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  1. Exactly @TheQueenReturns , you are correct. @brooksmom JH will regret his affair and his treatment of his ex wife but it will be to late. The reason why JH was bored with wife was because she never gave him enough attention and loving. What he seem to have not realized, he never stood up to his mother mistreatment of his wife told his mom . Can I have some alone time with my wife. Stop making her work like a maid. Please GIVE MY WIFE SOME RESPECT MOM. It was only the daughter who stood up for her and that is why the grandmother isn’t close to Seo Woo. I wonder how long will he last before
  2. I hated that the episode ended that way but I loved Witches facial expression. I believe although she will sink her claws into Lara. Her life at home won’t be chummy. She will be compared to the ex wife often because of her attitude. how many of you enjoyed the white lotus act she put up for the Chariman. It was to funny . The Chairman doesn’t care at all because he knew this would happen. Lol lol @maribella @backstreetboysfan @Naty828 @marrez1
  3. I think he has a girlfriend but I don’t think he is gay. SW will be very sad and will have a hard time trusting men once this come to pass.
  4. This is what you have been waiting for . Right chingu I was thinking the same way as @LeftCoastOppa. I will no long make any assumptions and just wait for the ending.
  5. Lol Jang Joo-Ho finds Han Ha-neul difficult and very impatient. He want to be admired and loved so badly and doesn't care for what Han Ha-Neul wants for himself. It is all about him. I just saw the preview and it is hilarious. We should all tune in for episode 49 . it will be so funny. I expect to see this scene very often and Yoo-Na will be eating a lot of vinegar in the romance department and the fashion industry. lol
  6. I thought she loved him too but as I watch her facial expression when she is around him ( her son) it is all fake. I feel bad for this boy. Yes @maribella Her son loves her , do you know why?? She was never there while he was growing up. Have you noticed , all his pictures are with his dad not her. There is only one reason she was able to get married , she brought a son in the picture. When she divorced her ex, she didn’t want him and told ex she Wants nothing to do with him. But once she realizes she need him, she started with the water works. She schemed and lied so she can acquire Lara F
  7. @maribella where does it show she loves her son??? I can’t see it at all. She is to cold hearted and has no maternal instinct. Every emotion she has shown towards her son is fake. W Evil mistress has a plan and this is her plan @backstreetboysfan @Ldy Gmerm Here is her plan Take over the Lara design company , push Hubby to try to run for CEO Get rid of hubby’s best friend , get rid of grandpa I am so sad because I wished Seo Woo had not mentioned her mom had cancer, this will only put him in danger again because now he is wondering why did she write th
  8. The ending of today’s episode is foretelling. This little boy is going to hate his mom and his grandma is already becoming delusional. She will fall gradually become protective of her grandson will cause him some uncomfortable situations. Seo Woo is now jaded for love. She isn’t sure about marriage but now ex-boyfriend is going to become clingy . Lol
  9. Hello Chingu’s @backstreetboysfan @Naty828 Evil step mom is not only wicked but nasty. She doesn’t even love her own son, every tune I see her disgust towards her own child infuriates me. I feel bad for this kid because I don’t see him ever warming up to his new family. FL’s ex husband isn’t a total RickRoll'D but so gullible. After hearing his ex had cancer, he felt bad but it only took two word from new wife to reign him in to stop overthinking. His mom is also another *witch* who only cares for her son and doesn’t care about how she mistreated her first DIL. At least his sister has some
  10. @backstreetboysfan I feel bad for SH and EJ too. Poor guy thinks it is his fault EJ was targeted. In today’s episode Do You KNOW WHAT I INTERPRETED??? EJ , SH , NEW MOM, HR are CRAZY!!! Each of them are now living in hell from their most painful Pain. Each don’t know how to deal with it. HR - -> Still can’t quiet understand that SH will never love her because he doesn’t find her attractive. He loves only EJ. SH - -> He fell in love with a girl who wasn’t poor , so he worked hard to support his family and build a life to a lifestyle she is accustomed too but in truth she only wa
  11. @Ameera Ali She has no remorse. She is actually crazy and evil. Her mom can see that she is unhinged but would rather protect her and give her the world. Smh This drama did not showcase. Lee So-Yeon acting. Check this out in the box 6:03
  12. @Ameera Ali You made my day . Yay thank you It is so funny everyone wants to kill Ha Ra and it does even phase her.
  13. @Ameera Ali @Lmangla this is his first big role. The other roles are more like guest roles. He really needs lessons. I saw that right from the beginning of the drama. Sadly he just has gotten worse. I DON’T GET WHY HJ SAVED HIS LIFE WHEN HE HAS PUT A STOP TO HIS HAPPINESS FOR HIS REVENGE
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