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  1. @gpicris thanks for sharing,,, so you have LMH newest pics in your phone,, wow, ,, Look at them on behalf of us lol,,,,
  2. @gpicris so what was he wearing? do u remember his outfit? Was he accompanied by stylist or staff? Did he look at you guys? Did you call him “Oppa” For How many seconds did u see him?
  3. @gpicris check out DC post ,you are famous now https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=minho&no=698602&page=1 I even can’t imagine seeing him in person, it would be too much to handle emotionally wow! This is so powerful! Seeing LMH in person must have given you a very special feeling.
  4. You saw Lee Min Ho omg God blessed you! Wowwww How did you feel?? @gpicris Thank you so much for letting us know he arrive safe!
  5. Min ho left for CN and I read on Twitter that he should have arrived 30-40 minutes ago hope he has safe filming in CN Our Minho must be tired, such a long flight Yeah she didn’t take pics because lmh was going there private and even reporters weren’t there. So she should respect his privacy.
  6. I don’t know! But I think they posted a video from LMH on Valentine’s Day. We should wait and see! LMH had two different CF shooting recently and he didn’t update his IG. Maybe he has new CF and he didn’t want to spoil it like when they suddenly announced LMH AndZ. We should wait to see what CFs he was filming. One of the CF shooting seemed actually quite long considering how his stylist expressed being tired lol maybe today
  7. Yes April 2020, he started with domino, I don’t actually want Pizza CF, 8-9 months were enough! I hope he has other new CF like Kolonsports. I’m wondering if he will endorse it.
  8. LMH had ad shooting on Saturday and Monday! Not today, but MYM may update his schedule later today. So far he doesn’t have any schedule today. there is a possibility he goes to CN today based on flight schedule. Today, Thursday, Friday and Sunday! One of Today’s flight is at 17:55 pm
  9. Omg lmh has new schedule??? https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=minho&no=698551&page=1 what is it? Can someone check Minoz zone please Update: Lee Min Ho has ad shooting today, wow, I’m curious can we get an update please, IG post Our Minho has been working hard like a cow!! I’m waiting for next work news too! Hopefully we get to castings news as well!!
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