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  1. Maybe I missed a lot, because I am waiting for the subs....but what really bothers me is the fact that Asule seems to have changed from main character to side character....there were only some short scenes in ep 43 und 44..but where was he in ep 45+46..nowhere I have to be honest, I don´t care for Yu Ran´s storyline at all.. This drama started so promising, but the script has become messed up..or should I rather say "watered" down...there are so many storylines, that none has the chance to properly develop. The last episodes rather feel like an intro to 2 different dramas: Yu Ran, her tribe and her love story with Ji Ye and then Asule with his destiny and the upcoming fight with his brothers. There are only 10 episodes left and I fear that this will be another drama with a half-baked and unsatisfying ending.
  2. I have just watched episode 34..and OMG..so much is happening..and the last minutes have me sitting on the edge of my seat...I can´t wait for the subs to really understand, what is going on...this is the drama, I am looking forward to each day!
  3. I am loving this drama a lot! The drama is now being released with English subs on the offical yt-channel. So far there are 6 eps out...but I watched ahead without subs and am loving the way their relationship develops.
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