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  1. The problem with NQ is that he is selfish. Being selfish is the trait that helped him survive in this lifetime. If he hadn’t been selfish, Sang Sang would not have lived better this long. He would not have survived. Something else, you must remember if SS had died t’as a baby thé world would have died 16 years ago. What do do you guys think @n3bula @pad-hari
  2. Hello @n3bula @pad-hari @karadut I have read my fill of Night Fall .. Sang Sang isn’t pregnant. She only touched it because “ LUNA PERIOD “ meaning The girls are menstruating, it seem at Divine Hall it is a sin the get your period . Besides Sang Sang has not shown any symptoms of early pregnancy, food craving, mood swings etc... . If I am wrong then maybe her pregnancy will be different but remember NQ is human so the babies are half human will have the same needs. SS doesn’t even eat often. I think in order for me to really determine the truth, I still need more info before making a decision... if she is pregnant , that maybe the reason she is so mad at Ning Que.
  3. @n3bula I have no idea. I will read it over the weekend and give you my opinion
  4. I prefer this version of their reunion. I feel his pain and his regret. @n3bula I think at the beginning I did say that Ning Que and Sang Sang were meant for each other. He was reborn in this time because of his starve belief and knowledge. He is the reason that this world will remain untouched. First because SS loved this world until they betrayed and because of his memories of her loving this world, he has to help Haotien to love this world again because he is the person she loves most in this horrid place. Her little monster who would destroy this world to protect her. The iron here is very plain to see. @Snow Guardian @pad-hari
  5. @lu09... I have to agree DK1’a grandmother does dote on Oh San Ha and LSH. I think she feels more connected to them in whole than Ae-Ra and Esther. Wow Ladies can you believe it Esther has a weak fetus. I think Esther lost the baby already before the accident. At the accident site, she was never in pain or after the accident there was no hint of her being in extreme pain. Seeing Esther actingnlie a loving mom or crying of fear of losing Do-Ri still make me feel she doesn’t love him. She is just trying to keep him so she doesn’t go to jail. Although Do-Ri was given up , there is no paper trail ( of the actual adoption), So Esther did kidnap the baby. There has to be pape trail to make it happen. She didn’t sign any paper stating Do-Ri is hers. I might be wrong... Quesrin everyone ( I HAVE BEEN SKIPPING SOME EPISODE ) Is Chan adopted. IS THIS WOMAN REALLY HIS AUNT??? BESIDES HE DOESN’T SEEM TO BE AFRAID THE LITTLE BOY’s EXISTENCE.... I
  6. @mizkorea... Esther is vindictive and selfish. She doesn’t regret hurting the one petun the world who actually liked her and was protective of her. I don’t think she has her priorities straight though and she is really dumb in my eyes. @Ameera Ali... When Nj look at LSH, he sees only PDK. His rival for mommy dearest. PDK the spoiled little rich boy. He knows who DK2 is but at first glance he see Dk1.
  7. @Lmangla.... I will certainly give this drama a chance. Thanks for tagging me chingu
  8. Only kDrama can make a blood phobia genetic. I have never heard blood phobia genetic. I find it strangw, didn’t OSH’s son have a heart problem????? We know Chan had a heart transplant. Meanwhile DoRi doesn’t even need to go to the hospital like Chan??? I am really confuse chingu’s . So very confused... I researched Blood Phobia It is possibly genetic but the study suggest social learning or traumatic events causes blood phobia. So Chan can still be LSH and OSH’s child.
  9. Hello Chingu’s I know haven’t been posting offer but O do silently read post. After watching this episode, It seems Chan doesn’t have a good childhood. I think he was abused and even though he loves his mom she ISN’T A GOOD Mom!!! He is afraid of men!!!!! After eating he must wash his own dishes!! He must wait patiently for his mom to come home. i am guessing Chan is always alone. He seems way to independent than a normals 5 year old child. Oh San-Ha’s child was desperately neede?? Why???? Why the hell would she want the baby??? Why did Wsther need to go so far to kee OsH’s Child away from Oh San-Ha. It just doesn’t make sense. Smh smh Mother and Son working together Cho ae-Ra started worrying over Kim Nam Joo . She is slowly going to be his mom but I think he won’t accept her in the end because of the pain and suffering she inflicted on him and will continue to do so. Lol lol
  10. @lynne22 .... If you do pick it up the link is posted above .
  11. Sneak Peak into upcoming chapter credit to etvolfluff Saddest scene in the book. It really broke my heart.
  12. Good guess @n3bula go here to read novel https://volarenovels.com/return-of-the-swallow/ros-chapter-1/ Info on the writer go here. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/return-of-the-swallow/?pg=20
  13. @angelangie It hasn’t been adapted into a a drama. I don’t think it will . If it did they wouldn’t be able to do it justice. If they found the right actress to play Qin Yining might be really hard.
  14. @angelangie YEs so much better.......it got better on Thursday. I had the opportunity to go see Captain Marvel.....
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