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  1. @joan0528 I think DS will chose to harm Shi Wol because she is more of a threat to her. In her delusional mind, she will think that she still have a chance to be with KYW . TBH I do believe that DS purposely trapped OTY to be with him. Remeber before she found out she was pregnant, she started figuring out that Shi Wol was the actual woman he loved. The woman he is pining for and she knew SW was a threat to her. Remeber she told her mom I always take what belongs to other so she can’t lose them. With that type of mentality, she will for sure come between Shi Wol and KYW.
  2. @joan0528 As hard as she will try to ruin it won’t work. OTY was let go from the company , so she won’t get anything from that company. Even if she did ruin him or tries to ruin him, He is still the Heir to Jangi Group. All he has to do is tell his story to the media, her plan will fall flat and she will be harassed by the media and society. The only plan she can succeed is by threatening SW to stay away from him. That will also backfire because KYW will retaliate very strongly. While DS tries to ruin him, her mom will help her because as always her children comes first until DS finds out her mom is wholeheartedly responsible for her daughter’s death because she refused to come clean with her past sin. Tbh , I hope she doesn’t really get in his way because what she does to him won’t be as hurtful to what he can do to ruin her PUBLICLY and there won’t be place for her to hide from the truth of how EVIL HER MOMMIS. Her mom will let her humiliate herself to NO RETURN. @joan0528 updatted post
  3. I have been using it but it isn’t pasting to Soompi forum. I can’t even share twitter links or YouTube videos i think it might be because I updated my iPhone.
  4. Hello everyone I watch Epiosde 74 and was truly amazed at Duk Sil. She acts like a woman who is losing her possession not the man she love. I now wonder if she really loved him. She has been spiraling out of control in her way to control her husband. She never used to ask him what he was doing or where he was going?? Where did all the trust she had in him when Set Byul was alive??? It is so weird how quickly she loses faith I. Her husband over strangers telling her of her husband’s affair. I noticed o. kDrama when two people of a different SWZ meet, it is considered an affair. Since when is it an affair when two people from the different sex have dinner or hanging out or talking to each other is considered to be an affair. Smh smh smh Li Mi Ran truly gets in my last nerves. She knows that her secret will come out but all she cares about is letting her daughter make a fool of herself. I have no remorse for this woman. I hate what she is putting both her kids through with her selfishness. When is she going to come clean so that her kids may get the chance to be happy. Li Mi Ran was given an out from Hwang Jae-Bok, she still hasn’t taken his advice to heart. I feel bad for HJB who is willing to still take care of her when he doesn’t need too. I hate how the writer is trying to make us viewers pity LMR?? Wae wae??? I still can’t pity her because she is SELFISH?? No wonder both her kids are extremely selfish. @Auntie Mame I think what Kim Yoo Wol said is true and it makes senses for the matter of his marriage to DS Isn’t valid because she married James Oh not Kim Yoo Wol. Their family registry is different because he wasn’t declared dead, he was able to get his identity back because of it. Episode 74 showed a desperate side to Kim Yoo Wol. I think this particular fear is what let him from revealing his true identity. Fear of not getting Shi Wol back. I can’t post any links or GIF’s in my post.
  5. @dramaninja Remember these drama’a were with their younger generation actor/actress meanwhile this group of actors are older. In fact I have no idea why they kiss like that. I am quite curious why this happens in so many daily drama’s.
  6. @dramaninja Chingu Daily drama kisses are always weak. Only Cdrama kisses are never weak. I have seeing weak kisses I kdrama.it can be so frustrating. @angelwingssf @joan0528 I also think this union between KII and new girl isn’t good. I worry that KII will never find true love because of his father. I was about to say that it What Li MiRan said that CTG kicked her stomach then I remember when she reminded him that he was the one who was complaining that his Lineage was going to end with him and that is why she gave her son to him. Damn she really got me feeling a little bit of pity. The actress is good.
