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  1. If the FL miscarriage , this sweet child will be made while his father grieving his fiancé in some random hotel with licker and mother with some wicked plan to trap his father either sleep with him or when he blackout, pin a pregnancy on him
  2. can’t believe he cheat on her , why she need to make him food when Korea is the only country that got 24 hours open coffee shop, with sandwiches and coffee and marriage can survive
  3. isn’t surprising 30 years want to trade up for free lunch box , but seriously he should watch Mr queen he would understand how face mask is important too , I think math isn’t his strong suit, two phone , double life is more expensive than buying lunch box
  4. I am with you I can’t stand ML , he didn’t have character or charm , love SL , he kind but can stand for himself with other . But seriously couldn’t they have bandages her from head to toes , all that fall she get same treatment like she was hit by truck of doom
  5. the woman tell him she want him , kiss him while he engaged to her supposed best friend , he isn’t even 1% suspicious of her he most think he just MAGNET when ever she around him that may explain the hair though
  6. Oh please this daily drama we can’t celebrate yet Their risk of amnesia card get played until episodes 88
  7. couldn’t steal design correctly - without the FL know about it ( FL who is dumb ) couldn’t food poisoning FL correctly to stay in hospital longer until end of interview couldn’t do crime without confessing to it quickly to the FL couldn’t dump the crime on SR yet she had attitude to claim she work hard for the chance - girl you should have taken Pity card from FL , you’re a loser
  8. she so economic, right can’t waste these precious tears for nothing Few minutes later , hey friend watch and learn - what a performance even the mom got energy to run & look at her only one tear in close up look - I bet she cry cos she hurt her back friend : glad our audience are dumb or this isn’t good acting
  9. ~ after watching this week episodes , all I am thinking is these poor mistress are trading short Part one When he want to trade up with younger woman who can provide passionate in his life The mistress will get short end of the stick ,after couple of years she will be in the same situation as the 40 years step mom with his dad # me trying to be deep
  10. when you read .. don’t PM me , replay me , quote me Me like ( i got it ) +2
  11. @partyon , @Lmangla @sadthe1st @Min2206 & @elan1 Only none abs I approve Turkish Pide
  12. I never disagree, I am so shallow can’t find reason to build case , but just saying abs is suitable for snaking Me : Willing abs @elan1 our business is selling well
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