY THEM NO MATTER THE REASON.
  2. My Motto “ ONCE A CHEATER AWLAYS A CHEATER”. You are right , she does treat him like a man but he is a LAZY man. He doesn’t work and he loves to play a lot. His claim of having no children is the first that drew him to his first love . The son is what got him to keep going back. But I believe even if they were to get married, they won’t be happy in the long run. The kid will make that marriage bearable. Welcome @Mocharel @celebriannaI understand why you and @RobinM see her as a brat but it was apparent to me. Remember Ga On is a teenager who doesn’t want charity, dislike the fact that her grandfather married a woman the same age as her father. The fact she is friends with GO’s nephew, will be the turning point for her to change her opinion. She was always a brat to me and I don’t dislike her . I think Ga On will not fall for LJW because she doesn’t want to end up pregnant. That is why she studies hard and is probably a straight A student. I think she also think it is her fault that her father has never dated . She doesn’t know that he was still waiting for her mom. I am also surprised she never asked about her mom. Remember having another woman in the house may also play a part in why she doesn’t want to accept her.
  3. @celebrianna I hope she can turn the tables on MJ too. Min Joo thinks GO is just like her when she isn’t. She better stop comparing herself to Gye Ok. I don’t want her confusing GO so that she won’t make a mistake and end up paying the penalty. i am kind glad that Mr Boo has finally see he was in the wrong bringing GO into his life. .
  4. @celebrianna I don’t believe the fortune teller is accurate. I think her interpretations of people’s fortune isn’t done right. Lee Jang Won’s rap is just awful. I cringe every time I hear him rap. check my tweet This is a good rap. The music and the rhyme is good. That whole nonsense about not having any grandson is so Stupid. Mr Boo adore his granddaughters. They make him laugh. They don’t know about the restaurant and once they do I would love to see their reactions lol Another thing the Second son, sure know how to woo his wife. They have a great relationship.
  5. @celebrianna You are correct she does know that. Let’s be real if she hadn’t enabled them. She would have become an orphan. So young never really likes her in the first place. You will enjoy this episode. I was full of energy.
  6. @celebrianna @watchumlots How did you like Episode 52? We got our wish. @RobinM @heartslined I consider this a light drama with a message that we the viewers can learn from. I feel bad and I am joyous for them deciding to break ties with her. The funny thing is , They have no idea , everything they have now doesn’t belong to them at all. It all belongs to GO , once she finish helping Mr Boo they will have to find their own home since cutting ties with her. So Young sure was quick in cutting ties with her. I find it so funny, that SY actually believe she “ WILL LIVE A BETTER LIFE WITHOUT GO”. I believe SY went to that restaurant on purpose just so she can see if GO is really there. I truly dislike her. Do you all believe they will live better without GO? I think it is the opposite GO will live a better life. I was so conflicted by GO’s stepmom words. It felt like she was setting her free but A part of me wished she would have given GO the space she needed instead of breaking it. This freedom she will get will be so beneficial to her , that once she leaves Mr Boo’s family. She won’t allow herself to be leeched upon by her step family any more. Once the mom learns the truth, she will feel more awful than how she feels now. Park Sun-Cheon ( Jung Min-Hee ) is a good actress. She is able to make me dislike her character. You know JMH is truly the type of woman who needs to be taken care of. Let’s talk about SA. This guy he acts like a teenage boy. Every chance he gets, he likes to pick on GO. He hasn’t even noticed he is strange behavior toward GO. I can’t wait for him to figure it out. His daughter noticed his behavior is very weird ans she will be the second one to notice that he likes GO. Boo Ga On will be I loved Love Till the end.
  7. Well said chingu @yamiyugi I don’t like him either. I feel that he is going to get himself in a tough situation. Living with PJ , getting close to her family just to find a way to make them lose their homes isn’t a nice thing to do. As we all can see , he is falling for her. Every times he see PJ with a man, he frowns like this is a bad thing. He should think real hard and wonder WHY HE THINK SO?? Once he falls for her he will be so conflicted. Lol lol he will feel 10x worse than he already does.
  8. To be honest I disliked the stepsister and stepmom from the beginning. The lack of respect they gave GO made me so upset. Smh smh We find out that GO’s father died three years later after getting married. Listening to her talk on episode 50 made feel bad for her. Her fear of losing this family is very strong. SA tried to help her finally make that decision to finally let go but she still held on. @celebrianna @watchumlots I feel the time for her to let go, will come soon. I think it might even start from this episode. You see they don’t appreciate her and expect her to always give them money. SY keeps wondering where GO got the money to get them a house. Instead of being happy , she only think is getting money from her. She actually thinks GO is hogging all the money for herself. Jung Min Hee always believes her daughter and only think of her needs. I sometimes wonder how the hell did GO feel seeing her giving her own daughter everything nice and she probably got hand me downs. To find out she is also paying for her nephews school fees meanwhile SY’s mom is just selling FAKE GOOD AND STAY AT HOME TRYING TO FIND WAYS TO ENHANCE HER BEAUTY. It made me so Remember how GO asked SA to let keep with the act because she can finally breath. She wasn’t ready to go back to her life. It brought me to tears .