  7. Very true She still has feeling for him but I wonder if he ever felt anything for her though. She thought he was hot when he defended raising JiMin. I find it so funny that KII didn’t realize the way he kept listening his mom’s recording, is the same reason Jimin decided to go spend time with Kim Yoo Wol. The instinct of needing to know who he is. Is the same as him. Now KII knows who his mother is but it doesn’t look like he will turn his back on his father. When will he do so??? He heard what she said Since when am I KII’s mother???? That would certainly have peaked my interest???
  8. Hello everyone I had no opportunities to comment for episode 73-74. Hopefully O will be able to make GIF and make some comments. Funny moment in Ep 74 A flashback to when Kim Yoo Wol became OH Tae Yang. Hwang Jae- Book asked him why he chose that name it was because he wanted to live in the sun ( Tae Yang mean Sun ) - > I think. He has been loving in the dark for so long but I disagree. He was in the sun and when he changed his name he was in the dark. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINk?? The ending of Ep 74 was meaningful because he woke and walked to the window with the Sun blazing. In order to see he had to cover his eyes. It was like the UNIVERSE telling him it is time to become Kim Yoo Wol. Maybe I am reading to much into that scene but that is what I think. Memorable moments The look of doubt on Choi Tae Joon’s face is priceless. KII’s ( I AM SMART) is kinda sad because he will be so surprised because it bite his father and their company’s image when KYW admits to it. The whole world will WONDER WHY IS HE LIVING WITH A FAKE IDENTITY?????? This is the question that should not be answered but thanks to KII that answer will be told. Lol lol lol lol Choi Tae Joon will be so upset when that happens. How many of you wonder if CTJ’s choice of wife is a good choice for his son??? I don’t think this will be a good woman for him because CTK is evil. Evil evil @joan0528 @dramaninja @nohamahamoud2002 @jayakris @lu09 @0ly40 @angelwingssf @tulip06 @curly4hiro @marrez1 @yamiyugi @Auntie Mame @monalisa @Nancy Chua
  9. @angelwingssf Chingu , I don’t blame him but glad for his incompetence which will help destroy or put a target on his father for all the bad deeds his father has committed. I believe once everything is revealed to KII, CTJ will put the blame on the Chairman, the man who won’t be able to defend himself. Lol lol So of course he will continue believe in his father. I found something really strange in yesterday’s episode. KII didn’t show any reaction to hearing his mother speak?? Or did CTJ change the voice recording??? Someone please help me. I am still at work and won’t be able to check until later. @dramaninja and @jayakris You guys crack me up today. Thanks you
  10. @joan0528 Not surprised at KI creating a bigger mess. Jangi Group will certainly be in a crisis because of what Ki released. First of all, I am positive there was a police case concerning Kim Yoo Wol’s accident. The case will be reopened which will put his father in danger. I see the last attempt on Kim Yoo Wol’s second kidnapped will be merged with that accident case. It wil triple the old case also. KII was never smart because he never thought for the long haul before acting. Always at the spur of the moment. When KII told his father to watch him, I knew KII never had it in him to succeed but to ruin his daddy’s plan. Lol lol
  11. Hi @nohamahamoud2002 Actually SM is who she is because she is imitating her mom. She is so used to messing up and her mom is always covering for her and never punished for bad deeds . SM’s dad is righteous but everyone is always keeping things from him . He strongly believe in letting the woman run the house while he takes care of the finance which really sucks. SM know what she is doing wrong but she is selfish and that is why she is always going down the wrong path. Her father will always forgive her because her mom is the one who raised her but SW took after his father and must have idolize him. He kept thing from hi father because he knew his father would be very strict.
  12. I think this drama leans towards nature versus nature. DS is the person she is because of nature and nurture of her mom. KII is the person he is because JH nurture him so he still has heart to love JM. But sometimes I wonder if he love JM or he is holding on to him because he can’t bare to lose SW. i believe there is only one reason he won’t let SW or JM go is because he doesn’t know his mom does love him and would welcome him with open arms. If he knew that I believe he would give up being heir. @jayakris Your post is on point and it makes sense. Same reason for OTY would fight CTJ to get his family back. @joan5604 For OTY , He is who he is because of nurture. SW is the ray of sunshine that brighten up his life and made him happy.
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