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  1. Omg am I the only one who was excited when Jang Mi Kwan showed up in today's episode?! He was also the stalker in Manhole and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I was wondering what happened to this actor now he shows up suddenly in a daily drama
  2. false NP has an iPad
  3. false NP watches dramas everyday
  4. whenever there's a cute moment out in the street with ED & TI I'd be like but then Jun Hyuk's face shows up I'm like ugh get off my screen man
  5. I'm also watching The Promise at the same time with this! I'm at ep 84 and yes it's addicting! I like Park Ha Na's acting more in The Promise than in Fatal Promise?? Anyways I was more excited at the end of Fatal Promise episode 52 more than the final episode of The King: Eternal Monarch I feel more motivated to watch makjangs than regular dramas.. even if they keep making the same plots I still find them addicting
  6. even though they killed Lee Rim I was expecting another version of him to show up in the ending and surprise the viewers/leave us hanging with a season 2 I didn't like how TE has to hide herself why don't they just say she's Luna's long lost twin sister or something lol
  7. it's the second time someone sticks a phone under the table again! The last time I posted about this was in ep 13 with Eun Dong's phone. Meanwhile I'm shipping Eun Dong & Tae In...
  8. "Protect her! She is the future queen of the Kingdom of Corea" LOL the Gravity song sounds cooler without the singing in it. The horses/swords reminded me of Attack on Titan's Survey Corps I can't wait for the PM to meet her counterpart, wonder what her reaction would be.
  9. wow the drama is finally getting more exciting! this is off topic but does anyone know what's that song in the cafe at ep 11 16:50? I tried Shazam but couldn't find it
  10. Addicting drama, it deserves the hype! I wanted to ship Sun Woo with Kim Yoon Gi... what happened to Min Hyun Seo in the end?