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  1. These scenes are so funny.. They got caught while holding hands.. and i think YR admitted they've kissed while GHR denied it
  2. Looks like GHR & YR will get caught by female historians according to this article https://www.soompi.com/article/1350095wpp/astros-cha-eun-woo-and-shin-se-kyung-show-contrasting-reactions-in-rookie-historian-goo-hae-ryung
  3. Ep.15 preview Why joonwoo still seems so sad? Looks like joonwoo can't go to the art school because of his bad record (being transferred & accused of stealing the watch) So i think he will ask hwiyoung to clear his name And according to the ig, soobin's mom is going to ask joonwoo'mom to transfer school..
  4. Hwiyoung seems starting to grow some conscience now.. it looks like he got the wrong answers on his test on purpose to see what his parents would do to keep him on the top tier of the class. And he also gave his phone to subin so she can communicate with joonwoo.
  5. Romi being a good friend I think the rumor about oh je being gay is spreading Joon woo's dad finally broke his heart Ep.14 preview
  6. Preview still for tonight I hope junwoo's dad won't break his heart
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