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  1. Here is another OST by Zhou Shen. It's so beautiful The longer version : One more day until it will air tomorrow on wetv.
  2. Currently watching : Ichikei's Crow Loved Yutaka Takenouchi since With Love & Beach Boys. This is the second time watch Haru Kuroki since Emperor's Cook.
  3. Maybe very very loosely.. the story is different. The similarities are in the publishing company as the background, the male lead is a writer & there is a cohabitation. But this is not a noona romance, the FL is a fresh graduate from a finance major but loves books very much. The ML doesn't work in the publishing company. He & the second lead (also a writer) are best friends since their fathers are also best friends. The cohabitation starts from ep.7. It was due to the FL was in short of money & got kicked out of her rented apartment. So the ML asked he
  4. It finally aired last night The trailer : The first episode with eng sub: The OST by Esther Yu :
  5. I also don't always agree with her. But this time I agree that this drama is a very good detective drama just like CSI : Tang Dinasty. I love everytime ChuChu & Prince An reenacted the crime scenes. Also like when JingYi is interrogating the bad guys, he is very good in reading people & how he manipulates them in telling the truth.
  6. First I checked this drama after AvenueX mentioned it in her last post. And was pleasantly surprised to find it quite good and interesting although I'm not familiar with the lead casts except for JingYi. @hush puppy yes I agree that the pace is fast with no unnecessary draggings.. and seems no love triangle. JingYi is a good side kick to ML.
  7. There've been some new spoilers for ep.43-49. GeSun moment ep.43 https://www.instagram.com/tv/COYVeR4giw3/?igshid=f0879mlyhsdb GeSun moment ep.49 https://www.instagram.com/tv/COYVpybg9bl/?igshid=grtrzk9w6of3 HaoYan's wedding ep.47 https://www.instagram.com/p/COYS350FD5S/?igshid=1a20iy4kspzi Du Ruhui's last moment ep.49 https://www.instagram.com/p/COYVUHgFVyD/?igshid=1nn1ky3s6x8k7
  8. I like this drama. Both the ML & FL are smart. Here is the trailer : You can watch in Youtube with english subs :
  9. The love letter : Translation in the comment by CJS : Letter : Midnight beside wildwolf hill MJ : So much effort only for a date? AS : Surely it's important. I'll meet her tonight. You keep guard here. Letter : Note, will not leave until we've seen each other. AS : What are you doing? MJ : You are only replying this? AS : Why not? MJ : She's asking you on a date, Sun you, have you ever heard of delivering emotions through air? AS : She knows my heart. We don't need it. MJ : She knows your heart? So you do
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