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  1. I think this drama leans towards nature versus nature. DS is the person she is because of nature and nurture of her mom. KII is the person he is because JH nurture him so he still has heart to love JM. But sometimes I wonder if he love JM or he is holding on to him because he can’t bare to lose SW. i believe there is only one reason he won’t let SW or JM go is because he doesn’t know his mom does love him and would welcome him with open arms. If he knew that I believe he would give up being heir. @jayakris Your post is on point and it makes sense. Same reason for OTY would fight CTJ to get his family back. @joan5604 For OTY , He is who he is because of nurture. SW is the ray of sunshine that brighten up his life and made him happy.
  2. Thank you @joan0528 for the detailed description of what happened in each episode chingu
  3. @joan0528 I think that is what they should do. I don’t have the heart to see Jimin get hurt because they opposed fate. @nohamahamoud2002 If someone does die I think it will be KI or he will get hurt badly and that forces CTJ to give up on his wild ambitions. Or maybe He dies Because of this scene Part 1 Part 2
  4. I am starting to think this drama is really about Fate and what happens when fate is messed with. I really like this episode because it shows how gradually DS is showing signs of possessiveness towards Jimni. She has reached new heights of becoming a shop addict. Jung Do-In stayed people who aren’t fated will have a terrible end. We have already seen the price of such actions. It seems Hwan Jae-Bok isn’t fated to be with Li Mi Ran after all. He had a major crush on her but she has never appreciated it. He also wondered why OTY is still living with them. I kinda feel bad for Hwang Jae-Bok. He was so mad at Mi Ran but the pain he felt from hearing what she had did to a baby really hurt him. Jung Hee was surprised to hear OTY admitting to wanting to Shi Wol and Jimin in his life after everything has been take care of. She struggled a bit and then said if it is fated. Chingu’s I would love to hear Jung Do-In’s opinion on that matter. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK??? @joan0528 @dramaninja @nohamahamoud2002 @jayakris @whome @angelwingssf @lu09 @mersea545 @10192123sangre What would happen if He disagreed, I would really feel bad for OTY. Will he remain alone or would he say to hell with it. Lol lol The Good Tripp’s are very dumb and I wonder why the Family physician is working for Choi Tae Joon. What does he gain from all this?? @jayakris I see why you like Sook Hee. She is a softie but it is her mouth that doesn’t know how to remain shut. Her family is way to arrogant. Min Jae goes goes to see KII’s office like he owns it . He even decided to be very rude to him. He just couldn’t restrain himself and his mouth is so loose too. He doesn’t know there are time and place to have important conversation. How can you choose to talk in the hospital room where Mr Jang can overhear everything that is being said. In Fact I am quite scared for Mr Jang, o fear that CTJ May try to kill him if he finds out OTY knows the truth.
  5. @lu09 @joan0528 @dramaninja I am not surprised her attitude would change so quickly. She is happy only if Jimin hats his mother. DS is very stupid because she is also someone’s child and she forgave her mom for the death of Set Byul , so why is it a surprise Jimin would also still love his mom side dishes. Smh smh smh As long as Shi Wol losses her child she is happy. She said it it is way to hard for her . She is upset that her child died but SW’s kid is alive and well. She is very vindictive and selfish.
  6. @O I was getting the vibe she did not have a good experience with step-mom. SHe has repeated this particular phrase ' She won't let Jimin be raised by a step-mom. Thanks for the background on Shi Wol. I think even now, Shi Wol isn't sure if she will end up with OTY. There will be some family members who may be against them being together. Jung Hee will be go ahead, she is truly a softie. She has a big heart but her family were never truly sincere. I believe Min Jae is sincere to her because he is the only one who insisted to let her know the truth. @nohamahamoud2002 THat is a mood killer, no matter how horney you are. I hope that word is okay. He held her hand, then called out SHi Wol's name.What desire can there be???? SHe had full control of herself, OTY thought he was sleeping with SHi Wol , so his hormones were all over the place. If he was kissing her and all that, still calling out another woman's name is a Mood Killer. Can you imagine, someone saying another woman's name while you are kissing them. I would have been pissed and hurt. THat is painful and I would take a BIG Hint he isn't interested in me.
  7. @nohamahamoud2002 I appologize for it. Using my phone to respond and trying to change the font size and become a hassle. Plan on changing it late . I meant to make it a bit smaller. I wanted it to be just one line. But it turned out wrong. The post was written so I can see where you are coming from. But when I write something, it remains in the comment box.i try to erase it but it remains. So the other comment was me agree omg with you totally.
