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  1. Voted n this time correctly read and selected 2choices. 1. Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang (My ultimate bias) 2. HJJ and Sim Cheong (Visually most attractive pair ever)
  2. Thank you..for me it would have remained a mystery as to what was ES rank.Finally I know..
  3. Lee Minho spotted in Udon restaurant and gave autograph. The owner uploaded the autograph https://www.instagram.com/p/CDJWozkhinf/
  4. Thank God we all are back and this forum is back but Where is my Oppa???? No news from him..
  5. @Nikaa94 a new emoji..has been added for us Minoz.."where's my oppa" after no news of LMH for more than a week. Haha...just kidding..but the it is a cool emoticon
  6. I too realized after submitting my choice (i.e Painful love) . Lesson learnt...to check the question carefully before excitedly answering
  7. My thoughts exactly when I read tge article. Seems like the writer is a lurker in this thread
  8. Lee Min Ho: Horror, medical drama or romcom; What genre should The King: Eternal Monarch actor star in next? After the end of The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Min Ho hasn't announced his next project. While we wait to see what he has in store for fans, we wanted to know from you'll, what genre should he experiment with next? It has been 14 years since Lee Min Ho embarked on his journey into the South Korean entertainment industry. Over the (almost) decade and a half, the actor has filled the shoes of different characters in different genres. Be it the teenager rebel Kim Tan falling in love with a house help's naive but strong daughter in The Heirs or a well-skilled Lee Yoon Sung in City Hunter, or even his recently ended SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch, where he played a regal emperor opposite Kim Go Eun, the actor does have a lot to offer. However, with his series having ended a few weeks ago and no word on his upcoming project, we began to wonder, what genre should Lee Min Ho experiment with next? As we took a walk down the memory lane to understand his choices - films and series wise - there were a few genres that the actor was yet to explore. One of those genres is a horror thriller. Unlike his The Heirs co-star Park Shin Hye, who recently starred in #ALIVE, Lee Min Ho hasn't starred in a horror/thriller apocalyptic themed movie or series. With the theme immensely popular in the country, the actor could give the genre a try. Maybe star in a movie similar to #ALIVE or Peninsula. Another option he could explore is a medical drama. There are already two popular dramas this year that caught K-drama fans' attention. One being Dr. Romantic 2 while the other was Hospital Playlist. Imagine, Lee Min Ho wearing a doctor's coat and checking our pulses. Come to think of it, we saw a glimpse of his caretaking side when Kim Go Eul's Jung Tae Eul during the last few episodes of The King: Eternal Monarch. We also thought that the actor should go back to starring in something light and breezy, a funny rom-com series/movie that would help us escape from our horrible 2020 memories. What genre should Lee Min Ho experiment with next? Vote and let us know in the comments below. https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/hollywood/lee-min-ho-horror-medical-drama-or-romcom-what-genre-should-king-eternal-monarch-actor-star-next-550564 ************* @Nikaa94 See we are not alone in discussions for his next project. Everyone's curious
  9. I think 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day (either sat or sun) would be a good combination. Or vice versa.
  10. 6 Most Popular Korean Celebrities in Africa 2020 is published by KOFICE KOFICE (Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange) 1. Lee Min Ho (9.0%) 2. Gong Yoo (6.3%) 3. Hyun Bin (2.5%) 4. Jun Ji Hyun (2.3%) 5. Kim Soo Hyun (2.0%) 6. Suzy (2.0%) KOFICE or The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange is the korean department in charge of overseas management of arts and culture. https://www.kstarlive.com/community/2020/07/19/6-most-popular-korean-celebrities-in-africa-2020-is-published-by-kofice-367287/awSoHDMTXGRZ?fbclid=IwAR0bvsX0Bl-nzNOAprVVm_4Xq-CBa6d3BJsNNFAvyMafbAnlKuGJbS0bP20
  11. Rom com is a good option to bring the ratings. The story may not be compleyely new as the scope is limited but a good rom com always has audiences hooked. That is the ever hit formula. Like Heirs followed after Faith..so something similar after TKEM will be so refreshing
  12. Money Heist has been trending in my region but I have not watched it. But going by reviews it surely looks good
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