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  1. HiStory D&C Photos from filming MV Happen
  2. CF update : CJ OnStyle Cr : CJ OnStyle website
  3. 2021.6.15 Song Joong Ki IG update ••• Studio Dragon x Cheil Worldwide present : Vincenzo game http://www.vincenzogame.com At the end of the game, there will be certificate of Vincenzo Cassano Geumga Family, we can write our name ^^ ••• @Sleepy Owl voted. What's with your profile pic? I see some Soompi members with the same pic
  4. Song Joong Ki - Japanese magazine 韓国TVドラマガイド vol. 95
  5. The Swoon - Eng sub : Song Joong Ki visited Netflix Korea office
  6. From June 14th to 20th, 2021, Vincenzo Cassano, played by actor Song Joong Ki, will appear on the window glass of a taxi in Tokyo. A total of eight patterns of Vincenzo Cassano, which cut out the scenes that appear in the drama, jack the windowpanes of 50 taxis and brighten the city. https://sportsseoulweb.jp/star_topic/id=29692
  7. Hanryu Pia - Japanese magazine July 2021
  8. The Swoon IG Swoopy hair never flops https://www.instagram.com/p/CP9ib2VnQ3g/?utm_medium=copy_link Vincenzo
  9. Hi_Contact 5 : Song Joong Ki - PhoneterView
  10. New photo - Song Joong Ki for CF Dr. Lean Cr : Dr. Lean website
  11. [Teaser] Song Joong Ki - Hi_Contact 5 Tomorrow 2021.6.11 17:00 KST •••
  12. Studio Dragon - Korean Drama Exhibition in Japan https://korepo.com/archives/952160 Start Up, Vincenzo, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim
  13. 2021.6.10 - 1 year ago, teaser for Hi_High
  14. HiStory D&C Song Joong Ki - photos for CF Mom's Touch
  15. CJ ENM_movie YouTube Werewolf Boy (2012) Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Hyang Gi
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