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  1. So the casting news come out In the afternoon? I was hoping we would get news in the morning.
  2. LMH’ Noona should prepare the outline for today’s announcement . where is LMH??
  3. Oh yes we are waiting for MYM to confirm the news welcome to LMH’ thread! Film or drama?? What new film??
  4. omg, I wish we didn’t have to worry about actress but I worry about that too because of Miss Sunja Hope they make some changes ... The very first casting started with LMH and he is the main character .. (according to the articles)
  5. I don’t care about Sunja give my baby Min Ho the best role.. if LMH accepts this offer ,he will be the main character
  6. I really hope so,,, because I’m tired of so many characters in a drama.. I want LMH’s drama to have some characters and him being the main character I expect from MYM to give us more information,, we need know what character he will play and what change they will make
  7. I haven’t read the book, so Noa was born in Japan? I’m getting confused.. which character will LMH play? There are so many factors we should take into account.. who is Bask Isak?? Can LMH play male Sanju?? They should make some changes, there is too many characters for 8 episodes. (In TKEM, we have a lot of characters too) Omg, I cannot accept LMH be in the background..please nooooo
  8. Omg, if the character is rich, I doubt LMH would play that role. I also don’t like the mistress part.. hope whatever role he chooses is well written I also want him to break that image, LMH always choose a character different from his previous role. I think Noa is a much better role.
  9. So in the novel, there isn’t any main male character? if LMH is offered the “main character”, then there should be some changes... WOW!! I like this!!! They could do that and I think it is common to make changes when making a drama based on a Novel..
  10. This!! agree!! The book is so long too... they will make some changes ... and LMH is offered the “main character”...
  11. Thanks for the information, I think having Pachinko’s very first news of LMH’s casting and him being “the main character” (according to articles) speak volume of his presence in the drama. I think the script writer will make some changes. I heard Hansu character is quite dark right? I heard the author herself talking about Noa in her interviews and I liked her opinions about Noa.. Noa seems to be a good role.. but Like you said we don’t know anything yet edit: honestly, I don’t care about Sanju and I hope LMH gets the best character
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