  8. Well said chingu @10192123sangre Eveything that has happened is due to the Universe putting things back in it’s place. 1. Kim Yoo Wol was an account to Jangi Construction 2. Choi Tang Joon get’s rid of KimYoo Wol 3. Kim Yoo Wol survived the accident 4. Shi Wol is pregnant - > then she hears that he was the true heir to Jangi construction not Kang II ( the pregnancy was evidence of Kang II not being Mr Jang’s grandson. I wish Shi Wol would put Duk Sil in her place like this. In drama like when there is birth secret , I have come to realize the ML or Fl never stick to their principles. I can list a bunch of Revenge drama where their morals become corrupted because in order to beat the bad guys they must join them. This drama was very low key to the destruction to the bad guy which is why I am very grateful. We should all be grateful that Shi Wol actually feels sorry for what she did when in most revenge drama’s they never regret what they did wrong because they believe what they did was right. Choi Tae Joon’s world is in turmoil. His wife isn’t siding with him at all , Kang II refuses to let SW go. CTJ care for no one because the moment JWC has a heart attack his first plannif action is to keep Sook Hee and her family away from him. What right does he have to do that? It seems to be CTJ specialty in separating family related by blood. Characters like Choi Tae Joon are really despicable. He will never blame his kid for being greedy but he will call other people disgusting name which is better suited to him.
  9. Hi @nohamahamoud2002 DS knew from the beginning, OTY love Shi Wol. He never was lovey doves with her. He was respectful and a great father. He followed her advice for a few years ans came back for Revenge. From the beginning of her marriage she was selfish with him. Asking him to give up the Justice for himself because that is what she wanted for their baby. I don’t think she even got him to treat her as a woman. What happens when you lose the one thing that keeps a family together, the family is broken apart. One thing I have hope for when they lost Set Byul , I had hope she be the one to comfort him instead of Shi Wol. Since they both lost their child , they should have mourned her together. What was sad was that , OTY had no beside him but DS had her mother and that man. Trying to comfort her but out KYW was alone and devastated. In that moment he started believing that he probably didn’t deserve to be love. After breaking things down chingu you are right . It is their selfishness that is the same Lol @nohamahamoud2002
  10. I really hate complicated love story because I get attached to some characters. I will say this, I tend to love bad character sometimes only when their life is unfair. I must be so moved by their story so I can accept them.
  11. @Auntie Mame The Goof troop is hilarious and make me very worried. @joan0528 Please have faith in theGOOF TROOP. If they side with CTJ they will definitely be kicked out by Mr Jang. 1. They sided with a monster who is willing to murder the real heir in the first place. 2. They maybe greedy but Min Jae has more of a hear than his parents. I trust Min Jae to be the voice of reason. As much add he hates KI , he hates KI because KI has always been arrogant and treated his other family like crap. He let being Heir corrupt him. I think if OTY has grown up as the heir, Min Jae and OTY would have been close. Ji Min is determined to stop seeing his mom. When watching JiMin avoid his mom’s call , he looks so tortured. He wants to speak to her but stick chooses not to speak to her. DS actually believes that Shi Wol is delusional when in fact she is the one that is delusional. Shi Wol really hates Choi Tae Joon. She gave him lip service today. I loved it but I afraid of them getting physical. Shi Wol is disgusted by him and hate him so much. Oh My Goodness , OTY held Shi Wol’s hands today. Her reaction was so cute. This writer has truly captured the essence of “ ONLY LOVING ONE PERSON IN A LIFETIME”. I have to say, I think OTY is stalking SW. WHAT DONYOU CHINGU’s think??? Am I imagining it or has anyone suspected that????? Oh My Goodness , Ji Eun is truly annoying. All she could bring at the table is that Shi Wol is just like Choi Tae Joon. In actuality, SW was putting things back the way it is supposed to. I agree not everything that happens in the drama will be brought up when people are being punished. Some villain get away with the crimes they commit during a drama which posses me off. But in this case , Jung Hee doesn’t hate KI. The person she hates is Choi Tae Joon because he is the only one who is coveting what doesn’t belong to him.
  12. @nohamahamoud2002 TY and SW aren’t participating because he only wants his family and to be safe. As long as Choi Tae Joon remains as Chairman he will try to kill him twice. Choi Tae Joon needs to lose power so TY and Jimin can be safe. None of them are safe because CTJ is waiting for Mr Jang to die. He has been waiting for him to die for a long time. Chingu’s I am still confused about the maid. She said she want him to wake up. Why does she want that ??
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