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  1. @maribella I believe she is adopted. She is treated to poorly by her family. Like @Ldy Gmerm and @afv said that family has taken advantage of her her whole life. Don't forget the slap her supposed father gave her. I can see that he loves her, but he should have put her foot down when she decided to adopt MW. Instead he sat back and allowed it. The mom ( Yeo Sook-Ja) really doesn't like the way Mr Han plays favorite but she too plays. YSJ treats both Yu Ra and Yoo-Myung differently. She finds he son to be cute when he refuses to work but is willing to take Yoo Jung's hard earn money. When
  2. You are hilarious @maribella. YJ will always be mistreated because she lacks confidence. Han You Ra has been spoiled and always taken stuff from YJ. In her family she doesn't get fair treatment all. It is always You Ra getting what she wants. For example the Mickey Mouse clip, it was hers but You Ra took it for herself. smh smh YU got pregnant and needed a man so she took TP. YR wanted money so she stole TP's inheritance, YR lived to police so that MIL can get stuck in jail until her death, YR wanted to marry SJ, she gets to marry and him, she now has MIL on her side because she herself can un
  3. This is why I don’t think YJ is his daughter. Smh smh @Ameera Ali At least in all kinds of Daughter In Law drama. The father was weak two but he scolded both and never hit any of them. His word was law in that household. Not!! Lol but he was a better father. https://asianwiki.com/All_Kinds_of_Daughters-in-Law This scene SCREAMS JEALOUSY toward YJ. Omma: Yu Jung Ah omm: Yu Jung Ah She also said Han Yu Ra is your daughter -> 유라는 당신의 딸이에요. She should have said - >유라 또한 네 딸이야 Yu Ra is your daughter too. She should ha
  4. Chingu, these writers for Kdrama don’t do their research when writing the croit. There are a lot of stuff that just DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.
  5. I doubt, she was really mean to Tp when she found out about the pregnancy. When the mom finds out about it. She will definitely defend her daughter because she tend to give in to what Yu Ra wants. She spoils her .
  6. Chingu's Han Yu Ra is so slick. I fear she is more crazy than SJ's Omma. I fear that YuRa will lose control soon or do something terrible. I now Understand what they said SJ feels betrayed. I think the betrayal is more around the line that SJ was never told that they new each other. The lies and truth being mixed together causing SJ to be hurt. At least she ( YJ) clearly told him that She Loves someone else. Ofcourse when he see hers laughing with another man. It will make him jealous but maybe it won't turn him into a monster. I thing finding out the crimes his mom commited will turn hi
  7. @partyon Thanks for tagging me chingu Blind Item 3, 4,6,8
  8. I love this drama Blind Item #7 Student A and Student B are classmates. They don't seem to get along. We heard that Student A had had enough of Student B's shenanigans and kicked Student B. Right in the face!!! As Student B is from an influential family, how will the family react that a poor person like Student A hurt their darling boy? Stay tuned!
  9. @Ldy Gmerm that is the scenario I see. I do believe SJ is her son. I do believe he( SJ ) is a test tube baby or the secretary baby. This henchmen goes above and beyond to protect her. Why is that??? Don’t forget how long ( more than 20 years) it took for hubby to be a bit nicer to her That was a very long time and that is scary.
  10. It happens sometimes when it is justifiable. When the consequence merits it and when the Second lead seems like a good guy.
  11. Very true @Ameera Ali He did play with SJ’s feeling but SJ was delusional to actually think he was dating YJ. He gave out the wrong information, if he was SANE HE he should have said , I want to confess to the girl I like. He was so cryptic in his comments. @nohamahamoud2002 You are right SJ should not be mad at YJ because she never said to SJ “I Like a you “ “ 당신을 좋아해요 “ 좋아해“. She told his mom, they were only friends. She is so clueless to not know SJ has been flirting with her since he started hanging out with her.
  12. I thought the same thing @Jillia. Smh smh After watching this with subs , I finally get why they zoomed in at his drink lol
  13. @dolorisbrady I think there is a reason they keep shwing her socks. Remeber when YJ first met Yoon Soo Hee. They shop the same place for sock. This might be an important info. What do you think? Besides YJ's clothes will get better once she gets HER WAKE UP CALL. I agree with you @Ameera Ali Mama's boy are so out dated and pathetic. When a man on;y does what their mom want , they are never happy. They sometimes turned out to be scum. I am amazed he has't reached that point yet. I hope not @nohamahamoud2002 If that does happen I will be pissed. I need YJ to finally get
  14. @maribella Ofcourse he hasn't done anything important yet. He is to busy wallowing over Han Yoo Jung. This is so typical in a daily especially when the Revenge plot hasn't been thoroughly planned. @Jillia @Ameera Ali The truth is out so quickly. Lol lol This is a first time in a daily drama. Usually it comes out around 70th episode or even later in the 100. smh smh
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