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  1. you never fail with gifs/edits @supergal99 *slow claps* That’s her hair length up to date, am I right? I’m guessing from HB’s recent ig post. *curling toes —haha so i must say, we have the same talent! @hola2jin i so love your adjectives! But really Jung Hae In is the only one for me who fits that promising word. Haha uhh looking forward to him. I hope their chemistry will work very well. My curiosity just hit 1000% haha (After the Black Dog, it’s exciting to see HJ having another love is in the air drama) ~~ugh did she accept it already or still reviewing it(?) *high 5 on that same thought! ^i love the mid-length too and i was hoping for a bun up, but my gut feeling says a straight long one. well i don’t trust my guts that much. I’m dying to hear her singing voice again so I am also up to this wish and holding to that hope. OST will be enough... phluuueease! cross toes! HAHA ————————- Meanwhile, saw this on twitter from kdramaheroines https://twitter.com/kdramaheroines/status/1306562689586491392/video/1 *curling toes is now my favorite. It must be an ingredient too
  2. Reading good posts here today! i’m voting in for Jung Hae In as well but right, ML might not be a popular one. BUT STILL cross toes haha Btw, suddenly thought about what could be her hairstyle in this drama(?) hmmmmm
  3. Hi ppl! Info overload ~2nd half of year 2021~The Allies~KBS Big Prod~ Oh Su Jae~ (Can’t get my thoughts and have a proper reply) but i love reading your convo peeps! Esp the gifs by the master! Keep it goin’, i’ll just be here digesting infos to bits! okay... i’ll be a silent reader for now.. see ya around
  4. Omo..... let me join you crossing fingers and toes haha it premieres today, right?! We can’t wait to see her face again! @supergal99 Noted your given mail. i’m just looking for a better courier.. i’ll let you see soon once done.
  5. That HJ picture they put on the post. Omg my heart! No worries queen. We are looking fast forward to it! As in alwaaaaaays... ~oh they/she did’nt mention her specific role——sounds very interesting! I wish it will be much longer than the Let’s Eat 3 cameo. Finally we will get to see her again. -giving 1000 hearts to you for posting! Now i got another one I can count on with all the HJ-related links. Hehe (handshakes)
  6. @hola2jin i’m quite upset hearing her being MIA and never get in touched to us fans but yeah fans are merely fans haha i agree with that! anyway, thank you for yhe YT and TW links. It’s really good to know how talented HJ fans are. can’t get proper icon for this statement haha sorry ————— about Mars post... well we’ll see her there no matter what! HAHA ————— i suddenly thought it’s mid september already. I’m looking fast forward to the cameo updates/posts here. Imma excited! Thanks for everything posted in here... and it’s nice to see more people posting here again. Hello @guestra ! ——————- sorry for being MIA too for about few days(?) or has it been weeks? Haha i’m currently working on the artworks i mentioned before. (Speaking of which, Korean friends, any international courier services you can recommend? Or is DHL a safe/trusted one? Or any LBC there?) might need it soon sending the artwork there. Thank you in advance! @supergal99 it’s been quite a while since we last talk. Hope you are always feelin good and safe sound!
  7. Woah! (Infinite Challenge) I have watched the arrival part in random clips on google search. I never knew it's from this show (haha I never knew there is this variety show ssssshhhhh) Thanks once again for the link. (Is it really her hometown?!)--Another insight for me tho She is really very simple. Even though I am not familiar with the songs, I enjoyed watching and listening to her. (plus the dancing) I LOVE her singing voice so much! [Oh, I suddenly remembered about the interview I've read: "Do you have intention to come back as a singer?" SHJ: "No.(laughs) I want to concentrate on acting."] **My thought on this: Well, if so, I'm hoping for something like singing the drama OST at least like in the AOHY. Don't wanna let go hearing that singing voice! HAHA >>The kids are very charming and smart. For newbies like me: (not sure if this will be edited for this link post) Sorry! https://hyunjinies.wordpress.com/tag/magazine/ i took the fan level test, i’m still on a passionate fan level HAHA (yes i’ve been wondering about that jacket on her Baeksang award. And yes, how did she come up with the name Shideo for her dog?; i think i have read about this already but i forgot. Errr) •good thing I have clicked on this link. So much interviews and everything! Information overload indeed but i love it! Thanks to hyunjinies! Poooower! ^Twitter link post: I agree! The song is v cute and the photos too! I kept hitting that play button! slow claps to the video maker. haha
  8. ohhhh you changed your username! @supergal99 I had fun watching 'Let's Eat with my Friends'. They're really fun to watch. I think the show served its purpose. I'm craving for food every after episode HAHA. I do hope there'll be season 2-wherever it may be. Just wondering if HJ isn't a FC fan; cos she excluded herself in the FC arena tour (As I've said,can't understand even a word in the video, my bad--so sorry) if so, (i think we have the same thing in common once again) hahahaha applause to the edited pics! 100% cuteness overload
  9. @Superman's Cousin I'm sorry that you have to quick jump back to 70th! Haha I didn't quote the video/link per rule/s? (I've been edited for quite a few posts for some reason I can't still figure out) hehehe Anyway, I have watched the video (SHJ cooking) when I had random browsing and I think she is really great good at kitchen stuffs (looking back at Hyebin's latest post with her). In my 32 years of existence, all I know is frying! and it's already cooking for me. And oh I've seen this already. (her photo with a cat). A short clip I guess. Is this a CF? I find it cute when she touched the cat: i am scared of 'em too (Tho I can't understand the vidclip cos the one I saw has no translation.) ~~Hmmmmm, first, I envy her friends (SHJ cooked for them), 2nd is Shideo and now, this cat! HAHAHA -------------------------------- ^I really can count on you when it comes to links et cetera. YAY! Thanks for "Let's Eat with my Friend" link. I am already on Ep3. I love this TV series. I am getting to know more about HJ and seeing her other side. I adore her even more! [ I feel like I can really relate to their conversation (but honestly, I can't understand a word) hahaha]. I guess this is really what fangirling feels like. Ooops GTG. and will continue watching (cos I miss our queen so much!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Hyunjinnies! Stay safe and sound! (so random aha) and *about the artwork I've mentioned before, I think I'll start working on it by next week! I'm excited! ah..