  9. Finally watched episode 50 & 51 Binge watching dailies are best especially when the storyline is actually well written. Sure the story is crazy but I can see what the writer is doing. The love story between SA & GO will be in the back burner. Eldest Son’s wife Min Joo This woman is greedy and maybe that is why hubby was always cheating on her. I loved the fact that Mr Boo accept that he did like treat her like a daughter not a DIL but it seems he knew she had faults too. To find out from the horses mouth, she married her hubby because he had money. Now thinking back how she said she tried to love him, I kinda don’t believe it now. I think her not being able to have kids is her karma for not being sincere. Cha Jung- Gun - - > He is not an honest man. It may be possible he changed his name to avoid from paying child support. His name should be Lee Something. I didn’t want to believe it because “ HOW THE HELL GO NOT RECOGNIZE HER EX BROTHER IN LAW” it seems so WEIRD RIGHT!! Then I remember this so typical of korean drama. It Si possible not to know a sibling’s husband face or name. Smh smh smh Someoe said it is possible that they both were in love , Min Joo dumped him for the Eldest Son. Then he married So Young. But how is this possible when she know him by his fake name not his real name. Or did he use a fake name to marry So Young. Smh smh I THINK THEY MAKE A GOOD COUPLE? THE ARE BOTH LIARS. This is a really complicated storyline. Baek Doo just disappeared after finding the divorce notice. He doesn’t even try to talk to her. I wonder where the hell is je? Is he spending time with his first love or he is looking for evidence to help him in his divorce. I am dying to know what he is up too. Han- Ra , is finally maturing and still love money. Second son (Geum Kang )isn’t completely greedy. He has a soft side for his brother . I am so happy to see Mr Boo give him some attention. That boy has really been craving it. I think the people who were watching him weren’t sincere.
  10. @0ly40 Thank for the previews Awesome episode 43 Here are the Highlights PJ showed that there is more to her than meets the eye. She was definitely able to teach golf lessons . I can never understand why that EJ always looks down on PJ. PJ actually graduated from college. So why does she think she is scum or unworthy. The I am starting to believe SK’s ruined her marriage. Her lack of trust and stubbornness has made live so miserably. Even now , she still doesn’t trust him but she is the one going around trying to hurt KBS. It’s bad enough that KBS isn’t physical strong because she has heart problems. I think SK isn’t really in love but infatuated because she doesn’t want him. Now that he has her, he will end up cheating on her because at a certain point he will get tired of being bossed around by his wife. Her tendency to correct him will push him to spend time outside. I love how all PJ has to do is give SJ a look and he knows he needs to behave. Lol
  11. I found the proof that Kim Seung Jae / Kang Seok Joon isn’t Kang Tae Soo’s son. Yay yay look at the chart, I Pointed at my proof Blue line is certainly mean blood relation 혈 연. Tae Woo is certainly not like his mom. Don’t forget Tae Wol’s Uncle is also nice and I don’t think they are blood related though. From the chart you can see that. I have one major Que’s though. Seok Hwan’s line is only connected to his mom and not Kang Tae Soo. THIS IS JUST A THEORY Ha Yeol Do needs to have a purposeful . I believe every character in the drama has a purpose, it only make sense Ha Yeol Do’s purpose will be to help The Chairman Once Kim Hae Jung berry’s him. Since both seem to have the same picture of the same person, Remember Kim Bok Soon is the only person Kang Tae Soon really miss. I can’t wait for more secrets be revealed to us. @Lmangla @joccu @mizkorea This is certainly getting more interesting.
  12. Hello Everyone Now we know who is Ha Yeol Do’s 누나 (noona) Ae Sim episode 38 Episode 42 seems to be ripping my theory out. Damn!! I am kinda sad How can they do this to me?? Kang Tae Soo looking at an old photo of Ha Yeol Do’s sister. That man had the guilty look? Wae Waeyo Kim Bok Soon is Ae Sim. Both of them went to orphanage and during their time at the orphanage, children tend to change names. Which I find weird?? @Lmangla @yamiyugi @mizkorea @joccu @tulip06 what do you guys think???
  13. @celebrianna I am not shocked at all. Her mom and sister are only using her. From watching the show So Young doesn’t seem to like her and wishes she was gone. But she doesn’t mind asking for huge amount of money. People like them who tend to use people never see their errors in using people. If they were actually good people they will regret their decisions once they lose the person who was always there to take care of their needs
  14. I was so proud of Dim Sum. She finally had the courage to yell at MH. MH who is alway in a high horse looking down at people when she should have been thoroughly examined her own family. HJH was so sad to find out his stepmom found out about what her brother did and chose to protect her brother instead of standing up for her. DIM Sum’s words was perfect. She said after raising HJH all these years , how can you not be hurt or pissed off at what happened to him. She wasn’t talking fro the moral point but the fact that she was in fact his mom, should have been more than enough reason for her want her brother to be punished for his crimes.
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