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  1. @hola2jin yes. Too late (not to mention my disappointment for MSoop aaaargh) but it’s still impressive seeing the number of views for these teasers... ** saw this on YT comments (cr to post owner) i forgot the name while reposting it here.. peace! Script from “You are my spring” preview [Spoiler] “That day, late spring night, when spring snow fell in crazy amounts, using the crazy weather as an excuse, someone opened their broken wings again and someone who’d folded their wings for a long time fluttered them open and butterflies flew.” -Waaah! It’s a stalker. “
  2. @hola2jin you’re really quick! Thanks for posting! I’m also intrigued on why they dance but they’re so cute together.. @Supergal yay!!! You here! Welcome back! Keep the teasers coming cos i am looking forward for @supergal’s GIFs... tehehe about the first teaser: it felt like i’m watching the finale haha. (Like i assumed they got married cos HJ is wearing a ring) hahaha my imagination’s far too advance! ~Hope and pray this drama will be a success! Seeing those numbers of views in just couple of hours, i am positive it will click! Yaaaas
  3. I know! We’ve been waiting for this! Fingers crossed! getting reeaaady! is bomida21 on ig an official page for YAMS? (Wondering if actors can access if it is an offical page. —-what if SHJ is lurking(?) on that account! Hahaha oh me and my imaginations LOL )
  4. Yaaaass!! YAMS on July 12th! (i saw a twt post, a calendar for drama scheds.. haha i dint know a so gle word so i dint post here, but i kust followthe tweet that YAMS will be aired after Doom at your service) haha finally we’ll get to see HJ on our tv screens! and also.... (if I’m getting the infos right) Link from bomida21 https://www.instagram.com/p/CPVWKqGjbdj/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. @shjfan23 @Fabbo hi5! yes. Her role in WOSJ is interesting! And haha i’m about to comment about the age gap before i see @Fabbo mentioned it already. Haha. I believe that age gap commotions will now be off.. Hahaha RDTK3- there are talks about having season 3 for Dr. Romantic—-if I am not mistaken, there’s an unconfirmed schedule circulating already(and fans, I for one, are hoping for s1 and s2 main casts be in it again) cameoSSSSS will do but ofc better if main cast! I’m hardly praying... manifesting... hehehe drama gods please hear me! (But.... i’m not exhausting our que
  6. @hola2jin Yes I agree as long as it’s SHJ! I love the pairing tho! I think he looks better for the role. Another drama to look forward to! Yaaaasss... tho i’m still holding that hope for RDTK3... wow so many good dramas for SHJ. (Actually i guess i’m excited for WOSJ better than YAMS) or is it because we barely got updates w/ YAMS(?) nonetheless, i can’t wait to see our queen on these dramas! Thanks for the post!
  7. Bump into this one.. SHJ is so adorable here.. Han Se-gye and mom! https://www.instagram.com/p/COo_bukgsuS/?igshid=1s18y3qdpxyze cr: theswoonnetflix it’s quite late to post here but Happy Mother’s day to our moms!
  8. Friendship goals indeed. Love this kind of bond. Who’s that girl cheering on in HB’s vidclip.. I thought she’s Eun-soo haha seo lovely! (If so, yay! They really got that close fr RDTK1)
  9. seeing the seven year old self https://twitter.com/dkshkro/status/1387332712847970315?s=21 https://twitter.com/dkshkro/status/1387330945280200706?s=21 cr: dkshkro
  10. Too many to quote so i’ll just mention y’guys... @SweetLullaby haha i already shipped them that’s why... but yeah... i’ll still hold onto this hope for these 2! Hehehe Just like that GIF @Supergal99 made. @Supergal99 RDTK really is a fave hahaha but gosh [their loveteam (YYS+SHJ)is quite suspicious to me... as if they’re really into sthing like...hmmm... not just reel relationship but real relationship haha] din’t google but i think Kim Min-seok is 23(?) @hola2jin so that is their surprise! I’m actually excited for this project... yay! (Was the
  11. @Supergal99 awww i am not that happy with the last ep either. We’ll see in S3.. and i saw a tweet that PES will be having a new SBS drama that’s why. Idk how true but it is possible.. —————- and omg... you know i love how SHJ speaks in English! I love that idea.. English professor.. there should be a lot of convo bet the two! Omo omo... —————— I overlooked this on twt... @SweetLullaby Saem! What now?! Our ship is sinking! HAHA omg i suddenly thot about butt dimps maybe(?)
  12. The same feels i have! Haha maybe because WOSJ story is more interesting than YAMS (that’s for me) .. —————- @SweetLullaby saem! You’re back! Haha... yes... there’s this tweet i’ve read the past week hoping KSH as Ml in WOSJ... gosh there’s so many young actors (fan lineup) for the ML. Haha! But I guess yes. KYD is also a perfect match. Since student is the role. Gosh... can’t wait for this drama. [I dont get why there are a lot of reactions about age gap(?)] When the drama is about a professor-student romance. Maybe they’re too attached to the Penthouse’s char
  13. So, Kang Da Jung has a white car?!? omo omo (i believe she’s the one on the left w/ the white car) (tis not a car tho haha) cr crystal_hen06
  14. @Supergal99 jinjja?! I haven’t heard any fr Snowdrop drama. But i keep seeing JHI on my feed but about his Kodak photoshoots hahaha... but yeah. That drama will def be as yummy JHI haha and as hot as the weather here 34 deg atm ————- have you seen this pic? Can’t say it’s a mid length perm hair. I wanna tie and put it on a high bun as i wished to be her hair on yams. ~~hahahaha Cr jizoon7762 *i can’t wait to see her hotelier look!!
  15. ^@Supergal99 Kumawo on that slowmo clip! Appreciating our queen walk even more! HAHA and oh... i really like her outfit there(TOL) ! Esp the silver shoes! Ugh why sooo goddess!
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