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  1. I am still waiting for the casting news of ML.. Our kge is full on Yumi mode now and her hungry cell is very active
  2. I want to hear an Ost in Kim Go Eun's voice this time...She did a very good job in the tearliner( Attraction) of Cheese in the Trap... I hope we will get an ost in Yumi's Cells also
  3. I guess Knetz are finally waking up from sleep. Naver included mineun couple as real couple in a blog and knetz are assuming that they are dating
  4. @gutterland Babi Yoo and Woong will have the most screen timing than manager shin.. Normally how long does it take to confirm the cast?
  5. I was also in a dilemma Whether I should read it or not...but i was missing my gal sooo much that i I dared to read the whole thing...i know i will enjoy it whether i read it previously or not just you know our kge will be the main lead actually i am a newbie in k drama land so i dont know many rising star...but i would like to see choi minho and kge onscreen together because they didnt get many screen timing in Canola For woong= someone with long hair and dark brown skin tone Babi Yoo= Choi Minho Manager Shin= Park Hyun Sik
  6. Just finished reading Yumis Cells... Trust me it feels like it is written only for KGE...Yumi's life is involved with so many love cycles for experiencing real emotions... So it seems that many actors will be associated with this drama...I'm wondering how Lmh will react because our giddy boy is so jealous
  7. Just finished reading Yumis Cells. I m overflowing with every emotions writer potrayed in the webtoon..and you will feel Kim Go-un in front of your eyes everytime you will see Yumi ...i thoght writer was a close friend of KGE when he thought of the character Now i am actually wants to know the male leads because there are many love cycle yumi has to gone thourgh for experiencng the real emotions of life
  8. Can anyone translate what lmh has written in the comment? Also, Does Lee Min Ho always comment on friends' posts?I noticed it for the first time
  9. I found that his MV contains some clips of SBS awards therefore movievlog got blocked for copyright issues..i hope re-edited version will be available soon Our queen is seriously appreciating MinEun gifts where any logical person like kge would like to avoid the rumors dating a superstar or publish a statement regarding these couple gifts
  10. i am really looking forward to know the person who will play Babi Yoo...He is the sweetest and perfect for Yumi
  11. Please dont mind my previous statement...i am actually super proud of that particular fandom and in terms of our MinEun i want them to come out on their own..No media Pressure,No fan attention, No dispatch just based on their actual feelings for each otherWe trust our mineun..Fighting
  12. @Ms.sunshine You have read my mind I am also thinking any populer celebrity will not do a role centered around a female protagonist Iam dying to see her in normal clothes.. She wore cute dresses in CITT after that all movies/dramas she acted wearing oversized baggy clothes I am currently reading 250+ number episodes of Yumi's cells and yumi's outfit is getting better day by day
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