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  1. I am guessing that Min Hyuk's karma will arrive the moment his leech lawyer parents' schemes get exposed. Imagine the bullying he will be subjected to by our usual squad - and this time it's gonna hit harder since last time he bullied Jenny by using her mom's job, she basically replied that her mom wasn't lying or stealing or doing anything shameful - whereas his parents actually ended up getting into jail for their deeds, which is far more shameful than what Ma Ri did/does. It might drive him towards a better character development, or he might not be redeemed at all. Seeing SK red
  2. Wait, couldn't that creepy ssaem have driven YH to suicide so as to make EB feel better knowing her mom's rival is dead and her own rival now has no parents anymore? It would def fit the cray-cray scheme, as in a newly-arising craziness they have to deal with. To add to everything, we have Logan's parents now being investigated, which they def deserve (seeing as they used Seol A, and good boy, Logan, cooperating like he should - I still think there must have been some kind of communication between Logan himself and his parents since how did he come back to Korea after h
  3. The HELL was that ending - I can somehow understand that YH was in such an unstable mindset and everyone was just focused on getting that psychopath in prison that no one noticed YH's depression that brought her to suicide. But like, But frustration aside, that leaves us with a few other plotlines (adding to the list of plotlines I posted a page back or so): 1. If RN hears about her mother's suicide, then she'd assume herself an orphan since she has neither a mom (suicide) or a dad (since for all she knows, her dad is dead for years) That means The RN-YC confrontation
  4. When the viewers can't be happy because they arrived at the happy 'end' far too early... Seriously, this episode made me smile and scream against my pillow and whatnot in the dead of the night, but at the same time, like everyone else said, it's too good to be true. A few unsolved threads: 1. The psycho's past going public 2. The misdeeds of the Cheon Family against Yun Hee going public 3. Ro Na confronting her sperm donor and Eun Byeol with her mother getting the news that RN is sick dude's biological daughter 4. How will Yun Hee pay for her crimes again
  5. Still would mean NAG actually died back in EP 20/21. The way she spoke to Logan made me think that her 'run away' was just because she didn't want an innocent third party to be involved in the affair between her and her ex-husband (as in her husband should be convicted, not some innocent person). I'd love to see the part where Su Ryeon and Ae Gyo meet up and change/swap places. But still, that means that if the twins did meet their mother before their father goes down, Su Ryeon has to lie to them and insist that she is Ae Gyo, worse, she'd have to act indifferent towar
  6. I really don't want to blame Ro Na here, but I also agree. If she did run into the auditorium (where I hope the doors are open, since when I saw her running, the doors into the hall (I think) didn't look like they could be easily opened) there would be a lot of witnesses, and important ones at that - which would render that inferiority-complex weasel and her family in a place where they can't bribe their way out of this 'scandal' and said inferiority-complex weasel has no other choice but to see the truth that yes, she is mentally instable. What could also work was to call someone,
  7. Of course Ro Na has a plan. With Logan at that. Obviously, she's not going into a pit of venomous snakes after facing the aftermaths for two whole years without a plan. I actually commend her that she's going to take the trophy in Seol A's name. I may not be 100% sympathetic towards her but I commend her for everything. She needs more cunning, we see that - like what about the security cameras etc.? Enough about her. Honestly, the real scum is both Seok Kyung and Eun Byeol. I'm sorry for my choice of words, but not sorry for pointing out what is there before her eyes -
  8. I'm curious as well. What pushed her to return to Korea? She's having a good life in the US with the prizes and is well on her way to secure herself a place from where she can exact revenge against those snobby rich kids. For someone who has managed to escape the social murder for two years and know the value of family etc. etc., I am expecting a bit more intelligence, but would still like to give her the benefit of doubt. And I do hope she survives the flight of stairs if she was indeed the one who fell down and got the trophy stuck in her head, and moves on from everything that i
  9. Ok, all the development we saw and hoped to see in the first two episodes got wrekkt by EP3 and Ro Na's return. Though I did like Ro Na x Seok Hun, he just doesn't deserve her, and though I do see his potential to protect Ro Na, she really shouldn't use him as a shield, you never know when he'll betray her. I really don't know what made her return to Cheong A, she has been living a successful life back in the US, and could have basically continued doing so, all the while her mother could power-play patricidal diva haaard. There definitely was some communication back in the US, and
  10. It was shown that EB took the video of the diva committing patricide. she was also at school and recorded it to actually help her mother be innocent but didn't know it would serve as a murder evidence. That is shown when EB wakes from her coma and starts saying she wants pasta with a lot of garlic.
  11. I don't even know whether someone will get through to her - she would just ruin everything. I think that SH has been suspicious about about the identity of his mom's murderer since he witnessed the give-and-take scene between his father and the yandere housemaid. Like, SK couldn't believe that the housemaid killed her mother just because she treated them well - a look in the housemaid's room and that's pretty much a huge reality-check, but SK just doesn't want her current 'world' to crumble around her. She's too prideful and she's holding on that pride no matter what. S
  12. I am of the same opinion. Imagine you are a mother, and there are 2 alternatives. (a) will 100% affect your daughter's reputation but nothing else, (b) is worse than a, and possibly more dangerous but there is a slight possibility (say, 10%) that your daughter comes out of this scot-free. YH chose option b, and didn't end up being included in the 10%. Different shades of morally grey. Su Ryeon was, I guess the whitest but she was grey anyway. @Songbae what exactly do you expect from Seok Hun in the future? also @SongbaeHow much coercion do you think was t
  13. True bruh. Preach. Cuz in real life, there is a lot of corruption. For them to get revenge that easily would be 'unrealistic' actually. That's usually how it is - and for some it's reality (maybe not the whole murder parts but the essence is). You need some thorough planning and execution to dethrone people like that. The right opening, the right backup, the right countermeasure, etc. etc. It's never that easy. Sadly.
  14. Hope you don't mind me butting in the discussion as well. The rich dude-poor chick trope is very well washed out indeed, and I agree it's getting old (guess I'm too much a sucker for it?). Me neither. Though I may be very disappointed about how she acts up to the only one who has supported her all the time, I am still amazed at her fortitude, mental strength and determination. For me, her arc is first and foremost to reconcile with her mom and become open to more communication between the two of them. And then the generation-crossed revenge / righting wrongs. Talented as she is
  15. I actually believed in Yun Hee before the revelations of EP16. And I still kinda believe in her. But you know, being drunk may excuse you in court to lighten the sentence, but the fact that you were the one who took away the tomorrows of this child with its limitless possibilities, especially while you are drunk, makes it much worse. Was her life only that much worth that it could be ended in a drunken stupor? You may have the Übermensch, or even the Mensch (cuz Yun Hee sees herself in Seol A to an extent), hindering you while you were sane and sober, but taking a life is inexcusable, drunk or
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