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  1. OH MY GOD!!! I love this OOTD article!! Just looking at all these pictures together makes my heart beat. My favorite drama fashion of LMH is from The King and city Hunter.
  2. Yeah, I really want him to come back soon. Now that he has completed MS., we don't have to be sad like when we were after LBS. He deserves to rest. But I hope it won't take him a long time. 1 movie and 1 tvN drama!
  3. why?? :(( They have been working for 7 months. I will be nice to get together for one last time, eat food and take pictures for memory. My heart!!!
  4. The ost name "You are my beginning and last" what??? So romantic!!!! Just the name alone!!! Why is JT Lee Gon's last?? What does it mean? I think Lee Gon once said this to JT. When Lee Gon cooked her food in episode 5? Then he said I am solving something and you maybe the beginning and end? Not sure LOL
  5. Hahaha! This comment!! K-netizens can be so funny!! Their comments are so good. me 여기 댓글 너무 재밌네요. 지칠 때 우울할 때 조회 수 올리러 왔다가 댓글에 웃다가 갑니다. The comment here is so funny. When I'm tired, when I'm depressed, I come to post views and laugh at comments. Eleanor 아무리 봐도 마지막에 이곤이 손으로 정태을 입술 열고(?) 키스하는게 찐으로 대박이다 No matter how you look at the end, it's steaming to see Leegon touch with his hands and kiss emma 나도 저런 참수면 언제든지 오케이 If I get beheaded like that MyLove 전체적인 그림이 너무 예뻐서 계속 보게되네 둘넘 잘어울린다ㅠㅠ이정도면 정말 사귀는건데ㅠ서로를 바라보는 이 눈빛이 정말 찐인거같은 강한 예감이든다 The overall picture is so pretty that I keep seeing it. It goes well with both. ㅠㅠ This is really dating. ㅠ This is a strong feeling that the eyes looking at each other are really steamy hotk**** 상속자들에서 탄이가 은상이 앞치마 벗기는 장면이뭐라고 그리 야하게 느꼈졌었는데 목키스가 이리 야하면서 너무 섹쉬해서 보는 사람이 부끄부끄하네 이을커플 표정이 니얼함 In the heirs, I felt that the scene of Tan's silver statue taking off her apron was so sexy, but the neck kiss was so sexy that the viewers were shy. https://tv.naver.com/v/13941136
  6. In the article it says "seven-month filming with the scenes"!!!! The cast and crew have been working really really hard!!! In 7 months, usually a 24 episode drama is filmed. Big Hug to all of them!!! NOOOOOOO!!! Cannot believe it!! I don't it to be over!! I have this feeling inside me... After 4 years of waiting for LMH, 16 episodes and it is over soon.
  7. I have been reading comments under the kiss scene video (There is around 3,060 comments, 820,686 Views). The kiss scene is so trending in SK. Korean netizens are expressing their love for LeeEul couple and prasing LMH and KGE. I believe this kiss scene has caused a huge shift in K-netizen's view of this couple. It is so interesting that one kiss scene has so much power. Read their comments and you will be surprised in a good way. :)) I really hope KES doesn't give us sad ending because of the low ratings. Like I said even though rates are not high, the last two episodes (The rescue scene and kiss scene) have caused so much buzz and positive feedback in SK, which is very good. Many in comments on Naver were saying that they like this couple to win award and that they want happy ending. If she doesn't give logical or happy ending, she should be ready for K-netizen complaints. For the first, I really wish this drama was not pre-produced. They have been way ahead of filming and could have changed the scripts in respond to some feedback. (like PPL, ending, confusion..)
  8. SPOILER!! There are a couple videos in the link below. Slide to see all the pics and videos. I don't know if it has been shared before. But I just saw them on IG
  9. Can someone tell me what is in his hands? I cannot see, lets analyze the picture. Who is the child with those bags in hands? Lee Gon's expression is sad??
  10. Do you guys know if the wrap-up party for dramas are thrown after the cast are done with filming or is it after the final episode of drama? Wrap-up party pics and videos are also what I am looking forward to.
  11. The King is trending number 1 on 'Domestic Drama Daily Search' on Naver!! https://search.naver.com/search.naver?sm=top_hty&fbm=0&ie=utf8&query=더+킹%3A+영원의+군주+
  12. The King is now number 2 trending on 'Domestic Drama Daily Search' on Naver!! It has an upward rise of ↑5 . Soon, it will become number 1! https://search.naver.com/search.naver?query=더+킹+영원의+군주&ie=utf8&sm=tab_fid&rm=rkt_dra%2Cnexearch%2Csearch_extra%2C0
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