  10. i like that emoticon tho. haha I think that would sum up my expression when I see SHJ face to face. haha wiggling out of happiness or other way; might faint. hahaha ^Thanks for the vidclip link. You're really good at editing hah... and you do have a lot of resources. Thanks to you! I actually love to see more of her photos/videos esp those international trips etc., please do tagged or send me DM if you have more links. HAHA thanks in advance! Aaawww, she's so cute. I repeatedly played it. Her gesture and voice while saying "Hello, Singapore", kind of melt my heart. Idk why... hahahaha she's really cute and sweet, I think. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next - the brunchbook!!! Super lucky for the fans - hope everyone will really read it ! Itz like following the acting career of SHJ n uncovering new stuff about her. I was on chap 3 juz now - there were many quotes from the interviews - https://brunch.co.kr/@freeoos/445 - One part mentioning her worry about being 'stuck' in romcoms after 'The Beauty Inside' etc. So she wanted to take up something new. The author wrote that "Black dog is a drama that she's been waiting for". Kinda reminded me of how nervous she was at the Black dog press con when asked about ratings. (*whisper* i thot fortunately she is not bothered by ratings coz the drama was not really getting much attention ? ) ^It's an underrated drama, am I right? well, in my opinion, if I am just gonna look at the story alone, I am not quite impressed. BUT, it turned out quite interesting to me because SHJ made it better. She did give justice to the character. (sidenote from my mom who's a retired teacher: "She(SHJ) acted and portrayed a teacher's role very well. It brought my memories back then." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- okay... me getting too serious... ahhh.. oh letz listen to this bubbly cute cover by our cute queen hahaha... it popped up in my playlist when i opened my YT app this afternoon: (When can we hear her sing like this again??? ...mmmm) ^when I saw this clips on YT, i can't relate to the song at all but can say her singing voice is great. This was when they (Let's Eat 2) had a trip to Europe/Spain? Am I right or nah? oooopsies back on the 70th page: (haha) Thanks for this translated vidclip..@giselle_tw I am wondering if Shideo is her only pet. He's 5y/o now right? I am actually having cynophobia but I find dogs cute.
  11. I'll ask my cousin who's in SG about this. Thanks so much for taggin'! *appreciated ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^Buttin in'---- about this movie " Because ILY", I am quite unsatisfied with it. I mean, I am looking for more scenes/story.. It's not the ending I expected haha.. anyways, still applauded our queen in this movie! her acting as usual is the only thing I am could be more satisfied. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^It's a good read (Brunchbook). read few pages already. (though I am having a hard time google translating using phone; I just found out there is an English option tab when I used my laptop) haha
  12. SYJ looks stunning on that Smart commercial.. I can't wait for the full video be released. It's a mini love story, I guess.
  13. Hola! as I am backreading again, I suddenly thought we are few weeks away to September! Ya know what I am thinking right?!
  14. with this being said, I really felt I do belong to this group! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ya @inspiredbyshj this Covid19 is turning the world upside down - on a personal level i'm missing lots of things which i enjoy doing. Guess which one i missed most ?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I actually guessed it's about travelling-- but I do agree, I'm kinda missin some good drinks having fun with friends. I really hope, all will be okay soonest! Stay safe everyone! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok gotta go grab some food... And oh i missed seeing SHJ while shopping ... (Saw this some months back) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you guys tried this product?? Thanks for the post--it's kinda new to me. HAHA I love how you've said it and I totally agree: 'Now knowing that she can cook, hope she'll prepare food for herself more often to increase her immune system.' and now I'm wondering if there's/are fans (anyone here) who get/s invited by SHJ either at her house or just a private place for a get together.
  15. Yeah, for the subs! That part isn’t in the previous one right? (now curious if they’ll release the full video) ...i hope she never gets chest cold again esp now that respiratory problems are prone to having covid. (Tho she looks very well and healthy in her latest photo) and i like her alarm tone! Even my insipid being/ lethargic feeling will be awaken HAHA she’s too cute to watch. Tehehe thanks for the post!
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