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  1. Color looks too soft min min @Min2206 I will bought a brighter color later. Something red and bright hehe btw I use filter for that pict LOL (dior lip tattoo 321) seems too soft. I want something sexier than this hahaha +2
  2. Lip tattoo min min @Min2206 it is very popular amongst makeup artists now I love it too +2 I am using handphone now. Try to google it chingu. Or watch about it on YT @corey hi brb I am going to bathe the baby ^_* +2
  3. +2 @pompyavi of course Christian Dior Lip tattoo he he he he
  4. Is that my LMH Oppa on your DP @Lmangla chingu? :fullofhearts:

    1. Lmangla


      yes it is! :)

  5. Thank you for the event @Lmangla @partyon
  6. Good morning min min @Min2206 @mirmz @kokodus have a nice day chingus *brb I am back to my monthly reports for November 2020 ^_* +2
  7. So true I love it too! Can’t wait for Soompi Christmas Event @partyon please make a memorable event because of December is my month. Thank you +2
  8. Can I request Yoona dear @partyon ? Chebal.. Thank you! +2
  9. He is funny and crazy hahaha Old friend This colors will suits us min min @Min2206 let us use the color for Christmas +2
  10. He is a kind of cute sometimes even though a bit crazy hahaha I am fine, thank you for asking
  11. just delete his post from your profile if you don’t want to read amia @Ameera Ali he he.. min min @Min2206 me too suits with row 3 and 4.. I just want to try peach color and it’s miraculously suit haha. I will bought a bit strong orange-cherry color later +2
  12. 578 min min @Min2206 how about red berry? I want something red for Christmas later
  13. Min min @Min2206 my new lipstick is natural peach color I will buy strong lipstick color later for Christmas. I think red cherry will be pretty +2
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