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  1. I've watched half of those movies and anime series already so I didn't vote for those. I'd be interested in watching Violet Evergarden and Parasyte. I watched some of DBZ dubbed when I was a kid but for some reason YTV didn't air the rest of the episodes so I didn't finish it back then, I lost track of what episode # I watched up to. My favourites on that list are Death Note, FMAB and Haikyuu (the 1st 3 seasons are addicting but I started losing interest at S4 when the art style changed along with the mangaka's, it feels like Karasuno already won anyways) the other version of FMA was also good
  2. I'm so disappointed that ep 1 beach scene never happened, it was such a good opening scene with the background music/inner monologues and I was excited at the MLs intense stares at each other/their fight over the FL... that's the biggest cliffhanger ever I will never know what happens after that scene arghh JM and JE ending looked sweet though the romance was the main thing that kept me watching this drama even though it was draggy/plot was lacking. Ah Jun's arc and Yeo Jin birth secret felt pointless, plus the revival of JE's dad felt like they just added it for shock value.
  3. as a kid, I've always wanted to go to Japan because of anime/manga now I want to go to South Korea for shopping - I saw some Youtube videos of Goto Mall and I wanted to buy so many clothes there, as a big fan of Asian fashion it reminds me of the few times that I went to Hong Kong with my family, I would want to go there again someday since I like the restaurants and malls there. It feels sad when there are way more cute/appealing stuff in Asia compared to where I live (Canada) I wish I could have Kim Shin's power (from Goblin) and open up a door to other countries LOL
  4. no.. I am usually not an active person and I like to eat junk/fast food sometimes. But I am trying to lose some weight this summer because I am tired of being fat I want to fit in my old jeans and shoes... they feel too tight for me now I started to watch some exercise videos on Youtube recently but I suck at doing planks..
  5. lol I got hooked to those episodes, finally something exciting happened in the drama the writer tried to match the original drama where MR also had borderline personality disorder and went crazy/killed herself. oh no they spent too much time together to not end up with each other.. I've been waiting for that ep 1 beach scene all this time but with only a few eps left Sae Hoon coming back seems pointless, JE & SH barely had any screentime/development together after the ep 20 timeskip for her to want to go back to him now, and didn't anyone tell him she's already married aga
  6. who is still watching this drama... JE's wedding dresses look stunning but JM's suit looked kinda plain (he's still hot though) I guess the female secretary is the crazy one now that MR is gone
  7. The helicopter scene was funny, everyone getting blown by the wind I like Seo Jin's new look here, her straight hair & makeup makes her looks younger compared to the first season. The maid was weird/creepy lmao since when was she in love with Dan Tae Did I miss/forgot about this part in S1? Still wondering if Soo Ryun is actually dead...
  8. false Next person is going to watch The Penthouse season 2
  9. am still listening to the instrumental BGM of A Man in a Veil.. I liked a lot of music in this drama but they didn't include more of it (I noticed one of the music in the drama was also played in New Tales of Gisaeng except it's a different version). Kang Eun Tak looks kinda sexy on the album cover
  10. Miss Montecristo & The Penthouse 2 - always looking forward to more makjang dramas Vincenzo - can't wait to watch Song Joong Ki again! already watching River Where the Moon Rises & Sisyphus: the Myth (1st ep gives me Vagabond vibes) the cinematography looks good in both of these dramas Mouse - was disappointed Choi Jin Hyuk wasn't in the cast list anymore but I liked Lee Hee Joon in a few other dramas before so am still interested in the drama
  11. what the. Ji Eun's dad is still alive?? what's next, Jung Min's dad is alive too... as if Ah Jun isn't annoying enough they add the female secretary character to the love square. Well at least we get to watch 100+ eps of Seo Ha Joon eye candy. I wonder what will make Sae Hoon want to come back to Ji Eun (ep 1 beach scene)
  12. well it was fun watching this. I'm sad that SJ died, he was the real MVP here but I find it so frustrating whenever I see characters just standing there waiting to get hit by the car, both of them could've avoided getting hit. Meanwhile in True Beauty those 2 guys got hit by a car and they're still alive with minor injuries SJ didn't even look like his parents lmao he actually looked more like Mr. Koo. He ending up liking his own sister reminds me of a plot twist in a Shoujo manga I read many years ago. I like the BGM hope they can release the OST for it, like that acoustic guitar music
  13. still rooting for JM, ep 59 was hot lol "Stop looking at me and just kiss me" and the Jenga blocks scene I'd want to root for SH too but the writer doesn't even give him that much screen time/any good scenes with the FL. Watched the original 2004 version but Eric Mun's JM was meh, didn't really care about his character compared to Seo Ha Joon's. I liked older MR more she was creepier than Park Young Rin here (like with that broken aquarium scene) now I wonder if this drama will have a different ending or stick to the original one.. That OST song His Love for You - Shin Jae Hong is
  14. The end of ep 88 has me screaming I feel more interested in the veteran actors' love story than TP/YJ and SJ revenge story would actually be more exciting than TP's. YR didn't put the handkerchief back into the photo frame?? not surprised the drama got extended like the previous 2 dramas Fatal Promise & Gracious Revenge (which I also got addicted to) am watching the older time slot drama A Place in the Sun too but it feels kinda boring since it's not as over the top/makjang as these ones...
  15. True Np doesn't like pineapple on pizza
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